Tuesday, January 31, 2023

All world temperature charts coming in

 We'll have lots of charts.  I said on Masty that to people who don't know the physics behind the charts, they are ink blot tests.  You can read anything you want.  All of these charts go up dramatically to 2016 and then limp downward.  You can look at the end, or the main rise.  Lots of influencers I talked to, only see the rise.  

These charts don't convince anybody that we are headed to an ice cycle.  There is nothing that can happen in the future to convince them.  All the cold is just 'extreme weather' to them, and they have assimilated that into the borgish concept.  Yeah!

Sunday, January 29, 2023

New Zealand Cries


They are being hit by a single ocean plume spike, plunging into the cold, hence the rain.

Saturday, January 28, 2023

Good chance of California storms coming back


This is the exact pattern that preceded the California storms.  That wind channel zooming down the west coast is giving Sanfran very cold temps right now.  It only has to shift to the Bering Str. to allow the storms to come in.  The wind channel is keeping the storms away from the Yukon, and may stop the clippers hitting Toronto.  However, we are getting a plain old cold blob to freeze us.

Thursday, January 26, 2023

Climate change is now all inclusive

 As written in Mastodon.

#physics #weather Extreme cold is climate change  It all makes sense to the influencers.  


“we can consider this extreme weather – extremely hot weather in summer and extremely cold weather in winter – as one of the signals of climate change.”

This is the exact same symptom as the ocean currents flipping, and the coming of the Little Ice Age.  Of course, this is all due to carbon dioxide acting as a thermal blanket.  I’m 100% for this, and I no longer have to offer basic physics.  

  I will continue to show the charts that the world temperatures are going down, and this is an ‘all inclusive deal’.  Drink all you want!

  In Canada, we will get colder and the Arctic ice will build up.  There’s nothing that climate change can’t do.  Just don’t invest in an Arctic shipping service.

  In the summer, we are free to note that El Nino has been killed by his little sister La Nina, and his body stashed in a snow drift.  It’s all good!  Invest in umbrella sales for Australia.

Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Toronto snow coming in


Some people like the sunrise.  I like watching the snow come in.  


It was only 6 inches of very heavy packing snow.  I was trying to convince the 6 year old boy next door to start rolling for a snowman, but he just liked to flop.

pps.  sorry to my 3 readers.  I oscillate between the blog and Mastodon.

Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Huge snowstorm for Toronto

 We've had quite a few warnings of these things, but it's always rain.  It's amazing how sensitive this is to a slight drift in the storms.

We have the Texas Low, or Gulf plume coming up and meeting the big cold air blob.  The boundaries of rain and snow are very thin, but it will be a storm.

Monday, January 23, 2023

Entering our normal Winter pattern

 This is the pattern of last year.  Lots of snow.  We had the unusual pattern of the California storms and that kept us mild.  January is going to be warm on the charts.

The slashing plumes bring up a bit of Gulf warmth.  This is called a Texas Low, and it brings a storm when it collides with the cold blob.

Sunday, January 22, 2023

State of the Oceans - Jan 22, 2023

 Yeah, the ocean currents video is in!  Hasn't changed one iota for a year now, or maybe longer.

And here is the temperature chart -- no change.

And the hope of the influencers.

By the summer, they will ghost this like a rotten fish, and say "We didn't say nothin'".  Good thing nobody has any memory.

Arctic cool pool filling up again

One last air stream is hitting the Arctic from Siberia.  This is pushing a cold air blob to Toronto.  The rest of the plumes have stopped and the Arctic headpond is filling up again.  

Once the Arctic does its spill thing again, we expect the Pacific storms to be driven to California again with more rain.  Europe is getting hit by air from Siberia.

ps. the cold blob is not in the long-term forecast.  They must think it's going to swept East.

Saturday, January 21, 2023

Toronto will get winter again


Looks like the standard blob coming down.  I have figured out that we get this when the ocean plumes impact the Arctic and shove down blobs of air on us.  The last month had almost no plumes in the Arctic, and we had high-velocity wind jets.  That caused the whole California thing, and Toronto got the spill-over, as gloomy, warmer weather.

So we are getting our more usual storm strikes hitting the Yukon, causing NW clippers to hit us.  The cold side of the clipper can hold a big cold-air blob.  Fun stuff.

ps.  I have also decided to let all the stupid stuff of the world just flow over me.  I have such a peaceful mind!

pps.  the cold blob of the other day was pushed East by the Pacific storms.  This one is starting to be pushed out.

World weather in a mess

 Yeah, I am closed down by the chaos in the weather.

The pattern so far has been to have the Arctic fill up with a pool of very cold air, and then spill that pool through high-velocity channels.  That caused the California rains, and avoided Toronto.  

Once the whole pool is empty, weak ocean plumes are all over it.  It may fill up again, or may not.  

For Toronto, we are just going to have standard winter clippers.

Friday, January 20, 2023

One prediction is off

 The Arctic cold air chocolate fountain has drained for now.  This is the giant tip bucket that fills with cold air and then spills it.  The Pacific storms were being pushed down to California by a spill going by Alaska.

Now the storms are going to Alaska and giving Toronto standard winter clippers.  Callie is being left high and dry.  Europe is still a mess.

Thursday, January 19, 2023

Entering Resting Phase

 As that person said, it is time for a resting phase.  I stopped with the whole California thing, and I've been pouring out funny quips on Mastodon.  The influencers can go on with their stories -- and they are all true in their minds.

As I have said a million times before, I'm quitting my addiction to fight the groupthink.  Ha!  At this stage, I have the utmost confidence in my mind that I will succeed.  


- we will continue to slip into an ice cycle - the groupthink will continue to insist we are getting warmer.

-California will become as soggy as Australia

-that's because El Nino will never come, and the Pacific Cold Phase will be called 4th, 5th and 6th La Nina.

-sea level rise will continue at selected spots that are sinking due to tectonic forces.

- the Arctic ice will continue to increase in volume.

- the ozone holes will keep getting larger

- we will have at least one isolated super heat wave that will last two days

I will only emerge when something new is happening.

Calicanes have convection to the stratosphere -- will never be measured

 Our great monopolies have the power to squelch anything they don't like.  

I would call this era 'Peak Monopoly'.  These always collapse in 100 years.  The above shows the pure windstream.

And this has the windstream with satellite.  These 'cold based' storms will have clear air convection to the stratosphere.  It cannot be measured by nooa or noosa, or it would blow the groupthink they use to get money.

I'm giving up on California.  They can just stare out at the ocean like a deer in the headlights.  Even my kids in California are 100% groupthink, and spend all their time on phone games.  :)

Incremental Improvement

 It has been noted that we are in a cycle of 'incremental improvements' and no 'creative destruction'.  This can be seen with patents.  All 'formerly disruptive' companies go into this cycle, and it is possible that everybody does it at the same time.

All established power groups want to squash 'rocking the boat' because that cuts them off at the knees.  So, we have to endure DaFruit making black slab phones blacker, and googs making location tags.  

I've seen this over the years.  If 'power people' think a scientific result is harmful to their power structure, they either erase it, or limit the scope.  This has always happened, but I think the modern 'social' culture has made it easier to stop the leaks.  Big companies buy out small disruptive ones to poach the talent and make their effective monopoly stronger.  This can go on for a while until the whole thing collapses under its own weight.

For example, all studies by NASA reinforce their position.  The study for a nuclear waste repository just supported the political expediency they already made.  Studies on covid masks have a very narrow scope to support the position of masks.  Right now, I can think of no study of anything that is not funded by entrenched interests, just to maintain that power.

The big storms hitting California are only studied in such a manner as to support the dogmatic position of 'atmospheric storms'.  Had they been studied, they would find clear air convection going up to the stratosphere, which hits the 'greenhouse' mantra.

These things shatter with a 'Sputnik Moment' that happened in the late 50's.  Perhaps we have our Russian/China invasion moment.  Their strategy is to threaten nuclear war, and flood everywhere with millions of poorly-equiped soldiers.  The West may realize that 'baby steps' will not do here.  

ps. the 70's had the collapse of every big monopoly.  Neat effect.

Wednesday, January 18, 2023

California hurricanes -- Comon' Down!


I miss an evening and I've lost track of the sequence of storms.  I'll name the new one Frankie, as in Frankie Goes to Hollywood.  New storms are being coughed out, and the only limit seems to be if they are jammed, then no new ones can form.

We maintain the fiction that these are gentle rivers.  Even some Californians are saying 'What the heck?'.  But they all live in blissful ignorance.  These Calicanes have all the appearance of Cat 4 hurricanes when they hit the shore with 100mph winds, and spinning off tornadoes.  However, since Callie has never had these, they don't exist in the weather jargon.  Too bad.

The tracking of these things is problematic, since all the hurricane trackers are taking holidays in the Caribbean.  They could get a tracking line, if they made any effort.  Sad.

ps.  because these are cold-driven hurricanes, they don't look the same as Caribbean hurricanes on the satellite.  I now understand.

pps.  they don't look like heat-driven hurricanes at all.  No wonder all the confusion.  But they are hurricanes, defined by physics.  Neat.

Tuesday, January 17, 2023

State of the Oceans - Jan 17, 2023

 This is the report that will give the first hint of El Nino returning, and the Pacific Cold Phase ending.  All the news has this happening soon.

The latest ocean current map has the cold feed as strong as ever.  For a return to El Nino we really must see push-back in the far west.  I zoomed in on this part, and there is nothing there.

The sea temperatures should show the cold tip being pushed back -- Nope.

This forecast gives at least 6 months before a change is possible, but it may not happen.  Most likely is 20 years.

A Star is Born -- New Calicane Heading to Hollywood

 I have a great desire to stop reporting on this horror story.  But a new storm has been born, and the older sister is on the move to prepare the way.

The mimic shows the base forces and these are pushing down from the north.  Callie will see this in a few days.  When Baby Calicane #3 (or 4, or 5) gets out of the way, we'll have another storm.

Monday, January 16, 2023

California storms pushed aground


Last night was a horror.  Three perfect storms hanging offshore, fed by a stream that separated to each storm like a tree.  I knew they would either run ashore, or march down to California.  Looks like they are dashing themselves upon the rocks.

The bad news is that two new storms have curled off the cold stream.  These will probably meld into one.  

This is funny in that washpost is the biggest flag-waver of clange.  However, they can't resist the phoney outrage.

“You have no idea come Dec. 1 what your winter is going to look like because our seasonal forecasts are so bad,” said Jeffrey Mount, a senior fellow with the Public Policy Institute of California’s Water Policy Center, in an interview. “They are just not reliable enough to make definitive water supply decisions.”

The UK is getting the full stream of cold air zooming down the length.  

They had a nice warmie dance while the headpond was filling up, and now it's cold.

For the poor Callies, here is the physics seasonal forecast -- Cold, rainy, miserable, with a dash of earthquakes.  You can't get more accurate if nobody measures anything that goes against the groupthink.  

ps.  right away, the two baby storms are merging into one.  The little twin is being eaten by the big one.

This means the same process generating these storms is still active, and an endless line of storms hits the coast.  Hopefully, some are grounding against northern shores.  And we are going to get endless snow in Ottawa for sure, and Toronto, if it isn't rain.

Sunday, January 15, 2023

Celebration for influencers

 I am happy that they are happy.

Such celebration!  I can't find the chart they are using, but that 'nth' warmest thing keeps having 'n' increase.  And they are going for the 'El Nino coming soon' thing.  Of course, when it doesn't come, we can enjoy a good explanation.

California storms stuck in a holding pattern


The large cold-blob gyre is descending to the cold Pacific belt, where it will be happy.  This will give room for another storm to form.  They still have months of big storms left.  However, I told my kids out there, that it will over in a week, just like the media fantasy.  :)  I hope my few readers don't blab.

ps.  Europe is now getting hit from all sides with cold streams.  

Saturday, January 14, 2023

Ottawa LRT stations made out of cardboard


This is neat.  Besides the whole 'train not working' thing, we have maffie-cardboard stations.  Instead of good, honest stupidity, we may have more intelligent corruption.  It all has the same ending in that the whole thing has to be ripped out.  

All the people involved should be in Brazil by now.  They are having a hoot with the carnivals and such.

Exxon Knew

 This is the big thing right now.  I wrote in Mastodon:

#physics #weather Exxon Knew  This is conspiracy at its best.  It implies that there is a table of evil-genius old men controlling the world.  In reality, they are stupid as dirt.  They were just ‘riding the hockey stick’ and over-extrapolating like everybody at the time.  It’s like ratcheting up the roller-coaster and extrapolating to the stars.  Everybody does that, and the swoop down is always surprising.  The actual world temperatures from NOAA show the rise to 2016.  This is then shown as their ‘accurate projections’.  I’m not saying it’s wrong in an influencer sense.  They made a lot of money on this.  Good for them!

In Mastodon, there are a ton of articles, pushing the influencer concept.  But they have great quotes.

My articles are generally banned.  :(

Friday, January 13, 2023

State of the Oceans - Jan 13, 2023


Dear people of the CBC, I have no right to say anything, according to you, but I put this out weekly, when the currents are mapped.  No change to the ocean currents, they are full blast.  It would take a tiny bit more energy than hope, to change this.  The Pacific Cold Phase continues, for at least 20 years.  Poor Australia.

Super cold brings giant ice gyre and Calicane

 Our good friends, the influencers have turned an Einstein thing on its ear.  Instead of "That which cannot be measured, does not exist."  goes to "That which we do not measure, does not exist."  These are the biggest energy events the world has seen, and they will not be measured.

Here we have the biggest storm the world has seen since satellites, and it does not exist.  The ice gyre is a clockwise rotation around a blob of very cold air.  I had a great video of that from our river, but it is lost.

This calicane has 10 times the energy of all the previous storms combined.  It should rake the whole coast, when it gets turned by the cold air.  The main mechanism that is generating these things is still going on, so there should be another one, once the gyre runs its course.  

ps.  Yeah, an ice gyre


pps.  nooa has no statement on the December US temperatures.

Thursday, January 12, 2023

NOAA world temperatures down

 This is a tale of many plots.  nooa doesn't make an 'official' plot, like the others.  They let you create your own for plausible deniability.  The first is their standard plot of months.  It's good for areas with seasons, but meaningless for world plots.  

Although we have the lowest temperature of the current warming cycle, they will say something like 'Fifth warmest December'.

This is the 'naked' all months plot, and shows we are going way down.  

This is the year-end Haywood plot and shows we are a submarine under everything else.  No matter what the plots show, we will get the 'look how we are warming up' spin from the PR department.  That's what they are paid to do.

Calicanes threaten to take over the world


Superimpose these on the Caribbean.  They are Cat 7 hurricanes.  But over in Callie, they are 'that which cannot be named'.  The weather dogma doesn't allow it.  They are just 'lazy rivers'.  New ones are waiting to be formed, but they can't squeeze in.

If we did physics in the world, these would be classed as the largest hurricanes in the world, in terms of diameter, which is directly associated with total rain energy.  As it is, everybody in California will be just muttering "What the heck is happening?"

In the UK, we have just as much fun.  The big Arctic spill was going to cover them down the length, but it has turned and blasted a full broadside.  

This will cross the channel and hit poor Europe.  They have been dancing that 'clange' has saved them from heating bills.

-note - the term 'Arctic Spill' is another of my made-up terms, like Calicane.  It comes from the concept of the Arctic being a big dam headpond of cold air.  It builds up and spills through a spillway.  These are channels designed to release flood waters.  It is bad to overtop a dam, and the water goes through the spill gates at very high speed.  

ps and last year's poster child for influencers, is cold.

Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Anti-physics hype gets intense

 I will probably stop any mention of physics with regard to warmth.  

This is combined with sea surface temperature chart.

And this

or maybe I won't.

A tough call

 The noaa december results are very low.

It's lower than the top half.  

Tuesday, January 10, 2023

Atlantic and Pacific have identical storm factories

 The media is going on about lazy atmospheric rivers as a non-threatening term for precipitable water ocean plumes caused by major convection.

But these are full-fledged storms, created by a storm factory.

This is the one in the Pacific.  The Siberian Arctic spill creates a storm in one day, and then the Bering Str. spill makes it bigger, and it hits California.  The 'atmospheric river' is just a naked benign plume that hits the mountains to make it rain.  These are monsters.

Now, in surprising news, the exact same thing is setting up for Europe.  They will soon be the new California.

Since the benign warm air is always there, the 'Godzilla' factory will continue until the headpond of cold air drains out.  Probably in a month, like last time.  Then everybody can dance and sing while it fills up again.  

ps.  Interesting that this is an entirely different mechanism from standard belt typhoons and hurricanes.  Should be studied more .... Ha!

Sunday, January 8, 2023

Morning Mastodon -- Jan 8, 2023

 Mastodon numbers went up, and are now going down due to moderation.

Saturday, January 7, 2023

State of the Ocean - Jan 7, 2023

 The ocean currents map is quite late again, so I'll just do this without it.  I doubt it has changed.  Powerful currents like this need 6 months to have the slightest change.  If we could plot kinetic energy, then I think it would still be rising for the feed current to the Pacific belt.

The big news is that the tropics belt temperature is falling dramatically.

It will soon be at 1980 levels.  The main heat energy for the world comes from here.  

I can offer no hope for Australia.  Notice the big drop at Sanfran.  They are still getting the Siberian Arctic air spill and that is taking all the available Arctic air right now.  The other cold air blobs have been starved out.

ps.  yeah, December ice just came in.

The polar bears are fine.

Friday, January 6, 2023

RSS world temp is down, Tropics hit the basement


The worlds are down, but our Earth is being cut off at the knees.

Nobody in the world will understand how horrible this is.  The tropical belt is the heat engine for the entire world.  The heat machine is exponential.  As it goes down, it picks up less heat.  A wonderful spiral down to a Little Ice Age.  

The Siberia spill is still full blast with powerful, laminar flow.  NA is getting hit with a moderate blob, and Europe is going to be sandwiched between two blobs.  Lucky for us, the complete shutdown of the ocean heat machine means we'll have lots of severe heat waves in the summer, due to no ocean breezes.  That should keep the groupthink going for a long time.  I really hate the thought of what happens when this Ponzi Scheme collapses.

Tuesday, January 3, 2023

Spencer plot down

 First plot of the month and it's down.  This one correlates quite well with the tide gauge levels, but I've given up on those.

Europe goes La La, while Arctic Headpond Fills Up


It's neat that weak ocean plumes have hit Europe, so they love the warmth with all the doomer stories.  The cold air pond is spilling all over Vancouver and Sanfran.

This is the exact same pattern as last time, so they can all dance and say "We don't need no stinkin' insulation.'  Grasshopper and the Ants.

Anyway, don't want to spoil their party with physics.  

Monday, January 2, 2023

Bright ideas left in the dust

 Yeah, I spill out the bright ideas on Mastodon, but they disappear and are tomorrow's fish wrap.  Here, I write for my 8 readers, and some hope for future readers.

Arctic cold blob starts to spill


The big spill on the centre of the continent has not yet started, but this is the same pattern as before.  BC will have the fun first, then Sanfran.  Then Europe.

We just have standard cold coming down on Toronto.  Nothing special.

ps.  the week forecast for Toronto changed from very cold to mild in an instant.  They need to do something about their physics.

Sunday, January 1, 2023


 Another original thought from me, which could be totally wrong, but I think it should be studied more.  Perhaps groupthink is against it, and nobody could get funding, but I think it has an important historical impact, and it would be fun to see who had it first.  I'm thinking Vikings because it is important to have iron cookware with this, and it seems to be northern.  The Romans just had lead cookware.  :)

Just to be PC, it is possible to be brilliant without this condition, but iron is important.  Therefore, if the Mongolians brought it, then it would have been China to take over the world in nasty, nasty colonialism.

Thus, we answer the question on why China didn't take over the world.  They had guns, germs and steel, or at least gunpowder, but just couldn't put it together.  It took someone with brillo to do it.

ps.  yes, we shall limit the benefit of Brillo to those places with lots of iron.  That would explain Drake over the Armada, etc.  Nappy over everyone, etc.  Normally, the concept of an early death would not be an evolutionary benefit.  Also, this sort of thing has to be spread fast, like Viking rape and pillage.  Brain changes also explain the dawn of civilization like the Steppes horsemen.  And Roman spatial skills, which may have been Egyptian.  And Moorish mathematics, etc.  If a population is isolated and persecuted like the Jews, then genetic things don't propagate.  All of this is very un- PC.

Happy New Year!


Done by the 30-somethings.  Not for little kids.  

Everything looks good for another giant freeze descending on us.