Friday, October 18, 2019

This Year's Cannabis Haul

I had two plants this year.  One was in a pot and one was in the garden.  The garden one did much better because it benefited from the trickle watering.  The pot dried out several times in the sunny summer.

This is my classic video from last year.  It has 12,000 views.  Nothing has changed.  I'm still using the powerful Hash Plant, with high thc and cbd.  This has proven to be tremendously healthy.  My brother-in-law, who is totally wrecked from moving stones in his garden, was so cured of pain that he moved more stones!

My old guy has the cancer coming back.  If that happened to me, I'd rather be full of this stuff, than morphine.

ps. wow, it's taking forever to cook this year.  Very juicy.

pps.  got about 6 l of oil.  No idea yet on the strength

No atmospheric plume is going above the 49th parallel

If you ever wanted confirmation that gretagirl is going to freeze her buns up north, then this is it.  All the the plumes are cutting off halfway to the North Pole.  The cause is a lack of heat energy on the north side of the world.

If the Pacific is hot, then we normally get plumes up to the Yukon.  This gives us fine snow coming from the North West.  Not happening right now.  Of course, this pattern could change tomorrow, but most likely will not, because of no heat.

I've read that Montreal has created our first lowland glacier by dumping all its snow into an old quarry.  The snow did not all melt this year.  Next year it will be bigger and start to flow.

ps.  the Arctic ice volume curve is pointing almost straight up.  If the media loved physics, then we would have the headline "Arctic Ice Volume Increases at Fastest Rate in 50 Years!".  I made that up about 50 years, the records only go back a short time.

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Vancouver earthquake map

Yeah, something to do with earthquakes.  I love earthquakes much more than the whole globby warming thing, but almost no earthquakes in the past year or two.

I think this map is based on the building stock, rather than soil conditions.  It just says that the crummy old brick buildings are going to fall.  In reality, it's the cheap condos on deep soil that will tilt.  Anything on that hardpan will do well, including brick buildings.

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Ocean current report - Oct 16, 2019

I thought I might as well do these again.  Not much has been happening.  Remember, a single one of these reports doesn't do much.  What you want is to see the patterns shifting.  The past exciting stuff was the big reversal of the 2016 El Nino, and the cessation of both the Gulf Stream and Northern Pacific current.  Now, that was something.

This is the Atlantic, and it shows, once again, that there is a big hunk of heat going south this year.

The Arctic current is really picking up, and it's from the freezing of the ice cap, and not the melting of Greenland.

Finally, the reversal in the Pacific, which seems to have given us a post- El Nino rise in temps, looks like it is getting beaten back.

All is right again with the Arctic ice, as the weird distortion is curving back to join its buddy-lines.

I am expecting that the global temps curve will go back to sinking again, after these little blurps.  Physics always wins in the end.  :)

ps. and the UK is leading the fun.


What will the University of Leeds have to say about this?

Saturday, October 12, 2019

Fish videos

One thing with the full face mask is that you physically cannot dive.  Firstly, the mask holds so much air that you are holding onto a balloon.  Second, if you really force yourself down, your ears hurt a lot because there is no equalization.  I tried to dive on a few of these, maybe two feet is good, five feet is painful.

Also, I ran a stablizing program on Linux.  The super-expensive go-pro has built-in stabilization.

ps.  on the day before we left a lady drowned snorkelling.  She was on one of those jammed tourist boats, and nobody saw her.  I suspect she may have had one of those 'deadly' full face masks.

Seychelles in sequence - Part 2

In our wonderful catamaran, we went island hopping.  Our meals were always magnificent from our cook, Marise.

I loved snorkelling with my 'slow-pro' cheap Chinese action camera.  Here is a turtle.

Like I said, not a speck of live coral, but the fishies were colourful, trying to eke out a living.  If they want to get the coral back, they will have to do some massive engineering to get nitrogen to zero.

It was all a blur.  Here's my daughter, killed on the Iron Throne.

Such was the life of the islands.

Cheers, everyone!

ps.  more fishies

also, my 'antman' full-face' snorkel was great.

Weird Arctic warming continues

Although the world is getting colder, we are having a weird blip of warmth.

In the Pacific, the main cause of this blip is probably a short-term northern reversal.  This is like an El Nino, and might be a rebound, or the famous El Nina.  There are no signs of an El Nino, which is the only cause I have found so far for a major global temp rise.

The Arctic ice freeze is taken a weird curve away from the main curves.  We don't have much history on this, so who knows if it has happened before?  Unprecedented!  :)

You would expect that to go back to the fold sooner or later.

The Arctic warmth is being driven by a weird plume pattern that bypasses UK and goes straight up Russia.  These patterns can hold for a month or two.

Finally, the UK weather.

That describes their summer, as well.

ps.  the Arctic ice volume is finally showing the expected turn up.

Seychelles in sequence - Part 1

We landed at Seychelles airport.  These guys only want rich tourists, so have your residence plans all handy.  Our airbnb for everybody was up the mountain, and that's quite a ride.

It was total jungle in the back yard, but if you walked too far, it was all garbage in the river.  Lots of big fruit bats.

Wifi and internet is nearly impossible.  The boat wanted $500 US for the week, so we said forget it.  This place had wifi, so we waited there for the boat.

We got 3 nice fish over the course of the trip and we always had them wonderfully prepared.  Our cook and captain were amazing.

The sunsets were wonderful.

The locals were friendly.

-to be continued.

Visiting the Seychelles

After the hectic pace of Ethiopia, this trip is for relaxing.  Every two years we try to get the kids together.  They are all 30 something, and scattered -- super busy.  The last time we went to the British Virgin Islands on a catamaran, and we wanted to do the same.  Only, we had a window of late Sept to early October.

That's hurricane season for most of the world, and too cold for anything north.  So, we settled on the Seychelles.  We chose a magnificent 62 foot cat from Dream Yachts and it was wonderful.  For bookings, they should be contacted directly at Dream Yacht Charters.

Above are seasickness goggles.  The Seasick Girls refused to wear them at first, but were soon wearing them all the times, especially when playing cards.  The hardier people enjoyed the smooth ride of the big cat.  Once you sail on the open ocean, you'll never go back to smaller boats.

However, for this boat, we needed to organize 12 people.  And we went in the shoulder season when you get off and on rain.  A week later and price nearly doubles.  The Seychelles is Europe's Caribbean.

This is the drone shot of the boat.  You can see how I always landed on the boat.  Luckily the Yuneec Breeze is a Crash Master.  Falls apart and snaps together.  Once you get near the boat, all the automatics go crazy.  ** the video is now fixed to remove empty zones and cut out the crash**

This is a testimonial we promised the charter because they were so nice to us.  Nobody got paid.

Next is the standard travelogue.

Thursday, October 10, 2019

Closing the Cottage - Oct 10, 2019

Most maples have dropped. and the oaks are turning.  Very nice weather due to that mysterious blip that warmed the Arctic.  Vancouver is now getting what we should be getting, record cold.  The Arctic is now turning cold again.

For closing, we are burning a lot of scrap branches.  I'm fixing a lot of things.  It's best to do it now, rather than buggy Spring.

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

The Decline of the Seychelles

In a while I'll tell the story of our fun trip, but right now I'm in an Economist gloomy mood.

First of all, I think tourism is sustainable here, in that one more tourist doesn't make any bad things happen.  As opposed to Venice where one more tourist stomps it one more inch into the sea.  So, you can visit without guilt.

However, they are living in their past, like the UK.  There is not a speck of living coral left.  And the beaches are too thin to have beach volleyball.  All of this has nothing to do with tourists.  The coral is all dead from nitrogen poisoning caused by a dense population.  We caught some good fish, but the whole Indian Ocean is uncontrolled and over-fished.

But the people are great and it could be something, except for being stuck in the mud.  Next article will be the fantasy of being on a boat for a week.  We didn't do any harm and we injected money into the economy.

Monday, October 7, 2019

World temperatures take a big leap up

Wow, while I'm away in the Seychelles we got a big boost up without an El Nino.

This is the perfect trap to suck in the warmies to using real charts instead of their made-up stuff.  All their charts stop at the top of the 2016 peak.

I was alerted to this by a big diversion from the normal ice build-up.

That's quite a jag off the track.  I have the benefit of closing the cottage in relative warmth.  I'd like to see the forcing function for this, but there might have been a big surge of warm water.

ps.  I'm back home and looking, but there is no obvious cause for this.  I'll just enjoy it while I can.

Seychelles Black Hole

Seychelles has no reasonable internet, so it is a Hawking Black Hole.  So you can go in
and see the most fantastic sights, but then you get pooped out the white hole and you don’t
want to tell anybody about it because it’s old news.  I’m not telling anybody anything. Sorry.

ps.  back home, safe and sound.  But I'm as sick as my dog is happy.