Saturday, October 31, 2020

Mask to ultimate silliness


Since masks have no physics, we have to push it to the ultimate to save the powerful.

Everything that has no physics is now being pushed.

There's no heat energy coming from the Arctic.  However, tropical plumes and ocean currents pumping in heat energy, mucking up the freeze-up curve.

Physics would want us to wear face shields or safety glasses.  Don't be an extreme anti -- (masker) (vakzer) (conspiracyer) like some people we know.


John Tory

Friday, October 30, 2020

Snow in Toronto

 Yeah, it's snowing in Toronto.  My prediction of snow starting in November is wrong.  I have a song:

We got no Halloween, cause Covid is making a scene,

There is no place to go,

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

The Ice Age is upon us, can't jump on the warmie bus,

This is really crappy, you know

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

Doesn't quite scan, but who cares?  I just earned $3.52 at ammie, because people are buying on my suggestions.  Yeah!

ps.  and the possum is back.  Next time, on the other side of the river.  Might slow it down.

M7 Greek Islands earthquake

 Yeah, to finish off 2020, we need a really devastating earthquake.  I don't think this is it.

We'll probably call this an 'every day earthquake' for the region.  It is a 'normal' slip earthquake which doesn't produce much ground motion.

And there are no tourists.  We'll wait for damage reports.

No hope with covid vaccine



This is fun.  This is a pure 'common cold' vaccine issue.  So far, all the vaccine news is that a strong antibody response is created.  After 6 months they all go away.  So we are left with t-cell memory.  We have one other story that a fellow got reinfected and had no symptoms, but that just might the luck of the draw.  Now we have a fellow who almost died.

Sometimes vaccines work and sometimes they don't.

Currently, adenoviral vector-based vaccines — vaccines designed to insert a modified COVID-19 gene into the human body to provoke the production of spike proteins that will keep the individual immune against the real virus — are at the forefront of the global race to find a solution to the raging pandemic. However, several researchers, including Chepurnov have expressed concerns that repeated shots of the vaccine could backfire, triggering an immune response against the vaccine instead of the real virus.“Once injected with an adenoviral vector-based vaccine, we won’t be able to repeat it because the immunity against the adenoviral carrier will keep interfering,” Chepurnov told the Daily Mail.

So, repeated injections will trigger something awful.  Now, we need somebody who can do the math, and say that safety glasses are enough for parties.  This sounds like the common cold turning deadly.  What would we do?

**Dear Liberal Arts Graduates, don't believe this guy, he's Russian.  Continue with worrying about carbon warming.  Thank you.

ps.  that's why they always vary the flu shot, no matter what.  Neat.

pps.  t-cell memory doesn't work with a big virus attack, as cold sufferers will know.  The attack is too fast.  You would have to flood every single person in the world with a vaccine on the same day, and hope that in 6 months the virus would die (no animal hosts).   No chance of this happening.

more:  so, if this is true, that forces us to go to math and physics to analyze dose rates.  If you have had it, or the upcoming vaccine, then you have to go to face shields for all social encounters, the rest of your life.  You want to get a new dose as small as possible.  The face shields are slightly better than goggles, in that it would stop superspreaders from spitting out.  But I think that safety glasses for everyone would be sufficient to kill the virus.  Not surgical masks, that's silly.  Go to your parties with glasses.  That will be forever.

Thursday, October 29, 2020

The Fish and the Possum

 Once upon a time, a man called Fish had a nice garden.  All summer long he had a possum (opossum) hanging around, catching all the mice, rats, slugs, etc.  The loved each other, until the possum decided to build a big Toronto monster house under his extension for the winter.

Fish tried everything to get the possum to move.  He put those horrible dollar store toilet deodourizers in the hole.  This worked for skunks, but not Possy.  Then he kept throwing bricks into the hole.  Possy just dug around them.  

Then he put out his live trap which once captured the big Momma possum.  He had let Momma go then, so Possy (her kid) was warned.  She could steal the apple bits from each side and not trigger the trap.  Finally one day, she was stealing apple bits and the dog jumped her like those cartoons.  She jumped away and triggered the trap.

Fish was so happy!  Everbody had a look at the very young female possum.  Fish took her down to a nice place by the river where she could get married and raise a family, if the coyotes allowed it.  He knew it would take days to get back home, and so he put in his 'possum proof fence'.  It was plastic tensar hardware cloth, and could not be chewed if it was buried in the silt.  The silt would gum up Possy's teeth and she needed to look beautiful to marry.

Fish killed himself with all that stupid digging, and took a big hunk of his stuff, which made him write this story.  The End.

Covid Physics Experiment

 I'm not pushing anything, but I know you young 'uns are going to have illegal costume parties.

So, forget the masks that you aren't going to wear anyway and go for cheap safety goggles from the dollar store or ammie.


 Advertise it as a 'Goggle Party'.  After two weeks I expect lots of stories of super-spreader events from standard illegal Halloween parties, and none from goggle parties.  Have lots of hand sanitizer for nail biters, but I expect they've been exposed already.

Nobody takes the goggles off, ever.  Eye rubbers are probably the same as nail biters.

This is probably good for the universities, since everybody has a pair of lab goggles, and only nerds read this.  But I didn't say anything.  The sackcloth doctors will say 'No Nothing', and have the same effect as sackcloth warmies.

As I have said before, the physics would lead one to believe that 99% of superspreader transmission is through the eyes.  That means none through the nose and mouth.  But I'm not saying this, I am not a 'Mask Denier' like 'some' people we know.  :)

ps.  this is like Prohibition, so I'm saying that if you go to a Speakeasy, only drink straight shots of smuggled Seagrams.  :)

pps. the italics thing went away.

more:  I wish they would use sampling theory math.  80% of hospitalized patients had a vitamin D deficiency.  In Canada, a random sample would lead to 80% vitD deficiency.  

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Fire and Ice

This is very cute.  (Blogger is doing everything in italics today, can't stop it)

I love italics!  Hurricanes and cold weather go together, it's basic physics.  This might be a dilemma for the warmies who like hurricanes.  The article is nice, and totally lacking in physics, because that's boring.  We'll see if the hurricane can make it up to us, through the cold air.  But for now, it is sucking down Winter.  blah.

ps.  you can change the default font.

pps. but that doesn't work, blah

more- for Linux, download Roboto font, and choose it in chrome settings.
BLAH! doesn't work.

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

The Prosperity Plan


Neat, they want gov't investment into current leaders that signed the letter, thus maintaining monopolies, or a huge barrier to entry.  

The only way for any Canadian to make a lot of money is to create a monopoly.  Then they drink too much and squander it.  I love that cycle.

My son is in California, going for his first billion.  However, it is so horrible there right now, he wants to come back home for a month.  I can't blame him.  How could we ever make Canada into a silly-con valley that creates wealth?  Won't happen because if anybody got rich, we'd vote NDP.

It's okay that we are digging a huge debt hole because everybody else is worse off, even Slovenia.  Debt will be the new asset when we have negative interest rates.  The deeper in debt we go, the more they throw money at us.  Who needs wealth creation?

All I want is for the Ford gov't to release some antiquated alcohol laws designed to protect the monopolies.  Is that too much to ask?  It would create wealth.  I can't think of anything else, other than my big plan to create a nuclear research centre in Wesleyville.  But, that involves physics, and we know that the English Majors are against that.  I am happy in retirement, and happy that all my kids have good monopoly jobs, just like I had.  Life is good.

Amazon good stuff

 It's the power of Big Tech that I have been declared a 'Review Criminal' without trial.  However, I still buy a lot, and recommend some stuff.

To stop that rotten possum that keeps tunneling under my house.

The stuff is stretched polymer, and so tough you need tin snips to cut it.  The edges feel sharp enough to cut you, hurts, but no blood.

And this steam cleaner is Canadian and amazing.


 And they have improved goop to be uv resistant. 


 Also, I am replacing all my old toilet valves with Sharkbite.  A good Christmas present.  :)

Unquestioned Authorities State that Carbon Warming Continues


This is exciting.  I've had my first warmie attack comment in years.  Apparently, all this warming thing relates to inequality.  But, the main question is 'How do they continue in a cooling world?'.  This chart is my authority.

In the article they chop off the little 'hanging chad' at the end.  Our current little bump is nothing like 2016, but, at least, they are using charts.

Since warmies have me on their radar I will say that I agree totally with them on everything in a philosophical sense.  But, I still go with the Scientific Method, which is heresy to them, so I'll keep that part to myself.  As they say, I love to hear myself talk.  :)

ps.  they truncated the charts and then put a 'momentum' projection at the end.  All those charts, and they didn't plot the existing warmie 'death' projections which are nowhere near reality.

pps.  but I am happy that these are the first warmie charts showing past 2016.  Yeah!

Monday, October 26, 2020

Ocean currents - Oct 25, 2020

 Ha, just when I said the Arctic ice volume is building at a normal rate, I see a huge current coming in from the Pacific.  This is the current that scoured out the Arctic ice right down the middle.

I didn't think this current would show up.  The best I can say is that it might not last without a Pacific current change.  

This is now causing a big Greenland current which affects the UK, one way or another.  I thought I noticed a tiny wobble in the ice volume chart.  We'll see what next week brings.

ps.  dealing with chaotic systems is hard.  The warmies have it so much easier, nothing changes their views.

Arctic Ice in the News


This is a very nice article without one speck of physics.  It loves the myth of the Jet Stream pushing around the weather.  It's saving grace is that there is no mention of 'doom and gloom', and how this 'proves' climate change.

We've had a late start because of a weird ocean current, and weird tropical plumes over Siberia.  But everything is freezing up now at a good rate.  I expect it to cut into the mass near the top, since none of those conditions are active now.

For now, though, the warmie news is full of the doom and that the ice isn't forming.  So sad.


Saturday, October 24, 2020

Tortured Logic



This is a nice read until the end.  Sounds like one of my phoney notes to keep the killer warmies off my back.

“The Little Ice Age was certainly not global. More and more researchers have found that it was regional and that it was not completely cold throughout the period. There was a lot of variability from place to place. I think the best expression for the period is ‘the European Little Ice Age’, because it was mostly the North Atlantic, Greenland and Northern Europe that were affected,” he said.

Our recent warming period is just the North.  At that time, the little ice age also hit Canada severely.

“Broadly speaking, this could open our eyes to the possibility that abrupt climate change is an inherent feature of the Earth’s climate system, in that there are now a couple of studies that show this has happened at different times,” he said.

Yeah!  That's what I'm saying -- ocean currents are chaotic.

But here's the kicker, which I would write, if anybody ever read my stuff.

But today's climate change is not accidental, says van der Bilt.“We have an incredible understanding of how our planet is changing. We can see the changes in the sea day by day and measure temperatures around the world,” he said.

A classic resolution problem -- Poor resolution in the past, and now we have satellites.  It's the exact same problem with earthquakes.

So, in recap -- Yes, we've had lots of severe climate change cycles in the past, but today it is carbon dioxide because we have modern instruments.  QED.  :)

Friday, October 23, 2020

The Physics of Covid - Subsequent Moviefilm

 I didn't label the first 'Part 1', because, who knew?

Let's get down to the important physics of covid, which will never be done.  The first is oxygen resistance. The covid virus is a fragile thing, one molecule of O2 will kill it, or equivalent.  Think of O2 as a giant meteorite, smashing into those fuzzy hairs.  BLAM!  All viruses are like that, but some invest in more shielding so they can last a bit longer.

So, a single virus in the air is instantly dead.  But the virus lives by being in gobs of snot.  O2 takes a long time to penetrate snot, it usually requires the snot to dry.  Now, it is simple physics that the large the gob, the longer the virus stays dangerous.

So, we can construct a half-life chart of particle size and viability.  It would be the same in the air or on a surface.  But the spectrum of particle size has a relation with ballistics and air resistance.  A large gob quickly settles to the ground where you grind it up like a cockroach.  Smaller ones take longer to settle.

So, you have to convolute the half-life and settlement rate.  But now, we add velocity, which is simple ballistics.  Most important is the muzzle velocity.  Loudmouth glad-handers have a certain velocity profile, as well as panting spin-bikers.

Add the efficiency of masks.  They are horrible.  At Costco everybody shouts through the mask because nobody can hear them.  A standard surgical mask is designed for one thing only - a nice quiet surgery.

We must then add the spectrum of what people are wearing.  Blah, it goes on and on, but give me a million bucks and it can be done.  (Not really, I hate to work).

It boils down to the fact that in social situations, nobody wears a mask, so that the whole room is susceptible to one loudmouth.  For masks to be effective, you need official masks, and everybody wears one in the room.  Happens only in China, you need 100% compliance.  Maybe in Italy, where everybody died.  99% is equivalent to zero, but we allow this.

We can do more fun physics, but we need money.  Any money has to come from the power structure that stands to lose their power.  Human nature -- nope.  This all reads the same as ozone and carbon.

It boils down to the fact that at an Indian wedding we give out safety glasses.  Everybody has fun.  No superspreader event, caused by one superspreader, but we can't say that because it would make them feel bad.  Far better to kill everybody, rather than offend.  :)

The Physics of Covid

 It is my general theme that gross ignorance of physics is sending us all in a downward spiral of disasters.  Covid is one of them.  I am following strict Scientific Method which is brutal and unsuited for our modern times.

Hypothesis -- This is formulated from existing information and is meant to be tested by subsequent experiments.  The brutality is in 'Death of a Hypothesis', a famous book.  Nobody does this and they just go to 'dogma', based on selected information.  

**Covid is spread 95% by a direct bullet of gob to the eyes.**  (my hypothesis and mine alone).  The offshoot is that all the other means of transmission are insignificant and should be ignored.

That is a threatening hypothesis to dogma.  It can be killed by personal attacks and making sure that no funding is available for physics.  Einstein cast his hypothesis by existing information, and went on and on about implications and thought experiments.  Nobody killed him.  spacex people had a hypothesis that modern materials and computers could lead to new rocket engines, but there would be explosions to test it.  Only one crazy person had the money and said "Explosions!  Neat!'.  

This is a good hypothesis in terms of physics.  I could go on and on about how I came to it, but it has to be tested.  I'm retired and can live with a failed hypothesis.  Nobody else can, and that's why we have constant disasters.  I won't even go on to discuss the experiments required, because they won't happen.  

But I will go on a little jag about the dangers of dogma.  Because nobody had masks, they latched onto a very weak hypothesis that 2m separation does some good.  This is pure physics, badly done.  It went directly to religious (government) dogma.  Now we have masks everywhere.  Has anything improved?  The hypothesis fails, but people will stick to dogma to the death.  

We go on to the next disaster ... 

ps - OK power doctors, this is not worth reading or attacking.  Nobody reads this.  Carry on with your mythology.  And, for anti-maskers, you can't read anyway, so relax.

pps.  It's fun to watch biologists (doctors) do physics, like checking face shields and the lifetimes of the virus.  I'm having a grand old time.  :)

Thursday, October 22, 2020

Give up on the Covid test

 We have reached the point where the covid test is useless.  The Powers are bungling the numbers.  Every increase in cases results in more restrictions.  But there is no thought in the physics of the numbers.  

It is now taking two weeks to get a result.  That is of no use to you, and no use to Society.  If you are employed you need to take a test as a formality.  The school kids are suffering with the results of the tests.

It's sad that the whole covid testing thing has been bungled from the beginning.  Just assume that you have covid, and that everybody you know has it.  What's the diff?  If you end up in the hospital, then you are dead.  Have fun!

We, who had covid at the very beginning, have no status.  You can get it again, and spread it again, with a slight mutation.  Continue to assume you have it forever.  If you were in a place that had covid, don't line up for a test, you'll get the flu.  If the numbers go down because nobody is taking tests, then the gov't will relax, they don't normalize the numbers at all.

China got rid of it by brutally forcing mask use, and killing off anybody who disagrees with them.  They are genocide kings.  Here, if one person in a room sneezes or screams, then everybody wearing a mask gets covid.  It is 99% spread by large gobs into the eyes.  Don't go to a trumpy rally.

**Our covid response is stupid.  But don't get upset, everything is stupid.  If you get it, dose yourself heavily with cbd-cannabis extract to stop extra inflammation.  That's what kills you.

***this is satire.  Don't get mad about sacred cows getting shot at.  I never hit anything.  :)

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Ozone holes show that temperature is the only thing


The Arctic bigger than ever, now the anti-arctic.  Of course, they can't give up their 'story' on the chemical reaction.  That would maybe shed some doubt on climate stories.

We had our warm cycle where the ozone hole closed up, and now everything is colder than ever.  The stories will come up faster than ever, to counter physics measurements.  Perhaps we can say "Things are complicated.' and keep the old hypotheses going forever.

ps.  the two main hypotheses controlling our lives are:

Ozone - Chlorine breaks down from unbreakable Freon at 98 below

Carbon - Carbon dioxide acts as a thermal blanket

These things rely on 'magic' and persuasive self-interested voices.  No physics.

Another one for covid is:  All particles are the same size  and are infectious for many days.  This leads to a lot of silliness.  No physics.

As I've stated many times, a proper hypothesis can be tested, and pie thrown in the face, if wrong.

Arctic Ice on the usual freeze-up


Nothing exciting here.  Last year, the Arctic was hit by a warm current coming up from the Pacific.  That same ocean current setting gave us a warm winter.  Now, it is important not to look at the absolute value, but the rate of ice volume increase.  It's doing quite well.  I actually expect it to take one of the steeper curves eventually, but that's quite uncertain.  The polar bears will be fine this year.

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

A Tale of Ocean Currents - October 20, 2020

 All of my weather predictions, which have been horribly accurate with regard to cooling, come from watching the ocean currents.  The ocean contains and shifts thousands of times more heat energy than the atmosphere, but that's for the background.

As usual for this time of year, all the excitement is about the seasonal shifts in the Atlantic and Pacific.  The Pacific affects Canada, and the Atlantic freezes out poor UK.  

This is the Atlantic.  The currents are starting to go south at the equator, which robs us of heat, but this is a normal Winter thing.  

As explained in the background, the above is a chart of sea surface temperatures.  The Warmie English Majors have come up with some new physics about how the ocean is getting warmer and thus explaining why we are freezing.  That's quite creative of them.  But this is high-resolution, and the currents are low resolution because the map depends on the distribution of Argo floaters.  The sat map shows a clear thermal signature of the Gulf Stream now going below Spain.  This is 'unprecedented" :).

Our reader in Northern Spain is getting ready for a cold winter.  The UK is frozen.

I like the concept of 'snow bombs' in October.  Canada's snow has started already.  

There is some excitement in the Pacific.  The La Nina appears to be over from a physics point of view.  That means the cold water from Antarctica is no longer coming into the equatorial belt, and has the effect of warming the water a bit, so that tropical plumes can start from the middle.

That may change the outlook for Canada for the Winter, but it's not like last year when a mini El Nino blasted us with heat.

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Reverse Alberta Clipper Giving Canada Snow


The general pattern for extreme cold is for a tropical plume to hit the Yukon and then barrelling down on us from the NW.  This one comes from an eastern (Gulf) plume and hooks over.  Still the same effect.  We are still on track for a horrible winter, snow from November to April.  Next year we'll have two seasons -- Winter and July, and the warmie press will be all over July.  

The cottage is closed, and the new harvest is coming in.

Bags and bags from 2 plants.  Processing will be fun.


Monday, October 12, 2020

Google Maps leads hundreds into the lake to watch the colours

 Thank goodness, they stopped, before driving into the lake.  

Once upon a time, some famous tickytoc person said "Lets all go to Kawartha Highlands Provincial Park to look at the colours."  I'm saying ticstocs because they were all Chinese and Indians from Toronto.

So, the actual Google pin for the park is in the geographic centre, which is in the middle of a forest.  There were hundreds of people who followed the directions and came to the end of the road.  That end was our local marina.  So, all these people parked in all the spaces, and decided this was a boat show and went in all the private boats, and threw garbage around.

This drove the poor owners nuts.  Even as I left today, I saw a dozen cars coming in.  I put in a Google edit, because I'm a google maps star.  But that error has been there for years.  Neato.

This is a canoe park on a cottage lake.  You can't get there by car, but there are nice helpful driving instructions.  

ps.  Google Lemmings

Saturday, October 10, 2020

Engineering disasters at the cottage

 The cottage is a great place to experiment and screw up, and experiment again.  It's like spacex.  I have an old cedar deck and a lot of the decking had to be replaced.  All's good with the structure.  For the remaining good pieces I decided to go with the homedepot deckyover.  (names changed for lawsuits).

It's a very thick paint that covers over all the deep surface cracks.  I followed all the instructions and after 2 years it all peeled off in nice long strips.  It had  tremendous strength with itself, but physics of the cottage beat it.

That's because of the horrendous ice and snow build-up that hits all horizontal surfaces.  The vertical surfaces do fine with the homeydep bair paint.  But there is tremendous water pressure that gets through and then freezes.  The paint has almost no adhesion.

So, I'm using that stuff to mix my own.  Once I peel off all the old paint, I make a watery mix with a big glob of Weldbond (properly spelled because that stuff is great).  The wood sucks it right up, and you can go a couple of coats before it stops doing that.  Then I put on thicker stuff with glue.

It's worked perfectly for one season (mild winter)  Now I am doing more.  

Another project is to fix up an old Mistral sailboard.  The mastbox is a horribly complicated thing, and you can't get a new rubber thing.

You can get old, cracked rubber things, so I followed a comment and put in a Chinook mastbox and matching swivel.  

This is fiberglass and epoxy.  I chose the easiest Magic Epoxy from ammie, and it is for table tops.  Problem is that it flows better than water, so I had trouble keeping it in place.  The stuff is great because it is water washable.  I wrapped the mastbox in fiberglass, and put a big weight on it to keep it down while the epoxy set .  I underestimated the tremendous capillary force and the darn thing floated up a bit.  Good thing I poured a very thin base.  I think it all works now.

You can see the deck floor there.

Friday, October 9, 2020

Global temperatures remain static


Very boring.  The Northern Hemisphere temps are a tiny bit up.  Rember that this trend on the map is nowhere near the famous projections of the warmies.  We just have to endure the failure in logic.

ps.  the plumes going over Europe have stopped, and the ice is building nicely.

And the Gulf Stream is going below Spain.  A new record.

pps.  world temperatures are explained.

Thursday, October 8, 2020

Cottage report - Oct 8, 2020

 The power is out, its darn cold.  Keeping alive with the fireplace.  There was a huge wind storm and I think a pole is down.  We may have to leave.

Friday - hallyloolia we got the power back after 2 days.  A pole went down in the wind.

Saturday has become very warm.  Good for painting.  

Sunday freezing again.  brrrr

Wednesday, October 7, 2020

State of the oceans - October 7, 2020 -- Warming is Cooling is Warming ...


The Pacific is perfectly ordinary with the current.  The warmies are starting their argument that the carbon hypothesis can also cause cooling.  This goes along the line that carbon upsets the oceans which in turn upset the Jet Stream which is a great force for evil cold.  It's a nice story and gets a lot of press time.

This is the Pacific Ocean temperature.  It looks totally bland, and uniform.  However, it is normally much hotter, and 'cold' is merely the absence of heat energy.

So, the warmies are now showing the 'anomaly' map which shows the Pacific Belt colder by a degree or two. No great energy difference.  This is the "Great Force' that moves the Jet Stream.  There is no physics in this argument, since the JS is just a shadow effect between warm and cold zones.  However, they always plot it as a vector force, like ocean currents.  No physics.

The explanation is under construction.  But this the main 'energy flow' in the air.  The Siberian 'heat wave' is over and it's cold.  The tropical plume action has moved to Europe, where it pushes at the cold blob of Arctic air, which is pouring over Canada.  The Arctic ice volume is increasing very slowly and you might hear of this by the warmies, if they can figure out how to put their spin on it.

ps.  also, there is no physics in the whole covid thing.  Enjoy and listen to the stories.

Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Toronto housing hits the peak again, except nobody is paying


This is fun, first we had laundry money, and now we have 'air' money.  Big sales at a high price, and then nobody is paying the down payment, the deposit, etc.  

Condos aren't worth the paper they're built with.  My friend's agent says "Every house from here to Wasaga Beach is worth exactly 1.2 million".  

We are also in a zombie market where nobody is paying the banks.  Sooner or later, zombies just rot away. 

ps.  I predict that the first bank will activate the first foreclosure at Christmas.  Wouldn't that get the wailers wailing.

Monday, October 5, 2020

Trump gets blank papers to sign

The friend said that as Fred Sr.’s disease worsened––he once came down the stairs wearing three neckties––the family created a system so that Fred could think he was still running the Trump Organization. Every day Fred Sr. would go to the office in Brooklyn and they would give him blank papers to sort through and sign. The phone on Fred’s desk was set up so that it could only dial out to his secretary. “Fred pretended to work,” the family friend said. 

The above was history about the father.  Today, history repeats itself.  Neat.

ps.  the funny thing for SNL is whether he realizes he is signing blank paper.  I can imagine the parody saying "All these blank pages to sign, the work never ends!"  

pps.  I'm sure they were giving Hilter blank pages to sign at the end.  All the staff members who want to work sometime in the future are undermining him.  Like the chief of staff.  The photographer who decided he would release in 20 mpix so it was (at least) a good picture.  You can't buy laughter like this.  :)  And don't forget how long Franco was dead and still signing papers.  

Saturday, October 3, 2020

Cottage Report - October 3, 2020

 Right now I'm sitting by the fire. with my hat on, trying to stay warm.  There is a thick fog on the lake.  We are burning all the word we split last week.  

Sunday - that was a cold and miserable weekend.  These things get us ready to leave.  

ps.  if you drive back from the cottage and a rainy weekend, and your eyes are killing you, give them the red light.  Wow.

Friday, October 2, 2020

Trump Goes on the Javex Cure

 Sorry, I just had to write that.  I wish him and his wife well.  Perhaps he can go to more rallies to show how well he is doing.

Thursday, October 1, 2020

Time and Tides

... wait for no warmie.

It's the beginning of the month and all the charts are coming in.  The warmies are left with two spots:  California and Siberia.  They scream "California is Proof!".  Sad.

 Whenever they want to show the sea level is rising, they find a place where the land is sinking.  Yeah!  I have to write the section on sea level in the background.  The above is a piece of land that isn't sinking or rising with respect to sea level.  Since every point on the Earth is either sinking or rising, you can't really tell anything, but this chart shows our big 2000 to 2016 warm spell, and now it is down, or steady.

The latest monthly result shows a static sea level, and this will mean a static world temperature when that chart comes out in a few days.  We, da North, know it's cold.  

The Pacific Ocean is dang cold.  There is no 'La Nina', it is just a rebound from El Nino.  Very cold water from Antarctica is flooding that ocean.  That means very cold for us, and no big break in January like last year.  

The above map shows that both the Gulf Stream and North Pacific current still exist, but have been driven way south.  The map below show how cold the Pacific has become.

That means no nice warm tropical air plumes for us, and since all our warmth comes from there, it is a sad situation.  Perhaps the Gulf warm plumes will make up for it.

** No Denials Here!!