Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Europe and North America get swept by Arctic air

 We've had our heat waves caused by stagnant air, and now that's over.

This is a fine preview of our upcoming winter.  Right now I'm calling these 'sweeps' but soon I'll call them air glaciers, or cold blobs.  They were the hallmark of last winter, and will be worse this winter.

Meanwhile, our Popular People (pp) are making up stories on why we have no hurricanes this year.


I just love it when they use 'Here's why.'  You know you are in for a good campfire ghost story that satisfies the pp's.  

The reality is somewhat sadder -- no heat energy.  However, some spins are starting up against the odds.

They will be destroyed by the Arctic sweeps, but who knows?  They make their predictions but nobody follows up when they fail.  I always fail and am proud of it.  Each failure is one less reader.  :)

ps.  meanwhile my geophysics sites remain dark.  They got greta-grated.  I sent emails but no answer.  At least they can't eliminate everything.

Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Caribbean once again under a mountain of stink


This is an ocean-current thing.  Or we will just wave our magic explainer wand, and say it's clange.  All the popular people love that.

I have found that it is always worse when things just moddle around, with no great force.  This happened a lot post 2016 when the Gulf Stream died.  Notice how the current slams into the side of the Cancun area.

Polar Bears


This is a great article.  You can see what happens when a Popular Person (pp) tries to be honest, without earning 'vilification'.  The basic fact is that polar bears are doing fine, and the ice is increasing.

However, you can't say that.  When it was a pp issue they showed pictures of old pb's and said they were all dying due to carbon.  The Inuit hunters said they were fine, and they got greta-ground up.  pb hides went from $20K to 5.  Everybody is bearting around the bush, scared to mention the facts.

What's a pp to do, to remain in the fold?  Easy -- get the spotlight off pb's.  The classical 'ignore anything that doesn't fit' mantra of pp's.  

Anyway I appreciate their effort and enjoy the verbal dance.

Monday, August 29, 2022

Fun with water vapour


Without physics, the story people can't decide on water vapour.  It would be easy to measure directly, but they must continue with stories.

Here, they are blaming the cooling of the Pacific Ocean on the Tonga volcano.  But here, they say that water vapour will warm things up.

They will settle on whatever actually happens, and then claim they predicted it all along.  And of course, here we have the official explanation that water is a slave to carbon.

Water vapour is 10 times the greenhouse gas as carbon, but it has a different mechanism than the classic 'invisible glass in the air' thing.  Of course, all of this is philosophy and just rolls off the tongues of popular people.  I can't provide a link to this article because of a gag reflex.

In reality, wavap is a huge quench on convective heat transfer.  The dino warming spell was because of huge amounts of volcanic wavap.  I understand the Germans are chopping up the furniture for this winter.  The poor Ukrainians can't go into the forests because of mines.  All of Europe will freeze as we enter a new Little Ice Age.  Canada will shrug it off as a normal winter, even though we haven't had this for 30 years.  If we go to 1830 winters, then look to 10 feet of snow.  No one was around for a 1650 winter.

ps. nosa has scrubbed the launch.  Since they all hate physcis, I'm expecting it to blow up, but maybe they'll never get it off the ground.  They can come up with excuses.  Yeah!

Saturday, August 27, 2022

Europe is stagnant

 Nobody cares about physical mechanisms, but it is the same mechanism that produces extreme summer heat and extreme winter cold.  

There is no heat from Africa, this is pure 'stewing in your own juice'.  There is no heat flow from the oceans, due to no heat energy.  The prognosis (using physics) is that this heat will soon be gone, and replaced by cold.

All continents become deserts if there are no ocean breezes.  If you have left Ukraine I wouldn't go back this winter.  No gas, no electricity, and a chance of a nuclear disaster.  Remember that the Russians don't have a good history with Ukrainian nuclear plants.  A nuclear release with stagnant air isn't a pleasant thought.

Friday, August 26, 2022

Arctic ice volume is a hockey stick

 My other ice volume site has been killed, so I'm stuck with this greta-approved graph.  They adjusted it down vertically when it was showing too high.  Can't be declared a 'denier site'.  However, they can't adjust the curves.

This is forming a downward hockey stick, with the inflection being more severe and earlier than anything before.  In the winter all the islands will be surrounded by ice, and this is a signal of the Little Ice Age.  With physics, all my hypotheses are proving to be true, and all the fantasy is proving to be false.

However, nobody cares or follows predictions.  The farmer book is never tested.  The old warmie extrapolations are never revisited.  If something different happens, they just make up something new.  Now, it will be all 'extreme weather' which they said they predicted in some alternate universe.

For extreme weather, they will balance one short heat wave against a long cold winter.  It's all the same.  All the 'neutral' charts will be gone soon.  We'll all live in happy ignorance.  Anybody who raises a question will be viciously attacked by people who look good on tv.  

ps.  I'm not questioning the popular people.  The guard recently had an article about one ski resort in NZ with no snow, while the whole So Hemi has been very cold.  The power of the popular people is amazing!

Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Atlantic Ocean - no heat, no hurricanes


Wait for a fine explanation, coming soon.

ps.  Europe is in stagnant air, super hot and dry in August.  

Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Cottage report - Aug 23, 2022

 We have had tones of rain.  Everything is soggy, and smells of rot.  I started a fire, and it took forever, because every little twig was soggy.  Nice and warm now.

Monday, August 22, 2022

Arctic ice extent well above the pack


All my other charts are leaving the building.  This one may go soon, as well.  It shows the ice extent to be well about the last warm cycle.  Normally I find that the volume has more physics.  But that is a made-up thing, from the ice extent.  

This is the compromised Danish chart.  The warmies whapped it with a rubber mallet.  But, it's the only one I have now.  You can see that it is turning, and is quite high.

This is all important in a physics sense, but nothing to do with the common group think.  In a fb debate, you have the 'battle of the charts' where anybody can make anything up.  

Green hydrogen for Germany


This is exciting.  Another great project with no physics.  And the only opposition is from bird lovers.

When something has no physics, it will eventually fail, as it can't keep up with only hopes and dreams.  We have the problem that without the Scientific Method, everybody pitches their dream.  We've got billions going into fusion power, which has no physics, and, of course, we've got the climate thing.

I've given up objecting to things flying with no gravity.  Who am I to don the sackcloth and pronounce the end of a dream?  I won't do it any more.

However, we can have fun watching the rise and fall of this dream.  First, there is the concept of running a huge industrial plant on wind power, with hydrogen and ammonia.  These are really horrible things to handle.  You need reliable power, and even then, they blow up all the time.  The warmies are always against lng plants because there is a million to one chance they'll blow up.  Hydrogen is so dangerous, that you've probably got 100 times more chance.

And they use Chinese windmills which have gone out of favour lately.  They shred all the birds.  The blades will be dripping with puffin beaks.  Of course, why not throw in a lot of Chinese slave-labour solar cells.  They work well up North with the ice and snow.  

We know that nothing stops such dreams.  I feel lucky to witness all this deep intellectual thinking.  


ps.  and Germany is so full of this idea that they are closing the last nuclear plants.  

you can't pay for this kind of entertainment.

Sunday, August 21, 2022

Huge sea level rise is undeniable


I ain't no friggin denialist.  I always go along with the majority.  After all, that's how we advance science in our age.  Every great scientific discovery has come from the angry mob.  These guys kill anybody who thinks different.

This dramatic rise in 'sea level' comes from altimeters in satellites.  They bounce off a radar image.  At the coast, all they can see is the relative change of the sea level related to the local land.  However, this is enough for nosa.  They are calling this the global mean sea level, and it is rising dramatically at an ever increasing rate.

Good thing that everybody believes that this is caused by the melting of Greenland and Antarctica.

I would like to point out a tiny math error, which is really of no significance whatsoever, and should never be put out in the press.  Should anybody do that, they would be shot.

Buried deep down in the darkest nosa basement is a term called 'absolute sea level' and it hasn't changed at all.  In the old days of the Scientific Method, we just called this 'sea level'.  Who would have thought that now we would have endless definitions.

So basically, nosa is taking the raw tide gauge data without any land corrections.  All points on the coast are rising or falling in terms of the local sea level, except for the one point I found in Oregon.  On the passive coasts of all our continents, the land is sinking about 10 times more than rising points.  The land is only rising at volcanic points.

So this chart is wonderful in that it shows that most of the coast is sinking due to the cooling of tectonic plates.  They are brilliant!  Now, if all the ice was actually melting it may or may not raise the absolute sea level.  Floating ice sheets don't do anything.  And because the land rises or sinks depending on ice load, ice accumulation has to be really fast, or horrendous glacial melting to affect the sea level.  

Saturday, August 20, 2022

Everybody eats frenchfries


Ha, this is hilarious.  The cryptic title means working like our cousins in our sister province.  I'm not mentioning it by name because they actually have defenders.

A relative ran a branch of a big us software company.  The fries would drive her nuts with 'never, ever' going past quitting time, and just doing the basics.  I came to associate that with the fry biz.  

Now, everybody is going to do it.  However, a US worker is constantly terrified of losing their job because of health insurance.  That's why they work long hours for nothing.  I've never seen anybody in Canada doing that, maybe once.

Politician gets a bullet to the brain for showing a chart


This explains why I hide a lot, and why two of my favourite charts have dropped off the edge of the flat earth.

Although the warmies were big on charts when the heat cycle was in full blast (hockey stick), it is now considered heresy to show a chart.

Yes, nobody reads me.  Yes, the poor guy was correct in showing an endangered chart.  Well, my polar ice chart is gone, and my breakdowns on latitude sections.  All we have left are crazyspencer and the cryptic nooa (make your own) chart.  

So, when it stays at 30 below in Toronto for a few weeks and the pipes all burst, they will say that El Nino coming back for the 4th time because of carbon, and the jet stream has covid.

Friday, August 19, 2022

Arctic air is a shield against heat


I just thought this was a great image.  We are hot now, in a pleasant summer way.  But we could be horribly hot.  Wave after wave of cool air has pushed away a lot of the hot sauce.

Linux - the curse of the coin still exists

 One reason I got a new micro computer is because the old one at the tv was being flaky.  When I was fiddling with it, Linux wasn't finding the network card, even though 'lspci' was seeing it.

In my massive amount of reading I did to try and get my zoneminder working again, there was a mention of the coin battery.  Crap!  I haven't bothered with that for years.  All my motherboards had gone through their lives without ever having a problem.

When I opened the tiny case, I found that the coin battery had it's own little packet and was spot-welded to the contacts.  Obviously, they never expected any problems either.  Then I found out you can't solder to the bright nickel of the battery or the contacts.  I used my magic electrical contact drops and then used electrical tape to make loose contacts that were sufficient.  

It all worked and it was the dang battery that expired under the abuse of being nailed.

Back to the Eighties


Time for all of us to remember the 70's and early 80's, the years of real winter.  

It's early 80's.  I saw a Olivia Newton John concert.  Got married.  The town of Cornwall still stunk with the paper mill, and the snow buried all the houses, and caused Pops to go out every hour to clear the vents of the high efficiency heater.  No car that was left outside could start.  They all had to be towed to warm up inside the mechanic garage.  

My kids all started popping out.  The snow was always up to our hips.  Such a great time.

ps.  since writing this, I have 'Delta Dawn' as an earworm.  You can't play that any more because it makes fun of imaginary crazy people.

Pacific Ocean 'Orca Fins' Now Become Permanent


Nothing is permanent, but good enough.  They've made it almost all the way to South America, thus wiping out the only chance for a warm spot.  This will leave the masses sputtering on what to do about the fifth La Nina in a row.  or is it the fourth?  

Lots of 'warmth' up north - ha!  

That's a tiny bit warmer than the usual freezing.  The Pacific Ocean is freezing up, and we'll have the winter for it.  It's meaningless for me to say it's 'unprecedented', since it has probably happened sometime in the past, what goes around comes around.  

ps. and nobody has been showing this graph any more because people might start asking questions.

Thursday, August 18, 2022

We may no longer have any geophysics

 Two charts I rely on, are under greta pressure to fold up their tents, and go.  They appear later and later, and I send reminders, always two days later than before.  I must be the only one in the world that looks at them.  Even the physics guy just goes with the mob think.

In my imagination, I would like to show you how the Arctic ice is becoming quite thick again, and how Antarctica has never changed temperature.  However, that goes against all the news.

If we soon have no geophysics, then all we can do is stare out the window at 40 below, and listen to the lame explanations on how it is really hot out there, and all the glaciers are melting.  If nobody asks 'What the heck?", then nobody deserves an answer.  

ps.  all the old grumpy physics people are gone.  I'm in contact with fresh, new young things.  blah.

Wednesday, August 17, 2022

North America and Europe in a stagnant-air heatwave


This is 'default weather' which is the seasonal weather associated with latitude.  We are still warm for August.  Europe seems to be in a 'heat lock' which means that the weak Atlantic plumes are being turned back.  No ocean breezes, no rain.  People are learning what it means to have all the 'normal' cycles stopped.

Monday, August 15, 2022

And we all got covid

 We had the amazing wedding reception, jammed into a video game bar.  And now we all have covid.  Not your mother's covid, but the new strain.  As I said a long time ago, these things evolve to match the conditions.  The new covid is highly contagious through the air, into the eyes.  But I had a really sore throat overnight, and now I'm fine.  Everybody else has a one-day cold.

Your immune system can't stop this, since it takes a day to ramp up.  As the song says "We do it all again."

ps.  oh god, I feel I'm dying.  Covid decided to hit me with all the symptoms at once.

pps.  this was as bad as my first covid before they knew what it was.  

more - and this has taken a long time to recover from

Sunday, August 14, 2022

Cottage report - August 14, 2022

 This is a standard late August of the 70's.  24 during the day, and 15 at night.  Great weather.  I don't like it super hot.

Friday, August 12, 2022

NOAA shows global temperatures stay down


The temperatures are deflating like a slow leak in the tire.  At a wedding yesterday, I had the only physics person I know (young guy) say that the temperatures weren't going down.  

Next year we'll have everybody saying that La Nina is repeating 4 times.  

Thursday, August 11, 2022

Texas earthquakes approach M5

 This last one was an M4.5, but the magnitudes are creeping up.

With the natgas price zooming, there's massive fracking.  They have to inject the frack waste to about 5,000 ft.  Every earthquake that used to be spread around Oklahoma a few years ago is now taking place inside this small box.  Each of these earthquakes have been deep extension (normal) earthquakes, that nobody feels.

This is a fool's paradise.  Physics says it can't go on forever.  As long as they are all M4's, there is very little displacement, but everything goes up a factor of 10 for each magnitude increase.

We are going to start getting 5's, which have a fault length of 300 m, and a throw of a few centimetres.  The turning point is M6 which has a fault length of 3000m.  The large earthquakes will be shallow and at the edge of the zone.  I think the 6's will be ignored, and then there is a 7 which is a continent-buster, with a fault length of 30 km, and a felt zone of a thousand km.

That's a normal progression, and Oklahoma was close to a 7, but then it all stopped due to natgas tanking.  We'll see how this goes.

Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Linux - the new era of tiny computers


There's the new computer on top of my main machine.  Of course, I can jam in a lot of huge disks in it, so the old one also acts as a disk farm, but the new one is super-fast with 250gb.  Of course, don't even think of taking it apart.  These are now as small as android tv boxes, and I'm using it for spare processing, and Zoneminder security camera monitoring.

The reviews say it is very fast for games, but I won't do that.  If I must game, then its Google Stadia, but I generally give up in 10 minutes, and my 'clench factor' throws my back out.  Wine is better.

Newton is badly beaten up by dancetick thugs, says we'll get so hot that gravity gives up


Well, that's it for poor old Newton.  All this time, I was pushing him against mobthink, and now he has caved.

By 2030, we will have no gravity.  Glue everything down.  Get into magnetic boots before everyone else does.  Forget playing billiards.

Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Linux -- Zoneminder can't go on a busy machine

 Yeah, I have given up putting Zoneminder on a working machine.  KDE interferes, and the Apache2 and PHP installations are weird.  There are all sorts of hidden gotchas if you have a machine with some history.  PHP8.1 can't be installed over PHP8.0, and it's almost impossible to clear things.

I ordered a small computer which shall have Zoneminder exclusively.  Every time there is a major upgrade, I shall reinstall Debian Sid from scratch.  I did that on my older machine and bricked it.  

ps.  AHHH!  I just added the two disks from old machine, and the 'sd*' was totally mixed up, and I nuked the boot disk.  Good thing I had a boot install usb, or screwed city.

pps  always put your install usb in a sacred place, with the password-protected bitcoin wallet

US continent has third hottest July


Yeah, climate change is real.  NOAA has splashed this all over, and is rewarded with a huge budget boost.  

Of course, I have always said that as the oceans shut down, continental July temperatures would zoom up and they did.  Europe is having fun with this, as well.

Let's just leave it at that, and let all the ticks dance.  

Monday, August 8, 2022

Celebs in Toronto


Great dog scene in the neighbourhood.  A guy is walking up the street, dressed in perfect whites, bodybuilder, super handsome, and perhaps bodyguard to a movie star.  Two perfectly matched mid-poodles, with an amazing swirled charcoal coat, perfectly groomed.  The street was confined by roofers, and they snarled viciously at poor Roxie, who never cares about any dog.  But these dogs were so vicious, she had to go on a vicious-sounding defence, and I was yanking in on the leash.  I tried to joke to the guy that his dogs started it, but he was too coked up to react.  I did hear him yelling at the dogs to heel, which didn't do anything.  Surreal, I'm sure they were kicked out of downtown, because of sidewalks, and he was trying to own the whole road.  I sure hope I don't see him again, but these movie-star dogs just travel all the time.  No poop bags.  :)

I wrote this in the local group, and now our street is on the list to take vicious dogs because of no sidewalks and you can walk down the middle of the street.  Those must be L gag dogs.

ps whoops she has french bulldogs, maybe drakedogs.

Sunday, August 7, 2022

The joys of tomato toast

 Our relative introduced her mother, just from Ukraine, to the joys of tomato toast.

You need vine-ripened beefsteak tomatoes from the garden, and you slice a piece to fit the bread.  The bread has to come from the bread machine, and I grind up walnuts to put in the addition dispenser.

A little sea salt and freshly ground pepper and you have something.  It's only good right now, and you have to give it a pass for the rest of the year.

End of heatwave

 And most likely the end of the hot portion of 70's summer.  

This time it's for real, according to the weather people.  It's a huge cold blob, which is really a cold air glacier, but the 'cold' is mid-twenties and cool nights.  A nice summer of my youth, when August was cool.

Our brutal two-day heatwave didn't even make the warmie press.  Perhaps we should have added a forest fire, but this is Toronto.  Europe is getting cleared out, too, but a lot of resistance near the Mediterranean.

The current count for heavy heatwaves stands at zero.  Who cares about Northern Siberia, or southern Italy?  We are at the end of warmie heaven, and are proceeding to a brutal winter.  Since their electric cars don't work in the winter, they can't get to their autocratic state funded offices, and we'll have some peace and quiet.  The autocratic states will attract sport stars with big money and then put them in jail.  Or perhaps warmies will glue themselves to more artwork, where it is inside and warm.

Germany will shut off all their nuclear plants and burn coal to stay warm.  Canada can't send them lng, because our china-funded left will block the new plants on the east coast.  It's a wonderful time.

ps. and we are going to have a demonstration of when cold air hits hot, moist air.  Remember that the warmies say storms are increasing because warm air holds more moisture.  They forget about the cold.

pps.  and I'm tired of using the word 'warmies'.  From now on I'll use 'ticks'.  So, it's not that we are being fed a load of pap, but that the ticks believe it all.  :)

Time to party again

 After the two years of covid, I finally got to go to a big standard wedding.  It was actually a gay wedding, but everything was the same.  It's nice to socialize again, but this morning I feel I have 1 day covid.

I was talking to a lot of young female engineers.  They all have nice jobs, and nobody cares about the coming boiling of the Earth.  It was boiling at the outdoor ceremony.  When we got there, the side of the chair under the shade was full, and everybody was wondering why, until they sat in the sun.  I scored the last seat in the shade.  Too heck with those slow dudes in our group.

We must thank the stars we live in a tolerant county, and not S. Caroline.  All the young professional women should flee those states.  Leave all the shootings to Texas.

Saturday, August 6, 2022

No change in the oceans for years


This is interesting in that there hasn't been a change in ocean current flows for years.  The first video is derived from ocean Argo floats.  It has rather poor resolution, but it there is a change, you see it here first.  The biggest change was the 2016 El Nino, where everything reversed.  The temperature anomaly is high resolution, but it takes quite a while to change after the currents change.

This means that the oceans have settled into a new stable configuration.  We're talking about at least 7 years for a major change, the previous El Nino cycle.  For the last few hundred years, since recorded history in that region, it has been exactly the same.  7 years, then a one-year El Nino, and then a 1 year rebound or La Nina.  Naturally, there have been slight variations if you want to tear this all apart with philosophy.

All of California planned the big dams on this cycle.  If you could hold off for 7 years of drought, then the dams would refill again.  The people in Chile knew all about this, as some deserts wouldn't get a speck of water for 7 years.

Well, sorry to be the bearer of unread bad news.  That was so yesterday.  Now, it's all open and this crap about 3-peat La Nina belongs in the garbage can.  But the weather people don't want to change until their retirement.  We'll just see the equatorial belts getting colder and colder.

If you live in Australia, then the question is 'How long can you tread water?'.  If you are in Canada, we are back to 10 feet of snow, and 40 below in the winter.  The 4 weeks of end of July and beginning of August are good for summer.  You can see that the cold is breaking through, so enjoy the heatwave while you can.  

Tale of a Ukrainian to Canada

 No man of working age is allowed to leave Ukraine.  They've all been drafted.  Hence, only the women with their children are allowed to leave.  They all want to go back, even while there is random bombing.

One relative is a doctor and she went to England with the 2 children, who were going to school.  No school in Ukraine, the Russians bomb them.  England is a paradise for them because there are no visas, just come in and go to school.

Over to Canada.  Before, Canada hated Ukrainians.  They were just Russians.  There is a ridiculous and impossible visa system.  We couldn't get anybody to come over for a visit.  In came the troubles, and the PM promised easy entry for a visit.

Ha.  We've had months of phone calls to try to get the mother to visit with her 4 year old son.  Absolute horror.  Everything is Catch-22 times10, catch-220.  Still the horrible visa situation, no change.  You can't start the process until you have a passport.  The passport office is bombed.  Some official is doing them out of their basement, but you have to find him.  

You can't book any flight until all the paperwork is done.  So, no cheap flights.  All the stuff has to go to Poland, but you can't get there.  So phone around and find a bus driver who will take the papers and mail them to the embassy.

Embassy does a little, but then says it will take 8 weeks for a visa from the visa company.  Phone the local MP to see if anything can be done, and they say to pray.  All of a sudden the visas are done in 2 days!  Book a fight.  The good flight is $4,000 with a few days notice, funeral prices.  Fly all through Europe to get a reasonable price.  They said to just come to the embassy and pick the stuff up, no prob.  Friend in Poland has to line up for 8 hours!

Finally, they make it to fly into Toronto.  Yeah, the worst airport in the world is at its best.  Takes 2 hours after landing to get out.  All is now wonderful.

All the husbands now say they are lonely and depressed, and are trying to get  the wives back to Kiev, bomb city.  It's difficult to say 'drop dead', since the men are 'old European', and everybody goes back after a little while.  Blah.

ps. to put things in perspective, try to get a passport in Canada, or your green card in the states.  They are all the 40's like the Russians.  Ukraine might be 50's.  :)

pps.  insult upon injury is that they must pay $500 for a visa medical examination, and no health insurance.  I suppose we can call the our country Texarcanada.  :(

more:  I think the big difference between the left and right in Canada, is that when harper said he would cut all meat inspectors, he really did.  That would take of itself when everybpdy died of food poisoning.  However, the trudies spin a great story that is a lie, and the press hushes it all up.  There is no restoring force.

Ode to rotgut

 Three weddings in a row coming up.

Ode to Rotgut

Buy the whiskey in the largest plastic container.  Lasts a year.  Forties Creek is great rotgut.  Wise Deluxe is a tad better, but still rotgut.  Pour a quarter inch in my plastic glass.  Smells powerful, could remove paint.  A sip goes down burning all the way.  Hits the stomach like a mini nuclear bomb.  Want some more? No thank you.

In-laws want 12 year old scotch.  Pour some in a glass glass.  Take a sniff -- heaven!  Smells of peat, highland heather, touch of the sea.  A sip goes down without noticing it.  After finish of mountain spring water.  Want some more?  Yes, please.  Hey, what happened to the bottle?  Did I have that much?  The in-laws drank it.

Great beer from Great Likes brewery, my favourite.  They have Robocup beer, 8.5%.  Goes down like water, fine hops afterfinish.  More please.  I'll get it.  Why can't I walk?  Did I just cough up my liver?

Son from Calfornia brings $150 napa wine he won.  Hints of elder berry, cherries, wild flowers.  Sip is smooth, afterfinish is paradise on the tongue.  Want some more?  Nope, dang in-laws, or maybe me.

Stick to rotgut, honest effect on your health.  Stops all drinking after one glass.  More?  No thank you, I like to live a bit longer.  Yeah for rotgut!

Going after natural gas, they want lithium heat pumps instead


Let's not help Europe.  No comment.

Friday, August 5, 2022

Fixing a steam cleaner nozzle

 I have the D u p ra y Ne at steam cleaner.  We are getting ready for weddings and grandchildren and it is the neatest thing to clean up.  You use pads, and I keep a bucket full of ox cleaner to rotate them.  Does carpets, and the walls, which are the worst.  You just steam everything, and it smells so nice.

Darn valve stopped closing.  I tried all the vinegar treatments and nothing helped.  You take apart the nozzle, and find the heavy-duty valve piston.  You put on lots of silicon grease, and you have to stretch the spring.  It compresses under use.  They need a heavier one.

Then it works.  This is the quickest, most satisfying repair I've ever done.  I didn't cut myself, or lose screws.  

I just tested it under full pressure, and it works.  I am normally the world's worst worker, because I zone out and daydream.  But this worked.

ps.  the steamer is the best for sudden frantic cleaning.  We all let everything go, until suddenly there's a party.  Poor daughter-in-law went conventional and threw out her back just before her wedding.  Very sad.  We should all be more organized -  Ha!

Cold blob stopped dead by heat


This is cute.  We are in mixed weather.  The cold blob gave us that big rain, but then was pushed back up north.  Summer continues.

ps.  and both ocean belts are showing the 'Orca Fins of Cold'.  Needless to say what this means.

Thursday, August 4, 2022

Linux - Bricking the old machine

 I've always kept the old machine, renovated it two years ago.  I use it for storage, and processing things with Handbrake.  It was flaky and I thought it was time for a new Debian install.  But it was randomly turning off.  

I installed the basic fine, but it wasn't transferring files well.  Then I poofed it up to 'unstable' or sid.  And while it was doing that, I forgot and started to stream a movie.  A wonderful thunderstorm, and it was bricked.  

It powered up nice, but nothing on the screen, and no life on the network.  Blah, it is impossible to to diagnose, wouldn't take a live Debian usb.  I'm giving up and moving the disks to the main machine.  I'm keeping the newish power supply, and other things.  Back to just one main machine.  

I like the small-format machines but I also like big 3.5 inch 4tb disks.  So, I'll just trundle along.

Wednesday, August 3, 2022

China falls apart

 This is my own beef against Aliexpress.  I have ordered many things over the years, and it has all been good.  Then I ordered another drone, and it was defective.  Problem is that you can only do something for 30 days, and it took me a while to find out everything that was wrong.

They won't do anything, and I have lost my money.

Of course, that isn't the big news.  China is experiencing the Japanese property bust, and nobody wants to pay off their debts.  There are countless unfinished condos, and the big company is defaulting.  As with Japan, the leaders are calling on the banks to save everything, but they don't have the money.

I am never ordering anything directly from China any more.  Even on Ammie, they better have the item in stock, with a warranty.  But I don't think their warranties are any good.  

But musky-man and the warmies will save China with their demand for useless windmills, and lithium cars.  With the electric cars, they want everybody to install heat pumps.  Does that scale?  Nope.

Soon everybody on the street will have heat pumps and super-chargers.  Hopefully, not on my street, but the Beaches can do it.  We know how good they are downtown with transformers.  Expect more explosions.

Small heat event in the East Pacific

 These things have been going up and down all summer.

You can see the interior disturbance, but it is only spinning out large storms.  In previous such events there have been a lot of small vortexes in the mass.  I have associated this with a burst of heat energy that affects the global temperature plots.

In the large context you can see the cold water about to quench the fires.  And the Atlantic is showing the large cold swirls that first appeared in the Pacific.  Once again, this is 'unprecedented' for me, at least.  We should be getting good winter camping weather soon.

 ps.  meanwhile, a cold Arctic blob coming down on us signals the end of our summer.

Good thing Europe has some heat.

Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Spencer world temperatures pop up

 Over at sunspot-land, this chart won't be shown.  Spencer has us getting warmer!  I think it was those transient heat spots that appeared in the East Pacific.  The sea levels were up, as well.

Spencer is a lot more jaggedy than the other plots.  Next month will be down, if my hypothesis holds.  The other plots should be down, as well.

ps.  here's the sea level.

pps.  a hypothesis lives to be tested in a timely manner, with physical mechanisms.  It is not a grandiose 'theory of everything' that can never be tested.  Although I suspect we are headed to a 'grand cycle' of intense cold, there are many hypotheses that need to be tested with live, in-field measurements.  It's not about winning debates.