Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Taking a rest

 You should know that I write from compulsion.  I am an 'intellectual depressive'.  Writing does not improve my condition, since I get no accolades from it.  Serotonin can only be produced in the brain by a feeling of accomplishment.

I am done for the month with all the 'denier scientific sites' reporting in.  They used the same physics they always did and were noted 'believer sites' before things turned cold.  There are no more results until the first of the next month.

We are going into an extremely cold winter.  Our last winters were warmed by Pacific breezes, created by the left-over heat energy.  None of that left.  Our little heat waves in Toronto come from the Atlantic belt, but that has always exhausted itself by January.

As for the cottage report, all I'm doing now is chopping firewood for late September and October.  We close on Thanksgiving when I expect it to snow.  So much fun!

Natural gas prices in Canada will rise when the US starts to buy from us.  They haven't done that in several years.  Your heating bill will something this year.  I got a super-efficient gas burner last year.

I'm hoping that nothing will get me going again for a while.  We'll get colder, and I don't want to report on that.  We have lots of 'apology scientific papers' but I will be up if we ever get a non-apologetic one.  That will be history!

ps.  I've had quite a taste of the 'defenders of the faith' and am hiding for a while.

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