Friday, January 20, 2023

One prediction is off

 The Arctic cold air chocolate fountain has drained for now.  This is the giant tip bucket that fills with cold air and then spills it.  The Pacific storms were being pushed down to California by a spill going by Alaska.

Now the storms are going to Alaska and giving Toronto standard winter clippers.  Callie is being left high and dry.  Europe is still a mess.

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Neil T said...

Happy new year.. Europe is just at the mercy of whatever wind wins. The real issue is water, so I've started ripping out my crops and replacing them with drought resistant stuff. According to meteocat (catalan weather bods) this drought is going to get worse until 2040. I've started a db to record ESA SMOS data so I can keep track of this. Might move over to NASA SMAP which includes the ESA stuff though.