Tuesday, October 9, 2018

US stops ocean current maps

Sad.  I used these a lot to map the change in the major ocean currents.  I suspect it was because of me they stopped.  :)  Now, I only have the ocean surface temperature map.

During the glory days, I could watch the big El Nino form and dump all it's heat energy all over the earth.  I was watching the Gulf Stream die.  Now, we just have carbon physics, with no measurements.  Still, they can't stop global temperatures from going down, and Arctic ice volume going up.

Right now, we are boiling in heat from that hurricane.  But it will suck all the heat out of the Gulf of Mexico.  Then we'll have some good weather.  Get new windows!

ps.  https://earth.nullschool.net/#current/ocean/surface/currents/orthographic=-44.80,23.68,410

is updated after a month.  The various US ocean current sites say that they used to compile on their own time, and now they aren't.

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