Saturday, July 30, 2022

Cottage Report - July 30, 2022

 Quite cool today.  Looks like we will warm up, though.  We have our regatta on the lake this weekend, and the kids are in on it.  But I'm reluctant to even do my 1 second swim.  Maybe tomorrow.  Good news with the Ukrainian relatives.  They got all their paper work and are coming for a visit.  

My sea level chart shows a rise within the scatter of being generally low.  I'm thinking its a result of a few hotspots, but these are gone now.  We must expect everything to be cold from now on.  If you are a warmie, then expect everything to be warm.  

Friday, July 29, 2022

No warm spots at all in the tropical oceans


This is quite unusual.  For the past 10 years or more that this product has been out, there have always been warm spots.  That reflects the dynamic nature of the oceans.

That means the tropical belts are at the average, however they calculate it.  This is the pure temperature map and the oceans aren't that warm.  As well, this chart shows the Pacific turbulence curls, whereas before it has only been the anomaly map that has shown it.

All this hints at the tremendous physics going on.  I suspect a total turnover of the ocean currents.  However, nobody is interested in this, and we have to wait it out.  Physics holds no answers if nothing is done.  We are just left with the populists, and I would never oppose them.

So, our future is clear.  We shall go on a great lithium and copper extravaganza, but there is no lithium or copper.  We thought we got rid of copper with all the fiber communication, but now we need to double our electrical capacity.  Good luck with that.  

If we go the physics way, then we only need methanol fuel cells, and graphene super-capacitors.  We are fine to cut off Russia and China.  That is why they finance the populists.

ps.  Dear big guys, leading us all down this garden path.  I only have a few readers, most of which are imaginary.  I am beneath any degree of effort.

Thursday, July 28, 2022

Arctic ice recovers nicely

 This is the danish chart.  They got hit by the gretas a while ago, and 'readjusted' the curve.  I, and others, were highlighting this.

They hammered the ice volume until it was well into the pack of the last 10 years.  But, they ran out of any more room in the uncertainties.  Now, the ice volume has torn through the pack and is going for record territory.  We shall keep an eye on this.

Using the Scientific Method and physics, we expect that the ice volume will recover all since the 80's.  In fact, the ice extent will resemble the descriptions of the Little Ice Age.  Can't wait for winter!

ps.  there are no predictions here.  You just have the hypothesis and all that follows.  If everything falls into place, then the hypothesis is correct.  It is better if you throw more physics into the mix.  As of this point, all of the consequences of the hypothesis have proven to be correct.  However, there is a populist reluctance to spend money on physics, so things remain weak.

Europe has its 15 minutes of fame -- heatwave over


Cold Arctic air is now sweeping away the heat cobwebs.  Even in an ice age, everybody gets a little warmth in July.

On to the next story.

ps. and the US suddenly goes pure lithium

pps.  you'll never find a warmie headline that a heatwave is over.

Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Very strong cold water makes Pacific patterns


These are amazing patterns.  The hot spots started and then fizzled out.  We must assume that the Pacific will not produce any heat for another year.

Thus, expect a very cold winter.

Monday, July 25, 2022

Global weather summary - July 25, 2022


The cottage had that cold front sweep in.  Lots of rain, but we had some quality time between the showers.

We are cold, and Europe is still in a stagnant soup.

Europe is the world's only heatwave, and as long as we have 1 heatwave, the warmies can take advantage of it.

There is a chance that the Pacific is starting up again, but it has attempted to start many times this year.

If the ocean doesn't start the heat engines, then they will call it the 4th La Nina in a row.  

ps.  my hypothesis states that there is a non-linear process in the Pacific that pumps in extra solar heat when it is hot enough.  It is most likely a solar lens, but the physics is easy to measure.  Sadly, there will be no measurements, and it's 'deer in the headlights' for everybody.

pps. and, of course, anybody who wants to do physics is a murderer.  :)

Friday, July 22, 2022

Tropical temperatures take a big dive


One of the nice things about the RSS charts is that you can look at sections of the Earth.  I like showing charts because the fanatics can take one look, and say how the temps are rising.  The tropics chart is one to look at because any recovery to the warmie expectations has to happen here first.

Even though this is a huge dive, we are wrapped warmly in the explanations of arm chair extrapolators, who would say this is all that nasty La Nina's fault, and she better stop fooling around.  

I love all this philosophy, and I would never deny anyone the pleasure of wallowing in it.  To each his own!

Without any tropical heat, our winters are going to be something.

Thursday, July 21, 2022

RSS Global temperatures down


These guys do the charts right.  I hope they get money.  However, this is all geophysics, and we know how that plays in Peoria.  Just like me, it is best to be completely ignored.  Poor old Electroverse is always under attack from the gretas.

West Texas earthquakes show the fault


We now have the whole fault outlined, with this recent M4.7 earthquake.  It's 'normal' which means extension.  These earthquakes are deeper and felt less.  With all the earthquakes confined to this old rift, they can continue injecting all the frack waste they want to.  

This is different from the Oklahoma earthquakes where there was a clear compression mechanism.  These rift earthquakes are out of the high compression zone of eastern North America, and more into the 'basin and range' geological province of Nevada and such.

In reality, as they move this rift system, the ends will go into large strike-slip earthquakes.  We all wait.

Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Cool sweep for North America


This is why North America is not in the warmie hot news.  We are getting micro heatwaves and then the cool air sweeps down from the Arctic.  Paradise!

Europe is in a giant swirly mess.  No sweeps.  

Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Hot and cold records


This is a nice read, and quite reasonable.  Being a university, Yale must avoid controversy, but it shows the 'game' of records is complicated.  This summer, there is the tiniest patch of Europe that is getting 10 times the coverage of the rest of the world.  Some articles are stating that hot records outnumber cold records by 10 to one.  As if that were a real thing.

The only indicator of cold vs. hot is the chart of global temperatures.  That is a complicated integration of all patches of the Earth.  It was a big thing in the 'hockey stick' time, but has been set aside by the warmies in this new world of counting news articles.  Those graphs show the world is cooling, and, thus, being totally ignored by the warmie press.

If you are a reasonable person, then you know the severe cold of the southern hemisphere is coming to us northerners this winter.  The summer is just a passing fancy.  Enjoy the brutal heat, it will be short and sweet.  A note to Germany:  get the coal burners ready!  Or as the old Cosby records would say:  How long can you tread water?

ps.  they state that a 4-peat of La Nina has only a 5% chance of happening  Too bad you can't bet on it.

Monday, July 18, 2022

All the ocean belts are cold


Now we can watch the Atlantic belt lose all its heat.  The Atlantic plumes are losing all their strength, and Europe is in pure stagnant air.  In the winter, this will be extremely cold, since the ocean breezes moderate the weather.  

This would be great physics to figure all this out.  We are never getting any physics, since one touch on that 'third rail' would collapse the puff of climate change.  Now we wait to see disaster in slow motion, like Toronto housing prices.  I think we should label all German cars 'Blood Wagons' like the big blood diamond thing.  They allowed their leftie loonies to dictate all things.

The UK should enjoy their heatwave now.  It's the same mechanism that will turn the place into Labrador in the winter.  

ps.  please tell RSS how you love their temperature chart.  I fear they may withdraw, and that may be the start of all geophysics disappearing.  :(

Europe heats up the soup


Yeah, the only heatwave in the world, and the UK is boiling.  The media says that this will be your temperature every day if you swallow their story.  You can only wish.

It's just a big stagnant swirly soup.  The heat builds up.  On the other hand, we are constantly getting the Arctic winds keeping us relatively cool.

And, of course, the S. Hemisphere is frozen, but we never hear about that.  

ps.  now the UK is a southern country.  Do like Germany and throw out any ability to heat in the winter.

Saturday, July 16, 2022

Cottage report - July 16, 2022

 Perfect weather.  Hot in the day, cool at night.  The water is warm a few inches, so I've gone up to 10 second swims.  Very few people up, reminds of other times when gas was expensive.  The younger people who bought cottages recently aren't up, maybe they are too strung out.

I love this time of year, when the warmies state that heat waves are a 100 times more likely, but without the 100 time more frequent.  Who needs math these days?

ps.  I just discovered how to spool on fishing line.  There's a right way and a wrong way.  I guess I've always accidentally done it the right way.  This time I did the wrong way, and the line just shoots off like a line gun.  wow.


Thursday, July 14, 2022

NOAA posts generally lower world temperatures


As we know, they don't post an 'official' chart, you have to make up your own.  The PR department will go with just the June plots, even though that doesn't make any sense with the global results.  I think they can claim 5th warmest June.  The June temperatures are falling like a rock.

I just had to show the June results because they drop more.  The global plot is jittering at a new low.  We can now wait the RSS results.  They produce clear plots, but may be labelled 'deniers', for doing so.

ps. the PR dept hasn't even bothered.  Who looks at the graphs anyway?

pps.  this summer of stagnant air will keep this going forever.

NASA Reaps What it has sewn up


In 2020, an unusually large amount of cold air forced the largest loss of ozone in the Arctic in recent years.

During the very cold 80's and 90's, nasa had a sat measurement of ozone levels, and there was a big hole in the winter over the north and south poles.  They made a doomer story out of it.  Same as the new doomer story.  Nobody sunbathes at the poles during their winter!

As shown by the line above, when it gets really cold, the ozone hole grows.  Wait a minute -- wasn't there a chlorine thing?  Yes, nasa had one flight that showed elevated levels of chlorine.  From that, they went to town, ditching the Scientific Method forever.  They just went into expedient 'declarative' science, which is philosophy.  Soon, they had all sorts of imaginary chemical reactions, that just couldn't happen in the extremely thin and cold stratosphere.

Their own lab experiments proved it, but that got buried with extreme prejudice.  

Now, the doomer story starts again.  What will they blame it on this time?  

The real physics is that no chemical reactions can take place in the near vacuum with extreme cold.  Nothing happens, that's why there is an ozone hole.  Now that we are getting colder, the ozone holes will get bigger.

All the 'explanations' are being pulled out of the hat.  They've always gone with the 'polar vortex' which is high velocity at near-vacuum.  It's going to make things colder because the ozone hole is irritating it.  We'll have experts up to the wazoo declaring it, and pocketing the money.  They better make money while the sun shines, because everything is going down.

Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Linux -- Pipewire disaster solved


At minimum, you will need to install the libspa-0.2-bluetooth package, remove the pulseaudio-module-bluetooth package (if previously installed), and then either reboot your computer or restart the PipeWire services, otherwise device connections will fail with "Protocol not available".

When you go to the new KDE, it transfers everything to Pipewire.  They don't tell you they left in some pulseaudio stuff.  Get rid of all that and it works.  That was a good many hours of effort.

Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Europe gets a stagnant-air heat wave


Europe is getting stagnant air, with a tropical plume hitting the UK directly.  In July, stagnant air will get you a heat wave every time.

Here, in Canada, we are getting sweeps of Arctic air.  Neat.

Monday, July 11, 2022

NOAA national June temperature down from last year


It's still moderately high, so this might fit into the top 10.

The Haywood plot shows it is scraping the average for the last 100 years.

NOAA hasn't come up with a headline yet.  Maybe it's the 11th warmest, and they are tossing a coin about whether to flip over to 'top third'.  

ps.  Yeah 15th warmest June, and they went with that.  It's a new 'lowest' number, they normally never go over 10.


Of course, it's all about disasters and heat.  Read the fine print.

Saturday, July 9, 2022

Cottage Report - July 9, 2022

 We are in a dry cycle, which means lots of sunshine.  However, it is cool today.  'Cold day in July'  Going down to 10C tonight.  Good sleeping weather.

Friday, July 8, 2022

Rogers internet dies


This message is just for Bell users, since the Rogers people can't read it.  :).

My son and others are coming to the house for my Bell fiber.  They can't last a minute without internet.

ps.  my garbage pickup is late, must be the cause.

No new earthquakes from natural gas


This is a good summary article, but no physics, especially rock mechanics.  My thought was that the price of natgas zooming so high would bring the earthquakes back to Oklahoma.  But they are really clamping down on injection.  I wonder what they do with the frack waste now.

At one time, I came up with a solution for the frack waste underground disposal because I thought other methods would restrict the natgas production.  Obviously, they have gone with restrictions, which are easier.  I have to assume they aren't expanding eastern natgas fracking, and it will zoom the price more.

This becomes interesting, since we are going to get colder winters, and the natgas freeze-up will be longer.  They ran out of winter storage this year, and next year will be worse.  It is not a 'thang' to finance this stuff, so everybody will freeze.

State of the oceans -- July 8, 2022

 Not much happening, but I'm just entering this into the record.

The ocean currents are still chaotic, but there are a few warm spots in the Pacific.  

There are a few 'complex zones' that I've come to associate with warm spots in the past.  These won't do anything to lift the world temperatures. 

Thursday, July 7, 2022

Warm Arctic - Less Ice


Cute, that all month, the warmies have been going on about how warm the Arctic is.  That's relative, because it's not something for running around in your swimsuit.  However, you can see in the chart, that June is always a big drop in ice volume.

Still, the last few years have the ice building up.  It will soon recover from the warm cycle, and all the polar bears will be happy.

Boris and Brown Going Downtown

 They have nothing to do with each other, and are all wonderful.  I have noted a slight trend for leaders of the right to enjoy parties in a really fun manner.

I just liked the title, and please don't sue me.  You are all fantastic old white males.  :)  

Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Linux -- The Pipewire Fiasco

 If you want reliable Linux, you stay with the stable version.  If you want adventure then you go with the unstable versions.  

I love Linux adventure and have my media machines on the bleeding edge.  My backup machine is on a more stable version.  The rubber hit the road this week when I did a 'full upgrade' on Debian Unstable.  This brought in the new KDE with Pipewire.

Pipewire is a a new audio system that attempts to clear lags by going deeper into the base.  That means it has to worry about specific hardware quirks.  Too bad.  My bluetooth keyboard still worked (not pipewire) but my soundbar arrangement would not pair.  The physics of these releases is decreasing probability.  They get it working with everybody they know (1 in 100 chance of failiure), then they open it to hard-core beta lovers (1 in 1000).

I was caught in the next phase, which is 'unstable' and that might be 1 in a million.  I lost out, as these things can be something like 3 factors put together.  Lots of people complaining and the Pipewire news is full of hardware problems.  They try to fix it and something else goes wrong.  Worst is when old bugs from a year ago come up again.

There was no solution to these bugs, just sometimes a note that a new update solved everything.  That is why you have to wait for an update.  If you were really hard up, you would go back to 'stable', or something.

Plight of Ukrainians

 We have relations in Ukraine who are trying to get to Canada.  Piece of cake, since the government wants to help us.  blah.  They've created a giant Catch-22 and it is impossible to get the paperwork done.

We are down to finding someone in Romania near the Ukraine border.  The relatives can send their passport to Romania to get the visa, but can't get it back.  If one of my dozen readers lives in Romania, then email me your mailing address.  It's hasmis at the usual gmail thing.

They can use the address as a mail stop and pick up the visas.  Wow, what a world we live in.  :)

Inflammation is what kills you


This is an important result and is what I always suspected.  I've written tons of stuff on inflammation.  Ever wonder why drinking diet coke doesn't help with the fat?  It's because the smell of sugar is as bad as eating it.  The pancreas needs to get a head start on what you are gulping down.  It does this by an instant response.

Basic physics always indicated that something was going and now we have the signal.  The pancreas is activated by an inflammation factor.  This is an active radical, or oxidant, which is the exact opposite of anti-oxidants like cannabis.

People think they can be 'healthy' inside their fat suit, but it isn't the case.  Fat cells are always inflamed and put out a lot of chronic inflammation.  Those proteins attack everything, including the major organs.  It's ironic that the pancreas needs to be attacked to produce insulin.  

In it's happy form, inflammation is supposed to help deal with injuries.  Now we find that the body has other uses for the inflammation signals.  Wow!

If you are sick and go to the downtown doctors, they will pour in a lot of cortisone steroid.  They feel that inflammation is the worse evil.  Cut down on inflammation and take my cannabis oil.  :)

A good hack for the deck problem


This is another example of having no physics in the world.  These stain companies are all chemistry, and formulate according to weather in Texas.  We have great sun resistance, but no adhesion.

Physics knows that you can't glue anything to naked wood.  That's fine for the walls, but the deck floors die in the winter.  I have never had any deck treatment stay over the winter at the cottage.  This was made worse when the industry all went to water-based.

I love water-based but it just flies off the deck.  With an eye to the physics of adhesion, I have solved the issue.  Thank me and send money!  :)

I use a long-polymer acrylic glue - Weldbond.  And I use Behr Deckover because it is cheaper than the solid stain and very thick.  

In your empty ice cream plastic container (Kawartha Dairy from Costco), you thin the paint with water, so it has a consistency of whole milk.  Then add a blob of glue, about 10% of the volume.  Mix well, because the glue is difficult to mix.

On scraped wood, lay down the thin coat.  Any left-over dry paint will lift.  Try to get it all clean.  You are successful if the new paint is sucked up into the wood.  You may need several coats.  When it sucks in, you get the long polymers wrapping around the wood fibers.

When that is all done, make a thick mix of the consistency of maple syrup, and put in 10%  glue.  You need at least two coats for sun resistance.  If you just leave the thin coat, it falls apart under the sun.

I have a test section on the deck at the cottage and it has lasted the winter.  The thick stuff is great for old cedar, makes everything new.

Sunday, July 3, 2022

The Left goes after Evolution


This is amazing.  Having played out the whole climate thing, they go after evolution and how humans are destroying it, causing total devastation in 100 years.

Left Theory of Evolution

There is no room for the Scientific Method here, or anywhere.  When we say 'theory', it is an explanation from cursory observation, confirmed by a consensus of like-minded individuals, and rapidly promoted from theory to 'fact'.

Evolution was a happy place until the rise of humanoids 8 million years ago.  We have constructed a graph, according to our beliefs, showing the purity of evolution, until recent times when it goes up like a hockey stick, with human-caused corruption.

Since this graph is constructed from our imagination, it has totally accuracy throughout the whole time period (see our piece on dinosaurs, where we have high resolution back 200 million years).

Pure evolution is a scene of bunny rabbits bouncing around.  If the environment changed before humans, then they all got together and decided what improvements they needed.  Unbelieving human deniers destroyed all this.  Look at that bunny picture.  Any second now, humans will come and shoot them, and destroy all the grass with cancer-causing roundup.

It is clear that all denier humans should wear hair shirts and starve out.  We, the Left, will remain in all our glorious enlightenment, eating our granola.

ps.  whoops, the false organic food fad is now fading.  And vegans are dying, sad.

Saturday, July 2, 2022

Physical limits to temperature

 This is a new thought that came to me in my creative haze, that may or may not be something that rhymes with Hannabis.  

A heatwave comes when there is a high sun (summer) and no ocean breezes.  The air is essentially stagnant.  Those conditions have occurred since the beginning of time  We've always had big heatwaves in the summer.  The severity is in the length.  We can always avoid the heat in the basement for a day, but then it heats up.  Deserts are fine with big buildings made of stone, because of cool nights.  

Now the big thing in the media is that heat waves will get hotter to point of killing everything.

How long are these heatwaves lasting?

The Japan heatwave is a tiny little weak smudge.  Won't be here tomorrow, just like the North Pole heatwave and the Spanish heatwave.  All of these things are here and gone.

In the middle of the Pacific ocean, I have estimated the the maximum temperature is around 30C.  That's because after that, the atmosphere becomes violently convective, spawning out plumes and storms.  That's what is happening to Japan right now.  Look out for the big storm!

So, their heatwave will be over soon with a monster storm, but we can then blame that on climate change.  For Phoenix, we have dry air, clear convection as the limiter, and the cool nights also allow the daily peaks to rise.  Phoenix won't get hotter, they have standard desert weather, which has a peak.

This is good physics, that could be done by a medium university without being criminalized.

World temperatures down - Spencer


It's starting the 'Great Drop', since I don't see anything in the Pacific to bring it back up.  With all the bumps, I was able to see something interesting.  I would call it a correlation, but I don't do that.  We need some physics on those Pacific hotspots that raise the global temperature, but there might not be any more.

Friday, July 1, 2022

Gods Against Global Warming - Bjorn Lomborg


This is interesting - he really accepts global warming, but doesn't like the way they are going about it.  He has lots of books and makes lots of money.

It's a pure charisma competition between the Gods.  I stay out of that sort of thing.  I say, good for all these people, making lots of money.  I could ask him to push physics, but there's no money in it.  Keep selling those books, it makes life interesting.  

My sunspot guy makes money pushing solar activity.  The trumpies make money pushing whatever they push.  It's a wonderful world.

Alberta is enjoying skiing on July 1.  Hasn't happened since 1991, and it's all blamed on La Nina, going for the 3rd, 4th or 5th time.