Monday, February 10, 2020

Ocean currents Feb 9, 2020

Oh thank goodness.  Ocean current guy just took January off to go down south.  I thought he was dead!

This shows no El Nino spouting out.  That shouldn't bump up global temps.

But the big current going through the North Pole has stopped and even reversed a bit.  I would have loved to track it all during January.  But...

Look at that big scour right through the NP!  And the extent of the Greenland current!  That would be one for the books, if I had it recorded.

But the black line (current ice volume) is turning back into the crowd, and you can see that the channel is filling up.  The temperatures are all horrendously cold, no melting here!

ps.  now tropical plumes and ocean current changes are blamed on carbon dioxide.  Neat

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