Sunday, April 11, 2021

The fun of covid evolution

 There can be nothing more leftie than 'evolution'.  Before we had anti-maskers, vaxers, etc, we had 'creationists'.  The left was fully mobilized to attack this.  But they had a philosophical view of evolution, as a happy place, where equality ruled and nobody consumed too much.

Unfortunately, evolution is not a happy Marxie village.  The physics view is that it is nasty stuff.  Not a place for Aristotle philosophers to discuss things over coffee.  Evolution must proceed one molecular shift at a time, and each shift must be an advantage.  Everything else dies.

We shall assume that covid was happily infecting Mongolian Marmots.  People were harvesting them for food, and keeping them under horrendous conditions in cages.  A population could infect humans and go back and forth to the animals.  Eventually, the population went out to humans only.

But this population was not uniform.  It had many variations, like left-handed people.  Under certain conditions like Chinese markets, one variation was dominant.  Different conditions made others the main squeeze.

I hate to say that the mass movement to masks changed conditions.  Advantage went to those variations that could get through masks when shouting, and hit the eyes.

This is where we are now.  We had a variation that existed, probably by reproducing best, and now we have 'sneak' variations, all caused by half-way measures like masks.  We could have killed it with eye protection.

But the worst is yet to come.  The vaccination rate will stall at 50%.  Who will want to take a depressing vaccine when other jerks will do it.  No death will come to me.  That's when we get a variation that survives with half the people vaccinated, and then there will come a major mutation that gets through the vaccine.  This was all outlined in a great paper - "99 is not 100".  

With our half-measures, the only relief will come when a lot of people are dead, and the remainder are resistant.  Nothing the doctors have done will have made a difference, all because they forgot about human nature.  Of course, then we get hit by something completely different.

With the leftie doctor biologists in charge, they may want to drift to a police state where they have the power.  I would rather have incentives to vaccinate, and to use physics, but that is not possible.  This may go down in history as the greatest stupidity yet.  I'm not worried, I'll take the new vaccine every few months, and shut up when they tell me.  

Arctic air getting squeezed, blob coming down on us


This is like massaging a fat guy.  Punch in one area and another blobs out.  

The weak ocean plumes are going up one way, and a blob comes down another.  However, the Arctic ice volume is still going up, and has crossed another line.  Also, we can continue to make fun of Icelandic UK.

And while we were working in the garden yesterday, someone reminded us that last May it hit -7, but I don't remember.  :)

Saturday, April 10, 2021

Far left abandons climate, goes onto other things


It had to happen, everything is freezing, and the UK can't plant tomatoes yet.  The far left is defined as that which totally rejects physics. logic and economics, and parades things that sound good.

She doesn't realize that she can only do so much for one thing, and thinks she has an infinite ability to do all things.  She would think she has not abandoned climate, but the reality is that there are only so many hours in a day.  :)  I would greatly admire her if solved that.

The climate thing has left us with a trillion dollars of wasted money on windmills, and solar cells.  All that money could have gone into stopping covid, but money was taken out of pandemic preparedness, as well as any preparedness, such as earthquakes.  The far left does not believe in economics and money grows on trees.

She doesn't realize, as none of them do, that billions of dollars were clawed out of windmills and put to making a totally artificial vaccine.  Five years ago, nobody would have imagined this.  As soon as they were done, they were shipped out at liquid nitrogen temperatures because the molecules were so unstable. We have astra, a bit more stable, but the far left is harping on the rare blood clots.  If we shipped that to Africa, they would blow that we are sending 'rejects'.  

There is still a few more billions to get a stable vaccine that avoids extreme cooler issues.  And maybe that vaccine has a few more side effects, and a tiny percentage less effectiveness.  Is that a crime?  No satisfying the far left.

We all want the whole world to be vaccinated, just not there yet.

Anyway, they destroyed nuclear power, destroyed cheap freon refrigeration, destroyed clean coal, and caused China and Russia to dominate the world.  We can expect great things from them in the future.  :)

ps just read that again, and reliable electricity with cheap refrigeration is essential for the vaccine distribution.  We are stuck with a horrible refrigerant that requires an advanced degree in brazing to make it work.  Ask my old air conditioner.

Wind shear forces clockwise motion

 This is interesting.  We should always have counter-clockwise motion with low pressure zones, but when interlocked, we get clockwise.

With the surface winds, we see that they look exactly the same.

But, looking at the energy patterns (moist air), we see that the 'proper' motion has ten times the energy of the eddy coming off it.  All is right in the world.

Friday, April 9, 2021

Arctic ice volume lunges for the record

 First I start with the fact that I got my first vaccine at one of those big clinics.  They should give away lottery tickets!  What does that cost the government at their return rates?  And then I find all the neat stuff at Costco is blocked off by pallets of food.

You can't believe this is the way to win the war.  Where's Churchill when we need him?

Ah, his grave is frozen over.

Back to the title.

The curve has tilted up again, and will tear through everything.

Without the Gulf Stream, the UK is now a Nordic Nation.  Will they get good in cross-country skiing?  Will the popular name be Sven?

Thursday, April 8, 2021

Ocean current report

 This time I will report the locations of the Argo floats since they seem to rather thin on the ground (ocean, ha).

The ocean current maps are influenced by argo floater distribution.  But, over the course of a month or two, you can get a good picture.

The Atlantic belt may be setting up again, as well as the Pacific.  However the temperatures are low, and the plumes are weak.

There is no major plume activity hitting the Arctic, and you can see that another cold blob is going to hit the UK.  These are the main reasons that global temps are diving.  We'll still have hot spots in July, forest fires, and droughts to keep the warmie press happy.  Good for the economy!

Wednesday, April 7, 2021

The Physics of Mass Depression

 A moderate depression is defined as not giving a hoot about anything.  You can't get out of bed, you don't want to do anything.  I just signed up for one of those dehumanizing mass vaccination sites.  I can't say it makes me happy.  I'm 60 and most likely was exposed to covid, but I'm getting the shot.

At the beginning of covid, all my young people were going 'Ha, ha, just kills old people'.  Now, old people are off the slaughter table, and it's the young people getting sick.  I just drag my feet getting the shot.

I've said before that all this is bad physics, in the sense of fundamental forces, and rationality.  All the leftie Biology majors are leading the covid effort.  They try to put in the same tone of impending doom like the warmies, but our sense of peril is all used up.  Who gives a foot?

This is the type of bad physics where nobody will question how botched up everything is.  No physics will be done, even if it is to prepare for the next one.  That's because the power-people don't want the answers.

Ammie should give away things for vaccinations, since they made out like bandits with covid.  They should give out safety glasses and Auntie Ford should open everything up.  All the major transmissions are caused by depression, and a need for entertainment.  

Unfortunately, I predict that nobody will want the vaccine, and just curl up and wait to die.  I shall report on my horrible experience tomorrow, I feel it will be like getting a passport.  blah.

ps.  received the shot today.  Mildly depressing, unless you are really happy about the vaccine.  Big place and they had to move people through.  

Toronto Housing - Listings drop, prices soar


The chart defies all logic.  It is a very thin market with not a lot of money in play.  The two houses in our area got snapped up, but most of the 100 year olds are hanging on.  Where can anybody go?

Score One for Physics


This is basic physics and the Scientific Method at its finest.  The warmies attacked physics by saying that everything was done by 1850.  Also, I'm sure they used the EM drive to support their injections of fantasy.

But, it was all poor engineering of the supports.  They warmed up and made it look like thrust.  We are back to old-fashioned propellant thrust.  

Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Lovely cold Spring - plant peas

 Now's the time to plant your peas in the garden.  They love this cold weather.  I use 'sugar snap' pole peas.  I've also started to install my poly tunnel.  If it all works out I can put in the tomatoes at the beginning of May, even though we'll have frosts until the long weekend.

Broccoli is also a fine thing for the new ice age reality.  In the fall, it keeps producing until December.

I think we'll have another cold blob attack in April.  The UK is in the middle of a big one.

The King Kong of warmies, the guard, is reporting the cold.  Do they say "Holy crap, we were wrong!"?  Nope.

Monday, April 5, 2021

Large drop in world temperatures - Spencer


This is the Spencer plot, obtained from the general microwave sensors of satellites.  Last month it showed static temperatures, while NOAA and RSS showed a big drop.  This is the largest single drop on the Spencer plot.  

When these plots were going up, they were the favourite of all the warmies.  They would put on their straight lines and predict doom for all.  Now, all the plots are diving.  Does anybody report it?  Nope.

But even the warmie leader of the world has to report the cold.  Sooner or later, perhaps the good people of the UK are going to wonder what's going on.

ps.  don't be cruel and shove this in a warmie's face.  It's the only true faith they have.  Just point out that there's a lot of sales on sweaters right now.  The young uns spent all last week at the final closing sale of Le Chateau.  Coats for $10!

pps. so, for every previous physics disaster, they have managed to ignore it by not funding the work.  Who would fund work that shows them to be ignorant?  However, rapidly dropping temperatures cannot be 'covered up'.  That what makes this physics disaster more fun than covid or freon.

more:  It would be fun if their were hedge funds who bought global temp futures.  Such a big crash would be reported.

Sunday, April 4, 2021

Happy Dog Easter!


Happy Easter.  It's a fine, frosty, 70's Easter.

ps.  more dog

Greenland hits -60!


Happy Easter!  I just put this in for the record.  I've never seen Greenland go so cold.  

ps.  and on a different note of weirdness --

Most workers at nursing homes won't take vaccine

An informal survey taken by a neighbourhood dog owner have revealed that almost nobody at the nursing home where she works will not take the vaccine.  This type of survey has a success rate of 1%.  :)  The double negative is a legal thing.  

Friday, April 2, 2021

A cold, dry April

 April showers bring May flowers, but this year we might need the hose.

I am quite surprised how the very weak Pacific plumes can dominate this Spring.  They are cool and dry.

Meanwhile, the Arctic is horribly cold and threatening to blob us at any time.  The Arctic ice volume is still building, but getting flatter.  The black blobs are dancing, and I haven't seen this before, or at least, I can't remember -- blah.

I am spreading the black dirt I bought for the house, although other people may say I'm not doing it.  I'm doing it in spirit.  I'm not putting in grass seeds because we will be dry.  Maybe another Gulf plume will come up and give us water.  

I should get the first temperature chart on the 5th, and noaa comes on the 12th.  I think we will drop amazingly.  I can't wait to see what puddle of pee the warmies come up with.  :)

Thursday, April 1, 2021

Tropical plumes heat Europe, confirming warmie-ism



This is a great piece of work.  They found a place that will be warm for a few days, and went to town with it.

The tropical plumes are hammering Europe and missing the UK

In the article, you see all the charts I usually post, but in a wonderful manner to make their point.

It’s the latest in a series of heat records that are disproportionately outpacing the occurrence of cold extremes, largely the product of a changing climate and a planet whose temperatures are skewed hot.

That is their main point and they just made it up.  What chart is showing 'skewed hot'?  None.  The charts that handle this are showing a global trend to cold.  'Skewed Cold' we should say, if that statement actually meant anything.  But it is good warmie stuff.  I was worried for them, but if any place in the world has a warm anomaly for a day, they'll be on it.

Anyway, I like them using the charts they like.  It's better than just made-up stuff.

ps.  their featured warm zones are smaller and smaller, and shorter in time.  Soon they will be down to a single puddle of King Kong's pee.  :)

pps.  the latest ocean current maps show that the Atlantic belt has stopped, as well as the Pacific.  That's probably not good.