Wednesday, January 18, 2023

California hurricanes -- Comon' Down!


I miss an evening and I've lost track of the sequence of storms.  I'll name the new one Frankie, as in Frankie Goes to Hollywood.  New storms are being coughed out, and the only limit seems to be if they are jammed, then no new ones can form.

We maintain the fiction that these are gentle rivers.  Even some Californians are saying 'What the heck?'.  But they all live in blissful ignorance.  These Calicanes have all the appearance of Cat 4 hurricanes when they hit the shore with 100mph winds, and spinning off tornadoes.  However, since Callie has never had these, they don't exist in the weather jargon.  Too bad.

The tracking of these things is problematic, since all the hurricane trackers are taking holidays in the Caribbean.  They could get a tracking line, if they made any effort.  Sad.

ps.  because these are cold-driven hurricanes, they don't look the same as Caribbean hurricanes on the satellite.  I now understand.

pps.  they don't look like heat-driven hurricanes at all.  No wonder all the confusion.  But they are hurricanes, defined by physics.  Neat.

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