Thursday, January 19, 2023

Incremental Improvement

 It has been noted that we are in a cycle of 'incremental improvements' and no 'creative destruction'.  This can be seen with patents.  All 'formerly disruptive' companies go into this cycle, and it is possible that everybody does it at the same time.

All established power groups want to squash 'rocking the boat' because that cuts them off at the knees.  So, we have to endure DaFruit making black slab phones blacker, and googs making location tags.  

I've seen this over the years.  If 'power people' think a scientific result is harmful to their power structure, they either erase it, or limit the scope.  This has always happened, but I think the modern 'social' culture has made it easier to stop the leaks.  Big companies buy out small disruptive ones to poach the talent and make their effective monopoly stronger.  This can go on for a while until the whole thing collapses under its own weight.

For example, all studies by NASA reinforce their position.  The study for a nuclear waste repository just supported the political expediency they already made.  Studies on covid masks have a very narrow scope to support the position of masks.  Right now, I can think of no study of anything that is not funded by entrenched interests, just to maintain that power.

The big storms hitting California are only studied in such a manner as to support the dogmatic position of 'atmospheric storms'.  Had they been studied, they would find clear air convection going up to the stratosphere, which hits the 'greenhouse' mantra.

These things shatter with a 'Sputnik Moment' that happened in the late 50's.  Perhaps we have our Russian/China invasion moment.  Their strategy is to threaten nuclear war, and flood everywhere with millions of poorly-equiped soldiers.  The West may realize that 'baby steps' will not do here.  

ps. the 70's had the collapse of every big monopoly.  Neat effect.

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