Friday, April 30, 2021

At the cottage

 Had to go, absolutely essential.  Cold and windy.

Everything is great, but the blackflies are out.  darn.

ps.  geez it's cold.

pps.  hilarious physics at zero degrees.  None of my plastic pump attachments worked, because the plastic goes like steel.  Also the freeze blew out both my Sealand toilet valves.  blah.

Thursday, April 29, 2021

Solar lights for the cottage

 Okay people, there has never been a bigger scourge on humanity than solar lights.  They don't last squat, and you are always rolling fire logs over them at the cottage.  Yet, I can't stop buying them.

These have great reviews, and I bought them for the cottage, because they are flat on the ground, and less likely to get knocked.  For the summer, I probably won't know how well they work, since I'm always in bed before the solars go on.  Maybe I'll see them when I go for my midnight walk.  :)

All clear to plant tomatoes

 Under a poly-tunnel.  I'm fairly confident it won't be like last year, and we only have frost as a threat to tomatoes.

The Arctic is getting warm, and the Arctic ice volume curve is starting on it's way down.

This year the warmies have embedded 'The Melting Arctic Ice', in everything they write.  All our cold weather is 'due' to this.  Now, they are right, the ice is melting for the summer, as it has done since the beginning of time (human scale).  

I'm going to the cottage, where it will be cold and rainy.  But no bugs!  Yeah!  

Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Covid goes for the eyes


Somebody gave me this link, after I made a comment in the Tyee.


I thought this was a rather fatuous article that talked about variants and airborne particles but nothing about the eyes.  I wrote:

You are forgetting that the eyes will take up particles 10 times better than through the nose, or touching. I would recommend safety glasses, that fit tightly.

It's opinion of physics (mine) that in workplaces or choirs, the mask is useless.  That's because everybody has to talk louder and shout, so the mask is counter-productive.  This was confirmed when everybody in the Toronto public health lab got covid.  They should have wrap-around safety glasses on all the time, even when smoking and eating in the lunchroom.  They should ditch the masks.  It wouldn't hurt to try.  I believe the variations increased because of masks, since they could work around them better.

The big trouble is that no workplace could try this.  I think masks and safety glasses won't work because of the greater velocity for particles.  We'll never know because of rigid protocols and inspectors.  Yeah, for another Grand Stupidity, they make the world go around.  :)

ps.  we need this as a new fashion.

Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Dear CRA

 Dear CRA, I am sorry that you are so screwed up right now.  The average time to contact you by phone is 3 days, and we are trying.

You have accepted last years rrsp deduction in the downloaded tax information, but in another letter you do not accept it.  I sent you the forms on your fancy system, but you did not receive them.

I'm not paying the outrageous amount you want.  We shall wait to see if anything can get through to you.  Thanks for your attention.  -- not.

ps.  to eat humble pie I now discover there was an issue on my part.  darn.  Anyway, they hang up on you now, they don't want to keep 10,000 calls waiting.  :)

pps. Yeah, after 3 days we got through to the first level, now it's a 3 hour wait to the next level.

more:  she transferred us to the guy she swore would know all about 'Box 67', and we waited 3 hours.  Nope, he was just another 1st level, and said there was nothing he could do.  blah.

Arctic air starts to break up for Spring


Yeah, I want to go to the cottage.  This breakup is caused by tropical plumes.  It will cut off the general pressure for big cold blobs to hit us.  It might mean we don't get -7 temps in May.  Or not.

The UK is still getting cold.

Sunday, April 25, 2021

Hypothesis -- The Pacific Heat Trapper

 Please note that philosophers will never put out a hypothesis.  That is the Scientific Method, and our warmie debaters have rejected that.  In our modern world, anybody that puts out a hypothesis, and it turns out wrong, is destroyed by twits.  So, nobody does it.

Hypothesis -- That the Pacific equatorial belt goes through cycles of absorbing and distributing heat energy.  These cycles are unstable, and can turn off and on.  A tropical volcano has the ability to trigger an off cycle.


We now have accurate, live satellite streams that show surface temperature and ocean currents.  In the past few years we have observed most of the physics of major cycles, such as an El Nino reversal.  We are now in an 'off' cycle, which is freezing the Northern Hemisphere.

When the Pacific current is in full form, it has a mechanism to absorb more solar energy.  That is because during a northern cold cycle, there appears to be no heat transfer to the south.  We have to suspect there is an 'on/off' mechanism.

I propose that violent thunderstorm action on the belt acts as a heat pipe to funnel solar heat to the ocean.  When the ocean reaches 30C, it spins off tropical plumes which warm the north.  The storms send up water vapour to an excess of 30,000 ft, and then it condenses and rains.  Normally, this would be thought of as a 'blocking agent', but the evidence suggests that it is a net importer of heat.

The western end of the Pacific is always in full action, and this can be examined with balloons, and compared with the cold end.  The hypothesis can be confirmed or dismissed.


You can see that any physics is expensive.  Far better to buy windmills.  Old Rex complains that the warmies are a 'church', but he gives no reason why, or what is necessary for things not to be church.  All the right wing is a bunch of losers.  They could demand 'Direct Measurement' and make Einstein happy.  But they just drink their beer and grouch.  :)

Ocean current report -- April 25, 2021


There is still no heat transport in the Pacific.  The Atlantic belt has started again, but it seems to make no difference whether it is on or off.  The Pacific is 10 times the influence.  And that's the main difference between physics and philosophy.  

The sea surface temperature anomaly shows nothing going on, but the Atlantic is now dumping all the heat in a mid-belt. 

Probably due to a lack of argo floats, you can barely see the current, but it is carrying all the heat energy to just below Spain.  I'm sure they like to throw all their floats into the old Gulf Stream, which now has no influence in the region.

Therefore, it will continue to be cold.  I have no idea as to the specific mechanism for the cold cycles.  When the Pacific turns off, we freeze in the North, but nobody else gets warmer.  Somehow, heat is being rejected at the equator.  Really weird.

ps.  Also, I have to suspect that a big tropical volcano in the Pacific belt does the exact same thing.  It shades the belt and stops a heat-absorbing mechanism.  So, we can assume that we'll have the exact same weather as a big volcano.  The warmies can't use that, though, because they don't do physics.

Saturday, April 24, 2021

Air Glacier Stopped By Plume


We are still getting air glaciers or cold blobs.  The Arctic volume is holding steady, which means that warm plumes aren't getting to the ice.  

This battle gives us warm weather one day, and cold the next.  You can see the clear air, ready for another lunge.  Let the warmies dream, but get ready for cold.  Enjoy all the empty promises at the climate summit, which break physics.  I'm going to enjoy my nice firepit today.  :)

Friday, April 23, 2021

An ice-cold May and June

 Prepare yourself!

This is a great little fire pit, 16 inches across.  I have a standard gas one, but it's for drinking white wine on a warm night.  This one is hot, and is good in the sun at 10C.

The wood pellets are expensive, but good, so I'm mixing in some pine waste, like pine cones and dried little branches.  I'm going to try some old cedar pieces.

These are apple wood pellets.  The firepit is designed for these.

You need this firestarter for the pellets.  It's the best I've ever seen.  You just light the packets and it gives a hot, clean flame.

The key to smokelessness is to keep a flame going in the pit.  Then you add small amounts of pellets or waste dry wood.  As long as there is a good flame, there's no smoke.  Don't throw in a big wad of pellets at once, like I did!

Enjoy the ice age and laugh at the warmies who will still be clinging to their faith, as the ice comes rumbling down.  :)

Old brick houses on mush


Back to earthquakes for a minute.  It's a good thing that the philosophers don't worry about earthquakes, they all live in old brick houses on mush.  These houses flood and tilt, so it is obvious which ones they are.  I'm not revealing any secrets, and crashing property values.  

The way to handle this is to take down the house, and use very deep screw piles.  You need poured concrete walls on the side to protect from the other houses collapsing.  Don't put in a chimney.

It's not a top hazard, like a pandemic, but the hazard and risk are at least as good as any house in Los Angeles.  There, they've had so many earthquakes that all the horrible risks are already down.  If the bricks just peel off, and the structure stands, then it is not a hazard to life.

Our odds of a big earthquake is probably 1 in 1000 to one in 10000.  This earthquake takes place along the Hamilton fault and makes a mush of most of Toronto.  It is one of those things that is well below 'climate philosophy' in terms of attention.

Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Latest covid evolutions

 Yeah, biology majors are in charge of our lives!  They finally realized that wiping surfaces is useless, but we'll continue doing it, thank you very much.  They are almost saying that all covid transmission is through the air.  That's nice, but they don't add the physics.  Basically, if one transmission is at 90%, then it is the only pathway, since the other 'force' is insufficient and below noise.  That means ditch the masks, cover your coughs, and wear 'hugging' wrap-around glasses.

But, we don't do that when philosophers are in charge.  All pathways deserve attention.  Everybody is special, etc.  Time and effort grows on trees.

Here comes the best thing -- with a commie distribution of vaccines, we'll have vaccine resistance before we are anywhere near 80%.  The commie way is to 'equally' share the vaccines like grets wants to do.  Yeah!

The ruthless, effective way is to blitz the hotspots and don't allow travel.  Give people lottery tickets to take vaccines.  You must get 80% before moving on. or opening up.  Our fine, marksist way is like India, spread 10% everywhere and watch what happens.  Instant 'double variant' which has evolved around the vaccine.  And let those people travel to Canada, as 'essential workers' or essential virus carriers.

I've had my vaccine, and it should be good for a few months.  

Climate pipe dreams

 The trouble with philosophers is that they can dream up a lot of concepts, but there is no nitty-gritty.


This is exactly the same as 'corn ethanol'.  You are taking away food, and deforesting for palm oil.  The road to Hell is paved with good intentions.

And now we have Canada Net Zero.  Really?  With an ice age coming?


It's a matter of scaling, dear trudies.  Also, he throws out 'no carbon effect'.  I've asked for sources, but won't get any, because there aren't any.  Another debater who buries the vital points in the text, as a fact.

Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Heavy snow at the end of April

 No, I'm not going to gloat because the outcome is so horrible.  I'm getting a fire pit for the patio for May and June.  

Until the dark blue and black colours are gone, we are going to be hit with blobs.  This one is hitting Texas.

The Gulf air is desperately trying to keep Texas in warmth, but it may lose.  But the Gulf air isn't saving us.  The final confirmation that this has been a cold winter will the degree-day chart, which is your furnace bill.  My new super-furnace is keeping the gas bill low.

I have no warmie-worry.  They will bounce back with a new explanation they pull out of the hat.  It will make as much sense as restricting outdoor activity for covid.  Ah, the wonderful feeling of Grand Stupidities.  I'm taking more pills.

ps. looks like the general theme will be to forget the last 5 years, and go for the fudged-up history.

They stop at the second El Nino.  They always used to stop at the first 2016 one. Also, they now define 'warmest year' as the peak during the year, as opposed to the closeout of the year.  Neat.


I think they're throwing out physics to make room.  :)

Monday, April 19, 2021

Very strong blob attack, may hit Texas

 Everybody is getting blob attacks.  France lost vines, texas lost people.  

To see how strong and fast this one is, you look at the plume map.

The only thing that will stop it is a warm plume from the Gulf.  No sign of one now.  In the 70's we would have expected this to kill the Florida orange crop.  Maybe next year.

The Arctic ice volume did drop a bit, but is now leveling out.

It will most likely stay flat and intersect more lines.  The survival of ice and/or blobs depends on how well the warm plumes can get to the Arctic.  They have to be strong to penetrate the ice block, comprised of thick, cold air.  Energy vs.  no energy.  Very neat.

ps.  you may have noticed that this post is rather cold and lifeless.  That's my mood right now, as the blob hits.

Friday, April 16, 2021

Leaving again, so soon

 This is the end of new physics reports at the beginning of each month.  Now, all I'm doing is listing cold events and making fun of ridiculous explanations.  This is a rather negative activity, and it is not good for my depressions.

The news for the rest of the month is predictable.  A few more blob attacks, the Arctic ice will finally retreat, and someone will find a warm spot somewhere in the world.  Eventually, we will start warming up for summer, and the warmies will go to town.  All will be good in the world.

The new monthly cycle begins with the sea level, and it will probably be static.  I would hate to see it plunge.  Then we'll get all the charts showing big drops in world temps.  These will all be ignored.

NOAA will stop showing it's charts when someone in the Biden Army notices them.  They will all say "You don't understand climate change." which will be the new mantra against physics.

I will attempt to put my tomatoes in a poly-tunnel, but the -10 weather in May will stop me.  120 km/hr westerlies will blow my tent to the river.  Good thing I'll never get to use it.

Our vaccination rate won't go above 50%.  New strains will evolve.  Auntie Ford will dictate that we can't breathe.  Toronto house prices won't crash yet because the gov't will never turn off the taps.  Money will cease to have any meaning.  :)

ps.  oh darn.  The final world temp calculation has come in -- RSS.  I thought they were gone.

We have 'recovered' from the halfsie El Nino, and now are at the lowest since the 2016 peak.  There is nothing stopping it from going down steeply from now on.  All the more fun for the holy men "Ah, you do not know the secrets of the Universe.  You are banned for life.'

Another cold blob attack for us


The Arctic air is incredibly strong for the middle of April.  It's still black over Greenland.  The Texas-style blob attack is still on France and hitting my buddy in the north of Spain.  Perhaps they laughed at Texas.

This cold blob, though, is more like an Alberta Clipper.  The Pacific plume has gone high, to the Yukon and is coming down on us, skirting the blob.  That should bring snow, not the crystal-clear air of a true blob.  

I think my other source of world temperatures has thrown in the towel.  No use antagonizing the Biden Army.  NOAA put in all the extra temp charts when they were showing how hot we were, and they would be in a difficulty, should they remove them.  However, that could happen.  Physics is now under massive attack as we get cold.  But, we must assume that people can still stick their noses out the door.

We are now in the end-game of extreme cold versus the old warmie establishment.  A few of us may play the game 'This parrot is frozen', and they say 'It's merely resting.'  It's been 5 years of cold, and nobody has noticed it yet.  So, I expect another few years of 'denial'.  

ps.  I suddenly realized that all the fantastic explanations of yesteryear for the cold, are gone.  That was the 'Dancing Jet Stream', and 'Polar Vortex Fairies'.  This year's explanation is 'Melting Arctic Causes Frozen Arctic'.  What will we have next year?

ps.  and I try to be so careful on cbc, but I have been deactivated.

Thursday, April 15, 2021

Buying a fishing magnet

 This is where you need some knowledge of physics, or just read the reviews. like I did.  Many magnets don't seem to have the advertised output.  This one does.


Just put a steel bracket across the face and watch your fingers. The outer ring of steel closes the magnet force field.  At the cottage, I was using a long horseshoe magnet with a lot of texture on the bottom.  That's a disaster because every sand grain is magnetic.  Lots of iron at the lake, good for the health.

This design promises to be easier to knock off all the sand.  I use the magnet to pick up the nails near our traditional beach burning place.  Also great for when you fixing something on the dock and whoops...

Just don't forget to put some locktite on the thread of the eyelet.  Many sad stories about that.  In the 50's we some people used to dump iron in the deep part of the lake.  The iron-eating bacteria  are ferocious in the lake and everything would be eaten in a couple of years.

Wednesday, April 14, 2021

France loses the vines, warmth is to blame


You can see on the chart that Europe is frozen solid.  

They got a blob attack, just like the many cold blobs that hit North America.  What goes around, comes around.  

Today the news is filled with stories on how ice makes everything warmer.  This is fun.

Looks like we're going to get another blob attack.  You can see the clear area moving down.

And we can blame all this cold on the 'Melting Arctic' which is another myth taken for fact.  Anything for a story that keeps you in clover.

ps.  Sad Lament

Red, red wine,

fruit of the vine,

no longer to be mine.

pps.  And somebody has a plan to take all the lefties out on a boat running with a molten salt reactor.  Just over a deep trench should do it.  :)  Does it remind you of a certain Simpsons episode?

just don't take it through the Suez -- 900 million, please.

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

NOAA Declares Carbon Warming Hypothesis False

 Ha.  Not in a sound bite that would never be carried by any media.  Nor, would they have anyone to stand up to the Biden Army and nasa.  No, this is declared 'quietly' in their charts.

That way nobody has to respond.

This is the time history, and the ranking is now down in the deep pit.

The Haywood plot shows us in the middling section.  You can see that March was a tiny bit warmer than February, but less than January.  A global plot should be insensitive to seasons but you can see a very slight seasonal uplift in all the other curves.  So, this is to be expected.

ps. and the title is nonsense, because the hypothesis was never defined by the warmies.  It is always a moving target.  But it was always a correlation between co2 and temperature, and that has failed.


I agree that we'll have the end of nice beach weather.  Oh, the horror!

more:  we must realize by now that no amount of world temperature dropping will have any effect on the warmie faithful.  We wait for the RSS calculation.

Math and Physics to Disappear From Canada


This is just symbolic, since it is gone anyway.  I'm sure that there is still a lot of action in those fields, but all those people go to California.  :)

I had hoped that northern universities would lead 'The New Renaissance' of the Scientific Method, but they are all going to Philosophy,  which is a world thing.  

Meanwhile, NOAA has processed, at least, the US results.

This is the closest we'll get to Toronto, and it shows the seasonality.  The plot is now at the bottom of the warm cycle, and going over to the blizzard years.  

Equatorial Action is Sluggish


I'm still waiting for the world temps - everything is sluggish.  

The main heat engine of the world is stopped, and the plumes aren't doing much.  We are in 'default weather', which is just based on latitude and season.  

I planted a lot of sugar-snap peas, they love this weather.

Sunday, April 11, 2021

The fun of covid evolution

 There can be nothing more leftie than 'evolution'.  Before we had anti-maskers, vaxers, etc, we had 'creationists'.  The left was fully mobilized to attack this.  But they had a philosophical view of evolution, as a happy place, where equality ruled and nobody consumed too much.

Unfortunately, evolution is not a happy Marxie village.  The physics view is that it is nasty stuff.  Not a place for Aristotle philosophers to discuss things over coffee.  Evolution must proceed one molecular shift at a time, and each shift must be an advantage.  Everything else dies.

We shall assume that covid was happily infecting Mongolian Marmots.  People were harvesting them for food, and keeping them under horrendous conditions in cages.  A population could infect humans and go back and forth to the animals.  Eventually, the population went out to humans only.

But this population was not uniform.  It had many variations, like left-handed people.  Under certain conditions like Chinese markets, one variation was dominant.  Different conditions made others the main squeeze.

I hate to say that the mass movement to masks changed conditions.  Advantage went to those variations that could get through masks when shouting, and hit the eyes.

This is where we are now.  We had a variation that existed, probably by reproducing best, and now we have 'sneak' variations, all caused by half-way measures like masks.  We could have killed it with eye protection.

But the worst is yet to come.  The vaccination rate will stall at 50%.  Who will want to take a depressing vaccine when other jerks will do it.  No death will come to me.  That's when we get a variation that survives with half the people vaccinated, and then there will come a major mutation that gets through the vaccine.  This was all outlined in a great paper - "99 is not 100".  

With our half-measures, the only relief will come when a lot of people are dead, and the remainder are resistant.  Nothing the doctors have done will have made a difference, all because they forgot about human nature.  Of course, then we get hit by something completely different.

With the leftie doctor biologists in charge, they may want to drift to a police state where they have the power.  I would rather have incentives to vaccinate, and to use physics, but that is not possible.  This may go down in history as the greatest stupidity yet.  I'm not worried, I'll take the new vaccine every few months, and shut up when they tell me.  

Arctic air getting squeezed, blob coming down on us


This is like massaging a fat guy.  Punch in one area and another blobs out.  

The weak ocean plumes are going up one way, and a blob comes down another.  However, the Arctic ice volume is still going up, and has crossed another line.  Also, we can continue to make fun of Icelandic UK.

And while we were working in the garden yesterday, someone reminded us that last May it hit -7, but I don't remember.  :)

Saturday, April 10, 2021

Far left abandons climate, goes onto other things


It had to happen, everything is freezing, and the UK can't plant tomatoes yet.  The far left is defined as that which totally rejects physics. logic and economics, and parades things that sound good.

She doesn't realize that she can only do so much for one thing, and thinks she has an infinite ability to do all things.  She would think she has not abandoned climate, but the reality is that there are only so many hours in a day.  :)  I would greatly admire her if solved that.

The climate thing has left us with a trillion dollars of wasted money on windmills, and solar cells.  All that money could have gone into stopping covid, but money was taken out of pandemic preparedness, as well as any preparedness, such as earthquakes.  The far left does not believe in economics and money grows on trees.

She doesn't realize, as none of them do, that billions of dollars were clawed out of windmills and put to making a totally artificial vaccine.  Five years ago, nobody would have imagined this.  As soon as they were done, they were shipped out at liquid nitrogen temperatures because the molecules were so unstable. We have astra, a bit more stable, but the far left is harping on the rare blood clots.  If we shipped that to Africa, they would blow that we are sending 'rejects'.  

There is still a few more billions to get a stable vaccine that avoids extreme cooler issues.  And maybe that vaccine has a few more side effects, and a tiny percentage less effectiveness.  Is that a crime?  No satisfying the far left.

We all want the whole world to be vaccinated, just not there yet.

Anyway, they destroyed nuclear power, destroyed cheap freon refrigeration, destroyed clean coal, and caused China and Russia to dominate the world.  We can expect great things from them in the future.  :)

ps just read that again, and reliable electricity with cheap refrigeration is essential for the vaccine distribution.  We are stuck with a horrible refrigerant that requires an advanced degree in brazing to make it work.  Ask my old air conditioner.

Wind shear forces clockwise motion

 This is interesting.  We should always have counter-clockwise motion with low pressure zones, but when interlocked, we get clockwise.

With the surface winds, we see that they look exactly the same.

But, looking at the energy patterns (moist air), we see that the 'proper' motion has ten times the energy of the eddy coming off it.  All is right in the world.

Friday, April 9, 2021

Arctic ice volume lunges for the record

 First I start with the fact that I got my first vaccine at one of those big clinics.  They should give away lottery tickets!  What does that cost the government at their return rates?  And then I find all the neat stuff at Costco is blocked off by pallets of food.

You can't believe this is the way to win the war.  Where's Churchill when we need him?

Ah, his grave is frozen over.

Back to the title.

The curve has tilted up again, and will tear through everything.

Without the Gulf Stream, the UK is now a Nordic Nation.  Will they get good in cross-country skiing?  Will the popular name be Sven?

Thursday, April 8, 2021

Ocean current report

 This time I will report the locations of the Argo floats since they seem to rather thin on the ground (ocean, ha).

The ocean current maps are influenced by argo floater distribution.  But, over the course of a month or two, you can get a good picture.

The Atlantic belt may be setting up again, as well as the Pacific.  However the temperatures are low, and the plumes are weak.

There is no major plume activity hitting the Arctic, and you can see that another cold blob is going to hit the UK.  These are the main reasons that global temps are diving.  We'll still have hot spots in July, forest fires, and droughts to keep the warmie press happy.  Good for the economy!