Friday, September 30, 2022

Drip feed for Pickering nuclear plant


A year added year after year.  All the German lefties shut down their plants which are ten times safer than this one.  And they want Pickles to go another 30 years.  

I can't say too much because its the old company, but I remember someone once saying (maybe it was a dream) that this is the most dangerous plant in existence.  I didn't believe that guy at the time, because of Ukraine.

However, there is good reason to believe that the odds of a major release that wipes out Ontario is at the one in 10,000 per year.  This is good for nuclear lip-flappers, because it hasn't happened yet in their lifetime.  But, we used to want to go for 1 in 10 million for that sort of thing.

Somewhere, deep in the archives someone has written the 1 in 10000 earthquake scenario.  Pickering was designed with 1960's assumptions on earthquakes.  However, I give a good chance I won't be around to take the iodine pill.  :)

Another big cold blob will fight off the hurricane


Yeah, I'm home from the freezing cottage.  However, I got a lot of work done  -- move or freeze.

Yeah, we had two hurricanes and it's all proof of clange, whatever that means.  Next year we'll be down to one hurricane and one heatwave, and the lip-flappers will still go wild.  

ps.  Bummer about Stadia, I was just getting into it.  :(

Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Cottage Report - Sept 28, 2022

 So cold.  You can see the dock burning in the picture.  I cut it up like a dead beached whale.  So much soggy cedar.  I wish I could send it to Europe, but they haven't frozen enough, and are probably all high and mighty about burning things to stay warm.  

ps.  note how no lip-flappers are saying anything about the mines on the pipeline.  

pps.  my perverted mind is happy that poots is blowing up pipelines only, with his shit-fit.  Europe is such an easy target and keeps him away from the nukes.

Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Guided mines take out gas pipelines


Now, who do you suppose would have been able to do that?  These are extremely heavy and armored pipes sunk into the mud.  You just can't drop a pressure cooker full of gunpowder on them.  They have to be found by underwater cameras and metal detectors.  Then the mine has to be nestled on top, with a shaped charge.

This is a great physics question in a land without physics.  The lip-flappers can go on and on about it.  Somebody was tired of all the lame excuses about broken equipment, and decided to do something a bit more certain.

Poots was musing about cutting off all energy exports and this is a great way to do it.  No legal crap and lawsuits.  They can go through the videos and find out whose ship was hanging out there after Poots blabbed.  There will be no surprises, and it would take a full day to plant things.  Then, everything will be denied.

ps.  it has to be a pooty oly's monster ship.  Those things have submarines pooping out of the bottom.  The mines would be from their infinite WWII supplies, timed with mechanical clocks.  The sats have direct coverage and can easily find out who did it, and the ship will be back safely in the loving arms of daddy.

pps.  after many weeks, we haven't heard anything.  They want to keep things calm, and the concept of weaponized mega-yachts is frightening.

Europe and Toronto hit by Daggers of Cold


Normally, I call these things 'blobs', but today it is a dagger.

The same thing is hitting Europe, but not as cold because it went over the sea.

However, just as cold in the relative sense.  My furnace is on with nice Canadian natural gas.  Poor Europe has lost the leaky Rusgas.  Wouldn't want that methane warming things up, wouldn't we?

ps.  there is some great physics here with how a cold air plunge could maintain a dagger shape.  Implies strong properties of cohesion. 

Monday, September 26, 2022

Citizenship and then to the front


No comment here, just struck the funny bone...

Pacific belt loses last specks of heat

 This is a fine milestone on the physics side.  It has no effect on the popular side.

The belt has become Antarctica.  You can see that the whole South Pole ocean is dumping into the belt.

For the last few years I have been watching the East Pacific for any signs of life.  If there is a heat zone, then it shows up on the sea level, and world temperatures.  Once again, nothing to do with the Popular People Predictions.  Those are wonderful works of art.

The mimic shows an East Pacific hurricane being sucked back into the belt.  That never happens.  The Gulf hurricane proceeds on the tremendous heat of the Gulf, and will cool that water.  This could run up the west coast of Florida, and that hasn't happened for a while.  In fact, people consider Tampa to be hurricane-free -- Ha!  But one or two hurricanes keep the faith going.

ps.  this is one of my loser articles that does not catch the Popular Imagination.  Who would think that anything in the Pacific would affect the weather?

pps.  and the Arctic ice extent has strongly hooked.

Sunday, September 25, 2022

Northern Hemisphere gets cold

 The world bank guy got crucified the other day.  If asked the question 'Are you a climate denier?' then treat it like cancer.  The proper answer is NO.  And don't offer any clarification as they try to drill in.

There are two truths in the world - that of popular opinion, or the lynch mob.  And that of the Scientific Method.  There is a bit of muck at the middle, where they try to combine Popular Science, that controlled by the consensus of self-interest.  It's the same with 'Creation Science'.

If your livelihood depends on the popular people, then stick with popular opinion.  There is very little reason to go to the Scientific Method, it won't get you the girl.  I've used it to great effect to get the little kids to sleep.

These are the world minimum temperatures, and show the north hemi freezing up like it should.  There is a super cold air blob about to hit Europe.  Ouch.

The collision of the SM and the pp is always the same.  However, the big fun is trying to guess  how cold it will get before anybody says - 'Oops, my bad.'  Not going to happen.  This winter the headlines will say - 'Europe hits coldest temperatures on record - expert says it's climate change, so don't burn anything for heat.'

The Arctic ice volume has never seen a hook like that.  The pp's have fun with 'Climate Prediction' because it has never been defined.  If you say that the temperatures are going to frozen hell in a handbasket, they mungle up the definitions and say you can't say anything for 30 years.  So, no matter what the temps do, they are right.  And you can't argue with that.

ps  on the way home from the cottage, we got some honey crisp apples, c grade.  All the huge fields show a bumper crop and it looks like they only got 10 people to pick them.

pps. from the cottage neighbour - 'People in Canada are complaining the electric batteries have no power at 40 below.  However, the people in Deep South Cal, say the batteries don't work at 40 above.  :)

More, and nosa does it's logic.

This is Popular Logic.  The last few years have been 5th, 6th, etc to 10th.  Thus showing a continuing downtrend.

Thursday, September 22, 2022

Cottage Report -- Sept 22, 2022

 It's been a long time since I last did one.  

The maple tree to the left is starting to get colour.  It's very cold right now, and may get to freezing tonight.  We already have a fire going.

ps.  I'm rendering and burning the old dock, just like taking care of a dead blue whale on the beach.

Nice clipper fights the hurricane


A couple of strong plumes from Pacific typhoons has brought us a cold clipper.  We probably won't see too many of these this winter, since the Pacific is low energy.  Mostly, we'll see Arctic cold air glaciers coming straight down.

However, this clipper is going to smash the hurricane.  Yeah, Cold Rules!

Wednesday, September 21, 2022

State of the oceans - Sept 20, 2022


This is the weekly ocean current chart.  It is made from the drift of thousands of Argo floats.  The resolution varies with the density of floats.  I just use it to check on the larger patterns.  Ocean currents have the true concept of momentum or persistence, and they can't turn on a dime.  

When the Popular People look at the world temperature chart, they secretly assign a momentum to it, so that it is perfectly logical to them to extrapolate with a straight line.  Tell that to bitscoin speculators!  The temperatures can turn quickly because they are just a measurement, and have no relation to energy or physics.

Water temperature has a specific heat, and cannot change rapidly.  I use this chart to really see what is going on.  However, you have to have tracked it for a long time, and nobody does that, except me.  The bizarre thing about a little ice age is that all the heat energy is gone, and the Sun isn't doing anything.  It hits the entire world.  Poots will have all his nuclear weapons stuck to the ground!

The dramatic thing is the equatorial ocean belts are sucking on very cold Antarctic water.  Hasn't happened since the last ice age, but who knows?  The La Nina cycle is stuck on fast forward, and I can't wait for what the pp's will say next year.  

For now, expect lots of 'cold' records to be broken.  None of this will be reported in the pp media.  With Australia a total sog, they only have California.  But they can take a rest from making things up, must be tiring.

Arctic ice stops melting

 No more phoney 'I'm melting!' articles for the winter.  Now, we are seriously bulking up.

This is a weird chart that may or may not be 'cleansed' by the Popular People.  But it has hooked at a high level.

The temperature anomaly map is finally showing colder than normal.  It was a notable thing this summer that the Arctic was generally warmer than normal.

This is a chart of the minimum temperature, which is the best for clear air.  As we can see, it would be a tough hike on the ice pack in Greenland.

The Pacific plumes are hitting high, which brings Toronto the Alberta clippers.  That typhoon is producing a strong plume which will hit high, and we must see what it will do.  

ps.  nosa has come out with '10th lowest ice'  And next year will be 'bottom third'.  

Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Linux -- Stadia and and old man

 I've gone into Stadia Pro for a while, with a little tv Linux machine.  It turns out that with fiber and a fast processor that I can only do the new 1440 resolution.  You need a bunch of flags with Chrome it use hardware video acceleration.  When you use 4K, it pixelates a bit in fast motion and then settles down when you are still.  I can't tell the difference between 4K and 1440, and that's probably because of the games.

We old men like Submerged because it is like travelling.  I can finally get my thumbs to do two different things.  I suspect that hard-core gamers will never be happy with this whole arrangement.  For us seniors, it keeps the neurons firing.

Monday, September 19, 2022

M7.6 earthquake Mexico


A simple thrust earthquake at 15 km depth.  This is all very rocky terrain, and should not have a high pgv.  That smooth section of the subduction zone is ready to put out an M9 and we'll go with the 1% chance that it is a foreshock for the M9+.  I wouldn't lose any sleep over it.

Mexico has a good seismic network, and we might see the records one day.  

Sunday, September 18, 2022

UK to have the same winter as Anchorage, Alaska

 This is a hard prediction.  And I'll be honest enough to go back to it in the Spring, if I remember.

It all hangs on this chart of ocean temperatures.  You can count on the weather (not climate!) being related to the surrounding ocean temperatures.  I was saying the UK weather would be like Labrador, but that place is now surrounded by much colder temperatures.

So, don't go visit the UK this winter.  At least Anchorage has insulated houses.  

**in the old days before clange, the UK had the Gulf Stream and it put a strong signal into the ocean temperatures surrounding it.  Not any more.

ps.  I have decided to leave the term 'climate' to the philosophers, since there is so much discussion about the meaning, projections, etc.  Before the all the fuss, climate was only defined by looking backwards, but now it is a projection based on no physics.  

pps.  I just had the final wedding for the kids, and grandkids are popping out.  I fine time to be alive.  :)

more: using all the physics you can, you can only get a one-year forecast that is very high in uncertainty.  However, using lip-flapping you can get a 30 year forecast with no uncertainty.  :)

final word:  thanks to everybody to make this my most viral post ever, well beyond the usual 6.

Mild ground motion hits Taiwan


It was a large earthquake for the media, but we know that ground motion (pgv) in units of cm/sec is what counts.

If you look at the picture of the one house that collapsed, you see a whole bunch of equally poorly constructed buildings that are okay.  That probably means that the pgv is only a few cm/sec.

Taiwan has instruments everywhere, so we'll soon find out what it was.  An M7ish earthquake is small for this area, and there is a 1% chance it is a foreshock for an 8 or 9.

Saturday, September 17, 2022

The rise and fall of tyrants


I'm not mentioning any names because these guys are something.  

Throughout history, we have seen that tyrants get things done at the beginning, but they begin to believe their own dog food, and go off the deep end.  Nevertheless, people still believe in these guys.

No use naming all of them because we know who they are.  If they were a stock, you would short them when they are at their peak.  We have the saying that those who don't read history, are doomed to repeat it.  I've always amended it to say 'We are always doomed to repeat history.'  Who learns anything these days?  

Acid rain for the Arctic


These are all the fine ideas, when you have no clue about basic physics.  Of course, the acid rain would kill everything.

We regularly get a natural form of this.  When a big sulphur volcano erupts on the tropical belt, the world cools.  The physics is unknown because nobody does physics in our brave new world.  Most likely, it interferes with equatorial belt heat mechanism.  I have a hypothesis but it can't be tested during our little ice age, because I don't see anything like that operating right now.  I also suspect, that should we have such a volcano right now, it wouldn't do anything.

We do know that a big sulphur volcano near the poles does nothing.  In the old days, there would be a famous physics person pooh-poohing this spray idea, but they were all forced out by the Popular People.

However, no matter what, this idea will be dumped along with 'iron in the oceans'.  PP's can't rub two sticks together and make anything work.  Maybe when pig nosa rockets can fly.

Friday, September 16, 2022

Fantasy sea level rise in New Zealand


Too bad the 'fact checkers' never touch this stuff.  It is stated that they compensated for land movement, but they didn't.

There are very few 'long term' tide gauges in nz, but they all show the same sinking trend.  NZ is going down like a rock.  But it is a straight line, and if you take that out, then there is nothing.  

ps.  no media would check this, because they would be crucified by the only people who pay for stuff.  I can do it because of only 6 readers, and any personal attack would greatly increase readership.  

Thursday, September 15, 2022

NOAA world temperatures flat


For some reason, the nooa results show some Northern Hemisphere seasonality.  You have to make your own plots on the site because they don't want to commit themselves.  Their default plot just shows August temperatures, and this year it is warm, but this plot is inappropriate for the world temperatures because there shouldn't be any seasonality  The plot is good for the continental US.

This plot is still showing that the air is being slowly let out of the tire, just like the fanatics are puncturing SUV tires in the UK.  This summer was nice, but I couldn't get to the cottage much because of all the wedding activity in the family.

ps. the Haywood plot, down.

Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Arctic sweeps hitting Toronto and UK


There's the very small Toronto sweep which will only last a day.

And we have the much larger UK sweep.  All of this will be downplayed as they repeat the story about heat waves again and again.  

ps.  the lip-flappers have wasted trillions of dollars and there is probably another trillion at stake, so there is no amount of deep freezing that will change the story.  We'll shall just have to be content with endless amusement.  

Lip-Flapping Great Ideas


We have a list of the Popular People Great Ideas.  This one goes up against seeding the oceans with iron, putting sulfur dioxide in the atmosphere, and getting rid of natural gas.

In the article they caution that their magic trees may need fertilizer and more water.  Really?  The best idea for the destruction of the Earth is tinkering with photosynthesis.

If you like physics, then you know that plants came up with the great idea of zapping CO2 with photons to produce O2.  This was a couple of billion years ago when the atmosphere was all methane and CO2 replacing the current O2 percentage.  The nitrogen was always the same.  

Oxygen was a horrible pollutant.  It kills all the anaerobic bacteria, but the careless green things (cyanobacteria at the time) didn't give a hoot.  All's fair in war, the Russians tell us.  They put out the oxygen with tremendous efficiency.  Then plants came with more efficiency.

Oxygen went up to the current 20% or so.  The plants could probably go up to 30% or more, but they didn't.  They recoiled from that goal, and put all sorts of brakes on the photosynthesis process, the brakes that the pp's want to remove.

Why?  What is it about evolution that makes it smarter than any of the pp's?  A great mystery that pp's cannot explain, and I leave it at that.  But they still want to muck with the Earth's current steady state, without any grasp on physics.  

I've written about this before.  Just be glad that no idea from the pp's has ever been practical or ever worked.

Toronto natural gas rate doubles


More than doubles.  I was looking at my summer bill, which was always $25 and it was more than $50.  At least we have natural gas.  The Popular People want to get rid of it.  

As we descend into the Little Ice Age (or whatever), our 'degree day' rating of winter will get worse and worse.  Of course, that doesn't mean anything to the lip-flappers, but some of us might notice.  

Tuesday, September 13, 2022

The mechanism of drought


There are only 6 people in the world interested in physical mechanisms.  All the rest are perfectly happy with lip-flapping.

There is a certain artistry to lip-flapping.  It is driving us to freeze in the dark, but it is so elegant.  However, you will be happy to know that the Popular People got so much money from all this, that they put it all into housing speculation.  

For all of modern history, the west has suffered droughts.  Entire native settlements were abandoned with huge droughts.  It can come again, but this time the pp's say it's clange.  Ever since the oceans turned over into the modern pattern, California has enjoyed a 7 year cycle of drought, then intense rain.  The song is 'it never rains but it pours'.  Suddenly, the pp's have made this into a new thing.

Our new new pattern is that the Pacific Ocean has gone cold.  This is the pattern of the Little Ice Age, maybe, who knows?  We now have tons of modern measurements.  But the modern mechanism is clear:  there isn't any heat energy to blast the west with rain.

On the mimic, you can see that the weak plumes are going north to Alaska.  That gives us cold sweeps in the east.  Soon, those sweeps will be at 40 below.  But there is no energy to break through the mountains.  It's all stagnant air, and that makes things a parched desert.  Sucks to be the west, but maybe a large earthquake will liven things up.

We still got another year or so before the lip-flappers lose their charm.  A big depression can make us all rather sceptical.  

ps.  ha, don't bother visiting Australia for the next 300 years.  They are going back to constant gloom, which was the weather before the white guys showed up.  :)

Lucky for me, no Australian reads anything.  

Monday, September 12, 2022

Linux -- Zoneminder -- The Horror!

 Zoneminder is the world's best video surveillance software.  It has amazing features.  However, one thing is clear, whenever there is a big update, you can be out for months.

That happened to me.  I eventually just took a small computer and constantly reinstalled everything until it worked.  It has so many parts that it grinds down the poor little thing.  I have to stop the process to do maintenance.  I finally got it all working.  

It's classical Linux in that all the old bugs are new again.  Just keep reinstalling everything and it will work one day.  Hopefully, it once again lasts for a year or two.

Polar vortex fairies explained by lip-flapping


This is a wonderful lip-flapping extravaganza.  You can be sure it's serious by the serious tone, full of sincerity.  

However, they leave one teeny thing out.  The Polar Vortex is a 'candle in the wind'.  Although a lovely song, the candle has no effect on the wind.  You can compare the energy of the flame to that of the wind.  In order to influence something, energy has to be transferred from the influencer to that being influenced.  The polar vortex has no energy compared to the lower weather systems.  It simply cannot influence, unless you change the name to 'Polar Kardie'.  Then it influences the number of plastic surgeries.  

Lip-flapping makes up wonderful fantasies.  I love them all.  However, not that good, if it is something important like a bridge.

Sunday, September 11, 2022

Conserves go trumpish

 Why go half way?  The party goes full trucker.  I would write the note that I sent dougs about going full physics, but I lost it.  To me, that's the same as sending it.  

Wouldn't it be nice if the cons went 'hard nose', instead of wacky right.  Then, they could take it to the intellectual left.  But no, they never do.  

Hard nose:  All gov't spending is to increase tax revenue over the long term.  That includes health care, and welfare to get people paying taxes again.  

Very hard:  Only the Scientific Method proves anything.  Lip flapping is useless.  :)

And so on.  However, everybody falls for the lip flappers.  Let's say some middle class wants more gov't money.  Just trot out the one in a million pitiful case.  Results in the other million to get money they don't need.  You really need a campaign against lip flapping, but truckers rely on it.  In the end, it becomes all the same.  :)

Saturday, September 10, 2022

RSS world temperatures

 Yeah, everybody is back in action!  It was just the summer covid thing.  Charts can be ignored by the Popular People (or Kool Kids).

The globals are down.  The northern mid-latitudes are seasonally up, but that's meaningless.

The tropics are way down, and that's the source of our heat in the winter.  Without any tropical heat, our normal night temperatures in the winter are 40 below.  Toronto will always get some warmth from the Gulf, but that means endless snow when the Arctic air glaciers come down.  A legitimate response would be to increase the snow removal budget.

And, of course, the south pole is as steady as a rock.  No 'doom' for us

The natural consequence of all of this is that we have no heat energy for the winter.  The new 'consequence' of carbon is 'extreme weather', even though nothing supports this.  Their weird physics of 'greenhouse gases' was only going to give us more heat energy.  The story must change as the new data comes in.  

US August temperatures well in the pack -- NOAA


The continental temperature depends on the season.  That's why they plot it as August-only temperatures.  It is meaningless for the world temperatures, but they tout that, if the results are good.

When the oceans shut down, then July and August temperatures tend to zoom up.  That's because we all become 'Death Valley'.  The sun is overhead, and there's no wind.  A classic solar furnace.  At night, most of the heat leaves by radiation and convection.

Next week, we'll have their world temperatures.  

ps.  today's number is 8.  -- The average temperature for August across the contiguous U.S. was 74.6 degrees F, 2.5 degrees above average, and ranked as the eighth-warmest August on record.

That's straight from nooa

Friday, September 9, 2022

Arctic ice is strong


Well, after being ridiculously late, we have the Arctic ice volume.  Read into the chart what you may, but it looks strong and increasing.  Of course, we can argue about this forever, and no Popular Person needs to feel threatened.  Without the background physics, the charts are just fodder for debates.