Thursday, September 30, 2021

Sea levels are a bit up


Oh, I thought I was so smart that I could predict action in a noise field.  There are uncertainties, and this has gone up a bit, despite all other indicators it should be down.  However, the whole thing is sensitive to winds, etc.

We'll see how the global temperatures are doing in another week or two.  They also have a noise field, and I've been playing in it.  But, you can see the general trends.

You can see that the Arctic ice extent is on a strong rise.

And the Arctic ice volume is going up.  I expect it to tear right into the average.

The warmies call anything they don't like 'denier sites'.  Their 'believer sites' cut off at a high point.  

ps.  the Arctic ice extent now has a sag, so this heat event might be real, and probably caused by Atlantic hurricanes which are huge northern hemisphere heat dumps.

Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Texas halts frack-waste injection, sort of


The main earthquake action in the US is in Western Texas, where they mix in some frack waste from the NE, without telling anybody.  They've been doing that for years.

As in the article, they think is it the high pressure that causes the earthquakes, but that is impossible in the type of basement rock that can take volumes of waste.  It's the chemical composition.

Anyway, everybody and their dog is fracking for gas right now and that waste has to go somewhere.  They'll go to another part of Texas, cause earthquakes for a while, and then take a midnight flit.  They've always done it, and always will.

ps.  here's the map.

A couple of earthquakes just happened.

Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Expect restaurant food fights

 So, here's the rub.  If the lefties can fabricate any argument, and want to blow up pipelines, then why can't everybody join in the fun?

In a sleazy city northwest of Toronto, beginning with a b,  the local civic officials have encouraged anti-vassers (av) to do their worst.  No police will come.  This allowed two av's to come into a nice restaurant and act like road-ragers.  They made the young waitress cry.  Then they said they would eat out on the patio at freezing temperatures, and as soon as they got their food, they came in.

They were filming everything, and were quite disruptive.  What's the consequence?  Two people went against a packed restaurant and made everybody's lives miserable.  I think everybody should toss some of their dinner at them.  Are they going to call the police?

When you go out, just psych yourself up that you are going to throw some food.  If everybody does it, what can anybody do?  No wine bottles or then the police have to come to a full barroom brawl.  

If you want civilization, then 'law-abiding' includes the laws of physics.  Otherwise, there is no end to it. :)

**note that this is satire, do not pitch your baked potato, full of sour cream, at that that crazy lady.

ps.  I'm off to a restaurant today.  I'm armoured up in an old suit.  Let the wars begin!

Monday, September 27, 2021

Both ocean belts look to lock up

 The new ocean current charts are in, and the Atlantic now looks dead.

The current map doesn't tell you much, but the temperature charts do.

A reverse  cold current has killed the Pacific heat engine, and now the Atlantic is getting the cold water current reversal.

You can see the cold sweeping up South America and now, up Africa.  This will probably just affect Eastern North America which has been enjoying warmer than normal temperatures.  In fact, there was a big warmie article on this as another selected 'proof' of carbon warming.  Meanwhile, Europe and the UK are enjoying their Labrador weather.  A good European cold cycle freezes the diesel fuel in the tank.  Neat.

Meanwhile the Antarctic is having one the biggest ozone holes in history.  The apologist articles are saying the same thing as for the North -- mainly that natural variation is ten times stronger than thought, and that the man-made effects (in case, killing freon) will only be noticed by 2060.  Ha!  Like the northern jet stream, they don't go back to the original assumptions, those are set in stone.

ps.  this is a serious change, and looks to have more effect than any tropical volcano.

pps.  this now blows my speculation on what happens during the big cold cycles.  Since we are living it now, I can directly observe.

Saturday, September 25, 2021

Dancing Jet Stream is back as an explanation


Polar vortex fairies may be 'out' this winter.  Looks like everything is going to the dancing jet stream.

If we look at physics, then the jet stream is just the boundary between warm and cold and is merely a horizontal tubular storm.  The hot air moves from west to east and dimples the cold air.  It all looks like the jet stream is wiggling and rotating, when it is not.  

We are getting one heck of a cold plume coming at us.  This brings down the jet stream which can be said by philosophers to be the cause, a fine reversal.  Can we go through a whole winter like this?  Yes we can.

Friday, September 24, 2021

First freezing air glacier coming down

 Last winter was dominated by these guys, and it is starting early.  Dust off your furnace!

Although there is a big cold front all over North America right now, a true air glacier is defined (by me) as being total clear of any precipitable water in this chart.  It is just cold, dry air.

So, get out your lumps of valuable coal that Santa gave you over the years, and stay warm.

ps, and as predicted by me, the super warmies are shrugging their shoulders, and saying "Who knew?"

Noooobody saw it coming.

pps.  when this starts hitting the money areas, the tv guys will start the whole Polar Vortex thing again.  That's when the Polar Vortex fairies let go of the cold air cows.  That action is 50 miles up, with an air density of 1 thousandth of the surface.  So, we have the equivalent of soap bubbles stopping a raging river.

Thursday, September 23, 2021

Australian fracking too controversial for rationality


Meanwhile, Australia has had one heck of a winter.  

But the price of natural gas is set to go through the roof all over the world.

The Economist is a hard-core warmie, so it's all 'temporary'.

As we know, the recent M6 Australian earthquake is an identical twin to a recent Oklahoma event.  It occurred right under a massive rig farm.  Not that I'm saying anything, mind you.  

ps.  meanwhile, the Telsa battery packs may be troublesome, who knows?

Wednesday, September 22, 2021

A tutorial for the Australian Earthquake

 Dear Australia - you are on a craton, which is a continental landmass. As such, the earthquakes follow the rules of Stable Cratons.  Not anything that the USGS has put out.  In my former job, I read everything there was about this, and then came the Oklahoma earthquake sequence.

It may very well be that your geology institutions follow the USGS religiously, like New Zealand.  In that case, no need to read any further, please worship the ground under their feet.

The usgus believes that faults are actually the source of the seismic motion.  Therefore, mapping every single fault actually tells you something.  All their funding is based on this.  On a Stable Continental Region (scr), there are millions of old faults, all of which don't mean anything.  Go, and map all those faults if you wish.

The scr has a lot of stress, which is potential energy.  All scr's have been pummelled, stretched and compressed over a billion years.  In other words, they have had the poop knocked out of them, and yet they have high horizontal stresses, aligned to the general grain of the rock.  That means there are thousands of faults, out of millions, that are stressed at their maximum and ready to let go.

The above report lists that scr's will let go at a very low rate, and the maximum earthquake is most likely an M6.  That's a slip radius of about 3 km, and that size is probably limited by the complexity of fractures.  The next size up is an M7 which has a radius of 30 km and goes right through the crust.  These are the standard earthquakes of the plate edges, or major continental structural zones.

-- to be continued, if I get a kangaroo in the mail.

ps.  no, I'm not continuing for anything.  It's like pounding my head against the oky-brick-wall, except this time I'll be dangling upside-down.

Sacred Cows and Institutional Stupidity

 Note:  This is not making fun of actual sacred cows.  Cows are sacred!  This is just an expression.

At the heart of every institution or large company are core beliefs.  I'm not disputing them, but they lead to great stupidities.

Here's a list, and I'm not touching churches.

USGS - 1907 - Elastic Rebound Theory.  which leads to 'All earthquakes are caused by faults.'  and 'All the world is California'.

NASA - We're better than anybody.  and - 'We don't blow up rockets to learn anything', we only 'learn' from disasters, when Feynman was alive, and now, nothing.

OPG - We decide what's good for everybody.

US Army Corps of Engineers - We build dams, what happens after is none of our concern.

City of Ottawa - We're Ottawa, for frickin' sake.  Our new rail system should be working, except for those dang passengers.

Lefties - all humans are greedy pigs.  And if they aren't, we'll tar them anyway.

I don't want to go down this road, any further.  It just started because of the Australia earthquake, and I'm expecting to have more on the list.

And I'm already on the snarky expressway.  I'll stop.

Australia M6 earthquake caused by frack waste injection?

 Note the question mark.  That's a common trick in headlines to strongly imply something, yet releases all the nasties.  

Of course this will be denied, but wow, all the ducks line up and are quacking.

First the location.

If you zoom into that big industrial area, they are rigs.  The location isn't that accurate, because, who the heck cares about seismometers?

And now, the earthquake stats.

This is the exact same mechanism as Oklahoma.  Neat.  If they had seismometers, they would find the secondary earthquake lines up, and has the same mechanism.  That's a hallmark of fluid motion.

Australia has gone nuts for coal-seam fracking.  They have cold winters, and just had a really cold one.

As a disclaimer -- This is nothing like Oklahoma, because it is in Australia.  Any social media person would know that.

ps.  this is exciting, because I consider Australia to be a tinier bit smarter than oky-doky land.  And they don't have the totally incomp usgis.  This is how the oak zone started with a big M6, then it built up to produce an M7, which didn't happen because gas dropped its price.  If aust follows oak then there will endless denials, stupidities, etc.  They could just pay me a lot of money to solve it, but I am tarred with denier juice, and can't debate, with cbc people, worth a fig.  Too bad.

pps. now, if reporters interviewed the rig farm, they would find those guys heard earthquake noise, and felt a jump.  Not going to happen.

'Leave it in the ground' World runs out of carbon

 It appears that just like the gas crisis in Europe, this one was years in the making. The European energy crunch should not have come as a surprise given Europe's decisive shift away from fossil fuels and the consequent underinvestment in local gas production, which made it almost entirely dependent on imports for its energy security. 

And in the world today, we find the temperature anomaly is very cold in Europe.  In Toronto, we have warmth and endless rain, soon to end.

For those who follow physics, there is nothing new here.  A long time ago, Poutine funded the left to shut down all nuclear plants.  Then Europe was totally dependent on Russian natural gas.  Unfortunately, poutinistas are incompetent since they kill the bright people.  Now they can't even supply gas to their own freezing people -- more deaths coming.  

For Canada, it's a good thing that our lefties stopped all the pipelines and exports to China.

I need a new micro-drone that can get up to 1000 ft for next year.  I may not get it.

Monday, September 20, 2021

Cottage Report - Sept 20, 2021 - cool and clear

 We've had some nice California air coming up at us, and now it's the humid Gulf air.  We are the only warm spot in the Northern Hemisphere.  Europe is cold and out of gas.

My tiny little drone went up a straight 400 feet, and I took this picture.  It shows the 3 cliffs.  The middle one has the Peregrines.  The fishing has gone down to zero nibbles.

Lots of excitement while I was gone.  A giant China real estate company has gone the way of the Japanese real estate collapse and is offering worthless properties to its painters.  This will come here.

Natural gas prices are through the roof and the earthquakes are starting again in Oklahoma.  The Arctic ice is on a tear, and the Antarctic ozone hole is bigger than it ever was.

It's horrifying to me that everything is following the long odds of physics.  I hate being completely right on everything.  Only my timing was way off, but physics always wins in the end.  

The Pacific ocean is stone cold, and the equatorial heat machine is being quenched by a huge amount of Antarctic cold water.  More and more I think we are sliding into a major ice cycle, like the 1700's.  I wonder if that destroyed the Dutch empire with all their ports frozen over.  England always had ice free harbours, even when the Thames froze over.  

ps.  and thus I start again.  I was getting too manic and snarky to those poor believers.  They can't help it.  So, I just start reporting facts as reported on 'denier sites'.  Next will be the sea levels.

Friday, September 17, 2021

Blog is frozen

 The air glaciers are starting.  Everything is frozen.

Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Taking a rest

 You should know that I write from compulsion.  I am an 'intellectual depressive'.  Writing does not improve my condition, since I get no accolades from it.  Serotonin can only be produced in the brain by a feeling of accomplishment.

I am done for the month with all the 'denier scientific sites' reporting in.  They used the same physics they always did and were noted 'believer sites' before things turned cold.  There are no more results until the first of the next month.

We are going into an extremely cold winter.  Our last winters were warmed by Pacific breezes, created by the left-over heat energy.  None of that left.  Our little heat waves in Toronto come from the Atlantic belt, but that has always exhausted itself by January.

As for the cottage report, all I'm doing now is chopping firewood for late September and October.  We close on Thanksgiving when I expect it to snow.  So much fun!

Natural gas prices in Canada will rise when the US starts to buy from us.  They haven't done that in several years.  Your heating bill will something this year.  I got a super-efficient gas burner last year.

I'm hoping that nothing will get me going again for a while.  We'll get colder, and I don't want to report on that.  We have lots of 'apology scientific papers' but I will be up if we ever get a non-apologetic one.  That will be history!

ps.  I've had quite a taste of the 'defenders of the faith' and am hiding for a while.

Massive attack on my credit card

 My card got a flurry of charges with immediate cancellations.  I supposed that was so I wouldn't see it.  Then a big charge for a thousand bucks went through.  The credit card company immediately emailed me, and then I had to talk to a lady for 20 minutes.  Finally, my card was cancelled and I can't go to Costco for a week.

I'm only mentioning this because the attack was so heavy that I must assume that everybody and their dog is a 'victim'.  Look at your statement for weird companies.  I think they are counting on an overwhelming attack to allow some to get through.

Always be vigilant in our modern society.

ps.  and this is a neat concept.  Cause everybody's card to be cancelled and have a big effort to intercept cards in the mail.

Arctic ice extent now back to 2007



Arctic sea ice extent declined more slowly during August 2021 than most years in the past decade, and as a result, this year’s September minimum extent will likely be among the highest since 2007. 

I learned at the cbc that there are 'denier scientific sites'.  This is now one of them.  However, 'believer sites' can just say this is 'temporary' and will go back up any minute now.  They also own blacksberry stock.

NOAA shows 5th warmest August for world temperatures


And the other plot shows the temperatures trending at 5th.

The PR department may actually mention '5th warmest'.  They have a limit and didn't broadcast '13th warmest' for the US.  They somehow used PR-Math and got 'warmest summer ever'.  

I got introduced to a new concept at the cbc - 'denier site' which are scientific sites that the deniers like to use.  

ps.  these were all perfectly fine 'believer sites' when they showed warming, and they continue with the same methodology.  Ah, 'all fame is fleeting'.

Jet Stream variability swamps anything recent


This is one of those articles straight from the Dickens 'Office of Circumlocution' .  It shows that over the centuries the Jet Stream has had huge variations, but now it will be dominated by carbon dioxide.

The reconstructions suggest that natural variability has thus far masked the effect of human-caused warming on mid-latitude atmospheric dynamics across annual and longer timescales.

However, in order to get published, they go on and on about how carbon dioxide will go over natural variability by 2060.  That is just stated on 'faith' and has nothing to do with their research.

Of course, if natural variability has been so huge so far, then the rise in global temperatures that is the cornerstone of the fanatics (CARBON GOES UP, TEMPERATURES GO UP!  END OF STORY!), then it throws everything in doubt.  That was what fanatic yelled at me (in text).

There have been lots of these 'apology papers' in the past few years.  Yeah!

ps.  An apology paper states 'We are sorry that our research blows the carbon hypothesis out of the water', but we can't say that or we'll suffer the fate of those NASA lab guys'.  Much ink was spilled saying that the recent warming spell was 'beyond natural variability'.  

pps.  note that they put the date for climate philosophy at 'infinity and beyond'

Monday, September 13, 2021

RSS global temperatures show the August hook down


We had the little Pacific heating event in July, and now it's over.  I'm waiting for noaa, but they'll show the same thing.  

Natural gas prices go over 5 year high


The rest of the world can indulge in Potter-esque fantasies of increasing warmth, but the hard gas-guys know the physics.  Air conditioning demand was quite low in the southern US.  And we know that August was very cool in the US.

This chart shows the Texas Freeze spike, which is interesting.

The charts show less gas going into storage right now, which will lead to more spikes, as our air glaciers come thundering down.  True believers will know this is caused by polar vortex fairies going on a holiday, and not roping in the cold air, with an air density difference of a 1000 to one.  They have a lot of magic.

Rig count is way down, and fracking is flat.  It's too late for the US north-east to start new wells, so the earthquakes will stay calm.  Also, there is a lot of 'keep it in the ground' sentiment, and these guys can't find investment money from pension funds.  

ps.  this is going to produce very high inflation.  It would take massive political interference to keep interest rates low.

Sunday, September 12, 2021

Official end of climate change - Arctic ice volume punches through the recent years


Of course, there is no 'end' to the philosophy of Clange.  At the beginning of the hypothesis, it was declared an 'Eternal Truth' and anyone saying otherwise was destroyed.  There was no statement saying that if things went cold, then they would declare the hypothesis false.

Now, the false hypothesis of ozone (and freon) can go on forever because even now that the holes are bigger than ever, they just state that they would have been much bigger without a trillion dollars wasted.

But with Clange, people have to pile on the sweaters and pay a fortune for heating, because windmills are no good for keeping you warm.  And electric cars conk out in a snowstorm.  All wonderful things.

The Arctic ice volume can be ignored, but heating bills cannot.  So, it's time for the warmies to hide in their momma's basement and wait until the one heatwave next year.

ps.  NOAA just didn't mention August.

Saturday, September 11, 2021

Cottage Report - September Chill

 Great classic September weather, no heat waves!

Neato fish from the neighbour.  He's having a fishing party and I'm glad they're catching something, so we can have some.  None of the fishermen like Lake Trout because they catch all sorts of yummier fish, but we beggars can't be choosers, and I find the fresh fish is great.

ps.  and I finally got a drone picture.

Thursday, September 9, 2021

NOAA reports 13th warmest August in the US


August has taken a huge plunge down from previous Augusts.  I can't wait for the headlines.

ps.  and Europe is happy with the cold.

ps.  somehow the PR department has put out 'warmest summer ever'.  I don't know how they got that.

Steep rise in Arctic ice volume

 This will be the chart to watch.  The NOAA temperature chart will become later and later, and more obscure, as the bad news comes in.

The Arctic ice extent is still going down, so this means the ice is thickening.  There are no heating events in the Pacific, so that by my hypothesis, it's just getting colder.  I'm always waiting for something to blow my hypothesis out of the water -- neat.

ps.  the Atlantic belt looks played out.  However, one hurricane, and one heatwave is all it takes to keep the warmies going.


and the polar bears are going extinct.

Monday, September 6, 2021

Linux - refreshing an old net camera

 Years ago, I got this 'starlight' outdoor camera.  It's great with power over ethernet, and shows up the night really well.  Problem is that it only worked with an activex component that nobody wants to have anything to do with.  I got virtualbox, and an old free Windows 7 installation for it.

Worked great.  You use the old Inet explorer, and turn off all the firewall things.  Then you could set the time again.  So encouraged, I wanted to do something with the usb, but win 7 doesn't have the drivers, and you have to install them.  blah.  I went with the free win10 virtualbox appliance, and am trying that.

ps.  I got the usb on win10 working perfectly.  However, I was trying to root an old phone, and it didn't work.

pps.  Yahoo!  I finally got the screen to turn off with KDE.  In the 'startup' you make sure that kscreen2 is turned off.  It fights with the power management.  blah.

Sunday, September 5, 2021

Both Arctic Ice Extent and Ice Volume level out at minimum


This is the Arctic ice extent, on the verge of being average.  Both charts show a delayed response to the little Pacific Heat Event that made all the global temp curves go up a bit.  Arctic ice would be the last to react.

The Arctic ice volume is on its way to a new record.  The ice will totally engulf the islands north of Scandinavia, which was a hallmark of the Little Ice Age.

The warmie press seems to realize this, and has started the old myth of 'Polar Vortex Fairies'.  The hard-core accept the story of the Polar Vortex regularly 'roping in' the Arctic cold, and releasing the 'cold cows' whenever it is convenient.  Not that they can predict it, it's 'magic'.

In reality, the polar vortex is in the upper stratosphere, and less than one thousandth the air pressure of the surface.  Their idea of a 'mechanism' are nice cartoons of the pv whirling over the Arctic and releasing super-dense cold air.  This is like building a dam for water out of soap bubbles.  Oh well, this can go on for years, as long as there is one BC-like fire-heatwave per summer.  People suck that up!

Friday, September 3, 2021

Cold water from Antarctica forms a 'cold lock'

 Yeah, back to simple geophysics.  If you take a look at the history of our temperature swings, you are dying to find a mechanism for the cycles.  For the 10,000 year ice advance cycle, my hypothesis is that the ice forms a 'cold lock', where the white ice reflects light.  I'm rethinking that, since almost all our heat comes from the Pacific Great Heat Machine.

So, we need a 'cold lock' on the Pacific, and here it is, in action.

Here comes the cold water, sweeping up for both the Pacific and Atlantic belts.  This is confirmed by the currents.

The concept of a hypothesis is a wonderful thing.  Now, everybody just puts up a 'theory', and it is accepted or rejected by social media.

Anyway, the real question is the stability of these cold feeding currents.  Will the southern summer disrupt them?  Who knows?

The consequence is that the equatorial belts don't start up their heat engines because it is too cold, and we all suffer an ice cycle.  I still don't know the difference between the physics of a long or short cycle.  I feel that my mind is closing, so somebody else will have to take that up.  :)

ps.  however, there are alternate 'theories'

I love the 'warmer is colder' stuff.

pps.  turns out that everybody on cbc still believes the polar vortex story.  Ivermectin is a better story.

more:  In an informal family poll, everybody believes in clange because of the BC heat and fires.

Thursday, September 2, 2021

Ivermectin and the Clash of Philosophies

 It's sad that everybody has given up on the Scientific Method, and gone to Social Media Philosophy.  The Ivermectin thing is the latest.

Basically, all the 'trusted' institutions have gone to philosophy.  They say 'We have power-related consensus, and you should listen to us.'.  They use PR departments, and selective facts.  The doctors are the worst.

Thus, nobody believes anything, and they go with their own philosophies.  You can 'prove' the effectiveness of anything by using the 'placebo effect', which gives a 20% chance that tap water can cure cancer.

Ivermectin has shown up in many bad papers by people who want fame or money.  It is being used in large trials that started because of these bad papers.  If it was a 'miracle' then the trials would have been stopped by now, but it seems to be as effective as table salt.

But the one thing that will never work is trying to modify the dose for a horse, to fit a human.  You can't do it, and live.  Wealthy radio-joe can afford the human doses from the third world, and he is doing everything else, and the kitchen sink.  All of which costs a fortune, and he still gets covid.  But he still gets the one in one hundred chance of dying.  He can just pass it on to his mother.

I'm not preaching about not going to your nearest horse and stealing his medicine.  People who do that don't read.  I'm just calling this another disaster of philosophy. 

ps. We need a clarification.  Ivermectin is wonderful, full stop.  Just don't use the horse version.  I did research as to why it is a big hit with the conspiracy folks.  It's good for killing the little wormies in humans.  The 'big powers' call it 'horse dewormer', which is a smear.  However, the first world doesn't get wormies, not since the 50's when we all had to look at our poop for roundworms (and we had boils).  There is great confusion between wormies and viruses with the anti-vaxxers.  Since millions are taking ivermectin for parasites, there was a casual or spurious correlation that these people didn't get covid.

Then a lot of bad papers came out.  It was amazing that people under active treatment for parasites weren't going around to big parties.  It had to be preventing covid.  That was enough for big trials in Brazil.  It is supposed to stop the covid virus dead upon first entry, if you are carrying a certain level in your blood.  Nope.  You will never have the right level in your blood, since that level doesn't exist.  Don't kill the horse!

pps.  OMG, this is the same muck as Clange.  I am running away.

more:  for those protesters blocking hospitals, they should shoot out free ivermectin horse tablets, instead of tear gas.

No Northern Heatwaves Left


It's September and the snow has started in Canada.  That 'warmer than usual' spot on south Greenland is still below freezing and isn't newsworthy.  After some horrendous winter freezes, there are some warmer spots in the southern hemisphere, but still chilly, since it is still winter.

The warmie press will have to fall back on the usual ridiculous projections of future doom.  All in all, quite dull, really.

Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Spencer plot dips down in line with sea levels


The Pacific heat machine acts like turning your stove to high, to boil water.  Turn it off, and it takes a long time for the water to cool.  Thus, we had a steep rise and a slow decline, with the global temps.

This confirms my hypothesis as valid enough for expensive field measurements.  But, considering that the warmies state 'All the physics was done in 1850', we have no chance for that.

I expect that the other assessments of world temperature will show the same.  When these charts aligned with the philosophy, then they were shown.  Now, they are not.  NOAA hides the plots, and only has their PR department say something.  

ps.  I can't get through to the DMI with my attempts at Danish (speak English real sloooow).  Perhaps there is a Danish person?

pps.  if I could think any more, then the ratio of the steep slope of the rise to gentle slope of the fall, would indicate the power of the heating.  I would just take a general guess that the power is vast for such a small hunk of the Pacific.

US states can now go totally ridiculous


In the old days, the US fed lefties could force uniform rationality on all the states.  Thanks to the fact that all the judges conveniently died when trumpy took over, that's all gone.  There is no longer a hammer on the states.

I'm all for that, since I watched Hamilton and know all about the revolution.  :)  The concept was that the states were individual countries with their own copycat Capitols.  The most important thing is that individuals have freedom of movement and can vote with their feet.

So Texas will go nuts:  Make all women sex slaves, eliminate all voting by blacks, force all white people to carry loaded assault rifles with no safety.  These are things that define Texas.

No Canadian will ever want to visit the place.  Boycott anything from muskie.  Anybody with a double-digit IQ should move out.  Texas can become an economic wasteland like South Carolina.  If Texas did some atmospheric physics, then I would forgive them, but all their universities could become empty soon.  They can specialize in Creation Science, or Climate Change.

ps.  the main problem is that a lot of states can shock the Taliban.  When Loosiana decided to drown all the black workers, the survivors all moved to Houston.  The future options are limited.