Wednesday, September 22, 2021

'Leave it in the ground' World runs out of carbon

 It appears that just like the gas crisis in Europe, this one was years in the making. The European energy crunch should not have come as a surprise given Europe's decisive shift away from fossil fuels and the consequent underinvestment in local gas production, which made it almost entirely dependent on imports for its energy security. 

And in the world today, we find the temperature anomaly is very cold in Europe.  In Toronto, we have warmth and endless rain, soon to end.

For those who follow physics, there is nothing new here.  A long time ago, Poutine funded the left to shut down all nuclear plants.  Then Europe was totally dependent on Russian natural gas.  Unfortunately, poutinistas are incompetent since they kill the bright people.  Now they can't even supply gas to their own freezing people -- more deaths coming.  

For Canada, it's a good thing that our lefties stopped all the pipelines and exports to China.

I need a new micro-drone that can get up to 1000 ft for next year.  I may not get it.

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