Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Ignace and Bruce are the last sites standing for nuclear fuel waste


Yeah, this opens the way for more drilling and fudging the results.  They don't actually put 'white-out' on the numbers, but limit the scope to ignore physics.  This is an age-old tradition since the beginning of time.  "Put your best foot forward." as applied to science.

When I was an 'innie', I saw the real unvarnished stuff.  But it's so much easier to wallow in the fluff put out by PR departments.  I deliberately don't remember real stuff, because it's too painful.  :)

Bankrupt media outlets just love the articles written for them.  All is happy-happy.

But in reality, the geology at both sites is horrible.  Bruce is right on top of the Grenville Front, even though they say it's way out in the lake.  Anyone hear of 'shallow dipping'?  Nope.

Poor Ignace will suffer the same fate of all northern shield sites.  Huge, shallow dipping fracture zones that they will ignore.  Just as with Bruce, they will find a small piece of rock that looks good and zoom the scope to just look at that.

I love this whole thing, and all my friends will have lots of jobs with the geology.  Apply right away!

Cannabis -- time to order your seeds

Black Friday special on seeds at Crop King.  I choose 'Hash Plant' feminized for the high cbd and thc.  This is the best for old people, and young people who like to save on beer.  20% off with the code 'blk20'.

When I get the seeds, I'll start two with my microgreens.  In March, I will make clones in soil under the lights, along with my tomato seeds.  Last year I had big crop failures, probably because of old seeds, but I still got a few plants.  If all goes well, then there will be lots of little clones to distribute to family.

ps.  you can pay in bitcoin, which is great, because if you are holding that stuff right now, you really need this...

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Ocean current report -- Nov. 25, 2019

Yeah, the current in the Bering Strait has completely reversed.

This is the end of the famous 'warmie notch' that created a lot of fish wrap.  The ice is closing in fast, and our English Major friends will need to turn their attention to something else.

Meanwhile, we are having 2 days of warmth due to a Gulf Pulse.  That's due to another Pacific tropical plume slashing down and driving up the warm air.  It's very weak, and is probably the best we can expect this winter.

You can now see that all the equatorial warm water is diving south, and the Caribbean and Gulf still have a residual from the summer.  This trend (to the south) gets more and more pronounced each year and hopefully the islands still remain a nice winter vacation spot.  If that cold water moves right in, then nobody will want to go there.

The famous tabloids have been uttering this threat for weeks now.  I'll believe it when I see it.

ps.  another shot of the ocean temps.  The Gulf is quite cold now for this time of year, and the Caribbean looks like a little island of warmth.  Heat flow will ensure that this doesn't last.

Saturday, November 23, 2019

El Ninos more powerful during rising 300 year cycle


This article was a bit more rational.  It means that the primary mechanism for the long warming cycle is warm Pacific water on the north side.  There were times with almost no El Nino events.

Of course, the 'Warmie Channel' has their spin on this.

Since an El Nino probably moves a million times more heat energy than in the entire atmosphere, this is like saying 'Carbon affects plate tectonics'.  Just like trumpy, there is no limit to the philosophy.

Meanwhile, our unstable tropical plumes are pouring 'standard weather' down on us.  That's a high plume causing NW prevailing winds.  We haven't seen this for quite a while, and it will probably stay just a week before something else weird.

Meanwhile, all the gretas should give this man their money...

Thursday, November 21, 2019

Ocean currents -- Nov 20, 2019

No more net flow of water through the Bering Strait.  That was very weird, and caused the huge notch in the ice, as well as the lag in total ice volume.

It is very sad, but the warmies will have to leave the Arctic until July.

You can now see that the ocean near Alaska is starting to fill in with ice.  Soon, all the p-bears will be happy.

The Atlantic is really dumping heat to the south now.  A new colour has appeared in the southern bulge.  Soon we will have the complete flip and American revolution weather.

Note that the Gulf Stream is worse than ever (ie. non-existent).

Ha, if you read the real forecast you realize where trumpy gets his facts from.  :)  However, it should be cold.


Setting up the indoor micro-greens

Yes, we are going to have 6 months of snow this year, but we can have microgreens!

I have one of those big Amazon grow houses in the garage, about 4x4 on the bottom and about 8 feet high.  I have a small ceramic heater in it.  I can roll in a 2x4 x7 feet high chrome shelf and on it I put 3 big Walmart flat storage bins.

I have just filled them up with clay beads from ammie, and I have the latest COB grow lights that don't need a fan.  My bro-in-law took my old lights and totally cleaned them out, and he loves them.

The bottom tray is a sump with the pumps.  I make up an approved hydroponic solution and let it all run.  Takes about 2 weeks to harvest.

Right now, one of my trays has sprung a leak.  pooey.

ps.  I repaired the leak and it just drips now.  I hope it clogs up.  I now need a new high-lift pump for the upper tray.  Most of the cheap fountain pumps only lift 1-2 feet.

pps. got a 6 foot lift pump quite cheap.  Everything still drips but it's being caught by the sump.  Growing radishes as the test. 

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Slavery in Toronto

It is very difficult for a young girl to get a full-time office job in Toronto.  My daughter, 28, has finally got a full-time job with benefits and a union.

Our distant relation, university educated, about 25, has been working contract jobs for some time.  She was finally offered a full-time job, but what a hell it turned out to be.  A factory, probably failing, needed someone to do injury incident reports.  She found a horrible lack of previous reporting, but what she to do?  They plunged her into working 11 hours a day, forced free overtime, because all the others were doing it. 

This was intense work and was destroying her.  She felt there was no recourse because to refuse those hours was to refuse the job.  Peer pressure was intense. 

It's unresolved for now, but we had the nanny abuse, and then the famous Bell unpaid intern abuse, and now white collar abuse.  It's sad that we have come to this.

Rapid plume pattern change gives Toronto rain

This is the plume pattern over the last 5 days.  For a while it was coming straight in, and we were having 'just freezing' weather, followed by Siberia.  Now it has become, what I call 'slashing plumes' which lash down and bring up Gulf warm air.  So, we are up to a warm 7C.  Yeah!

I had thought that the plume patterns could be stable for a week or two, but it is now extremely unstable.  Look for storms!

Monday, November 18, 2019

Tides wait for no man

Everybody is going on about how Venice is climate change.

Yet, even the guard doesn't blame UK flooding on climate change.

That's because of the cold.

There was also a risk of seeing a very cold start on Tuesday, according to Yeomans, with potential temperatures of -5C (23F).

You can't have anything to do with climate change when it is the coldest and wettest autumn ever.

The Met Office said its Sheffield weather station had recorded its wettest ever autumn.

If Venice is climate change then it is sea level rise due to global carbon warming.

So, I looked at the Bermuda tide gauge.

Bermuda is sinking.  That's the problem with 'sea level change', every piece of dirt is either rising or sinking.  If we take out the trend.

then we get a lovely flat plot which shows the effect of El Ninos.  I magnified the last bit, since 2013.

It reflects exactly the global temperatures as determined by satellite.  And there is a bit of a lag.  Sea level changes reflect the overall temperature of the oceans.  Warm water expands.  You can see our last El Nino (after 2016-17) and the plunge now.  So, is Venice carbon warming?

To remind people here is the global temp chart.

Had Venice flooded at the peak, then maybe.  But it was a combination of huge rains and high tides.

Cold, miserable weather for Canada


Now, weather chan is the warmiest thing there is.  They had to throw in a climate comment. 

We have a pattern of 'short plumes' going like soldiers over the Pacific.

These will slam into Canada, and drive away the Gulf air.  Between these plumes we should get Arctic air.

These are being driven by a reverse current in the Pacific, which isn't that warm, and is not part of any El Nino.  It's just one of these weird things that nobody measures.

Sunday, November 17, 2019

Ocean currents -- Nov 15, 2019

Today's big story is the massive Arctic current.  For the first time, that I have seen, there is net flow into the Bering Straight.

This is the current coming around Greenland.  It stops the Gulf Stream and plunges all the way to the equator.

I had thought it was just rejected saline from the Arctic ice build-up, but there is net flow into the Arctic.  Last week it seemed to be much more.

This flow is causing the ice-free zone around Alaska, which the warmies are holding up as a warm thing.

They are also making hay on the lag in this chart.  It was building up very fast, but now has resumed the normal rate.  You can see the big chunk taken out around Alaska.  We've had a lot of tropical plumes hitting that zone, and there are strong currents.  It should fill in soon, as all the warming influences have stopped.

ps.  Yeah, vw is going from the diesel disaster straight to the lithium disaster.  I love it.

Saturday, November 16, 2019

Join Telegram and form a group

On the now-defunct Google+ I would put little things that I wouldn't do a blog for.  But, there wasn't any great participation there.

I've started Telegram with a Linux program.  It's just like the old Usenet, and it may not last that long.  You have to know at least one person before you can form a group, very sad.  I've joined the Linux group and that seems fun.  However, the spam situation may destroy everything, since 'sock puppets' are easy.  That's when somebody just floods with new identities as they get kicked off everything.  They use phone numbers for new users, so that might stop it.

Join telegram and message me.  Harold Asmis.  Maybe we can have a group, and it is totally encrypted against climateers.  :)

ps.  whoops, forget I suggested this.  It's already totally contaminated.  Suffers the fate of all other discussion groups.

Australia in a solar heat lock

This is what happens to Toronto in July.  Last summer, the Northern Hemisphere had a week of real heat and it looked like this.  The summer was actually nice and sunny with highs under 30.  But Australia right now is having a heat wave.  This is standard for them, and the aboriginals knew to set fires when the ground was moist.  When you leave it to grow thicker and it gets dry, then there are super hot forest fires that kill everything.  It's exactly like California, and calls for prescribed burns.

In the peak of summer, the Sun is right overhead and has the solar flux of the equator.  During a heat lock, the topical plumes avoid the area, so no ocean breezes to moderate the temperature.  You can see that even if a little bit of plume crosses the place, there is no rain.  This is just a map of 'possible rain' if the warm moist air hits cold air.  So for rain, you need a 'collision'.

If it is warm outside, then everything is due to carbon warming.  That's Venice and Australia right now.  They have left California because that usgs guy told them off.  Although the UK is flooding, it is really cold, so they have left off there, as well.  I find that amazing.

In the north, all the charts show us freezing and getting colder. 

Friday, November 15, 2019

Alternating between 'Just Freezing' and 'Really Freezing'

This is an interesting pattern, and should hold until Christmas.  We are getting dry, near freezing air from California, followed by super cold, probably alternate weeks.  It could mean less snow, but no big thaw and warm weather.  I didn't get in the last of my kale, and it might be never.

We would get lots of snow if the Gulf air came in and out, pushed by the Arctic air.  We might not see Gulf air for the rest of the winter.  Last year we had the big El Nino giving us a warm December.  Not so lucky now.

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

US breaks cold records set last year

I thought that was funny when I saw this in the press.  Every year sets a new record for cold.

What's fun, is the size of this cold zone.  We've had cold snaps before during the warming spell, but it was just cold air pushed over by tropical plumes.

We're going to get more of these articles "Global warming causes global cooling."  These are just stories that fit the current data.  It's amazing that this is how we do 'science' now.  It'll all end in tears.

ps.  our Etobicoke leaf pickup looks like it's gummed up for the year.  Leaves are all in huge frozen lumps thrown up by the snow plow.

pps.  these add-ons to the carbon story build up, and start to contradict each other.  And then it unravels.

more:  fhew.... I'm a boomer and I was worried.

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

The Little Ice Age


This is a wonderful article fully predicting what we are going to see in the next 20 years.

Midway through the 17th century, Dutch whalers bound for the Arctic noticed that the climate was changing. For decades, they had waited for the retreat of sea ice in late spring, then pursued bowhead whales in bays off the Arctic Ocean islands of Jan Mayen and Spitsbergen. They had set up whaling stations and even towns in those bays, with ovens to boil blubber into oil. Europe’s growing population demanded oil for lighting and cooking, and for industrial purposes that included the manufacture of soap. Now, thick sea ice kept whalers from reaching their ovens even in mid-summer. Climate change, it seemed, had doomed their trade.

The whalers just adapted and came out on top.  The Aztecs, though, had a miserable time of it.

So, in the next 20 years we relive 1972, and it will look like heading to a little ice age, which I call a major ice age.  If it all turns back up at that point, then we are golden, and party like it's 1999 (when we had the last warm turn).  For me, it looks like 1600 all over again.  Too bad nobody wants to do some physics.

ps.  oh, oh, immigrant-girl from Ukraine now feels she was tricked to come to Canada.  All the glossy brochures, and none mention winter....   :)

pps.  the stories are now starting that the cold is due to climate change.  Last year, it was a dancing jet stream, what will be this year?

Monday, November 11, 2019

Toronto Historic Snow Storm

View from the camera.  Not slippery yet, or we'd see cars stuck on the hill.

This is just click-bait, to link to where I predicted all this.

On a dark desert  snowy highway, cool wind  cold ice in my hair
Warm smell of colitas,  Frozen nose, can't smell a thing. rising up through the air  -40 in the air
Up ahead in the distance, I saw a shimmering light
My head grew heavy and my sight grew dim
I had to stop for the night

I remember an early snow with leaves still on the trees - 1972.

ps.  and for my Niagara friend, Penny, you are going to get killed tomorrow as the cold winds go over the nice warm lake.  How long can you tread snow?

pps.   Google doesn't index me very quickly any more.  So, nobody is going to click on this, but next week another historic snow storm, and then another, another....   :)  Maybe after 6 months of this, they will click.

Ice Age Physics -- Summary and Index

The Geofish Hypothesis

We have gone through big and little thermal cycles since the beginning of the Earth.  Abundant water regulates the temperature so life can exist.  The only atmospheric insulator of importance is water vapour and condensate.

Plate tectonic cycles are on the order of 600 million years.  We are now in a very cold period, as opposed to the tropical dinosaurs.  Two million years ago, plate tectonics and ocean currents were set up to allow continental (continuous) glaciation.

The Northern Hemisphere is set up to have two regular thermal cycles controlled by ocean currents.  One is a 40 year full cycle, that gives us twenty years of warmth followed by 1972 (twenty years of cold).  This cycle is probably controlled by El Nino cycles (frequent or rare).

As well, there is the 600 year cycle with 300 years of bitter cold (Thames freezes over), followed by 300 years of warmth.  This cycle is caused by a complete flip of ocean currents, making either the north or south full of warm water.  When we hit the depth of this cycle, hurricanes will only hit Brazil.

The southern hemisphere is in continuous glaciation.  The northern ice advance comes in a 20 to 40,000 year full cycle.  10-20,000 years of ice with continents at full height (and sinking fast), and 10-20,000 years of low land springing up.

Currently, we are peaked with a warm cycle and going down fast.  This last warm period may have been a peak of two cycles.

This hypothesis can be blown up by doing lots of new physics.  We can find out where we are exactly with the cycles if they do a full heat energy calculation of the oceans.  We need lots of physics at the water-air interface.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6

ps - legal crap -- I am not a 'climate denier' as they have shortened the term.  If we don't do any more physics, then we can all run around like headless chickens as it gets colder.  Since we are in an 'Age of Philosophy', this hypothesis can be yelled at, and ignored.  :)

Ice Age Physics -- Part 6

That's a nice picture.  The seasonal ice fills both projections.  Antartica and Greenland are held up (mountains) by hot mantle.  If we had Antarctica on the North Pole, we'd be looking at giant ice sheets all the time in Toronto.  We do not deserve to be warm, it is blind luck.

So, two million years ago it became cold enough for continental glaciation.  It became cold because the main heater (thermal insulation) got turned off.  We don't have continuous glaciers threatening to crunch all our condo towers, however, because the North Pole is over cold mantle.

This what happens with a northern ice advance.  We go into a Little Ice Age every 600 years or so.  That's cold enough to start, but all our northern continents are depressed from the last ice age.  That's called Isostatic depression and uplift.  Like a big sponge rubber ball.

Now, 5,000 years from now, all those continents will have sprung back to full height.  A little ice age starts (like we are going into now), and ice builds up.  It starts with the Arctic ocean becoming completely frozen for the year.  Soon, the snow on the highlands doesn't melt in the summer.  We have a full Greenland (and Antarctica) ice lock.  The white ice reflects the Sun, and the tropical plumes cannot penetrate.  The ice builds up.

We all go live underground and play on the ice sheets.  Yeah!

10,000 years later, all the continents have sunk below sea level and the ice melts.  The mammoths die off again, and we come out.

Final!  Finally.

Ice Age Physics -- Part 5

Wow, the longest series in a while.  I'm inspired because of the snowstorm and the huge lineup at the local garage for snow tires.  All the Alberta farmers saying:  "We haven't had this since 1972.".  Makes me happy that all my prediction-chickens are coming home to roost, but my feet are frozen.

One more thing -- Plate Tectonics.  Everything would be as simple as the warmies portray things, if it weren't for the fact that we are on a hard shell over a chewy caramel filling.  In technical terms that means we have continental plates over a hot, viscous mantle, and these plates go back and forth, and, most importantly for us, up and down.  (Do the Hokey-Pokey!).

We go back a few billion years.  Life started early, and we have been in shirt-sleeve warmth ever since, so there is some wonderful temperature regulating system that we can call God.  Or... water if you want to be more scientific.

These big cycles go back longer than the chart, and are not caused by carbon dioxide.  They synch with plate movements.  When all the plates are together, we have crustal thermal insulation.  All those oceans of water and sediment crap are baked, and released into the air as water vapour and carbon dioxide at 10 times today.  But the water vapour dominated.  Big warmth!  Mammals became small and reptiles became big with the last one.  Then the continents separated and became cold.  The dinosaurs asked for god-assisted suicide in the form a big meteorite, because they couldn't take the cold any more.

The last 2 million years we've had northern continental glaciation, off and on, on a 20,000 year full cycle.  If there is a continent or big island that is propped up by hot mantle, near the poles, then it is constant continental glaciation (Antarctica, and Greenland).  If we had a big, high continent on the North Pole, then it would be solid ice.  But Plate Tectonics has denied us that pleasure.

-- to be continued

ps.  I'm thinking of that wonderful song by the sparrows - Canada Dreaming and the lyrics "We haven't seen that snow since 1972."  Brings tears to my eyes.

Ice Age Physics -- Part 4

Once again, I am probably wandering in the wilderness.  But let's put this together.  The oceans are a giant heat pump system, or cpu cooler, taking care of both solar and geothermal heat (volcanoes, plate tectonics, etc).  The equatorial belt is super-hot.  I was there on the equator recently, and if you have a rare blue sky at noon, you are dying.  Unbelievable heat.

At 30C, the oceans start a wonderous process of shedding the heat.  The equatorial belt sends off tropical atmospheric plumes.  These big 'linear hurricanes' warm the rest of us up.  If they are big and frequent, we have a warming cycle, and the big one is an El Nino.  If they dry up, then we are cold.

Here's new physics:  a strong ocean current going north can channel and fire off a plume like a rail gun.  This is what used to happen when the Gulf Stream was a thing.  Also, the Northern Pacific current was a real plume launcher.

Sadly, none of those currents now exist, and plume generation is a random thing.  Starting last December, the El Nino was firing off a huge number of plumes.  You could see them, marching like soldiers, warming us up.  The soldiers have withdrawn.

(wait for a big shot of my relaxing juice)

Next morning:  So, we have the ocean churning with heat, and shedding it by currents and plumes.  They warm the air and cause clear-air convection which brings the heat to the top of the atmosphere.  At that point, infra-red radiation sheds the heat to outer space.

There is no reason why the north has been warm since 1850.  That's just the major cycle, and it is coming to an end.  You can see that it is flipping, just like the magnetic field flips every tens of thousands of years. 

Thus, we almost complete the hypothesis:

Every 600 years we complete a major cycle when all the equatorial heat energy flips from one hemisphere to the other (300 years in each).  This cycle is so cold that it is almost sufficient to start northern continental glaciation.

Except for one more thing --- 

-- to be continued

Sunday, November 10, 2019

Ice Age Physics -- Part 3

Let's pretend we can do a physics experiment at home.  You actually need a full atmospheric physics chamber, which nasa had, before they burned it down with all the books and people on stakes.

This pertains to the maximum that you can heat water with radiation.  There are three types of heat energy transfer -- conduction, convection and radiation.  You boil your pot on the stove with conduction, and the heat gets transfered within the water by convection.  You can feel the heat looking at it, with your infra-red receptors, and that's radiation.  At sea-level pressures, you cannot get the temperature of the water above 100 C.  That is one of our wonderful physics constants.

For the experiment you are heating an insulated bucket of water with a powerful light.  What is the maximum temperature.?  It isn't 100 C because the steam will so thick you can't see anything, and water vapour (condensed or not) is the most powerful radiation blocker on the planet, probably 1000 times greater than any gas.

Since your light is a mythical white laser, you can be quite far away and put the full sunlight heat flux on the water.  Evaporation both cools the water, and blocks the light (exponential feed-back!).  What is the temperature?  Move the light farther away, and cool the ambient (air) temperature to that of 1000 feet above the sea.  Now what is the temperature?

I don't have a clue, but it turns out that in the real world, on the real equatorial ocean, the answer is 30C.  There is no physical law for this, it is just observed.  Weird, confined conditions can above this a little (just for the persnickity).  This is a real-world constraint.  The mechanism could be looked at closer, but it seems that there is wild convection at about this temperature, both in the water, and in the air.  Lots of rain, atmospheric plumes, typhoons and hurricanes.  As well as ocean currents branching away from the equatorial band.

At this temperature, amazing things happen.  If there is a hurricane, the extremely low air pressures in the middle practically cause the ocean to boil (not really, but evaporation goes up an order of magnitude).  They should measure that.  Suffice to say that after a hurricane passes you can see a significant drop in sea temperature.

There's a lot of physics here, and the carboneers get it all wrong.  They can say it was all done in 1850 -- Ha!

-- to be continued

Ice Age Physics -- Part 2

In Part 1 we discussed the start of the hypothesis, and the fact that the Southern Hemisphere seems immune from warming and cooling cycles.  This is part of the hypothesis and if anybody finds evidence of Australian ice advance, then it blows apart.

No other hypothesis, such as carbon, orbital variations, axis drift, sun spots, etc, can exclude the SH.  All these things are uniform over the Earth.

To get a hypothesis right, you have to include all known physics.  In my work, I have always used a working hypothesis to direct future studies.  It is important that you choose future work that can blow the hypothesis.  If you are intellectually dishonest, like nasa, then you stay 'politically safe' for all future work.  Since the entire world is run by PR departments, no existing 'theories' will ever be shattered.

Tropical plumes are the main mechanism to spread the warmth around the Earth.

Northern plumes can go over the Arctic, but nothing penetrates the ice of Antarctica. 

However, an air plume cannot carry that much heat energy.  The warm, wet air on this plot carries 10 times the heat energy of dry air (just a guess, but easily measured).  But a warm ocean current carries thousands of times of heat energy than air (specific heat of a drop of water, vs a drop of air, by volume).

The warm ocean currents direct the tropical plumes, and feed them energy.  How? 

-- to be continued

Ice Age Physics -- Part 1

Once in a while, I'll sum up my current working hypothesis on ice age physics.  This is a testable hypothesis which can be shot down with good old-fashioned field physics experiments.  The Scientific Method has done well for humanity, but it has been displaced by back-fitted stories.

In the long term, we have been in an ice age for the past 2 million years.  Thank goodness there are interglacials, where we can warm up a bit.  Ice advances happen in half cycles of about 10,000 years, and full cycles of 20,000 years.  More or less. 

Ice advance cycles have never happened in the Southern Hemisphere or the tropics.  That's because the SH is in a permanent ice advance with Antarctica.

This is the ice cover and water temperatures for the South Pole region.  Since satellites, the temperature has been rock solid.  When they talk about 'melting', they are only fiddling with the outer ice, and has no relevance to ice volume, which cannot be measured.

This has the amazing effect of repelling tropical atmospheric plumes, which are the main mechanism for spreading warmth over the planet.

That cuts off half the hemisphere (a hemi-hemisphere?) from warm and cold cycles.

- to be continued.

Saturday, November 9, 2019

Fun with climate and math

So, we leave the physics behind for now.  We do some obvious math.

This is the temperature trend as determined by the RSS people.  They take the direct satellite temperatures which are the 'gold' standard.  The warmies only show these charts when 'gold' is going up.  All their temperature charts stop at the 2016 peak, as do all their articles on polar bears.

We regularly show this plot of world temps.

The global trend is right in the middle of the top plot, as we would expect.  All the 'global' temperature rise has been in the north.  Zero at the South Pole, even though all the articles have it melting.

Now that we have a real winter, the warmies have try something new, like 11,000 mickey mice.  They have to give up on polar bears, and kill off penguins.  Australia can still have riots because it is warm.  Right now, all the floods in the UK are being blamed on carbon warming, but soon it will be snow.  I can't wait to see what else is coming down that warm pipeline.

You can use my chart as a sign for the next climate strike.  :)

Toronto housing -- condos up, sales down

Toronto continues to limp along.  Condos are still up a little and they continue to build the huge towers with a frenzy.  As we know, nearly all luxury units are empty, and being kept like investing in gold.  Maybe they are filled with gold, or bitcoin wallets.  :)

In the neighbourhood, all new monster house construction has stopped.  We have one abandoned building site, and several monster houses are for sale.  The only small house for sale was grossly over-renovated and has been asking twice the market rate for a year now.

All the monster houses are owned by contractors who built monster houses.  Very few have actual rich people living in them.  But, apparently, people can hang on forever and, so, there is no reckoning.

Friday, November 8, 2019

Graham Earle, Warrior to the End


I hesitate to write this, expecting his phone call any minute, but since he didn't call I expect it is over.

The article covers his first fight against Death, when he went into a total remission and fought back to ride his bike this summer.  We met about 10 years ago and we were both retired engineers, so we did what engineers do:  make fun of the 99.99% of people who can't do math and physics.  The family didn't like me.

But, the cancer came back and his bones were riddled.  When the doctors said there was no hope, then he bravely chose physician-assisted death.  If he couldn't laugh at everybody, it wasn't worth it.  I feel the same.  There was some urgency since the doctors felt he could become non-aware at any moment.  You have to be bright, right until the end.

He shared my sense of humour, and that's rare -- there's only 10 people in the entire world.  The day before 'the big event' I spent some hours with him going over the latest warmie sillies.  On the final morning he said he would gorge on his favourite cheese, and guzzle his favourite wine and not worry about the digestive consequences.

If it went right, he would have been put to sleep in front of family.  Then the doctors would push the plunger of the red vial.  Pleasant rest old guy.

Global temperatures down for October

Not by much, but you can see that we are over that long, slow El Nino.  The general energy of an El Nino event can be determined by the area under the bump.  Thus, you can see that 2016 and 1997 were huge.  This last one was quite long.

The last bit is magnified here.

The continental US has dropped a lot, which is expected for our very cold weather.

Interesting that the north pole has gone up a bit because of that huge plume that hit in early October.

We are at the top of the sinusoid for temperature cycles, and going down.  I expect that we will go below all the satellite records.  We have two cycles working here, the 300 year one, and 20 year one, and this past cycle was a peak for both.  Since the warmies can't do math or physics, this concept is beyond them.

ps.  My old guy finally left this world.  He was my greatest fan.

pps.  forgot my usual funny UK headline - they are always wrong.

more:  Polar bears are having a party.

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Arctic Ice Volume Rate the highest ever seen on Earth

I just love that headline.  Because their concept of 'ever' is since 1980.  It's like the warmie concept of 'unprecedented'. 

The wobbly ice volume curve is now the steepest 'ever', or since 1980, if you look at other curves.  It will dive into the pack of history in December, and rise to the top in January.  No media will report this. 

This is fun.

We are talking 'dirt against the ocean'.  Has the dirt ever won?  Most likely it is receding at a constant rate, since grinding ice is not kind to dirt.  But all this was written by English Majors.  Such a nice article.

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

California Fires -- Human activity swamps climate


“It’s almost certainly not climate change,” he said. “We’ve looked at the history of climate and fire throughout the whole state, and through much of the state, particularly the western half of the state, we don’t see any relationship between past climates and the amount of area burned in any given year.”

“Oh, yes, very much,” he said, laughing. “Climate captures attention. I can even see it in the scientific literature. Some of our most high-profile journals will publish papers that I think are marginal. But because they find climate to be an important driver of some change, they give preference to them. It captures attention.”

I like the rational scientists coming out now.  They used to be afraid.  We are having an exponential rise, and I'll try to keep track.

This is much more fun than the usual insults thrown around.  'Commie  - Troglodyte!'  :)

ps.  the Arctic ice volume is having a field day.  The whole Arctic is at -25C.  The ice volume line has set a new steep slope, and is heading to the main pack.  I think in about a month, it'll be at a new record.

Just click on it for full size.


Darn tootin'.  You're going to freeze your ying-yang off!