Saturday, September 10, 2022

RSS world temperatures

 Yeah, everybody is back in action!  It was just the summer covid thing.  Charts can be ignored by the Popular People (or Kool Kids).

The globals are down.  The northern mid-latitudes are seasonally up, but that's meaningless.

The tropics are way down, and that's the source of our heat in the winter.  Without any tropical heat, our normal night temperatures in the winter are 40 below.  Toronto will always get some warmth from the Gulf, but that means endless snow when the Arctic air glaciers come down.  A legitimate response would be to increase the snow removal budget.

And, of course, the south pole is as steady as a rock.  No 'doom' for us

The natural consequence of all of this is that we have no heat energy for the winter.  The new 'consequence' of carbon is 'extreme weather', even though nothing supports this.  Their weird physics of 'greenhouse gases' was only going to give us more heat energy.  The story must change as the new data comes in.  

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