Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Massive attack on my credit card

 My card got a flurry of charges with immediate cancellations.  I supposed that was so I wouldn't see it.  Then a big charge for a thousand bucks went through.  The credit card company immediately emailed me, and then I had to talk to a lady for 20 minutes.  Finally, my card was cancelled and I can't go to Costco for a week.

I'm only mentioning this because the attack was so heavy that I must assume that everybody and their dog is a 'victim'.  Look at your statement for weird companies.  I think they are counting on an overwhelming attack to allow some to get through.

Always be vigilant in our modern society.

ps.  and this is a neat concept.  Cause everybody's card to be cancelled and have a big effort to intercept cards in the mail.

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