Friday, April 2, 2021

A cold, dry April

 April showers bring May flowers, but this year we might need the hose.

I am quite surprised how the very weak Pacific plumes can dominate this Spring.  They are cool and dry.

Meanwhile, the Arctic is horribly cold and threatening to blob us at any time.  The Arctic ice volume is still building, but getting flatter.  The black blobs are dancing, and I haven't seen this before, or at least, I can't remember -- blah.

I am spreading the black dirt I bought for the house, although other people may say I'm not doing it.  I'm doing it in spirit.  I'm not putting in grass seeds because we will be dry.  Maybe another Gulf plume will come up and give us water.  

I should get the first temperature chart on the 5th, and noaa comes on the 12th.  I think we will drop amazingly.  I can't wait to see what puddle of pee the warmies come up with.  :)

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