Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Clipper turns into monster clairslide

 I make up all my own terms so I am effectively invisible.  If the phillies hear thumping in a room, they look at the little mice, rather than the dancing elephant.  However, in the world of phillies and influencers, physics is a little mouse, and I am invisible.

I reported on this last night that the clipper slide was broken.  Now, the Gates of Frozen Hell are open.

It's a -50 core but most of it is -40.  It has the momentum to freeze the Florida oranges.  Hope they got their sprinklers working.  Natgas is showing no reaction to this.

Phillies like to go on and on about peak temperatures that last for a day.  If you are talking energy, then you go to degree days, both heating and cooling.  Different strokes for different folks.

Note that the Great Lakes are valiantly defending.  The Toronto weather forecast is changing by the minute, they really don't see the energy of these things.  They've got good government jobs.

ps.  the current wind chart shows the momentum of the cold, and where it is right now.

This is magnificent.

ps.  natgas is calm.  They think they can survive this.


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