Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Canadian Cold Air Fights Off Hurricane Ida


Hurricane Ida was following the Hurricane Hazel (1954) path to Toronto, when the Big Hand of Cold stopped her dead.

This is a really neat picture that you should frame and put on the wall.  The headline should read "Increasing Cold Saves Us All".  But you won't see our spineless governments celebrating this.  Nope, hurricanes are caused by Clange, thank you very much.  Vote for more carbon taxes!

Bumper apple crop for me


One of the advantages of the end of the warming cycle is that my fruit trees are producing a bumper crop.  I've barely started on the apples.  These are an early type (unknown) and the tree has hated warmth too early and too long.  It was meant for standard Canadian 70's weather.

The pear tree is amazing, as well.  And we got a lot of cherries.  So, prepare for a fine winter where the pipes freeze, and the frost line will go back to 4 feet.

Arctic ice volume doing well


This is hilarious that I didn't notice that the line had 'gone under' another line for all of August.  I've asked them to fix it, but my Danish isn't that good.  It has just emerged as a little fly speck.  I doubt that it will be reported anywhere.

Monday, August 30, 2021

Liberals are tired

 I get into politics at election time.

I think covid tore the heart our of them.  I don't think any party would have done better.  The Ontario cons are flagged as well.

Tired parties must always be voted out.  It's for the best.  We know that the cons will be just as useless.  Did Dougie listen to me?  Nope.  They can't listen to anybody because they are always swamped and can't tell good physics from bad philosophy.  

In our riding, the fedcons are incredibly nasty.  I really don't know what to do.  blah.

ps.  all my kids have completed getting married or engaged.  I want grandkids who say: "Tell us about basic physics, it so exciting!  And the battle against evil philosophers."  I can dream.

New Pellyton Tread - Won't Kill You


The new tread, same as the Canadian model, where they were forced to eliminate all the pinch points for CSA approval.  Or maybe that's some other company.

Anyway we have found that our tread is great, and we can return it in November.  I can't see the screen loosening, but that's a thing.

The expensive part is the programming with all the happy faces.  Other than that, it is great for running, even with a big guy.  I recommend it, even though I don't do exercise.  blah.


I heard a rumour that's their new slogan.  Maybe not.

Saturday, August 28, 2021

Cottage Report - Cold Front

 End of the heat wave up here.  We ended up staying for more than a week, which is unusual for us.  We had friends up and the kids want to have parties at the house.  Stay up there, they said.  

Just took this with the drone.  Shows the grey sky, and the calm lake.  I love the cheap little drone.  It could use a better gps, and a better camera, but all that is more money.

The Arctic ice volume is starting to leave the 'warmer' curves and plunging into the average, since 1980, which was when we started to be able to monitor it.  Most likely, it was only sensitive to volume since 2000, when there was radar.

Arctic ice extent is probably good back to 1981, and it is going off on its own.

I think the volume is a better indicator of 'cold', but it's a younger product.

ps.  just chopped down my first rotten oak tree with my new electric chainsaw.  It was too cold in the morning to work, and now it's too hot.

Monday, August 23, 2021

Cottage report - hot and hazy

 This is a 'dead air' heatwave, like that of my youth.  At least we have less coal burning than then, and the fires are fairly normal.  We were lucky and got an inch of rain yesterday.  We were caught by surprise and everything is wet.

An inch of rain will keep this area clear of fires for a while.  Everything starts dying off in a drought, and the trees had enough stress with the chewing caterpillars.  

ps.  Wow!  We just got hit by the exact same storm (storm line) as yesterday.  Another inch of rain in the soil bank.  This storm just grew over us, and probably nobody else will get the rain.

pps. continuous rain here.  The lake will go up a couple of inches.

more:  drone picture after all the rain.  It's pouring down the cliff.


Sunset on the cliffs.  The crazy drone had a gps thing and took off.  I had to find it, and I had the live picture.  Suddenly there was the back of a guy in the picture, and it was me.  It was in some deep bush and perfectly fine.  Crash #1.  The other drone had about 10 crashes.

Sunday, August 22, 2021

We're down to one heatwave in the world


We have a little press about rain in Greenland, and maybe Siberia goes above freezing, but Toronto has the only heatwave in the world.  Yeah!  I'll be floating in the lake all day, and sweating all night in the tin shed.  That's a heatwave!

There's no heat in the Pacific, so I predict that the global plots of temperature will go down again.  NOAA will tout '20th warmest August', and all will be happy in the world.

ps.  not too hot at the cottage.  We are in a thin line of thunderstorms, so the drought is ended here.

pps.  Headlines!

Thursday, August 19, 2021

Cottage report - so hot

 So hot and not a puff of breeze.  Somebody had too much white wine with ice, and is lying on the deck floor.  For a long time I was lying on the air mattress in the lake.  Hot. 

ps.  for the first time in a while, I'm enjoying the water.  Last night I lay in the air mattress again and could sleep in the hot tin shed.

pps.  Saturday, storms coming in, a bit cooler.  A picture from my toy drone, 80m high.

RSS also shows the little kick-up


RSS is also showing the little kick-up, that was the result of the Pacific trying to start up again.  From the physics of heat energy, we most likely won't be seeing that again next month.

The Arctic ice volume is still following the average curve, so nothing exciting there.

And we have only two heat waves in the world.  Mine, which I am enjoying, and Siberia.  Expect to see lots of articles.  Meanwhile, snow in the mid-west.

ps.  fun in the news - warmies lament that the UN doomstering didn't make all the front pages.  And the UK has the 'year without a summer', while constantly hoping.

There's no heat in the forecast.  Tabloids are limited to pictures of girls in winter outfits.  Sad.

ps.  that poor girl is freezing to death.

Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Red Devil foam can won't stop

 Yeah, these one in a million things always happen to me.  

I was trying to fill some holes at the cottage.  We have a steel roof and after a lot of years, the 'foam fills' in the gaps tend to fall out.  I've been foaming them with a high-expansion foam and my favourite was Red Devil from Amazon.

So, I get all set up to foam and start the can.  And it won't stop!  I thought I would just hurry along but the ladder had to be moved, etc.  It was an I love Lucy episode.  When I stopped, the foam just kept blooping on the ground.  I kept it foaming, since that was a bit slower than just letting the gas escape.

I sent a note to the company, but they're American, and too busy dying with covid.  Sad.  It's too much work to wrestle Ammie for a refund.  So, I just have this note.  

Once all the foam cowpies harden up, I'll burn them in the fire pit.  The cottage is the place of 'good enough'.  :)

The cottage is the last redoubt of steel roofs because of aggressive lichen that eats asphalt roofs.

ps.  a work of art

Tuesday, August 17, 2021

NASA joins with the Euros to make a formidable climate change story


Well you can't argue with the all-encompassing clange.  In fact, you could never 'argue' with it, since it is philosophy, and they have the best debaters.  Ugly people like me must be ground into the dirt.  (OMG, it's a high school movie!)

Right now, there are only two 'heatwaves' on Earth, and the UK always wanting a heat wave they'll never get.

I suppose that, with philosophy, imaginary heat waves are as good as the real thing.

I'm going to enjoy the Toronto heat wave.  Off to the cottage tomorrow.  Without tropical plumes, the West has it's natural weather.  Studies of ancient communities show huge droughts.  I suppose that's when the Pacific just turned off for 300 years.  It could happen while the rest of us freeze, and it will be clange.  

Anyway, I digress.  Everybody has to join forces to prevent any physics that might show we are going to freeze when the Pacific turns off.  All the northern currents turned off after 2016, but we'll never hear about it.  Our winter is going to be ridiculously cold, but it is 'extreme' weather, caused by clange.  I just love the defence that we are getting warmer, while getting colder.  It's fun.

**the Scientific Method doesn't rely on charismatics, only experiments.  Not good for social media.

ps.  canning more tomatoes in the horrible heat.  All done outside.

pps.  main media is now totally clange.

I can sleep soundly now.

Pacific current lurches ahead again


I use Hawaii as the marker.  It has gone past again.  It keeps growing and shrinking, but no heat engine.

You can't see the magic interlocking vortexes.  I call them magic because no physics will be done.  We now live in a world of philosophy.

No heat.  And the weather people just call it a continuous La Nina.  That's as much fun as their 'dancing jet stream' or 'polar vortex fairies'.  All nice terms that eventually become stale and they don't use them any more.  La la. 

Monday, August 16, 2021

Haiti - Earthquake paint by numbers

 We can look at the aftershocks and see that an M7.2 is exactly 60 km long.

If we look at the history in about the 1700's we see there is a sequence of earthquakes that is in accord with physics.

My arrows are big.  If they are only M7 then its a lot to get all the way to Jamaica.  That's why I think they'll be M8's.  But I'm not looking up the history again.  Been there, done that.

Sunday, August 15, 2021

Haiti earthquake ground motion estimated at 10 cm/s

 Or less.  Looks like the main 'hammer' of the earthquake was directed away from Haiti.  

A building collapsed that had no steel in the concrete.  The building next door is fine.


A rubble house collapsed and there is a nice house beside it.  That house was built on a thick concrete slab with steel.  A house built with steel and concrete should survive 20-30 cm/s.

Haiti better start building right because the next earthquake, most likely in 10 years, will produce 20-30 cm/s.

ps.  an instrument at the US embassy measures it at 5 cm/s.

Saturday, August 14, 2021

Cottage Report - Cold Front


Beautiful day.  Hot in the sun, out of the wind.  We are sheltered from the north wind.  You could see the whitecaps on the lake all day, settling down now.  I would call this late August weather.

March of the earthquakes - M7.2 Haiti


This is a classic 'marching' earthquake along a strike-slip fault.  History has them marching all the way to Jamaica.  As well, the upper fault gets activated.

The only place to build a town is on deep sediment basins.  That's why the effects are so strong.

ps.  This is a thrusting strike-slip.  That's why there is that long ridge, being the hanging wall.

pps.  almost 2 cm/s in Jamaica, 1 cm/s in Dom. rep.  probably on rock.

Friday, August 13, 2021

NOAA world temperatures show July is warmest ever


Yes, if you bring out a lens, it's the warmest July.  Some people might say it's flat, but we never put in error bars.

This plot shows that the year continues to be way down.  It only shifts in January for some reason.

The standard plot of all months shows we have poked up a bit.  As this goes on, I think it will be difficult for the warmie school of philosophy, sophil, to define colder as warmer.

ps.  Oh yeah, he can call it!

pps.  although the hottest July on record, by one hundredth of a degree from flat, it is not the hottest month on record.  That's an 'unintentional' oversight that will never be corrected.

more: it's funny that the news is like the 'telephone game'.  Everybody copies from the other, and soon there are endless articles making it hotter and hotter.

Pacific heat engine shuts down again - more cold

 It really is my old lawnmower -- chuga chuga ... poof.  

All the small detail of linked vortexes is gone.  A couple of hurricanes have sucked out the heat.  For us to be warm we need tropical moist air plumes, or monster hurricanes.

No warmth in the Pacific belt.  That bit in the north is very cold, just warmer than normal.

The sputtering of the engine hasn't made my sunspot buddy happy.  He ignored the Spencer plot uptick because it didn't fit into his philosophy.  Now he should be happy, and things will correlate.  Warmies will ignore the fact it's going to get really cold, and the Arctic ice volume will hit new records.  The UK is still waiting for a heat wave.  Poor schnooks.

I'm tired of gas engines that won't start.  I'm retiring the cottage gas chainsaw and got a neato electric one with sharpening.  I always hit the damn rocks and go through chains like toilet paper.

The electric motors are really powerful now, thanks to the Chinese monopoly on rare earth magnets.  And they have a monopoly on small gas engines.  And I just bought a new drone direct from China.  Yeah, let them kill everybody.  

My Honda gas snowblower is good for the upcoming severe winter.

Thursday, August 12, 2021

Terrible little kid


There he is, from old super-8 film.  About 1960.  At the Peterborough zoo.  At home, he was with his gang and they wandered all over the Scarborough bluffs, risking life and limb.  They just let the kids go wild in those days.  

ps.  because he loved the Lone Ranger, his statue should be torn down.

Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Canning Tomatoes

 Yeah, it's canning season!  We do it the lazy way.  We take our huge pot, and cut up tomatoes in sections, and then throw in all the surplus from the garden including giant zuchs, onions, and peppers.  Once it is all cooked I grind it all down with a hand blender.  

Then canning outside on the burner.  Neat.

We still have a few from last year.  To make sauce for pizza, etc, I add an extra little can of paste, because this is still too watery.

M7.1 earthquake Philippines


This should be the design earthquake for subduction zones.  This has a bit of kink in it, so it is difficult to get an M9, but it is clean.  An m7 could be a foreshock, but it's a hundred to one against it.

We have an intensity IX, and there is a chance for a local tsunami caused by a landslide.  

Monday, August 9, 2021

NOAA reports 10th warmest July


This is what their PR department will say.  I always think there is some number where even these people will think it's ridiculous.  The chart is just July temps.  The global will be out soon.  


pps.  they put the July results down in the fine print -  13th, who wants to mention that?

Commie Clarion Call


All the commie media is using this as the big push to have us all live in yurts, and chew on roots.  No comment.

ps.  everybody likes the fire images.

Saturday, August 7, 2021

Big vacuum where the Gulf Stream once flowed


This the sea surface anomaly map.  It shows, pixel by pixel, what is the difference from average.  The Gulf Stream was once a source of great heat energy.  Now it is cold, and has been so since 2016.  The media is now full of 'doom' of what happens when it fails.  Hello?  

When something this massive is killed, it takes a long time to realize it is dead.  Warm water cools slowly.  Down at the Pacific, we see the current is retracting.  Our rise in world temperatures may be short-lived.

ps  Gulf Stream a Cold Corpse

Gulf Stream Singing the Blues

Gulf Stream Streamed Out

Thursday, August 5, 2021

Warmies acknowledge the collapse of the Gulf Stream


Oh yeah, the Gulf Stream stopped 5 years ago.  It has sent the UK into Labrador, so that they are praying for a 24C 'heat wave' to break unending cold and rain.  

This extreme cold was caused by climate change, which I have shortened to Clange.  I used to have a strike-through in it, but it isn't worth it.  All things are clange, and it controls the Universe.

Cottage Report - August standard weather


A standard August, nice and sunny.  I'm ready to do my 10 second dip in the cold water.  

15 second commercial being shot next door


I never watch commercial-supported tv.  But the neighbours have a daughter into the whole thing.  The whole street is full.  This is about 10 times the effort I had assumed.  Wow.  

Wednesday, August 4, 2021

No heat waves right now


We are all cold.  That red stuff way up north in Siberia and Alaska is just upper 20's C.

I'm quite happy that we are in for another heat oscillation.  All this cold sucks.