Sunday, May 30, 2021

Cottage report

 Bugs are light, oak leaves are at 100%.  Quite cool.

ps.  my drone has crashed and now it's done.  blah.

pps.  beautiful weather, but still only one dragonfly.  Maybe some were killed in the frost.

Texas merrily ignores ice age


With the diving sea levels, I now give a 50/50 chance that we are repeating the history of the Little Ice Age.  The Dutch, at that time, noted that it came very fast, after their favourite whaling islands up north became ice-bound in the winter.  That has happened this year, and will be worse next year.

And Texas has aligned with the warmies in ignoring this.  Their slogan will now be "Don't step on the ice".  Anyway, only the working poor will suffer, the rich will survive.  And all those working poor came over from New Orleans, another giant infrastructure failure.  Where will the Texas poor go after another giant freeze?  To California earthquake land?

ps. the new water current maps still show no improvement. 

pps. electryverse has 700 excess deaths due to the freeze.  Texas has 151.  Apparently, the state did everything they could to find another cause, like heart failure.

Saturday, May 29, 2021

Blood Solar Panels


The trouble for Democrats in the U.S. and greens in Europe is that they are not only attempting to make energy significantly more expensive and less reliable, as California and Germany did, they are also proposing to make their economies more dependent on foreign nations. 

It’s now obvious that China made solar panels cheap not through innovation but rather through heavy subsidies, dirty coal, and enslaved ethnic Muslims, the Uyghur (pronounced ‘we gur’), against whom China’s totalitarian government is committing genocide, according the U.S. State Department and Germany’s parliament, the Bundestag.

It's probably a good thing that this farce will all blow away on Arctic winds.  The lefties can't do anything that isn't a disaster.  That's because when you abandon physics, it becomes difficult to engineer something.

Giant wind power relies on the same rare earths as Tesla.  Massive mining must be done to scale up batteries, and that results in huge 'embedded carbon', which is the new phrase.  Solar cells are useless in Ontario.  

If Alberta, or the airlines, or somebody did the necessary physics, then we would have rationality sooner.  We would all happily live on natural gas that wouldn't cause earthquakes in Oklahoma, if they followed physics.  But, we are all condemned to watch this clown show for another 5 years, at least.

And fusion will be ten times more expensive than conventional nuclear, or natgas.  Yeah!

Friday, May 28, 2021

Continued crash in NOAA sea levels


It's funny that they got the results out early, after the big processing stop of last month.  I've done a plot since 2012 to show how deep this crash is.

Of note, is the persistence of the dip.  It just keeps going down.  You have to go back to before 1997 to see persistent action below the average line.  This line is coupled strongly with the global monthly temperature as derived by satellite observation.  This record starts from the 1930 warm period, through the 1940 extremely cold, and the 50-60's warmth.  We are going back to a cool period, and we just hope it isn't 'The Big One'.  blah.

ps.  and in Toronto right now, we have rain mixed with snow and 3C.  blah.

pps.  electroverse has some good ice stuff today

Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Let's take out the brakes, shall we?


As an engineer, I was puzzled by this crash, since I saw a two-cable system.  In our part of the world, an elevator has many cables and a couple of independent braking systems.  That's because elevators used to fall all the time, and who would live in a 70 story condo then?  The Elevator Code is inches thick, if you would bother to print it.

On the other side of the world, we have the Italians.  

Greenland ice balance


He always puts his boilerplate about sunspots on the bottom, but he has done what I cannot.  He has penetrated the Danish on that site to get something.  

Greenland gains ice volume in the winter and loses it in the summer, just like the Arctic and other side. The ice is so thick that the satellite radar has no hope to penetrate.  Thus, everything is just a guess.  A healthy glacier pours out ice into the sea, and a sick glacier just withers.

Nevertheless, we enter the warmie time, when every ice cube into the ocean signifies horrible volume loss.   And rising seas.  Such wonderful fantasy.  

Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Some people in England have noticed the cold


I like this, but they have to go on about sunspots.  You are talking about one tenth of a percentage in heat energy.  But people need religion and not the Scientific Method.

Everybody goes on about their own little corner of the world with a 1% variation and they forget the dancing elephants of ocean currents.  At least the discussion moves to 'cold' and the reason for it.  Such fun.

ps.  they also go on about how all the standard communications media shut them out.  Ha!  Join the club.  There is no conspiracy, just self-interest.  Also 30-somethings don't care, I had to yell at the kids not to leave the windows wide open when the air conditioning is on (or the heat).  They just want Instagram and things on their phone.  :)

Spring, and the earthquakes come back to Oklahoma


An M4.5 right beside the Shattock Windmill Museum.  

I predicted that the earthquake-swallows may come back in spring, because natgas prices are at an earthquake level.  Hasn't been anything since 2019.  This earthquake is badly located because all the seismometers are more over to the east.  There should be some more.  

Somewhere on that sat photo you should find an injection site.  They are now taking in freshwater frack waste from eastern fracking, which is probably all the hots these days.  An M4.5 and only felt by 12 people. Neat.

Watch your Weldbond this year


I love this stuff.  But, this year I can't buy it anywhere because the stores are effectively closed.  Curbside pickup is for the birds, since they only list half their stuff.

I have ordered 2 jugs from Amazon, and they were both decomposed.  That means they were stored at -20C for days.  You can't get through to ammie, because they are all robots or gig workers.  And try to tell them their entire supply is boogered.  It can't get through to their little AI brains.

I tried to connect to Weldbond itself, but it's all bureaucratic, and, again, you can't through the concept that the entire Canadian supply is gone.  They use a local Canadian agent, and that is always sad news.

So, I use my thousands of readers to get through.  Ha!  They don't know that.

ps.  I assume the next step is Consumer Affairs, but they are hopeless.  Everybody has filters to protect themselves from the rabble.  And it stinks like spoiled milk, so it isn't a safety hazard.

pps.  And the headlines would read "Bad Glue Terrorizes Canadians in Time of Covid".  And the media could dredge up lots of phoney outrage - "Eh, it was horrible, the STINK!"  and "Frozen glue caused by climate change".  Nope, none of that.  :)

more: and I gave the story to CBC.  They may know my reputation.

final:  second jug is away, and this sad thing is over.

Monday, May 24, 2021

Physics, heat pipe, Part 2

 Now we have a corundum, which I think involves new physics, and I'm thinking through it as I write. We have measured in the 70's huge clear-air convection cells in the North (and south) that dump all our heat energy.  They take heat energy to the stratosphere, and radiate out infra-red.  The Earth needs that mechanism to live.  For the concept of 'greenhouse gases' there can be no convection, and this is the fundamental law of physics, that the warmies break -- but who cares?

At the equator, we need a mechanism that can turn on and off.  Like an electronic mirror, one second it reflects all light and heat, and the next second it can absorb it.  During warm cycles, we are absorbing at the equator, and for cold cycles, the heat is rejected and blasted into space.

The surface of the equatorial super-cells must be a horrible mess.  Thunderstorms dump heat at this boundary, since condensation demands it.  But we can't have both heat dumping and heat absorbing at the same point in space.  The top of the hp can't be a single layer.  We have to think outside the box.

I'm still thinking right now.  I do great thought experiments.  All of this could be measured by simple lasers that point down from balloons, instead of pointing up, which is all nasa can do.  I am leaning towards a machine, an unstable mechanism that separates condensation and evaporation.  It would be magnificent new physics, and only 5 people in the world would find that so.  

- to be continued (maybe)  (my head hurts)

ps.  actually I'm not continuing, since there is no physics is in this world right now.  The mechanism is so fantastic, that only I could be convinced.  But I am confident we have a cause for hot and cold cycles, ice ages, and volcanic cooling.  If I put my mind into the details, I won't be able to sleep for days.

Physics of the Great Pacific Heat Pipe - Part 1

 I've done this a few times, but I keep learning as we enter an ice age cycle.  I am convinced that the Great Pacific Heat Pipe (gphp) collects 90% of the solar heat for the earth.  If the gphp is disrupted we enter a big cold period, and if the hp is successful, it periodically dumps a great deal of heat energy and we get global temperature peaks.

The hp can be watched and characterized by 2 fairly new satellite products.  One is the global ocean currents, and the other is MIMIC, or precipitable water.  These are really heat flow maps, because the ocean contains 1000 times more heat than the air, and warm, moist air contains 100 time more energy than dry.

I've confirmed all this in my own mind by looking at the basic physics.  There is no physics being done in the world today.  

This is a simple thunderstorm convection cell.  We are good with this, because there is a lot physics being done on tornado formation.  The hp consists of a line of these, at about twice the altitude, perhaps even more, but the last 'super cell' measurements were done with lasers in the 70's.

If you have these, you have a pipe to the bottom of the stratosphere, which is defined by not being able to hold a cloud, because the air is too thin.  The solar intensity is horrendous there.

-to be continued

Ocean currents - Pacific starts to regain some organization


Problems with the Pacific Heat Pipe are causing our global temperatures to plunge.  The hand-clapping of warmies can be heard around the world as they attempt to bring the curve back up.

This week we can watch the Pacific healing itself.  It's starting from the east and may work its way across, or not.  Meanwhile, only Russia is warmer than usual, and the UK is salivating for a potential 20C heatwave.

Our world is cold.  In the comments of a warmie newspaper, I almost got them to look at a modern chart, but no, they prefer ending at 2019.  Sad.

Friday, May 21, 2021

Cottage Report - Hallelujah the first dragonfly

 I saw one.  That means a dozen tomorrow, and hundreds the day after.  We will be able to go out and dip our toes in the water.  Right now the bugs have their last hurrah, and are ferocious.  This is pretty early  for dragonflies, and the warmies can celebrate.

The long weekend will be clear and fine.  Yeah!

ps.  It's amazing that with one dragonfly zooming around the deck, it has sudden become beautiful.  Blackflies down by a factor of 10.

pps.  a big poohie, and we left home early on Sunday.  The weather was too soggy for more dragonflies.

Thursday, May 20, 2021

Cottage Report

 Extremely hot and tons of blackflies.  All my kids are warned to stay away, since they would be a mopey pain in the oh-oh.  

I'm keeping cheerful by lots of wine and dreaming that the dragonflies show up tomorrow.

ps.  here is the picture.  Watch the little spots moving in.

Oak leaves are now at 50%

pps.  at 8:30 am, we can't do any work with the bug nets on.  Gushes of sweat.

more - the anomaly map shows future news stories

You can see that Toronto and Russia have heatwaves and are the top of the news.  At the bottom is the snow in Alberta.

Dancing buildings, humming bridges


It's all the same -resonance.  The cause of many horrible engineering things.  I'm not even going to put in my 2 cents worth, since the article is good.

Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Continued drop in sea level

 Yeah, finally poor noaa got their computer problem fixed.

This is my favourite site, the only stable tide gauge in the whole world.  It shows the warming cycle and now, our ice age cycle.  The warmies pick and choose their sea level readings.

This is the last bit, including 2016.  The sea level goes up and down, depending on a global temperature average.  No melting ice sheets.  This is just a big thermometer up the world's butt.  I usually use this to predict the next satellite graph, but this month they were very late.

Unidentified Flying Earthquake in China


UFO's are all the rage this year, and now we have a UFE!  This is the best earthquake story I've seen in 10 years.  They didn't have any monitoring in the building, and are now scratching their heads.

This could have been caused by a rare sync of elevators, or a sudden settlement.  Acceleration monitors would have 'settled' it.  As it is, unless cracks appear, it is just a UFE.  Will the people be confident to go back in?  What would happen in a real earthquake?  Maybe all those tin cans they like to use for stuffing concrete decided to compress.

ps.  I think it was a bunch of pellyton treadmills on the top floor.  Now, they can add another warning - May cause a tall building to collapse.  In that case, place your toddler under the belt.  :)

pps. the hydro building downtown Toronto was always shaking on the huge post-tensioned floor slabs.  Sometimes the elevators would all sync, and then they had to cancel the lunchtime dancercise classes.  Also, I thought those huge tension tendons would break sometimes.  They never had the nerve to check them.

more:  those long suspension pedestrian bridges do the same.

Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Scientists finally publish about the Arctic-Pacific current

 The great Pacific current.  It was so obvious from the current maps, and the great big channel it dug into the ice.  


Now, they have published and tracked a powerful current.  The sad thing is that it has never happened again.  But, now it is a constant thing, and destroying the Arctic ice.  Yet the Arctic ice volume has gone way up, and crossed over the last few years.  

That Pacific current was caused by the Great Halfsie El Nino, which I tracked.  Probably, once in a lifetime.  Neat.  But, these guys only look at the pimple on the nose in front of their face.  That's the problem with all these guys.

That current was magnificent.  And now, it's all climate change.  For, it wasn't the current that caused the ice to thin, it was a vague, magical thing, that cannot be defined.  Yeah!

Now, I can't actually remember the year when this current scoured the ice, but it was somewhere around there. 

ps.  I did ask noaa if they could put out a line graph of the global temperature like the others do.  No response, and I think they like to make it incomprehensible, so they can put out a spin report that says the exact opposite of the result, to keep the bidenarmy happy.  Goodness knows what would happen?

No heatwave for you, UK

 Yeah, the seinyfelt soup nasty takes over heat waves.

When will the UK weather people finally look at the tropical plumes.  They only get warmth if one of them hits UK directly.  But now they are suffering the 'Curse of the Melting Arctic'.

ps.  and in the tropics, Brazil is not getting the usual plume streamers.

Ever since I've watched these things, there has always been a streamer over the Amazon.  

Monday, May 17, 2021

Summer and time to let the warmies shine


I'm leaving the world of physics and enjoying the summer.  It was so hot at the cottage, but you get frostbite with one finger in the water.  The blackflies can lift the dog.  It's horrible.

But now is the season when every storm, wildfire, drought, heat wave, etc. is 'due to climate change'.  Since everybody has abandoned the Scientific Method and gone to "Just So" stories, there is no 'debating' this.  I will read them out as campfire ghost stories.  :)

The UK is going to get a 20C heatwave soon.  Yeah for them!  

ps.  speaking of the dog being lifted, we have a huge colony of peregrine falcons on our cliff.  One of the young ones must have been mobbed by two blackbirds.  You can mob hawks, ravens and crows but you DO NOT mob a p-falcon.  He chased them across the lake and kept knocking them down to skip like stones on the water.  I think they made it to the forest.

Sunday, May 16, 2021

Cottage blackfly report

 Today, all shields have failed.  I have 4 ultrasonic blasters, 2 insect lamps and a big electric swatter.  I can kill hundreds and an ocean pours in.  They all try to bite right away.

Work is impossible in the heat, with a blackfly net, and they penetrate all clothes.  This is official blackfly hell (bfh).  It will go on until the end of May when our dragonflies come out.

I haven't seen a true bfh since the 70's when we always went canoe camping on the long weekend.  You had your nets on, but had to 'breech' to eat, and other things.  Yum, yum, a spoonful of bfh.

ps went home early.  Super sunny hot, with clouds of blackflies.  The water is freezing.  blah.

Saturday, May 15, 2021

Tropical plumes miss UK, muck around in Europe


A while ago I made the prediction that the UK would now be Labrador.  That's because the Gulf Stream has gone away.  You'll never find that in the regular group-think, because it is too painful to think of.

When we had the gs, you could see the plume channel up and always hit UK directly.  They lived in an unstable Fool's Paradise.  Just like California, but only in warmth.

ps.  today is the start of the lake trout season.  A few boats out, doesn't look like anybody is catching anything.  Neighbour has a fancy new scanner showing huge lakers all hanging at 50 feet, and they never bite at that depth, they just sleep.

pps.  yeah, a lake trout showed up in our kitchen.

more. since I am freezing this morning at the cottage, I've decided to let the warmies have the summer.

Thursday, May 13, 2021

NOAA shows significant temperature drop


The Haywood plot stays at 6th.  If noaa did a time series plot I could understand, it would show a significant drop in the monthly results.

The best I can do is this one, which shows us bleeding out heat like a stuck pig.  Let's all ignore it on tickytok, shall we?

ps.  this reminds me of the inflation monster.  All the modern economists say it's a blip, and all the old guys say it's coming.  I have no idea.

pps.  noaa is saved from bidenarmy by the greatest spin ever seen.  

This was carried by all the media.

Pacific current still a mess

 This is the most energetic thing on the Earth, and there is never any mention of it.  That's because nasa can't touch the physics.

As a summary, the Pacific handles about 90% of all heat energy on the planet.  After the 2016 monster current reversal, it all went to pieces.  We were probably getting a tenth of our normal heat energy in the north.  Everything has continued to unravel, and this is my hypothesis for an ice age.  We have no history on this, so I can't tell if it is a minor 20 year cycle, or the horrible Little Ice Age cycle.  

If it is a minor cycle, then we should be seeing a reorganization by now or in the next 10 years.  Nope.

Many years from now, when the Thames finally freezes over, we might get a 'Whoops' from nasa, but don't count on it.

Arctic ice volume finally dipping


I hate to admit it, but I always gloat a little when the ice volume chart breaks new records.  I know that we are always reading that the ice melting is causing our current cold, but that is normal warmie rhetoric. 

And so, Mr. Arctic Ice, it is time.  Please melt away for the summer, and give something for the warmie press.  

And for scurrilous gossip, it seems that noaa is having a big computer problem, and can't put out the figures I love.  They are working on it.  I hope it wasn't the nasty ransomware beaver!

In other news, all the philosophers were ecstatic when noaa revised the 30 year normal upwards.  But this causes the temperature anomaly to look worse.  

The temp anomaly map is the current temperature minus that 30 year average.  Now, we are all freezing, including the poor UK.  Win some, lose some.

Here, 'rainy' is a euphemism for 'cold'.  In the UK, it is only cold, when there is snow.  :)

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Cottage Report

 I'm frying on the deck, but my ultrasonics are working.

The dog loves them.  They keep all the bugs away.  I'm using two at once.  She always attracts a cloud.

ps.  the link to the little marvels

pps.  I finally got the drone to work.  Only crashed it 3 times.  A little glue works wonders.

Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Beaver Chomps Through Hose

 Not the fiber pipe they had up north.  This was a personal attack on me and my water hose.  Stupid beavers!

So, the nasty beaver could have chomped anywhere, and right through.  Then I would have been greeted by a big fountain when I pressurized.  No, this wood-rat delicately chewed, so that there was only a micro-meter of plastic with a hair-sized hole.  To top it off, it made this work of art on the lower section of pipe which is out in the winter, and is under water when I install.

Needless to say, it took weekends of multiple primes (hauling water up 60 feet) when I thought it was the foot valve.  Then it healed itself when the whole plugged with gunk.  Yeah, all fixed!  Today, the whole thing blew and I could see the fountain coming out of the water.  That should be it!

ps. I'm calling it a ransom-ware beaver.  Give me 3 branches and I'll tell you where the leak is.

pps.  and the local wood-duck has decided to make her nest underneath our dock.  Scared the heck out of me when I walked there and she exploded out.  Guess we'll have to put a tape up.

RSS global temperatures skid along the bottom


Those of us freezing at the cottage are not surprised.  The global temps are static from last month, which has taken us back to 2010.  The noaa results are next.

The continental US has taken a real dive.  All the Bidenarmy should wear berniesweaters.

Sunday, May 9, 2021

Arctic ice volume hits a new milestone


It's hitting another line, but staying very flat.  There are no major tropical plumes hitting the Arctic.  I believe that nasa is sending up another satellite to measure 'The Melting Arctic'.  It will be a tough mission.

Our cold is lingering.

The UK is being hit by a very narrow tropical plume, so they are celebrating a day of warmth.

I'm happy when they are happy....

Saturday, May 8, 2021

NASA doubles down on carbon warming


This is a classic 'War on Carbon Warming', and anybody who shows anything different.  The problem is that all the charts and the sea levels show that we are plunging steeply into an ice age.  How can nasa deal with this?

If we go back to the murky details of the start of all this, it was Leeds (UK) who presented a correlation between temperatures and carbon dioxide, after going though a million other possible correlations.

But is was the nasa 'Venus Guy' who nailed the concept of 'Greenhouse Gases' in the highly convective Earth atmosphere.  Normally, this would be laughed out of the park, but it stuck.

After that, every satellite experiment assumed 'The Truth' of carbon dioxide, and they only looked for things to confirm their opinion.  The concept of nasa being wrong is inconceivable to them.

Now, with this new 'war', I can't find any of my charts.  It's rather sad that the only 'measure' of it being cold, is to stick your head out the door.  However, that is 'unscientific' and will be ignored.  Now we live in the wonderful situation of it getting colder and colder, while they talk us into thinking it's getting warmer and warmer.  

Enjoy the coming decade.  I think I'll retire --- oh wait, I am retired!

Covid cat out of the bag - everybody wear bonoglasses


As I said before, diddling around with vaccines is like diddling around with antibiotics.  We all need to wear bonoglasses all the time.

Those are tight-fitting wrap-around glasses.  You can forget the mask.

We can now expect variations to dance around the vaccines.  The poor of the world won't even get a vaccine before it is useless.  Then we'll suck up all the new vaccines, and start the circle again.

And I pity the few forests in India.  Where do they get all the firewood?

Friday, May 7, 2021

World password day

 We have a friend of a friend who used the name of her dog, fluffy, for everything.  She is now paying the price for that, in that she can't use any device she owns.  She has a small business, and we shudder to think that there must be some money missing, as well.

Don't be a fluffy!  Use the Google Password Vault, and protect that with a big mixed password and 2-factor authentication.  That gives you some hope.  A super-villain could get through, but his time is like $10K an hour!  You merely must be better than the next guy.

I was involved with a hospital medical system, and I wanted internal encryption.  Naturally, that cost a buck more, and they were 'confident' that their system was secure.  I'm sure that all medical systems are breached, but there's no value in knowing that soandso has herpes.  Thus, the hackers probably protect those systems to stop other hackers, and use them to get into 'deep pockets'.

If you are with a company, I'm sure you think you know what you are doing, with complete confidence.  Otherwise, you couldn't have bluffed your way to that position, and everybody above you lacks any brains. :)  Have fun!

Thursday, May 6, 2021

Continuing Cold


And the Arctic ice volume is staying strong.

Is it really just me looking at this?  None of my other 3 sources are ready yet, they are more inclined not to release news of cold.

ps.  I'm always worried my US gov't sources will shut down.  They went to town with a thousand charts when it was warming, and now, they are harbingers of doom to warmies.  Grets has to shut them down.

pps.  noaa has released new 30 year normals which are only good for anomaly maps.  warmies have gone nuts.  Also Alberta has a wildfire - hot=warming.  So, I don't think noaa is doing the work I want.

Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Toronto housing hooks down


Most likely the big price surge has ended.  I only know that a friend who was crazy to get a house, but always #10 in the bids.  He suddenly said that a house was entertaining his offer.  Wow! Something has happened. 

ps and if I could tell that friend anything, it would be WOAH!

Peloton Tread Confusion

 We have the Peloton treadmill.  But it's a Canadian version.  Apparently, the US version has an open belt on the bottom that can suck in kids and dogs, and mince them.  Our Canadian version is totally shielded and we have tried to get sucked in and can't do it.

I'm thinking that there was a smart Canadian who said "There's no way we're allowing a meat mincer into this country.'  Yeah!  We have to see what the recall does.

ps just got a Canadian email that said the screen can fall on your toe.  A far cry from mincemeat.  I looked at it and you would need a bomb to loosen that sucker.  Maybe next they'll say don't let your cat use it because coughed up hairballs can cause a fire.

Tuesday, May 4, 2021

The best of physics, conducted by a loonie

 Throughout history, the best physics breakthroughs were by loonies.


I know through a personal contact about the total loonieness.  He wanted the rocket to resemble tin-tin or buck rogers.  Thus, we have many iterations with stainless steel because it is shiny.  The originals tried to have the tightened end, but that was impossible.  Now we have this horrible thing.  

If we followed rationality, then it would be a straight carbon-fiber wrap.  But no, we have blown up 10 models, and on to SN15.  I love it, and have no complaint.  This is total irrationality that may pan out.  We have enough of irrationality that has no chance of wealth creation, like warmness.

Thank goodness he has rational people that are out of his attention span.  They have the best chance of a moon landing, if that does anything.  Loonyness is better than committees.  

ps.  honestly, stainless steel won't work.  Maybe another 10 failures before he gives up.

pps. Stability Problem - adding reinforcement makes it heavier

Dynamic Problem - landing impact sends compression waves up and down the rocket.  That's why they were talking about snagging it from the top.

Analysis Problem - impossible to analyze welded plates to the degree necessary.

more: lamusk has shown us that the best form of governance is a brilliant benign dictatorship, for a while. Then the dictator drifts.  Maybe this will be successful, and we wait for the next drift.

ps.  THEY LANDED IT!  Took a while.