Thursday, February 27, 2020

A Heart-Warming Hayhoe Report


You would think Alberta and even Bezos would put some money into physics, but they went with the most severe projection made on the El Nino of 2016. 

Alberta will warm faster than the rest of the planet because of human activity, causing a range of profound impacts on the province’s economy, infrastructure and public health, says a new report, prepared by climate scientists and published on a provincial government website.

Now, as Penny is right now under 6 feet of snow, she will greatly enjoy reading this report.  It will be the return of the Mesozoic for Alberta and Alberta alone.  Forget the badlands, it will be all bad, and the dinosaurs will come back.

I wouldn't be surprised to see Ford coming out with such a report for Ontario.  I will greatly enjoy the cottage lake before it dries out.  :)

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