Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Weather mess coming down on us

 Blah, I have a huge snow mountain at the end of the driveway to clear.  My back hurts looking at it.

The weather looks messy, and I'm not too sure of the clairslide coming.

We got hit with a Pacific plume, in the gut (Vancouver).  A good clipper starts with a hit to the head (Yukon).  But the northern air is still very cold.

I'll still go with the clairslide winning and Toronto going to below -20.  This is different from the weather forecast.

The price of natgas shows they still have confidence that the storage will work.

ps. probably more snow in that giant plough ridge than the entire driveway.

pps.  whew, all done!  I didn't look at all the rich old people who could afford snowblowers.  I have no energy.

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