Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Heavy snow at the end of April

 No, I'm not going to gloat because the outcome is so horrible.  I'm getting a fire pit for the patio for May and June.  

Until the dark blue and black colours are gone, we are going to be hit with blobs.  This one is hitting Texas.

The Gulf air is desperately trying to keep Texas in warmth, but it may lose.  But the Gulf air isn't saving us.  The final confirmation that this has been a cold winter will the degree-day chart, which is your furnace bill.  My new super-furnace is keeping the gas bill low.

I have no warmie-worry.  They will bounce back with a new explanation they pull out of the hat.  It will make as much sense as restricting outdoor activity for covid.  Ah, the wonderful feeling of Grand Stupidities.  I'm taking more pills.

ps. looks like the general theme will be to forget the last 5 years, and go for the fudged-up history.

They stop at the second El Nino.  They always used to stop at the first 2016 one. Also, they now define 'warmest year' as the peak during the year, as opposed to the closeout of the year.  Neat.


I think they're throwing out physics to make room.  :)


Penny said...


I saw this in the news and was like what the hell?
WE have potted lettuce and herbs outside (south facing) and I've already had two fresh salads-

Like 15 cm's of snow! Late April?! It won't last, but... geez

Harold Asmis said...

The real surprise will be snow in May.

May showers
Bring June flowers.