Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Arctic ice stops melting

 No more phoney 'I'm melting!' articles for the winter.  Now, we are seriously bulking up.

This is a weird chart that may or may not be 'cleansed' by the Popular People.  But it has hooked at a high level.

The temperature anomaly map is finally showing colder than normal.  It was a notable thing this summer that the Arctic was generally warmer than normal.

This is a chart of the minimum temperature, which is the best for clear air.  As we can see, it would be a tough hike on the ice pack in Greenland.

The Pacific plumes are hitting high, which brings Toronto the Alberta clippers.  That typhoon is producing a strong plume which will hit high, and we must see what it will do.  

ps.  nosa has come out with '10th lowest ice'  And next year will be 'bottom third'.  

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