Sunday, December 31, 2023

Arctic blob getting shoved

 This is very confusing, and none of the charts are correlating.

This is the best chart to show that this blob is exactly like the last time.

But the surface winds are confusing.

It's a very dark, 40 below blob.  I conclude at 70% confidence that it will hit Toronto and the US north east.  The long-term standard weather forecast is already diving.  This will bring up natgas prices, but only after they see the big draw from reserves.  You think they could calculate that from physics.

ps.  the UK remains exactly the same as weak tropical stringers hit the intense cold.  It is one permanent storm, with snow.

It is amazing that the weakest tropical plumes I've ever seen are causing such havoc in the NA west coast and UK.  And these cyclones are a new weather phenomenon.  I'm waiting for them to run out of energy, but I may have underestimated the amount of heat energy in the West Pacific.

Saturday, December 30, 2023

Large Canada Arctic spill starting


This is the first thing I look at.  Then I see a large clear bulge coming down.  I look at the video.

I see the bulge is backed up by a large air flow.  And the Hudson Bay perpetual cyclone is finally gone, because the water is frozen solid.

Finally, I look at the temperatures (min).  And there it is, a huge cold blob.  This will tickle natgas prices.  The air coming over the mountains looks weak, so it should come straight down.  I like to run at 80% certainty, but those cyclones are tricky.

The UK is still protected by cyclones, but they have to stop soon.  I'm not even looking at the 'dirty diaper' of the El Ninnyo poop (sorry, grandson visited), until the currents come out, but be assured you'll never see any pictures from them.

ps.  this shows the Arctic ice extent has burst out of the recent era and is going into  an ice cycle.  Some other charts conflict with this.  However, the Greenland gap is closing in.  I'm looking at that to strengthen the Arctic spill over the UK.

ps.  I'm still cleaning up after all the visitors.  I'm glad the snowstorms held off.

Friday, December 29, 2023

Another tube train


This is good to sell to politicians.  I'm 100% behind it, because it fits in the popular notion of physics, and I don't want to be sued.

This has the same bouncy tubes as the hyped-loop.  You need a vacuum for that speed, and lots of power for the curves.  I think it will work as well as the Ott LERT.

Amazon now has a heavy charge for refund of clothes

 You better watch out!  I almost never return, but I wanted to return a shirt I didn't wear, and it's $7.75 no matter what excuse I use.  They have a whole different bunch of reasons now, but they will exchange.

This was coming for a long time.  'bought by mistake' no longer works.  

ps.  this may now affect our great deals at the liquidation store....

pps.  this is definitely curing my shop-while-drunk addiction...

Arctic is getting its Mojo back


We are still suffering from an excess of cyclones, but the Arctic is getting some black and white.

If it continues, the Arctic can fight off the weak plumes attacking it.

The Arctic spill through the Greenland Gap is just kissing northern Scotland.  And we can see a disorganized clipper coming down on Toronto.

The endless cyclones are driven by cold, and not warmth.  They are ejecting warm, dry air at mid-altitudes over the Arctic.  None of this can be seen because we are deficient in the necessary physics.  It would be easy to have mimic-like charts showing this air, but it would not be popular.  As it is, we shall just make everybody happy with this gloomy warmth.  But watch out when the cyclones stop.

The cyclones are unexpected and have shattered my predictions of a big freeze in December.  I am totally wrong on this one.  The other prediction will be looked at, for an end-of-year summary, when the ocean currents come out.

Thursday, December 28, 2023

Small plumes causing big cyclones


Another day of cyclone chaos.  

Lots of warm air going over the Arctic.  Greenland is losing the white, but the rest is getting some more black.  

I'll let you know when this washing machine stops.

ps went for a dog walk in wet, cold, dark drizzle.  Excellent for solar cells and wind mills.  This is total mixed entropy, the final 'grey goo'.

Wednesday, December 27, 2023

A pattern of possible injection earthquakes in Ontario


This is the fourth quake to hit the region in the past 18 months. That had one resident, Ashley Marsden, wondering whether her town was becoming “the earthquake capital of Ontario.”

All injection earthquakes start the same, just like all major diseases start as 'flu-like symptoms'  However, I will go out on a limb, saying these are injection earthquakes, and everybody is clueless.  What have I got to lose?  They do brine injection here, so I suppose someone went deeper.

A few more, and somebody will finally look.  

Once again, AI's learn their lesson


AI's are so desperate that they regularly gang up on my blog, and I get thousands of hits a day.  Then they go -- OMG, what is this physics crap!  and dump me.

ps.  I could sue.

Nuclear waste sites down to the wire


I won't say anything, but it is possible to have geology so bad that they can't construct it.  But, that's for another day.  

Heat pours over the Arctic


I don't know what's happening.  Our holes in physics are coming up to bite us.

The Arctic is still turning black, but it is being hit by warm air.

The cyclones are going nuts.  

Tuesday, December 26, 2023

Clear air convection strikes again


We won't find anything more on this with the global 'anti physics' fad.  We'll just say it's 'magic' caused by climate change.  There is some good physics behind this, but all studies were stopped when they realized it went against the dogma.  One day, they'll start up again, and we'll see the end of this.

State of the Oceans - Dec 26, 2023

 No videos or maps, everything is exactly the same as last week.  The return current is the same, and the phoney El Nino still looks weak.  However, since the cyclones have ruined all my hopes of a freezing December, I shall be subdued.

There is some other mechanism at work with the cyclones.  If they stop, then I can proceed, based on the past patterns.  A Monster Clockwise Gyre has started up again.  Never seen before, and now we've had two of them.  

Toronto Earthquake revisited


I have written a lot about this, and I have better terrain maps somewhere.  I just noticed a lot of traffic with one of my old posts.  


I am not making any money on this, and we are talking long odds.  However, this is a huge fault in the Precambrian, and I have lots of reflection seismic, and bottom sonar showing massive disturbances on the bottom of Lake Ontario.  

This fault zone is has a lot of topography associated with it, so I think it pings off every 500 to 1000 years.  That's about the same odds as New Madrid, but that last ping went off in historical times.  This could have gone off a few hundred years earlier.  The native translation of Toronto is not 'Meeting Place', but 'Mashing Place'.  Those early explorers never did listen.

This fault zone is totally unstudied, except by me when I was at the old company, and actually doing things.  It is so unstudied that Cleveland is getting lots of earthquakes because they are injecting into it.  You shouldn't do that.

This fault has lots of earthquakes associated with it and they are probably activated by a slow change in the elevation of Lake Ontario, due to rising land at the outlet.

For long-odds earthquakes you don't panic, but you make slow changes to infrastructure, and emergency plans.  They don't do that.  If you look things up, then I have made some dreadful scenarios of an M8 on this fault.  I don't want to be around for that.

So, in summary, this fault is as good as any in North America, but it is the most ignored.

ps.  you can look it up in my posts, but basically, Ontario has about 5 of these 'mega thrust' structures.  On the top of the hanging wall, the rock is all broken, and these are the areas of open-fracture limestone, deep valleys, etc.  The footwalls are solid rock.  Bruce Nuclear is on a broken hanging wall.  Darlington is on a solid footwall.

Luck of the Irish -- cold diverted from Toronto and UK


Good grief, Charlie Brown.  Cyclones have suddenly swooped in and deflected everything.

That perfect Arctic spill for UK was body-checked into France.  

However, the Arctic is still going black, and we'll all get another chance to freeze.

Monday, December 25, 2023

UK warm defences break, barbarians of cold come storming in

 The UK has been propped up by the slimmest of warm plumes.  This was used for the leftwinger headlines of genteel civilization.  

There is nothing more after this.  Our fine Austenites will have to put another log in the fireplace, and more heat for tea.

A howling freeze has hit the North and it will whistle through the houses of the lefty gentry who eat their own dogfood, and don't believe in cold.

I had to write this now, because things are changing so fast, and tomorrow never comes.

ps. like a tsunami, the third hit is the worst, so this is still funny, especially before it hits.

Clipper for Toronto becomes stronger and faster


It has picked up speed, and the regular forecast is showing the cold coming sooner.  That forecast changes so much, it's hardly worth it.  Cold air in the Pacific is curving up the tropical plume, so more Pacific air is getting over the mountains.  

The temperature in the Arctic is turning black, so I'm expecting a big blob after this clipper.

The UK Arctic spill is attacking the warmth, and should break through.

There are huge gaps in the tropical warm air, and I can't see any more plumes coming for a while.  There is a huge gap over the phoney El Nino, and I suspect the return current has totally failed.

ps.  Merry Christmas!  All the kids are in the house with the baby.  You know the kids are in the house when you take the milk jug and the bag has a dribble of milk in it.  They go by the saying:  "Didn't finish it, don't replace it."  My kids are over 30.

Sunday, December 24, 2023

Clipper starts for Toronto


This appears to be a small clipper and will hit Toronto for New Years Eve, and may bring some snow for the kiddies on the next day.  Clippers start the process, as they are cold blobs dragged down by the warm Pacific air, or they drag down the Pacific air, who knows?  A clipper is a messy mix.

The Arctic Worm Turns


We are finally getting out of the mysterious Arctic pause.  This pause has given me a headache, and allowed the warmies to dance.  We are getting some black in Northern Canada, and the ice extent still has a hook, showing expansion.

I expect some more black before we get a good cold blob for Canada.  

I still don't have a clue what is going on, but the Monster Gyre has grounded itself on the shores of Spain.  We just have that long weird Atlantic plume.

The Pacific plumes are finally behaving themselves and hitting the US in the gut, rather than the head.  Whistler can have snow.

ps.  the funniest thing with electric cars.  Seems the leftwingers have a very fuzzy notion of electric cars.  They think the batteries recharge by just driving.  The reason electric cars are going into the dumpster is that people are buying them and talking about it in their leftwinger book clubs.  

Saturday, December 23, 2023

Full Arctic spills in progress

 Very weird physics going on, but there is not enough physics (new measurements) to figure it out.

We have black in Siberia, and that's hitting parts of Asia.  No spills for Canada.

This looks so pretty.  Spills by Alaska and Asia.  Whistler might finally get snow.

Who is winning here?  The Atlantic plumes are maintaining their strength.  

Still no sign of a Canadian spill.

ps.  there must be a lot of warm, dry, high altitude air pouring over the Arctic.  This heat energy is invisible to all the charts, but it would be easy to plot it.  We expect the Arctic to turn black (-50), and then, a day or two later, we will get another Canadian spill that will hit natgas prices.  Or not.

Friday, December 22, 2023

Hyperloop succumbs to physics


This thing could not run.  Having the tube on poles would introduce vibrations that it could not survive.  However, the energy density problem, along with scaling issues, probably doomed it first.  

State of the Oceans -- Dec 20, 2023

 For Christmas, we finally get the death of the equatorial return current.

This has been propping up the phoney El Nino, and now it has gone ragged.  It could never last because it was on the wrong (winter) side of the equator.  All heat will go south.

You won't see this picture anywhere.  So sad.

There was a slight leakage of warm water into the Greenland Gap.  It should be gone soon.

Arctic spill starts for UK


This is what a full UK spill looks like, but the Monster Gyre is still stopping it.  Should be good tomorrow.

We now have a tinge of black on the Arctic.  No spill for Canada right now.

We now have the tiniest hook on the ice.  The Greenland Gap is what makes the chart go up now.  My hypothesis is that it fills up this winter.  

ps.  the price of natgas is now zooming up.

Thursday, December 21, 2023

The physics of electric cars


If there is one thing we know about leftwingers is that they wouldn't know physics if it hit them on the head.  Physics is a threat to their fantasy, but sooner or later the physics chickens come home to roost.

This plan is to take all the energy that comes down to Toronto in pipes and replace it with electrons travelling down copper wires.

Energy transport is the main physics here, and total energy required to keep things moving.  You can go to zero energy, if everybody just stands around and freezes to death.

Nuclear power plants are measured in megawatts, windmills and solar in kilowatts. Fuel is picowatts.  Bit of difference there. (sorry, joules) (and peta, not pica) (stupid metric units -- it's a big diff.)

We can't replace existing nuclear with windmills, and windmill farms are getting shut down for killing endangered bats and eagles.  And something weird happens with the wind if you plaster every square inch with windmills, the wind just lifts.

Solar cells are mass killers of desert life, or they replace food production.  

But, the big thing is energy transport.  Electrons require huge transmission lines, unless you want a nuclear reactor in everybody's backyard.  I used to be involved in the construction of these things, and you don't want more of them.

So, you can't replace the pipes with copper.  Now, leftwingers won't listen to physics, because if they did, we would know all about clear air convection which makes the 'greenhouse effect' impossible.  Then we could go on to methanol fuel cells with graphene super-capacitors.  But, we have a lot of fantasy before that.

ps.  I just had a dream that the old company was getting rid of all its weasels so it could actually build something... Ha Ha!

Arctic remains warm


The Monster Atlantic Gyre continues its 'rain' of terror.  

I need more physics to have a hypothesis that encompasses this.  For now, we'll just call it chaos.  

Wednesday, December 20, 2023

China earthquake -- a very tiny 'blind thrust'

 This was a tiny earthquake for this type of geology.

An M6 (single digit precision) could be a foreshock, or it is just on its own.  

This was a thrust earthquake, in the Tibet push zone (from the India push).  It is mountain ridges and valleys.

If you look up 'blind thrust' on my blog, you'll see a lot of them.  All this geology is created by huge earthquakes.

My Wikipedia article might still be alive, although there is a general 'anti-physics' movement for earthquakes, as well.  The 'Gods of Earthquakes' have made their pronouncements, and do not want to be challenged.  Once again, lots of money involved.

To properly sink the valley, and raise the footwall, you need something like an M9.  This produces a PGV of over 1 metre per second, and throws rock formations into the air.  If I could build a house on deep piles that would survive this, it might get hit by huge boulders rolling down the hill.  

Around the world, all large earthquakes raise the highlands and sink the lowlands.  That is how they are maintained and require an M9 clearing earthquake.  

The valley is created by the chopped up hanging wall.  My mechanics may be off because these things are never measured.  The valley may rise at the begining, but soon sinks, and the footwall rises.  I would love more mechanics on this, since it seem 'counter intuitive' and would never get pushed by influencers.

Cold blob washes out



Greenland is incredibly white, but the rest of the Arctic has lost its cold fizz.  When it is black again, we'll see what happens.  

ps. one thing we need more physics for, is 'dry air heat energy', which would be like mimic, only for dry air.  As well, we need charts for the cold air, as in 'negative precipitation-causing air'.  I suspect that the big clockwise cyclones are warm dry air generators, and also the cold-driven cyclones.  That might explain the Arctic resting phase.  Until we get more physics, we can only go on our knees and submit to the 'Will of El Nino'.  And lots of philosophical discussions 'Does El Nino exist, if there are no photographs?'  Sort of like the Loch Ness Monster.

Tuesday, December 19, 2023

Another cold plume forming


The one hitting Toronto right now is being swept away by Pacific air.  

But the Pacific air is quite cold and a bigger blob is coming.  Note the brilliant white of Greenland, and I haven't seen it like that.  Northern Canada is black.

The video is fascinating.  Greenland is its own wind source, and that only happens at 60 below.  The scale doesn't go lower, and they should fix that for the upcoming ice cycle.  There is a little bit of the Hudson Bay cyclone, but that should go soon, when it all freezes up.  On the wind chart, we don't see any Pacific air coming over the mountains.

We'll keep getting clippers, until the Pacific gives up.  Then, we'll get a good Texas channel.  The monster Atlantic gyre is still stopping a channel hitting the UK.

ps.  The Monster Atlantic Gyre is being powered by Atlantic plumes.  There are some signs that a cold blob is starting for Europe, but I only give it 20%

There is no progress for freezing the Iceland Gap.  A full channel spill for UK (freezing the Thames) requires that this fills in with ice.  That is the true flag for the Little Ice Age 2, and if it doesn't happen this year, then next.  There were no records of the effect of this on North America or Asia.  

pps.  this is a huge cold blob, that is pushing away all the Pacific air.  Look to the news tomorrow.

Monday, December 18, 2023

Arctic spur gets shoved over to be a clipper


This should be fun for the NE US, and Toronto, but Texas is off the menu.  

ps.  natgas goes up a speck.