Monday, April 19, 2021

Very strong blob attack, may hit Texas

 Everybody is getting blob attacks.  France lost vines, texas lost people.  

To see how strong and fast this one is, you look at the plume map.

The only thing that will stop it is a warm plume from the Gulf.  No sign of one now.  In the 70's we would have expected this to kill the Florida orange crop.  Maybe next year.

The Arctic ice volume did drop a bit, but is now leveling out.

It will most likely stay flat and intersect more lines.  The survival of ice and/or blobs depends on how well the warm plumes can get to the Arctic.  They have to be strong to penetrate the ice block, comprised of thick, cold air.  Energy vs.  no energy.  Very neat.

ps.  you may have noticed that this post is rather cold and lifeless.  That's my mood right now, as the blob hits.

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