Monday, August 31, 2020

New tropical plumes pattern still undefined


These are the warm tropical plumes that make our weather every day.  Neil says that Spain is freezing, and you can see that an Arctic plume is coming down and hitting both the UK and Spain.  He may get warmth when the plume containing the remnants of our hurricane, sweeps over him.

For nearly every winter (and some summers), a pattern sets in that is steady for many months .  This pattern is dependent on ocean currents in some mysterious manner.  

Sunday, August 30, 2020

The Cold Sets In

 Hard on the heels of discovering that the Gulf Stream has gone south for a vacation, we finally have freezing in the Arctic.

If the warmies want to talk about the north, they'll have to pop out their usual method of finding old studies.

The ice volume chart is finally kicking into the pack.  

Friday, August 28, 2020

Gulf Stream has officially moved to Spain


This is the sea surface temperature.  For the first time, there is a strong thermal signal indicating that our favourite Gulf Stream has moved permanently to Spain.  It's has been weak since 2016, but hasn't formed a strong current showing a thermal effect.

That means the UK will enjoy a fine Canadian winter, even worse than the last few years.  Good for them.

ps.  the current map is still a mess there, but all those knots are 3 dimensional.  The Gulf Stream has always been more of a thermal signal, rather than current.


Thursday, August 27, 2020

Small nuclear runs into engineering problems


Standard engineering has lost touch with basic physics.  Thus, the only way to excel at engineering is to do it the SpaceX way - build and blow up.  That teaches engineers basic physics.  You can't do that with nuclear.  You have to use old engineering and make it so excessive (to cover your rear) that it can't be built.  Then you build it anyway and run.

In the old days we had good engineers who respected physics.  So much so that Darlington was overbuilt by a factor of 10.  But we had support from management and the government.  In retrospect, I'm glad it was over-built because it suffered so many serious design issues.  That sounds a bit weird, but the structures were over-built using conventional engineering, and the nuclear designers played god with the flowing bits.

Darlington will be restored at 10 times the cost, and it will fail just as soon as the first attempt, because they have not addressed the fundamental physics.  Meanwhile, the makers of small reactors may have bitten off more than they can chew.  I wish them luck.

ps.  in order to forget all this rotten engineering, and Bell's Perfidy, we must tend to our crop.

The buds have begun to form on the two plants in the back.  Soon, the big vegetative leaves will turn yellow, and the buds will grow tall.  Harvest is in mid-September when those white threads on the buds begin to wilt.  Then it is processing time.  This is a mild variety that doesn't really smell much.  It has high cbd with a good hunk of thc.  It cured the neighbour's Crone thing, and saved me from covid.  Great stuff.

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Hurricane Laura with a reverse cold feed


Nearly every 'american' hurricane has had a cold feed from Northern Canada.  Unknown to warmies, the engine of a hurricane requires both cold and hot air.  The hot air is feeding in from the Atlantic belt, but the cold air is coming up from Antarctica.

The Southern Hemisphere is in winter, and the ocean currents aren't doing much.

This is typical pattern for the Pacific.  Cold water is being sucked in up South America and zooms over to the western Pacific islands.  Most of Canada will be cold this winter, but Southern Ontario may get blasts of warm air.  Who knows?

Leaving Things Out

 Everybody can win a debate by leaving things out.  "Put your best foot forward" is the clarion call.


 This article is interesting in that it goes on and on without mentioning the huge Pacific current that thinned the ice over the winter.  Followed by lots of tropical plume action this summer.

Thus we know that the Arctic ice cap is doomed.  Let's not mention that we are getting colder and colder with the world temp charts.  All of that can be forgotten.  

ps.  here comes the hurricane.  You can see the 'climate change signature' written right in it.  

Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Cottage Report -- Aug 18, 2020

 We are getting a nice cool blast from the North.  This should be working weather.  I'm getting into lots of trouble for not doing heavy work at 30C, with humidity.  blah.

Wed.  A cool 8C overnight.  A huge number of birds this morning, look like striped nuthatches.  I should look them up, but I won't.  The hummingbirds are having their fight over the feeder.

OMG, at the cottage I'm actually buying books to read, so I can talk about them.  I'm enjoying Curtis Craddock's Risen Kingdoms trilogy.  The other books sort of drift in and out.

Saturday.  Super hot, but the nights are cool, and the water is warm.  great.  I caught a tiny fish.

Sunday - hots.  Same as before.  The neighbour saw monster fish, but they never bite.  I caught a fish smaller than my lure.

Monday.  In the spirit of the hilton girl, we are complaining about the agonizing choices between sunning or swimming.  

Sunday, August 16, 2020

Bell Canada has every appearance of wanting to kill Peregrine Falcons

 Bell appears to have set up a diabolical snare to get our falcons in the neighbourhood, or so it appears.  I'm not accusing anybody of anything.  Note how careful I am about wording.  I'm afraid of these guys.

I have a hilarious chain of emails where they promise to do something, but never do.  Is this conspiracy or bureaucratic incompetence?  I'm going for conspiracy.

Our falcons zoom down the road at 100 klicks to scoop up squirrels.  So, this is the work of a squirrel lover or falcon hater.  I imagine that the top Bell guy had his ugly toupee snatched up by a falcon who thought it was a squirrel.  Poor falcon.

Following the facebook logic that controls the world these days, I would say that since I saw this snare, there must thousands of them around the place.  I would advise bird lovers to look out for them.  If you love falcons please make a stink to Bell, or the hundreds of gov't agencies created to 'control' Bell.  They don't do anything, but they make a cushy living.  Give them a note.

Make a sign -- "Bell, Bell, go to heck!" or something that rhymes.  

Here is a picture when they only caught leaves, but they reset it for the falcons, so it seems.

This may be a massive conspiracy.  It is not the product of lazy stupidity, as I am always saying to Penny.  I have too much respect for Bell.

ps.  these are conclusions and extrapolations based on observation.  Everybody does that.  I have no intent of implying wrong-doing or criminality.  I'm not telling my friends at the Executive.  They can find this out from their Internet reputation services.  Please repeat on twit and fb.  Nobody reads my blog.

ps I did send it to them, knowing that they'll promise again.  I said that maybe somebody important will read this.  Who knows?

pps.  there's no response from anybody on this, so we will assume Bell will just carry on.

Pickering Nuclear Power Plant - Death by a Thousand Extensions

 News Release

Ontario Supports Plan to Safely Extend the Life of the Pickering Nuclear Generating Station

Updated schedule keeps high quality jobs in Durham region longer

August 14, 2020 11:00 A.M.Ministry of Energy, Northern Development and Mines

PICKERING - The Ontario government is supporting a plan by Ontario Power Generation (OPG) to safely extend the life of the Pickering Nuclear Generating Station. The updated schedule will provide electricity consumers with emission-free, low-cost energy and allow 4,500 high-quality jobs to remain in Durham region longer.

Under its proposed plan, Ontario Power Generation (OPG) will keep Pickering's units 1 and 4 operating until the end of 2024 and units 5 to 8 operating until the end of 2025, allowing for the safe, sequential shutdown of all units while maximizing the economic benefits of the generation station in the community.

Yeah, extended again and again.  I had hoped it would go, since it is a "Seismic Death Trap", but we have so many of these, why bother?  It will be extended again and again, since Darlington won't work.  They know this and it's probably why we have this announcement.

I'm not saying anything against these horribly powerful people.  If the media sucks up any new climate extrapolation, then they love this PR department.  They are the best.  

I've written a reasonable scenario where we have our M7 Hamilton earthquake.  All the condo buildings will crack and tilt, but this thing goes up in radioactive smoke.  I call that one in a thousand per year.  Nobody worries about it, since climate change will kill us all.  :)  Keep on covid-partying!

**the preceding has been satire.  Don't believe it if it gets you mad.  Don't kill me!

ps.  Dear PR Department:  I only have 10 readers, and they are the type 'who have a grasp of basic physics'.  Ignore me.

Arctic ice back into gloating territory

 After a huge kink caused by the absence of tropical air plumes, the Arctic ice volume chart is about to dip into record territory.  As has been pointed out in many books, we have no data before 1980, so the gloating is rather shallow.

This is a book from last year.  The key phrase is "if you have a basic grasp of physics".  Ha!  Nobody has that.  That's why this farce goes on and on.  Also, I think that everybody except me, is wrong.  :)

ps.  fabulous warmth over the Arctic.  Get those supply barges in!

pps.  Now they have combined covid with warmth.

Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Cottage Report - Aug. 11, 2020

 As I sit up on the deck, I'm watching the last heatwave of the summer being swept away by cool northern air.  Maybe the southern air will come up again.  A change of air is good for fishing.

I just looked at the new ocean currents map, and nothing is happening in the Pacific.  We'll start hard and cold in November and none of that warm mushy stuff like last year.  

ps.  Holy crap!  Onne of those Off lamps burned right through!  Hope they don't ban them.

Warm spots keep climate change going

Warm spots are great from the warmie media.  Without them we wouldn't have all those nice articles.

This is our daily surface temperatures, expressed as bit over or under the average (for the date, I hope).  We just got a hunk of very warm weather, and now we'll be back to average August.  Wherever you see a good warm spot, there will be articles.  Europe, Siberia, and Northern Canada.  I'm trying to write my background site on these charts, but it is slow going, since it's so boring for me.  

ps.  I really love warmie stories.  One day they will provide the perfect template on how to keep things alive when they don't exist.  Like unicorns, or Toronto housing prices.

Sunday, August 9, 2020

Arctic ice volume hits a hard bottom

 This is exciting physics.  The ice curve has made the most severe turn I ever saw.

The forces to do this are considerable.  I am suspecting it goes down to heavy pack ice.  Also, the siberian tropical plumes are dead.  

Friday, August 7, 2020

Toronto Real Estate -- The Zombies Jump

 A very thin market has allowed a big jump.

This is a zombie market, held up by the fact that the gov't and banks will not allow it to fail.  The banks have millions in arrears, but, what the heck?  Anyway, a medium 3 bedroom house near us sold for way over 1.3 mill.  These are peak prices.  

I used to wonder how long people could hold out.  The real question now is how long the banks can hold out.  Everybody should stop paying mortgages, and have a party.  No bank would dare to be the first to foreclose.  Yeah for a game of chicken!

ps.  just thought that one million people defaulting on one million each, is one trillion.  Is our economy that big?

Cottage Report - August 7, 2020

 We had to go at the very worst time because the kids work.  However, the 407 was super-fast, and all the upper traffic was empty.  It's cooler now at night, and warm in the day.  No bugs.  I'll try to catch a fish -- ha ha.

Physics destroys your razor blades


For those of you who don't think physics is important.  Of course, warmies probably don't shave, male or female.  :)

Look at the last release.  That's adhesion cavitation.  It's a bit like toffee pulling out your tooth filling.

You can see on the chart that it is almost explosive.  That pulls out any little imperfections in the steel, and works on grain boundaries.  I don't know if the steel can be significantly improved.  Perhaps ceramics would be better.

ps.  I didn't like their non-physics explanation.  It's clearly cavitation, which is the only thing that can separate steel grain boundaries.  They must be just photographers.  :)

World temperatures dive

 As I predicted from the ocean currents, world temperatures are going down again.

We had our little fun with the unusual mid-Pacific reversal, which I call the Halvsie El Nino.  That's so yesterday.  The northern mid-latitudes have risen a little for summer, and the southern mids have dived ofr their winter.  Enjoy the summer heat.

Meanwhile, the Arctic ice volume has taken the most severe curve I have ever seen.

We'll see what happens, but I don't think there will be a big warmie party before the winter sets in.

ps.  meanwhile, the warmies use the wild temp projections to try to out-alarmist covid.  :)

Thursday, August 6, 2020

Ocean currents report - Aug 6, 2020

The ocean currents are marked by a huge Pacific current to the West.  I've never seen it this powerful. There are no reversals.  That means there is nothing 'funny' going on this year.  

Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Ontario business should shoot up

Canadian business is tied down by monopolies.  Big banks, big telecom, big liquor sales, etc.  You can't do anything without running into a brick wall.

I sent this to my local mpp who always seems invisible, and to Doug Ford himself.  There is a one in a million chance that somebody bright reads it.  I truly hope that Ontario reinvents itself after covid, but it is a long shot.

Harold Asmis 

to kinga.surma
I'm doing the new website for an established store at Royal York plaza.

It has survived covid because it does filtered water refills.  However, the wine business has a
 "Make you own wine" license.  There are almost no such stores left now.

The proposal is to free the restrictions that mandate the physical presence of the customer to assist
 in the wine making.  Also, the customer has to pick up the minimum order of 30 bottles,
 and it still takes 4 to 8 months of storage before it is drinkable.

We would like to make it more like a normal online business.  We wish to switch over to wine bags,
 and 3d print custom wine bag holders.  I see this as a great opportunity for Doug Ford to
show the new business models right in his own backyard of Etobicoke.

Many thanks for your attention, and I really think this is the way to go.

Harold W. Asmis, P.Eng.
Geotechnical Engineer

Harold Asmis

Hey, Doug, I think you will like this when the time is right to come out of the shadows.
  I can see you leading a resurgent Ontario.

Tuesday, August 4, 2020

World temperature plus or minus

This is the world temperature anomaly.  It shows areas that are warmer or cooler than normal, by only a couple of degrees.  If you see warmie stories they will come from the warmer areas.  That's Siberia and Northern Canada right now.  Antarctica is getting really cold, so no stories from there.  Also the US and the UK are colder.  

For the oceans, the Pacific belt is quite cold, but the northern oceans are warmer.  Nearly all weather comes from the Pacific, so we'll most likely have a cold winter.  But chaos is what chaos does, and who knows?  That northern water may be warmer than normal, but I wouldn't want to swim in it.

Tropical plumes continue to hit the Arctic

We have an interesting pattern this year.  The oceans are not pumping up heat to the north with ocean currents, but all the tropical air plumes are going straight to the North Pole.

As such, we are going to have a minimum in ice volume.  However, all this energy at the pole will come down on us, and give us an early winter.  blah.  What goes up must come down.

ps.  the prospect of cold may be 'spiking' natgas, but it's a long way to earthquake levels.

At the peak of Oct 2019 we had a lot of earthquakes in Oklahoma.  Now there is nothing.  We need horrendous cold to get it up again.

Saturday, August 1, 2020

Sea level is down - August 1, 2020

This fine chart has always followed the world temps.  Temps go up and water expands.  La la.

It has showed our little warm spell, and now is plunging.  This month, the sea level has gone down, so I expect the world temps to be also down.  We'll see in a few days.  The UK has had a few hot days in summer, so everybody is happy.  The Arctic ice volume is going way down, so that will be a nice story.