Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Unboxing of first Ontario cannabis -- 200 times the cost homegrown

I just got this, and we ordered quite late.

It's a tiny bottle, 30 ml, of about 14 mg THC and 14 CBD per ml.  I have taken 1 ml to see how it compares to my stuff.

It comes with a separate dropper you can put on.

Now live --

10 minutes after - I can feel it immediately

I'm going out for a walk with the dog.

30 minutes - dog walk successful, feeling it as though its 1:1 with my stuff.  That's $2 a ml.  One plant produces a litre of my oil, according to my video.  That's $2000 per plant.  It'll have to come in really strong now, to get the costs reasonable

hour and a half -- still running at 1:1

two hours and ten minutes - this is maximum effect and it's not much.

I declare this equivalent to my stuff.  Those who wish to pay 200 times that of growing yourself can buy it.  It does all the stuff I've written about.

ps.  I gave all my stuff away|

pps.  This has a higher ratio for cbd than mine.  Effects at 5 hours and even 6.

New Zealand deep subduction earthquake

This would produce about 1 cm/s PGV ground motion.  Anyone who had their pictures knocked off better get on piles.  A real earthquake is going to rock your world.

Monday, October 29, 2018

UK joins the Arctic Club

This is today's Arctic temp map.  I've never seen it so 'happy' so early in the season.  Last year there was a general Pacific air flow that kept Alaska warmer. 

The Gulf Stream has fully retreated.  The UK has joined this happy 'Blue Club'.  Toronto is enjoying the last Atlantic heat, so my salad greens are still surviving under the greenhouse.

Saturday, October 27, 2018

Trump reaps the bitter harvest of demonizing

That is why no politician who can beyond the end of his nose, would ever raise hate.  They have a sense of history.  Still, it would have just the same had he lost.  He would have gone on with the big rallies, and said the same stuff.  It is better that he can whip up a shooting civil war.  Then it burns out.

I'll just stay up north, and hide under the snow. 

Friday, October 26, 2018

Greece Earthquake - a wonderful shallow thrust

Rounding, this was an M7 shallow thrust.  What we don't know is if it was a subduction thrust with the 'hammer' going down, or a compressive thrust going up.

The earthquake was on the big subduction zone, but in the sea.  Had this been a compressive thrust, the the ground motions would have exceeded 1 m/s PGV.  Everything falling down, if the hanging wall was on land.  As it was, some some tourists got the thrill of their lives, and life goes on.

ps.  the aftershocks show the size of the fault, and a spread probably due to the sea location and poor seismometer coverage.

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Linux - amdgpu ryzen 5 now works perfectly

It's been a heck of a long time, but that's life with new things.  Now, my experimental machine is working perfectly, and I have to think of new ways to screw it up.  I'm running Debian Sid, and 4.18.

I am amazed.  I can't get Zoneminder working yet, but that's because they mucked up all the scripts again.  Nothing to do with amdgpu.

ps.  zoneminder works, but the scripts don't do everything.

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

The Wonderful Jet Stream

There is a misconception, especially in the UK, that the jet stream is an energetic object, like the Gulf Stream.  It is not.  It is a reaction to Arctic cold meeting tropical warmth.

That's the classical representation of the jet stream, carrying energy and weather across the North.  In the UK it is the number one 'thing' that brings in weather.

If we look at the Canadian map, it is always at the boundary between Arctic and tropical air.

It is a boundary phenomenon and not a current.  They are plotting the horizontal component of a complex cylindrical vortex.  Jet planes can 'sail' this component, just like a sailboat at an angle to the wind.

The jet stream is very complex.  But it is not a constrained current, it does not carry anything.

You can see the huge convection cells of the planet.  It makes the concept of a 'greenhouse gas' a laughing stock.  Heat loss by radiation is insignificant when there is convection.  That is probably the main reason for the jet stream being a 'thing'.  If they mentioned what it really is, then the carbonistas would have an issue, and they are very powerful.

ps.  the jet steam is a shadow.  Only trumpy believes his shadow makes him do things.  :)

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Linux - amdgpu machine now a paper-weight

The last 4.19 did not work, and I'm now waiting for 5.0 where the vega drivers are supposed to work.  However, my trusty Debian Buster usb key could not install again, since my 4.17 no longer worked either.  This machine has become so flaky that I've stored everything on other disks, and on the cloud.

I'm now doing everything on an old Chromebox.  It does everything I need right now.  I'll wait for the 5.0 kernel.  I also have my stable machine for file storage.

News Flash -  OMG, I changed a lot of things and now it works with 4.18 and Debian Testing.  So many things!  Now I have to wait to see if it freezes.

changes - bios, installed with Debian installer, current, graphical expert install, then changed to 'testing', installed some amd things on 'apt-cache search amd'.  All working.

Gulf Stream Appendage Chopped

Ocean Temperature map 23rd Oct 2018

So, there was a prong of the Gulf Stream, and now it has been cut off.   This is a surface temperature map.  There is now a very strong current from the Arctic caused by the increasing volume of sea ice.  As the ice freezes, it takes up fresh water, and leaves cold saline water to sink.  The saline comes pouring down to the Atlantic cooling everything.

You can see that the Atlantic streamer ignores it.  At the same time, you can see the dead El Nino has not caused the Pacific trade winds to reverse.  

Monday, October 15, 2018

Taking another sabbatical

Nothing going on.  My Oklahoma earthquakes are dead.  Cannabis Day has come and gone, and we are just waiting for global temps to drop.

I'm tired of writing things and we have the death of g+ where I was the last known survivor.  It was funny last night when we had the kids and the 20-something girlfriend reacted quite wildly when we said google plus was dead.  "Oh no, not Google Plus!". Took us some time to figure out she was thinking about google apps and had never heard of g+.

ps.  I think I made it a week.

Sunday, October 14, 2018

My Google Plus is Deleted

I've been in lots of 'social things' since the beginning of the internet.  They all died.  FB should die because of the garbage going on.  It is a general rule that a social room can't exist with moderation, or enforced names.  They are just doomed to flair up and die.

fb and twit have destroyed civil society, but they are successful.  I wonder if anybody could ever come up with something positive for the world.

ps.  I did start it again.

How to make Cannabis Oil

Happy Canadabis Day!

The media has declared that the time has started already, and who am I to argue?

This is my film for the special day.  It shows how to make CBD oil, or Cannabis Oil (there I finally wrote it for the search engines.

Sea Oil is the greatest thing for old people.  It takes care of all the bangs and hurts.  Don't think you can put it on top of an unhealthy lifestyle, it's not that strong.

Also, a scientific article shows that all strains are the same.  It's just a matter of luck how the percentages turn out.

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Linux - Zoneminder up and running again

About a month or two ago, Zoneminder came up with a big upgrade.  This is the 'go to' security camera app for Linux.  You don't need an expensive service.  As usual, when my system upgraded, nothing worked.

This is Debian Buster, and it was busted.  However, as of today, the whole thing works again.  You just need to do a Debian install of zoneminder, and the scripts do everything.  None of those huge 'recipes' to get it to work.  It even has 'off disk' storage now.

So, I just took a cheap Chinese camera, hooked it up with Power Over Ethernet, and zoneminder found it and configured everything.  Yeah!

ps. poohey.  Running well but not writing anything.  blah.

Friday, October 12, 2018

The plans for a new Google Plus - Canadabis Plus

The best thing about g+ was its politeness, like Canadians.  Although, not real names, someone had to go through an effort to establish an internet identity, and that could be killed by googs if they were bad.  As well, you could limit things with circles, but I never used that any more.

So, we need something to eliminate obnoxious trolls and sock puppets.  Basically, death threats come from accounts that take two seconds to create, again and again.  We need some identity verification, but that could be a nom-de-plume.

Encryption may be the best way to go.  You have to create a public and private key and have it registered.  That's a big pain, and you can eliminate it being automated.  Also, you need to have used that id somewhere.

Canada could host this as a mostly canadabis forum.  They could pay for it out of revenue.  It would also be used for education, and links to treatment.  It would eventually spread to all the drugs we make legal.

ps.  Honestly, a raspi3 could host this, with all the people that would join.  :)

NASA lays in new ad-hoc explanation for Arctic ice build-up

As we said before, nasa can never go back on 'greenhouse gases' in a convective atmosphere.  Their last balloon had all the sensors pointing up.  It would have been so easy to measure the direct effect of carbon, but they'll never do it.  Mainly because they know it doesn't exist.

Arctic ice is building up after a long cycle of decline.  These major temperature cycles only affect the Northern Hemisphere.  Antarctica was never bothered by it.  So, hot on the heels of "Wavy Jet Stream", we have 'New ice causes new ice build-up'.

I love these things.

ps.  I was just thinking that the brilliant young things that designed the balloon would have said "Why don't we have sensors pointing down so we can directly observe "The Great Greenhouse Effect". And nasa would have said "Shut up or we'll kill you." 

Tiny El Nino petering out

Yeah, the ocean current map is back, but it wasn't updated for over a month.  It's probably a lot more work, since the US sites say they ran out of money to compile them.

This is showing the Pacific and the great reversal of current that is associated with an El Nino.  However, this one was very light, in terms of total energy.  That's because they rate an en on surface temperature, and not heat energy.

You can also see that the North Pacific current is still dead.  Most of the heat for Canada normally comes from that.

The Atlantic currents are now a total mess.  The heat energy was used up with 2 landfall hurricanes, plus a few ocean spinners.  The northern current that showed up when the Pacific heat collapsed is still very strong and bisects the Gulf Stream.  The UK will be cold.

The question of the month is whether the tiny en had an effect on global temps.  I think it slowed down the fall a little bit, but did not show up as a bulge.  We should expect a greater fall next month.  Arctic ice will continue to build.

The hurricane took a bite out of the Gulf temps.  That should be all the hurricanes for the season, but we can be surprised.  You can see that the Pacific temps are retreating. 

Thursday, October 11, 2018

NASA gets 'old company disease'


New technology can only get built by 'purists', that is, intellectual depressives who worship physics, like me.  Right now, SpaceX is full of them.  However, all organizations and companies eventually become hostile to these people and kick them out.

'Appearance' becomes the dominant force.  The mere appearance of 'doing something' is sufficient.  I won't go into all the horrors of nasa, but suffice to say they are a 'force' in the world.  ROCK ON, NASA!

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Hurricane sucks up the last heat in the Atlantic

It's very impressive.  I had thought there would be one hurricane left and it would have to go over the Gulf of Mexico.  That's because it's the last reserve of heat energy for the season.

This is a huge hurricane, so we'll see a change in the water temps.  I'm not saying anything about 'youknowwhat' because the carbon cult has gone ballistic.  Soon there will be a dozen articles saying that hurricanes are worse, and we'll all die in forest fires.  And yet, not a penny spent on physics.

ps.  It's cute to see what our heat pulse is holding back.

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

US stops ocean current maps

Sad.  I used these a lot to map the change in the major ocean currents.  I suspect it was because of me they stopped.  :)  Now, I only have the ocean surface temperature map.

During the glory days, I could watch the big El Nino form and dump all it's heat energy all over the earth.  I was watching the Gulf Stream die.  Now, we just have carbon physics, with no measurements.  Still, they can't stop global temperatures from going down, and Arctic ice volume going up.

Right now, we are boiling in heat from that hurricane.  But it will suck all the heat out of the Gulf of Mexico.  Then we'll have some good weather.  Get new windows!

ps.  https://earth.nullschool.net/#current/ocean/surface/currents/orthographic=-44.80,23.68,410

is updated after a month.  The various US ocean current sites say that they used to compile on their own time, and now they aren't.

Linux - State of amdgpu - ryzen

4.18 and 4.19 still hang with a black screen.

4.17 is much better, and it only freezes when I compile 4.18 or 19.  I can now choose screen resolutions, which is new.

This is still a regression.  Maybe 4.20 ...

ps.  I just tried 4.18.12 with a whole bunch of kernel codes and nada.

Google Plus to shut down

As the last living user of g+, I must object.  It's like they are tearing down my ghost town, where I'm the last one.  Of course, this could all be rumours, and the living dead can stumble one.  I'll keep things going in my blog.  They could shut that down, as well.  I only have 8 readers. 

Friday, October 5, 2018

Arctic ice volume kicks up, global temps down

I hope you didn't invest in that North Pole resort.  None of these results are dramatic enough to convince the Carbon Cult.

ps.  Huge press today on our doom.  I am freezing at the cottage right now.  Honestly, I wish they'd put in a few pennies for the physics.

Toronto real estate continues flat-lining

In our neighbourhood, young people are buying houses at a 20% discount from peak.  This is a far better investment than condos.  I suspect this will cut the knees out of the condo market. 

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Storm Leslie chewing up the warm water

There it is in the Atlantic, the storm that has lasted 'forever'.  It's the 'Springfield Tire Fire' of storms.  I've never seen anything like this, but that doesn't mean much.  I could call it 'unprecedented'.  :)

The sea surface temps have a big circle of cold where the storm has been sitting.  Eventually, it will have used up all the heat energy and it will disperse.  The storm is sitting where the Gulf Stream and the cold Arctic current meet.  Storms love that.

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Hackers release video early

OMG, this video isn't even going to be shot until Oct 17.  They've gone beyond merely releasing the film before theatrical release.

Natgas zooms, Oklahoma earthquakes to start up again

We haven't had a high rate in OK since last year.  The natgas people are finally realizing that we are going to have a winter 'par excellence', and the storage ran out last year.  This year will be worse.

The good fracking juice for OK comes from the US North East, where they are probably fracking like mad.  Then all the trucks go to OK, because they can't go anywhere else.  However, they only have another month, and then everything freezes.  We might get an m6 in OK, but it will be close.

Monday, October 1, 2018

Palu earthquake and tsunami

It is somewhat ironic that Palu got hit so bad, since it is one of the most sheltered places from the large m9 tsunamis. 

You can see it right in the middle of all those huge subduction trenches, all of which can pop off an m9+ any old time.

What got Palu was an internal 'fault' or a large strike-slip earthquake.  You can see the N-S gash of the fault.  This is a weak zone that accumulates the strain of the whole area being pushed around.  It would not be at the top of the list for a destructive earthquake.  Palu is at the end of a bay along the fault, and had no chance.  This was a very local tsunami.