Sunday, September 4, 2022

Dog story

 During covid, a popular person, perhaps tikky star, wanted a huge doberman for a show dog, a big unfixed male.  Her enthusiasm lasted for two weeks.  Now, the dog is mostly ignored, and it escapes a lot.

Now, a snappy, unfixed male schnauzer the size of a peanut, decided to take him on.  The little thing became a pin cushion, and I was amazed to see him living.  Not so snappy now, after a lot of surgery.  

So, there is a lesson here.  Unfixed male dogs, for show and breeding efforts need ten times the attention of the average fixed female mutt like mine.  You need a heavy dog run and lots of training so they don't even bark at passerby dogs.  Perhaps they shouldn't be in the city.  

I don't how much longer this dog gets to run around the neighbourhood, racking up other dog's vet bills.  Too bad, I feel sorry for him, but that's a covid dog for you.

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