Saturday, February 29, 2020

New nuclear waste black hole moves south of HIghway 9


You've got to realize that these are the exact same people who gave us the old black hole of money, just a few klicks north.

I have to assume that Highway 9 was an ancient trail that separated the interest of all native people.

ps.  Exactly the same people, exactly the same stuff, exactly the same rock, and exactly the same design.

His Trumpness sets off full-blown US mask panic


Trump has said 'Do not panic, and I never lie.'  His has put a wooden monkey in charge of stopping the virus.  What are the consequences?

It's neat that if you are a compulsive liar, then nobody will believe you if you utter a truth now and then.  Boy who cried wolf?

Luckily for Toronto, we had our mask panic a month ago.  People were ordering masks from all the remote areas of Canada where they hadn't heard any news for months.  Now all the masks are gone, which saves us from US buyers.  :)

I was expecting a trumpian stock correction in January.  I had everything in money funds.  Now I'm going back to the stock market.  It still has more to drop, but an ordinary person can't time these things to very bottom because of time lags.

As I have said before, the only thing that can knock down trumpyism is a huge economic drop or a natural disaster.  Nobody will believe him.  I was thinking of a huge Oklahoma earthquake, but that threat has gone.

Now the US is going into a recession bigger than 2008.  Go Bernie!  :)  You can't do any worse.


The vice president faced backlash on Friday as it was revealed his plans to travel to Florida for a Republican fundraising event. Attendees could pay $5,000 to get a selfie with the vice president at the event. 

Anticipating backlash, Pence's team scheduled meetings to address the coronavirus in Florida. There are no known cases in the state. 

Friday, February 28, 2020

It's Official - Carbon Warming Drives the Ocean Currents


I've been waiting for this.  The ocean currents change and the climate changes.  But no, the climate changes and the oceans change in response.  The ocean currents carry a million times more heat energy than the atmosphere, but we have, here, that the tail wags the dog.

This is the top 'public science' journal.  They know what side their bread is buttered on.  They are trying to apply physics to the ocean without touching the atmosphere.  I like this.

Soon we will approach my 'holy grail' of S. American declaring that 'Carbon Warming Causes Global Cooling'.  Maybe we have to wait a few more months....

Trumps Gags the US about cronyvirus


This is his defining moment.  Sarsy-ish is making him look bad.  So, everything goes through an idiot-office.  There are no sharks in the water, and we're not looking!

Just wait until this gets into the US third-world healthcare for the working poor (read black).  It will be a blood-bath.  And stop all funding until a white billionaire gets it.

ps when this breaks out in the US and starts killing people, then we should officially call it Cronyvirus, because of all the mindless cronies in charge.

pps.  I have a cold and am self-isolating.  :(

more:  trumps statement has started a full-blown panic in the US.  He should go on twits to say he has everything under control and there is no need to panic.  Better, he should appear wearing a mask and say there is no need to wear one.  :)

Thursday, February 27, 2020

Standard government computer expertise responsible for nuclear alert


Well, there goes my theory.  :)  It all came from these guys dancing between 'test' and 'live' and not knowing where they were.  It's like a guy I knew who always used the Linux 'root'.  Sooner or later something will happen.

ps. further, fun-loving gov't action

Trains can't handle the snow in Ottawa.

A Heart-Warming Hayhoe Report


You would think Alberta and even Bezos would put some money into physics, but they went with the most severe projection made on the El Nino of 2016. 

Alberta will warm faster than the rest of the planet because of human activity, causing a range of profound impacts on the province’s economy, infrastructure and public health, says a new report, prepared by climate scientists and published on a provincial government website.

Now, as Penny is right now under 6 feet of snow, she will greatly enjoy reading this report.  It will be the return of the Mesozoic for Alberta and Alberta alone.  Forget the badlands, it will be all bad, and the dinosaurs will come back.

I wouldn't be surprised to see Ford coming out with such a report for Ontario.  I will greatly enjoy the cottage lake before it dries out.  :)

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

The Spotless Mind of Endless Snow

Our hen-pecked tropical plumes are getting weaker.  This one couldn't get north enough and we are on the clashing boundary.  That gives us Huntsville snow.  We'll be seeing a lot of this until April, unless the carbon changers are right.

ps.  I was just thinking that if you are surrounded by snow, looking at snow, shovelling snow, thinking of nothing but snow, then you have a spotless mind.  :)

pps.  Thursday morning, perhaps 12 cm.  The snow is starting to blow around.  Traffic will be horrible.

more:  and it's sad that the UK has finally fallen in with my prediction.  They have run out of warming gas.

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Good skiing in Scotland

Finally, the UK is getting snow.  I kept thinking that with the coming ice age, the best investment would be in Scotland ski resorts.  :)  But this year we have the Halfsie El Nino (hen), and the plumes have been hitting the UK for months now.

Basically, we in North America have been hen-pecked by weak plumes but these have constantly sucked up Gulf of Mexico heat and then hitting the UK dead on.  So they got lots of rain and flooding.  And we know that flooding, drought, storms, fires, etc are caused by carbon change.  Now the plumes are missing the UK.

Beautiful snow in late February.  No people.  Have they all given up?

ps.  they are calling it the best ski conditions in recent years.  Too late to buy now.  :(

Sunday, February 23, 2020

The United States 'Invasion of the Nazis'

I never use that word in my blog because I fear that it will attract 'undesirables'.  But this is hillary-arious. They used all their big 4 letter words on Hills, and what are the going to do here?

I always wondered why the powerful American Jews never went after trumpy and the attack on muslims.  Now they are.

But I have a new headline:

Ain't no Nazis, but an invasion by Canada, bee-oche!

ps.  for his own safety, he should make Warren VP.  All the trumpies will be praying 'Don't die, Bernie!'  :)

pps.  oh, and old fat white males should be shouting the 'n' word all over the place (it's not 'nazi')

Complete failure of 'Cold Winter' prediction

I admit it, the only way to cleanse the world of warmyism is to plunge rapidly into an ice age.  But not this day......

The fun thing with physics, though, is that when you crash and burn (a great movie on 4K), you can find out what happened.  We have had a huge Pacific reversal, but only half.  I call it the Halfsie El Nino (hen).

When we have a Full El Nino, then it sends huge tropical plumes up to the North Pole.  The world temperatures get a bump up.

A hen is 'unprecedented' which simply means that a lot of trees have fallen in the woods, but the first one that somebody hears crashing is 'unprecedented'.  The carbonistas love that term.  A hen piles a lot of warm water up the west coast, it zooms around the Alaska Arm Pit, like a hotwheels car on a loop, and then piles into the Arctic ocean.  This causes thin ice and a huge Greenland current which is pouring down a like a rain shower on the Gulf Stream.  Since nobody has seen this before, it is unprecedented.

Ever since the ocean currents have been plotted, this wonderful thing has never happened.

As for our winter, we have been 'hen pecked'.  That means we are getting lots of 'short plumes'

This has created a 'Great Blue Wall' for Canada.

and the whole world.

The wall is where it gets really cold.  I was just up in Huntsville which is at the boundary of the 'Clash of the Titans'.

It's really winter there.  

In summary, the hen has made a fool of me.  But, the north is still really cold (no heat energy).  That means we will continue to have a mild winter in Toronto, but it is going to last forever.  As I said before, snow storms from November to April.  The headlines will read 'Warming brings a warm winter', and they will forget the length thing.

ps.  the Pixel 4 on full telephoto through a window. 

Linux - Google Password Recovery

Last week I changed my main Google password, and I have been out for a week, on my main Linux machine. 

I changed the password, and I tried it ten times, and I positively knew I would never forget it.  I didn't write it down to help remember.  Next day I mucked up the number sequence, with the million other numbers I have to remember.  Couldn't remember it for the life of me.

Did the full recovery on the Linux machine.  Google kept saying it would take 3-5 business days to get back to me.  When they did, they said they couldn't determine it was me.

I finally did it on my phone, and I got the recovery within 12 hours.  The lesson here is to always do it on your phone.  I wouldn't know how to recover without a phone, maybe they have hacked win 10 to work.  There's nobody to talk to.

Friday, February 14, 2020

Global temps bump up a bit

No great surprise since the tide gauges were up.  Our warmth may be over now, since the plume patterns have changed.  I forgot my new googs password, did everything wrong for recovery and am now waiting 3 days for recovery on my main machine.  blah

Thursday, February 13, 2020

Porting scams continue


Immediately sign on to your provider and create a PIN.  Put that in a text file and upload it to Google drive.  Don't have any 2 factor auth that uses text messages.  Give up on text messages and use something else.

Don't have your only connection to the world on your phone using text.

Don't expect anybody to compensate you.

ps.  while we are at it, don't use a win pc at all.  :)


Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Roger's Ignite comes in a 50% off Bell fiber

So, I pay $150 a month for a 'clean' 1 Gigabit direct fiber connection.  That connection is solid and has never dropped.  The Rogers guy came, and claimed he was a manager, and would give 1G for $95, but I couldn't tell anybody about it.

I said "You didn't do anything to the rat-infested 50 year old cables behind my place.  He say we put fiber blocks at the end of each line and we zoomed up the frequency of the cables.  These are the cables that go out every time it rains and they have old rain protectors on them that are falling off.

Quick research shows that my impression of the physics is correct.  Goes off every time it rains.  That 1G has to be shared along the whole street, since the old cable can't carry any more.  Everybody is having trouble.

I need the muskie system to hammer down Bell.  Maybe another company can ride on their fiber.

ps.  that should be '50% less'.  I always muck up on that.

Dog getting into the spirit

New disk for the dog, but she wants to get into all the panic.

Here is the nose-ring pose.

Which is the least PC?

ps.  I couldn't get her in the 'orthodontic pose'.  :(

Everything you say or write is public


I treat all electronic communications like that.  If everything is public, then I use code words and remain as boring as possible.  You are protected by the masses.  Even China lost control during the epidemic.

I recommend using Tor once in a while, and using a service like Signal that has no backdoors.  Not that 99% of us actually need it, but it sends up chaff for those who do.

Toronto housing sales and listings stay at the bottom

Condos continue to go up as new units come into play.  But you can't sell yours, since sales are non-existent.

Everybody is hoping for a good Spring.

ps.  this is one way of looking at the curve.

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

The Nuclear Waste King is Dead, Long Live the Nuclear Waste King


Neat, now the high-level site is in the exact same geology, just a few klicks in.

At this scale, the dots would nearly touch.

Monday, February 10, 2020

Ocean currents Feb 9, 2020

Oh thank goodness.  Ocean current guy just took January off to go down south.  I thought he was dead!

This shows no El Nino spouting out.  That shouldn't bump up global temps.

But the big current going through the North Pole has stopped and even reversed a bit.  I would have loved to track it all during January.  But...

Look at that big scour right through the NP!  And the extent of the Greenland current!  That would be one for the books, if I had it recorded.

But the black line (current ice volume) is turning back into the crowd, and you can see that the channel is filling up.  The temperatures are all horrendously cold, no melting here!

ps.  now tropical plumes and ocean current changes are blamed on carbon dioxide.  Neat

Banks shift the burden of stupidity to the consumer


It is inevitable.  The burden of 'logic stupidity' or a lack of physics, always goes to the little guy.  The tv cameras on banking machines were supposed to protect you.  Now, if you write your pin on your card, you are liable.  Sad.

Still using win 7 on the airport wifi?  Too bad.  How about those public charging stations?  Sucker.

ps.  never tell the bank you 'suspected' your card was lost ten minutes before you phoned it in.

Cold air being squeezed towards us

This is fun physics.  Think of the cold air being a thick mat of jello.  It's being squeezed on both sides by high-energy tropical plumes.  Then it hits us.

No polar vortex, that has been proven to have insufficient energy to push the jello.

ps.  look at that nice river flowing beneath us.

pps.  no ocean current maps yet.  Very warm water is now dripping down the snout of S. Am.

Sunday, February 9, 2020

Google intrusion attempt

Just got notified that someone in Indonesia attempted to 'recover' my account.  That means somebody contacted G and said I forgot my password.  Everybody knows my user name, so it just the password.

Just do everything G says for security. 

Clowns and Monkeys

Sorry, I just liked the headline.  ClownyMonkies is a situation that happens when internal weasels ignore physics.  All companies and organizations evolve towards weaseldom.  It can't be helped.  The only force against this is having to build something that works. 

Over the years I have documented many places that have succumbed to CM disease.  All these places are still going full blast.  Here's a partial list:

Earthquake Engineering
Oil train cars
Nuclear plants
Gov't computer systems
Nuclear waste
Tunnels to nowhere

The list is endless.

Saturday, February 8, 2020

Tropical plumes finally change their pattern

Yeah, I'm finally home from Ottawa!  December and January we had low plumes like a tackle to the knees.  All that wonderful cold Arctic air just stayed in one spot.  Now they are plunging into that air both in the Pacific and Atlantic.  What goes in must come out.  As the plumes knead and squeeze, we will get the cold air.

Ever since the big study, we are seeing less of the Polar Vortex.  Physics has made a tiny inroad for all this climate mess.  I can't wait to see what the global temperatures are doing, I don't have a clue.

ps. things are very weird this winter, I think we are rising into an El Nino.  Darn there goes my hope for a big downturn in temperatures so my spit will freeze before it hits the ground.  :)

This is the last bit of the ENSO ONI table which tends to announce El Nino's.  The red zones are declared EN's.  We are still black but rising.  Since global temps are skidding on a flat line, this will give a little bump.  We are at the top of the temp sine curve, and that flat part is still going.  Soon the roller coaster starts to drop.  The philosophers still live in 2016.  Good for them.

Friday, February 7, 2020

Torontonian in Ottawa: Snowed In

Jeez, a foot of snow now on the ground, and another foot coming in.  I had a picture, but there's too much snow.  We are stuck here until tomorrow.

Elsewhere, there is a pending collapse in the BC condo market because who wants to insure cheap condo buildings in earthquake country?  All the insurers are fleeing, and, yet, they are building a new 57 story horrible thing.  I'm advising all the insurers - Get out while you can!  Nothing will stand at a low pgv of 20 cm/s which has odds of about 1 in 100 per year.  Good thing nobody reads me.

A collapse of condo prices in BC may have a teeny-weeny effect in Toronto.

Note to China:  Your lung capacity chickens are coming home to roost.  There's a smoking epidemic and breathing Orange Sherbert in the big cities has an effect.   Lets hope this thing does not get a foothold in Beijing.  The average lung capacity (reserve) must be the size of a coffee cup.

Don't read me if you are easily offended.  Yeah trumpy!  He's following the American Dream of huge swings in the 'animal spirits' curve.  Soon it will swing the other way.  This is constant 'creative destruction'.  Burn everything!  Go into a huge recession.  Rinse, repeat.  It still might be better than countries with static (stagnant) power blocks, like Japan, France, etc.

I've got Ottawa cabin fever.  :)

#stuckinottawa. Went to Costco for entertainment.

The physics of oil by rail

This could be exciting stuff.  Just like the nuclear industry, they just keep increasing the loading until things break.  Nobody does physics.  I'm thinking you have wonderful physics when you have huge lines of oil train cars.  A bit like rolling a fresh egg instead of a hard-boiled one.

So, if you just keep increasing the speed, I'm thinking of dynamic waves travelling through the entire length.  Up, down, sideways.  At some point the waves meet and a car jumps off the rail.  Sure, they'll reduce the speed for a while, but when nothing happens, the economic pressure to increase the speed brings everything back up again.

When something happens at the nuclear plant, they turn it down for a while, but it all comes back.

Think of the economic cost of slowing the trains to a crawl.  Wouldn't you want to put on some monitoring?  Wouldn't you want to introduce damping to the cars?  Nope.

Now, the philosphers would say that all the physics was done in 1850 in a jar.  But we have scaling effects and the real world.  Sometimes you have to do things at full scale.  Nope. 

Thursday, February 6, 2020

Ice, ice, ice

So, while everybody is panicking about cronyvirus, I'm up in Ottawa surrounded by fields of slick ice.  Another relative fell and broke both her arms.  I'm putting on my ice crampons and they are all laughing at me, but there is carnage all around.  It is impossible to clear the ice, and sand would cost another few cents.  And then it just gets covered again.

Forget about the LERT, this is a disaster. 

Monday, February 3, 2020

Ottawa has winter

We are getting straight-through Pacific air now, but Ottawa is a bit out of it.  So there is lots of snow for me up here right now.

The dog is having fun.  I just got the tide gauge data and it's up a bit.  That will mean the global temps are also up a bit, but I only get that on the 11th.  The guy doing the world ocean currents is on a vacation, but it still looks like there is a huge Pacific current going under the North Pole.  A very complex winter.

We need a high plume on the Pacific to gouge out some bitterly cold northern air.  That sends down an Alberta Clipper.  The scientific papers now agree on this mechanism so there is no more 'Polar Vortex', I hope.

The picture is done with the Pixel 4 zoom, so that is a great thing.

ps.  just cut myself opening a Costco blister pack.  It was poles for the brother-in-law and it was on the table for 2 days because nobody wanted to open it.  I have a thing at home for this, but it wasn't here.  It was taking 10 minutes because I didn't want to cut myself on the plastic.  Finally gouged my hand.  These things are a consumer hazard!  No more Costco stuff.  Ammie from now on.

Saturday, February 1, 2020

Bruce Black Hole not doing so well

It's funny that if the old company hadn't spent all the money to convince people, they would have got the exact same result.

Nor can we expect 'Mr.  Ramthepipelinethrough' to be really interested in this vote.  We'll just wait another year to see what happens.

Fed computer systems face rusting out


What we need are new systems like computer payroll and the Ottawa LRT.  Or Presto.  These are all fine things.  Normally, a fine designer such as myself would love to take this all over, but any bright person can't get into this without wanting to kill themselves.

So, we leave it to brain-dead people who can survive and then go with the big consultants who take over the rust.

ps.  anybody with brains has gone into the 'forensic engineering' business.  Those guys can't build anything, but they just say what the first poor fool said, before he went to the loony house. 

Very nice atmospheric plumes keep our winter mild

We just keep getting these things and they are mild Pacific air. 

You can see the horrendously cold air staying up in the territories.  All of this could change in an instant, but enjoy it for now.