Tuesday, April 13, 2021

NOAA Declares Carbon Warming Hypothesis False

 Ha.  Not in a sound bite that would never be carried by any media.  Nor, would they have anyone to stand up to the Biden Army and nasa.  No, this is declared 'quietly' in their charts.

That way nobody has to respond.

This is the time history, and the ranking is now down in the deep pit.

The Haywood plot shows us in the middling section.  You can see that March was a tiny bit warmer than February, but less than January.  A global plot should be insensitive to seasons but you can see a very slight seasonal uplift in all the other curves.  So, this is to be expected.

ps. and the title is nonsense, because the hypothesis was never defined by the warmies.  It is always a moving target.  But it was always a correlation between co2 and temperature, and that has failed.


I agree that we'll have the end of nice beach weather.  Oh, the horror!

more:  we must realize by now that no amount of world temperature dropping will have any effect on the warmie faithful.  We wait for the RSS calculation.


Penny said...

I've noticed in the charts the 30's, which I believe had some of the hottest temps on record, at least in North America, are always absent.


Harold Asmis said...

Yes, noaa did as many tricks as anybody else, but now they are caught.