Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Covid goes for the eyes


Somebody gave me this link, after I made a comment in the Tyee.


I thought this was a rather fatuous article that talked about variants and airborne particles but nothing about the eyes.  I wrote:

You are forgetting that the eyes will take up particles 10 times better than through the nose, or touching. I would recommend safety glasses, that fit tightly.

It's opinion of physics (mine) that in workplaces or choirs, the mask is useless.  That's because everybody has to talk louder and shout, so the mask is counter-productive.  This was confirmed when everybody in the Toronto public health lab got covid.  They should have wrap-around safety glasses on all the time, even when smoking and eating in the lunchroom.  They should ditch the masks.  It wouldn't hurt to try.  I believe the variations increased because of masks, since they could work around them better.

The big trouble is that no workplace could try this.  I think masks and safety glasses won't work because of the greater velocity for particles.  We'll never know because of rigid protocols and inspectors.  Yeah, for another Grand Stupidity, they make the world go around.  :)

ps.  we need this as a new fashion.

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