Monday, January 31, 2022

Natgas brings out the earthquakes


Big earthquakes have come back okeydokey land.  

There is no harder correlation than between the price of natgas and earthquakes in OK.  There is even good physics, which is unusual with correlations.

This was a 'pure extension' earthquake, which has low ground motion compared to magnitude.  However, it will soon be accompanied by its +1 of a shallow thrust.  That's the giant mechanism they're tickling here.  

ps. AssPrat would be happy to negotiate a reasonable solution for their problem.

Association to be Perfectly Reasonable in All Things

 I'm forming new organization to fight single-issue fanatics -- Assprat  We will point out all the other single-issue groups, and how they conflict with all the other single-issue groups.

Assprat will get funding from the reasonable people of the world, if we can wake them.  Right now, every single published word, or video is funded by fanatics.  You can get excited about your issue.

Single Issues with money

For example - let's pour all the money into climate and ignore pandemics.

Let's block all the roads and cause the deaths of millions at the bottom of the Standard of Living.

Let's all go to masks, because we have an interest in mask companies.

Let's whip up housing frenzy making things unaffordable for young people.

Those are single issues.  Assprat will fight this.  We are looking for members -- anyone?  Hello?  Preferably with money to burn.  Hello?

ps and corporate ads--

Let's be reasonable in all things

..and support our monopoly -- BELLYROGER INC.

Fund the truckers to go home

 Poot's agitators are funding the truckers to stay until there is violence, and a riot.  There will one when they start towing the trucks and using teargas.  Right now, it's a highly funded party, and these people will become professional protestors.

An alternative would be somebody calmer, like the trucking association, to start a gofund to pay expenses to go home.  Right now, they lose a lot of money leaving.  They would start with the outer trucks, do a little tickytok to thank supporters and get $500 or something.  They would be home-town heroes, having done a job, and leaving.

Please start the 'Mission Accomplished' project.  merci.

ps.  the reason social media and regular media have become such a scourge on the world is that single-issue fanatics will work 10 times harder, and spend 10 times more than somebody just wanting peace, order and good government.  There are no associations for this.  And all the rexies baying for blood and throwing money at the fighters.

pps.  huge snowstorm coming in on Wed, and they'll learn the fun of Ottawa.

Mucky weather

 All the plume patterns remain the same, so we'll get the same weather.

That is, eventually.  Right now everything is stationary, waiting for the next Pacific plume hit.  That last one was a slasher, so it's bringing up a little Gulf warmth.

The big thing is the incredible cold of the pole.  Greenland is full lightbulb of -60, and I don't recall seeing that before.  The ocean can't go that cold because of physics.  Usually, we'd expect a giant clairslide after the clipper, but there's no motion yet.

ps. and the silly award goes to --

Sunday, January 30, 2022

Clipper Calamity


A nice thick clipper, and we'll be getting some of the warmth, which comes with freezing rain and snow on ice.

The Atlantic plumes are pushing all that 50 below cold onto us.

Saturday, January 29, 2022

Happy brushing scam

 A duplicate order of what I ordered on ammie a while ago, suddenly showed up in my latest order, and I was being charged for it.  This is beyond a brushing scam.  That means they could get into the ammie system and force an order.

Ammie now has a 'stop and hold' thing, but you have to chat with them.  Then it's an automatic return.  Like I said, this is quite profound, to have happened.

Dallas Freezes

 It's only just below freezing at night, not like 20 below or anything.

This is very cold, but it is expected the the warm side of the clipper will hit us for a day.  It's also protecting Texas.  The east coast is going to get cold, and natgas is showing it.

We now have to see if the storage report calms people down.  They can only drain at a maximum rate, so the market might be fooled again.  Looking at all the 50 below air, there is a 10% chance they will run out.

ps.  and in Florida, we have the annual 'Fall of Lizards'

pps.  in some good news, a search reveals that 'polar vortex' is being used less and less.  As well as 'kinky jetstream'.  Instead, all attention is to the warm air going north, rather than the cold air.

more:  beautiful pattern of nor-easter hitting New England.

fin -- oh, you can watch Times Square and the snow.

Friday, January 28, 2022

Tide gauge shoots up


This is interesting.  It has shot up out of the recent band.  It's meaningless if it goes down next month, since this is a spiky curve, but it strongly correlates with the monthly world temperatures.  

This is the current sea surface temps anomaly map.  Although the Pacific is stone cold, you get the impression that other areas are warmer, especially the S. Hemisphere.  Now we wait for the main charts.

And we have another one


This is like shooting pool.  Will the cue ball do something this time?  A big clairslide descends, and I think this makes it more clairslides than all of the last few years.  However, I just made that up, since nobody is keeping track of these things.

I think they are getting weaker because the 50 below is farther away, but the Atlantic heat is getting weaker, as well.  So, it's crap shoot on how far it goes.

Natgas is showing a Texas spike on one plot, but not on others.

ps.  and I just noticed that the refillable water jugs in the garage all froze and blew out the bottoms.  Never had that before.


So, it is real.  A short squeeze is where a warmie had believed the phillies, and made a bet that the price would go down when we are rolling in all this warmth.  But the price went up and they were desperate to fill the contract.  Obviously, the bet was very large, or the market is very thin.  We'll see how it recovers.

Thursday, January 27, 2022

Natural Gas Zooms


Yeah, I got it right again.  It's the timing that's important since you are betting against dummies who believe warmies.  

It should hit the peak before, until the storage report comes out.  It will only go 'monster' if the dummies think that storage will run out.  I think it will eventually.  Also, there may come a point where the storage draw can't be fast enough.  That's the same as running out.  I'm not putting any money into this.

JP shakes the tree


This is a fun article, in that it lists all the 'Gods of Global Warming' defending to the last.

I greatly enjoy their quality control.  They got the co2 coefficient by back-dragging, and now they check the results by the same method.  Anyway, these guys love ignoring the last few years.

So, you ask, why am I invisible?  

River of snow drags down a cold blob


The plume from the North Pole has sucked up some warm air from the Gulf.  Hidden within it is a cold blob that looks to be too small to be called anything else.

Things are generally cold.

However, the plumes that are going up in the N. Atlantic are circulating through the N. Pole and coming down on us.  This is unusual.

ps.  it's a real clairslide now.  But, strong Gulf air.  Big snowstorm at the collision.

Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Ocean current report - Jan 25, 2022


The North Atlantic has stopped being weird.  Those planar patterns were most likely caused by thin Argo coverage, but that's too much work to find out.

The Pacific is now totally disorganized, down to a nub.

You can see how cold it is.  Ocean currents are the 'heat pipes' of the world.  A simple energy calculation shows that they are the elephants in the room, and all else are mice.  That's not important to the phillies who will concentrate on the minor points.

Cold air does nothing


That cold blob had everything, but it was stopped by warm Atlantic air.  I'm sure there were some good snow storms.  Now, we are getting hit by a very high plume, straight from the Arctic.  This has lots of cold moisture.

That plume should be warm, but it bounced off the North Pole.  Once again, I've never seen something like that, just like it has been all winter.  We'll see what it does.

Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Invasion of Ontario Must Be Stopped


I didn't know the TransCanada was such a good road.  Anyway it must be stopped, in Northern Ontario, empty as the driven snow.  They could be diverted to Ignace, all those things would be good for radioactive waste.


Temperatures down, stagflation up -- welcome to the 70's show


Canada must dance with the elephant or get stomped.  This is reality.

Central bankers want to be seen to be doing something.  That works both ways.  For the past few years, there have been few attempts to raise interest rates to normal levels.  It doesn't do anybody any good to keep interest rates at zero, or negative, for a long time.  This is a distortion in how an economy works.

However, each time there was a hint of raising interest rates, the economy (stock market) tanked, causing presidents to threaten to put the bankers in jail.  Governments continued to effectively print money.  It worked great, as long as everybody in the world was doing it.

The price of Bread and Circuses stayed down, and this is what the bankers measured.  They ignored asset inflation.  So, money was worthless, let's put all our money into bitscoin and Toronto luxury condos.  The gov't went into magnificent debt, and that didn't matter because everybody was doing it.

We have lived in the era of Group-Think.  Everybody did what everybody did.

Group-think can only end with disaster.  Think of the space shuttle blowing up a few times, and what nasa had to do to recover from that, like it never happened.  

Much like the doctors (and nasa) everybody is going to try to double down on their group-think.  How about a vaccine passport for 10 boosters?  How about a full head KN99 mask?  And time to raise the interest rates.  Damn the torpedoes and full speed ahead.

So the brakes are off, and interest rates will be punitive.  Yeah for 20%!  There's no limit now, because they don't care about the stock market or the economy.

The truckers are showing the strikes of the 70's.  They should be stopped at the Ontario border and told to walk.  Yeah!  I'm sure there are safety violations in there somewhere.

ps.  stock market jitters may prevent the interest rates from ever rising.  Then we just have 20% inflation.  The purpose of the rate hikes is to quell the populace from striking.  Neat.

Clipper turns into monster clairslide

 I make up all my own terms so I am effectively invisible.  If the phillies hear thumping in a room, they look at the little mice, rather than the dancing elephant.  However, in the world of phillies and influencers, physics is a little mouse, and I am invisible.

I reported on this last night that the clipper slide was broken.  Now, the Gates of Frozen Hell are open.

It's a -50 core but most of it is -40.  It has the momentum to freeze the Florida oranges.  Hope they got their sprinklers working.  Natgas is showing no reaction to this.

Phillies like to go on and on about peak temperatures that last for a day.  If you are talking energy, then you go to degree days, both heating and cooling.  Different strokes for different folks.

Note that the Great Lakes are valiantly defending.  The Toronto weather forecast is changing by the minute, they really don't see the energy of these things.  They've got good government jobs.

ps.  the current wind chart shows the momentum of the cold, and where it is right now.

This is magnificent.

ps.  natgas is calm.  They think they can survive this.


Monday, January 24, 2022

Canada goes to war -- oops!


No comments on this, but it's nothing new.

For WW1, Canada equipped the trench soldiers with a gun that wouldn't work.  They clubbed the British soldiers over the head to steal their Enfields.  

You can imagine the scenario -- 'Damn, this tablet won't work.  Hey, English buddy, could you come over here a sec?'

The slide of frozen doom breaks


So, everything here is very dynamic and follows the laws of physics.  Our 'Interregnum of Ignorance'  has resulted in no physics being done on the Earth's heat flow for 50 years.  Their mantra was 'All the physics was done in 1850.'  This proved to be very powerful on the streets, because nobody likes physics.

I saw this trend start this morning.  We had a Perfect Clipper, which is warm Pacific plume air confined by a cold air mass.  The warm air is full of energy, and continues to travel around the world.  The cold is a big fat sloth, that rides on the warm air.  Normally, that comes and hits Toronto and NYC.

But, it has sagged and broken.  That means (perhaps) the start of a clairslide going to Texas.  At the same time, a Gulf plume is rising, so it's going to be Storm City.  By tomorrow we may see a lot of cold in the midwest.

ps.  in the morning we'll do the night minimum temp, which is the best physics thing to do.

The Perfect Slide


The perfect clipper.  There's one moment when it's absolutely straight.  I've never seen this.

The -50 ice angels are coming down but there's a bump with the Great Lakes.  Can they just slide over it?  Who knows?

ps.  it's neat how we are getting the full monty of -50, and Greenland is at -60 again.  The rest of the northhemi is warm -- ish.

Sunday, January 23, 2022

The physics disaster of covid

 I'm calling this a 'Grand Stupidity', and I am declining to take another booster.  This was all botched up, but not any worse than all the other botch-ups.  Worst thing is that the doctors will declare victory after it all burns out.

I got covid before they knew what it was.  Then the vaccine and then the booster.  According to medical studies, I'm as immune as they come.  However, everybody around me got omi over Christmas that was a terrible 2 week sinus cold.  Any worse and I would have out of it.  My sinuses were burned black.  Everybody tested negative with the useless test kits.

My immune system is so peppered that it can't take any more.  I'm leaving the race, and let it kill me.  If it comes to the situation that the hospitals won't take me in because I don't have 10 boosters, then I'll take them.  

Omi is going to kill all the anti-vaxxers, so I'm thinking they are all fake anti-vaxxers, or they'd be dead.  Why not?  It's a fun thing to do.  The next variant will be more contagious, and less fatal.  Not even endless testing is going to change this.

Had the doctors known how to spell physics, they could have predicted the evolution -- it would always work around the stupid protections, like masks.  They would have told the partying people to just wear Bono glasses, and have given them out.  Now we are all condemned to wear masks forever, and they keep blaming the quality of the masks -- get more expensive ones.  Lots of people in the grocery store just use scarves.  Can they afford KN95 masks?

Our days were filled with orders from the doctors that were impossible to carry out.  Then there was more enforcement, and the economy was destroyed.  Inflation is now insane, and probably 20% instead of 4.  Interest rates will rise, and houses will fall.  All the houses in the neighbourhood, sold in the last few months are standing empty -- speculators.

The best you can do is 'Brace for Impact'.  Have fun.

ps.  the concept of the mask is self-defeating.  You can't hear, so you talk louder.  You wear it all day, and it can only trap electrostatically for an hour or so.  Nobody wears the mask right, and they don't even have the 1 hour masks.  Omi evolved around this minor nuisance, and that should have been seen.  Glasses would have worked better, and 'flattened the curve'.  I feel that this whole thing has been more of 'OMG people are dying, we have to be seen to be doing something.'  That's the way of the world.

pps.  the social people will be demanding a witch hunt and rolling heads.  I went over all that already.

The physics of conventional invasion


This is fun.  The cbc headline includes a huger header yelling 'No Evidence'.  They like the courtroom drama thing, and they tend to hug the left.

Newtonian Physics is the study of forces and the reaction to them.  Nobody does this any more, except me.  As I started this, I want to go into the physics of invasion, but I realized that everybody who is whooping this up, would be mad at me.  Also, I am invisible.

Maybe tomorrow.

ps.  injecting rationality into this, is a death sentence


ps.  ok, when Germany was compliant, and the US weak, P slid into west ukran and Crimie without a shot.  He just used the separatist proxies and 'civilians'.  He could shoot down all the airliners he wanted, without a care in the world.  It was his happy place.

Then came the war between Arm and Az.  Arm was a P proxy with all the same soldiers and arms.  They were expected to roll over Az.  Whoops!  Thousands of turk drone swarms had a say in that.  They mopped the floor with Arm.  Now came the fun.

pps.  so in a swoop, all the P artillery and tanks and soldiers were cast to the garbage bin.  The US went 'Crap, get us drones, and the whole US drone industry went to that.  I bought a cheap Chinese drone.'  P could only order Aliexpress drones.  His economy was shattered.  Then came covid and the sputty vaccine that was useless.  The people would rather have vodka than that crap.  At least the Chinese weren't any better.  Omi is probably killing one in 10 soldiers and we won't know.

A new thing -- a continuous clipper slide

 The ocean plumes have given us a nice gift - a happy slide of pure coldness.

Once again, I'll say this has never happened, but I'm the only one who has kept a record, so the statement is meaningless.

The slide is being enjoyed by the -50 air angels.

They are having so much fun, whooshing down.  They might not be appreciated when they pile on New York City.  The slide looks to be entrenched.

If you are a betting type, then natgas is starting another zoom, but this time it will higher when they realize that storage isn't enough for the degree-days coming up.

Of course, you couldn't have heard that here, because I'm invisible.  If some nasty commenter does the 'you're not invisible' trick to the naked man in the street, then it just zings right by me.

The 'Slide of the Ice Angels' mean no trains for Ottawa, and the weather forecast is out a bit.  Check your pipes, Toronto will hit 30 below, and Huntsville 40 below.  This was the winter camping temperature of my youth, so get out there and camp!

For Europe, they are enjoying the trashed plumes from North America.

Not much heat energy in the garbage, but they believe it will be warm.

ps.  I haven't seen the fed weather people dragging out 'prancing horses of the polar vortex', or the 'kinky dancers of the jet stream'  Are they just giving up?

pps.  the 3 day forecast is lower by the minute.

Saturday, January 22, 2022

Ottawa trains can't take the cold


No comment on this.  Ottawa will soon be in 1800 weather.  Nix the trains.

The biggest discrimination against women - they're too smart

 I was thinking of that thaneros lady who is getting burnt at the stake.  It's just that every company in Canada is headed by old drunk men who can use the 'Stupidity Defence' if things go sour.  They'll never get trompy because he can say 'I had no clue.'  Think of all those guys at vw, and they would add 'Where did those dancing girls come from?'.

Cints was Epstoon's bosom buddy, but ha ha.  If anything happened during Hills watch, then she was crucified.  All the old-boy-drunk top positions in the world are 'scapegoat spots'.  It's like a lizard that can lose its tail and regrow it.  They all have huge scapegoat provisions, and then go to another company.

No woman succeeds with a stupidity defence.  And that's the biggest discrimination of all.  No woman can take a scapegoat position.  Even mid-level, the woman has tons of men working under her, and she'll get the axe.  

And you think.  Okay if a woman is in charge, then its a good company to invest in.  Nope.  She'll stick around and try to fix things.  If a man smells the stinking fish caused by all the men under him, he'll bail.  In the end, women are too smart to take the top positions.  If a woman does, everybody assumes she's 10 times smarter than any man.  This is the ultimate discrimination.

I'm aware of a large company that makes money though monopoly dominance.  All the top are drunken old men.  A woman must be thrown in there once in a while, but she soon leaves screaming.  This is bad for the economy, but everybody does it.  Sad.

You can ask, can we fix that?  Nope, as long as lawyers control the world, this is a sure thing.  Legalities actually lead to things like group-think, because the defence is 'Who knew?'.  Good thing that everybody else in the world is worse.

I was thinking about the position of 'Mob Boss Daughter', like ivonka.  She's okay, because she can say that daddy tortured her.  And he'll say she's hysterical.  All good.  The thaneros lady tried that, but it didn't work.

ps.  so a company like vw sheds the designated scapegoats for dieselgate, and immediately plunges into the stupidity of electric cars.  They are stronger than ever.

**clarification - At the mid-level positions men know how to bail and save themselves.  Women are usually caught.  Sad.

**more - I know of very competent men in the mid positions.  They would love to be made a scapegoat, it's a dream come true.

Ocean current report

 The reason I made the blog invisible is to just have a private journal.  Nobody reads about ocean currents, but every 5 days, we get a new summary from the Argo floats.  Also, nobody else is keeping a record on how this changes, especially in our world of 'declarative science'.  

This is the Greenland zone.  The flat field of current has rotated and is now feeding into the Greenland current, which is huge.  The effect on North Atlantic heat energy is the same - there is none.

The Pacific belt is totally disorganized, and I've never seen it like this.  This is much more than 'La Nina', but who wants to open that can of physics worms?

You can't believe the sea surface temp anomaly.  It's unbelievable! It'll take 20 years to fix it again, and the weather people can say 'La Nina has stuck around for 20 years because of clange, and we predicted it all along.'.  Makes for great tv.

Clipper conveyor


This is unusual, we have a train of clippers.  At the front is a 'chewy clipper' which is a big tootsie-pop with snow in the front.  We are lucky that the Gulf air is in retreat from the previous cold, and probably is out of heat energy.

This will give us light snow like last time.  The big news is that conveyor belts can deliver a shitload of stuff, and bury you.

Riding on top of the ocean plumes is very cold air, a nice belt of 50 below.  This is hooked into the belt and enjoying the ride.  Cold air has no heat energy, it reacts violently with warm air, like a mentos and pepsi.  The amount of snow for Toronto will depend on how the edge passes us.  Right on the border, we get another 3 feet.  A bit above us, we get a crippling ice storm, and a bit below, we finally get our 30 below, that I've been waiting for.  All fun.

Those of you in our invisible world shouldn't scare the audience with physics.  Just let them imagine the prancing horses of the polar vortex, or the kinky jet stream.  That's so lovely, like a Hallmark movie.

ps.  actually, the phillies really enjoy being whacked out the blue, and when they are dazed and ask 'What happened?'  it's time to say 'Clim Change'.  Just like the ancients liked 'Gods Will'.  New events are always explained after the fact, with a little bit of history rewriting, like 'We always predicted that.'

pps.  I once asked a phillie about that, and he said 'The Scientific Method is old-fashioned, and a clange denier.'.  And that's true in the phillie world.  They are having big parties on the 'believers' dime.

Friday, January 21, 2022

Sneaking into business class


This just reminds me of a long flight and weird couple who had the wife and one kid in business class, and the husband and another kid in the bulkhead seats right behind.  It was totally planned.  and throughout the the whole trip the husband tried to whine to get into business class, because they were so close.

Now, the mood is that people will fight.  Can't wait for this whole covid to be over, so we can travel again.  Will everybody be fighting?

Toronto - at 30 below check your house venting and water pipes

 It's no secret in my invisible kingdom that we going to hit 30 below.  That was our 70's winter.  The phillies can blame it on a dancing jet stream.  I would never blame it on anything else.

Anyway, when jet stream gods deign to give us cold, we would do well to take precautions.  My old city house had pipes in uninsulated places and they froze at 30 below.

But today I found out a modern problem.  I got a fancy new furnace with many levels.  This is super ideal for 30 below, as every corner is warm, and you can read in the rocking chair without feeling the furnace going on and off.  Apparently, two levels is not enough.

However, the new furnace came with a fresh air intake.  With the old furnace, I kept the furnace room window open a crack for combustion air.  The new furnace didn't need that, so I closed the window.  Ha!  I forgot about the hot water tank and my basement mechanical gas fireplace with conventional chimney venting.  

Today, I was smelling burnt air.  This is not carbon monoxide, but what you smell with a gas stove.  My gas fireplace was stinking, so I kept turning the thermostat down, because the room was warm.  And it kept turning on.

Now I realized the venting issue.  It was so cold that the gas fireplace was reversing the chimney.  blah.  So I reopened the furnace room window and everything is wonderful.  That was only 20 below.  Can't wait for the next thing.  I think the pipes in the basement might be too close to the wall, even though we fixed and insulated them.  Maybe at 40 below, but Toronto can't really hit that as long as Lake Ontario doesn't freeze.  However, a good 'Little Ice Age' will let us walk to Rochester.

I'm glad nobody can read this, because it would scare the bezeebees out of them.

Hydroelectric wild geese


This is the fun part about philosophy -- wild fits of fancy.  This hankering for free power comes up every once in a while.  It's a wonderful dream.

The last time this came up, they dug the Niagara Tunnel 'Worth it at any price.'.  This ended up with a 2 billion dollar hole in the ground that does nothing.  I had fun writing for 2 years.

Since this comes up all the time, I spent a lot of my time at the old company looking into it.  The big physics problem is that everything that can be done, has been done.  Northern Ontario is flat as a board, and all tundra.  Any project has to be like Quebec's James Bay and flood all the land and all the tourist rivers.  

However, the intentions are honourable, and I'm looking forward to how they keep the government happy.  Probably won't cost a few billion this time, all that money is going to 'small' nuclear.

ps.  small nuclear is another dream that flies away with the physics geese.  The original dream was to have standard containers shipped to remote places, run it for a fews years and then replace the container.  Ha.  The physics is like an old steam engine, you have to fuel it and take away the ash.  Turns out you can't stock it with enough fuel to be worthwhile.  You need a mechanism for refueling, and that can't be done.  The dream continues.

pps.  what we are getting at Darlington is a good old-fashioned US boiling water reactor, the most dangerous reactor in the world, now that all the graphite reactors are gone.  This has to be refueled in a horrendous manual operation of popping off the top, and refilling.  blah.

more:  in terms of philosophy, this is all wonderful.  I would never debate anybody about it.  They would line up a consensus of self-interested people, and the audience would be convinced..... sounds familiar.

Here come two chewy clippers to whap Toronto


I'm glad I'm invisible, because I wouldn't want to tell people this.  One of the fun things about chaotic motion in the Pacific is that you can repeating patterns for a while.  Then it all changes on a dime.

Here comes the exact same clipper that gave us the big storm.  However, the storm clipper sucked up a Gulf plume and Toronto was in the exact middle of the old vice clamp maneuver.  

This pattern alone should give us a couple of inches.  However, it is very likely to be the same.  And there is another one lining up right behind, which looks like a standard clipper.  

ps.  and elsewhere ...

pps. and this clipper has a -50 core.

more - ha, a little while later, the weatherchan comes up with same forecast.  neat.