Monday, February 28, 2022

Inflation running at 100% per year

 This is cute.  Cold war, threat of nuclear war, inflation, high interest rates.  Stalled economy.

All from the 70's, including the ice age cycle.  Those who lived through that remember, but the young ones don't.  A quilting thread spool has the old price of $28, and the new price is $50.  Gas will double.

The central banks are still dithering.  Why raise interest rates, if it's the end of the world?

The nice thing about nuclear war is that there's no need to panic, nothing to do.  Unlike the phony climate change.  That sold a lot of newspapers.  So, I will stand and face the blast, it's beautiful.  We old men know that our end could come tomorrow, no need to change anything.

Now comes the Poots endgame.  He has put a starvation seige on Ukraine.  He doesn't want pictures of starving, bloated Ukrainian kids, they look too much like Russians.  If he is the old Poots, then he'll withdraw, saying 'Ha, ha, fooled ya!' and get a destroyed country with no Nato.  All his people are forced to eat beets anyway, so he doesn't care about a season of missed wheat.

If it is 'Trumpcrazy Poots', then it doesn't matter.  Our only hope is a coup.  

The main estimate for the future is a doubling of food prices and a repeat of the 70's.  The good news is that cheap Chinese drones are going for half price.  The Russians were buying them all, and now they have no money.

Europe is cold


We're getting a good clipper, with a snow front.

The big news is that our mass of cold air is being fought back by the powers of the season.  However, there is now a spill over to Europe.

This is probably caused by the cooling of that little section of ocean over Norway.  

That section is now below normal.  The Atlantic warm belt seems to be making a new run, way to the south.  I'll have to wait for the new ocean current map.  That's a possibility for an ice cycle.

ps. buy your quilting thread for the year.  The price rise coming in is huge.

Sunday, February 27, 2022

Continuing to design a physics game - Kill the Nasties!


I'm going back to obscuring everything.  The only happy place for Newtonian physics these days are computer games.  I was always impressed with Ringworld, and that Earth had tons of asteroid mining vessels and no known warships.  The invaders came and were cut up by the laser-driven ships.

So, we have a fictional country invaded by Nasties who are killing everyone.  Except they have a zillion argricultural drones for spraying.  They end up spraying supply trucks with black UV epoxy in the bright sunlight.  I know from my exploits that it sets up instantly, and is impossible to remove.  That blinds their windshields.  

These drones can also deliver other explosive payloads.  So, the game has them zooming through the forest, and attacking.  Neat.

A clipper like any other


This clipper was high and is now descending like we've had all winter.  However, I get the impression that the cold is shrinking, as it should.  Our spring weather should consist of 'high clippers' where we only get the Pacific plumes and not the cold.

However, if the Gulf plumes are weak, then it's a cold spring.

Europe is cold.

Saturday, February 26, 2022

Ukraine holds the Russians

 This was the only hope, that Uk had a ton of drone swarms to throw at them.  The Russians live in the 50's.  Good enough for their fathers, good enough for them.

Poots has laid all the groundwork to destroy the West.  He left out Turkey and China.  Canada supplies Turk with optical systems.  A drone swarm would obliterate columns of tanks.  But we really don't know.

Poots would have given in to his hawkish generals.  They would say -- It's a cakewalk, all done in a day or two.  Only costing a billion for a great real estate deal.  Poots would now carpet bomb, if he could, but he can't.  Only fighters with dumb 50's bombs.

We'll see when they regroup tomorrow for a renewed push.  With only one guy at the top, you will have serveral of these pit stops.  He needs to have his snooze.


ps.  This article was big for me, because I didn't blur the names.  I was thinking all night about 1 pound magnetic shaped charges of semtex.  The fpv drone would zoom in and arm the charge while flying, and the magnet would finish it.  The shaped charge would send in a ball of liquid metal.

Invest for Inflation

 This compost bin has increased in price by a factor of 3.  Who thinks there's no inflation?

Thermal compost

I keep thinking, omg!  If you are rich and have a large garden, then this is the best.  Thanks to the phillies, we've had no investment in new oil and gas.  They want both electric cars and windmills.  And thanks to that logic, we have no electrical grid worth anything.

So, this is a better investment than bitscoin, during a war.  You can have your victory garden, while you watch Poots march like Hilter.  He has a much better gimmick now -- Let me kill you all, or I'll kill you all.

Thanks to all his careful work in the past decade or so, there is nobody to stop him.  Cut off his oil and gas?  Ha!  While everybody was focussing on something that will never happen in a 100 years or so, he made his move.

Now gasoline will be 4 times what it was.  How about buying a non-recyclable lithium car?  That sounds neat.  My hybrid cars are chock full of nickel.  I like that as a metals investment.

Once it stops being 20 below in Toronto, I'll start my tomato seeds.  Probably a short growing season, but we'll a heatwave somewhere for sure.  Lots of reading on that while I hope my tomatoes ripen.

A Jagged Little Clipper


This is a much higher clipper, and you can see a big jag.  I like to think the Pacific plumes are cutting into the barrel of ice cream, and it's running out.  Still, that's a whole lot of cold coming down on Toronto, and then, NYC.  

The US natgas reserves are at the bottom of the 5 year band.  What's the true bottom?  When they run out, this is Poots true gift to the world -- the entire clange movement.  

Friday, February 25, 2022

Nuclear weapons used in offence

 We have a new stage in world politics.  Poots is saying -- let us invade and kill everybody, or we'll let loose the Dogs of Nuke.  Everybody is expected to stand by while he does that.  He's bluffing with a pair of twos.

Sooner or later, the world is going to have to say - Do it then.  They are going to have to push, and he'll be screaming -- I'm going to do it, I really am, any minute now.

Now, the Chinese are really calm.  Do they think Poots is blowing out his nose, or do they think that the West is creamery butter?  I'm sure they don't want all out nuclear war, it would interfere with business.  They should start invading Russia, saying that if Russia does anything, they'll press the button.

Soon everbody will be saying - Give me money, or I'll destroy the world.

We've had a cold war since the 40's.  The world has been relatively quiet because everybody tiptoed around interfering in the other's domain.  Thus we had Clinton saying 'Bomb them into the stone age.' for Serbia.  Russia stayed out.  But now Poots has made the 'Big Threat' for money grubbing.  The world changes.

I give the odds of nuclear war at a bit more than before.  They are going to have to sneak in weapons to the Ukraine, and push a bit more.  In Canada, the rexxies can just promote trucker strikes.  Single issue people can't look at anything else.

Has rexxie said anything about Ukraine?

ps  Poots the suicide bomber.  neat.

Ocean current report - Feb 24, 2022


The Pacific current continues to be unorganized.  If we were getting heat, then there would be big sections of uniform current, and we would see warmth on the ocean temp plots.

But, there's nothing.  The north Atlantic is exactly the same as before, a dim bulb of warmth.

Sea level has a sharp drop down


This is my favourite sea level gauge.  For some reason, the tectonics here are in exact sync with the rapidly rising sea level.

Noaa has released a huge sea level rise of something like half a metre since 1860.  That's amazing!  So I found this chart where the rise after glaciation is totally still, and shows this dramatic rise.

Over in Maine.  So, the burning of the first lump of coal has caused the same rising rate as today -- the Earth is sentient!  I always knew that.

If you look at both charts, you can see in the fine detail, all our past warm and cold cycles.  The Maine chart also has a big drop.  I find that the world temp charts reflect this, within a month or two.  The fine detail is caused by the expansion of ocean water when it warms or cools.  It's an excellent thermometer.

The three of you who champion physics would know that the sea level has done squat since measurements began.  All coastal sites go up and down like toilet seats, except for Astoria, Oregon.  And since we can't take a measuring stick down to the centre of the earth, it's nearly impossible to precisely measure absolute sea level.  It's all relative to something.

ps.  you would look at the Maine chart and say that climate change started in 1930.  But noaa would say there was a place down the road, that had the first gauge in 1860, with the same straight line.  Okay, then it started in 1860, with the first lump of coal in a Christmas stocking.  Life is so sweet.  Let the Russians run over everything.

Signs of Spring


This could be a sign.  A Pacific plume has penetrated with a high hit on Alaska.  Normally, this doesn't get far without forming a clipper.  The 50 below air is breaking up.  

We probably still have a month of cold.  The natgas storage chart is heading towards a 5-year minimum. I suspect that if we plot degree-days, it will be a record.


The Pacific plumes could tip the cold over the other side to freezing Europe.

Thursday, February 24, 2022

Fixing a Samsung dryer

 The inside of the samsung dryer is just an old Inglis.  So, you need this.

Dryer wheels

Sometimes they wear out brand new, mostly after 5 years of medium use.  

So, you get a hint when things start squeaking.  My relative showed me how to take it apart.  I lubricated things, but it never lasted.  You need a full replacement.

Pull out the dryer and unplug it.  Then jam a screwdriver under the top at the front and it pops off.  The whole top leans back.  Secure it with a wire.

Then lots of screws, and try not to lose them, like I always do.  Use utoob to find how to unhook the belt - that's a nasty job.  Replace all the wheels and the spikes.  Heaven help you with the front ones.  Get you fingers back there, and swear a lot.  Don't take off the back, you can do it!

Put on the new idle wheel and belt.  Have lots of fun.

Then it all goes back together.  Nice and quiet and should last another 5 years.  My dryer burned out the inside of a wheel.  They are just sleeves on spikes.  Bearings would get mucked up.  I had a cup of ground steel which I sucked up with the shop vac.  Clean everything.  blah.

ps. finally tested it.  Smooth as silk.

Russia invaded Kazzie


This was last month.  The scoop, according to my 'stan' barber, was that Turkey and China expressed displeasure, and they withdrew.  These are the only guys that can pressure Russia, the West has lost all leverage.

So, we hope for a million Turkish drones to show up in secret.  The Chinese supply the components.  Neither of these guys would care for world destruction.  

In the meantime, the press needs at least one doomer story to keep up the anxiety.  So much for climate change.

ps.  so, if they lost their mojo because of 1970's equipment, then they invaded Ukraine, to show they could.

pps.  note that this was never reported by our paid-off Poots lovers.  All the kids in the yard were laughing at them, saying they couldn't invade themselves out of a paper bag.

Russia invades Ukraine

 As expected, Russia is rolling over Ukraine, and the world is helpless.  Poots has played the nuclear destruction card.  Germany is paralyzed because they believed all the climate philosophy, and shut down all their sources of heat.  Like Heroin, they are totally addicted to Russian oil and gas.

Russia has long ago removed itself from the world economy.  They can now invade everybody and cry 'Nah nah, try and stop us!'  I blame this all on the intellectual left, which Poots supported.

And what do we get from the right?  -- truckers.

ps.  and a fine epittaph -- "In the end, the Gods of Global Warming brought us nuclear war."

Wednesday, February 23, 2022

The Four Prancing Ponies of the Polar Apocalypse


Darn ponies, everybody is running out of heating natgas.  

A great linear.  The Pacific plumes are penetrating, and maybe we are seeing a break-up of the ice.

But right now, we are getting another 50 below approach, and the US will be running out of natgas.

ps.  natgas starts another zoom.  Might stay up this time.

more predictable than anything else.  They always seem to be totally surprised by the cold blobs.

pps.  I need to name the ponies for the 'My Little Freezing Ponies" collection.  I'll make a fortune.  Ok, there's Ice Wings, Hoar Frost, Silver Streak, and ... blah.

...Make Believe

more:  The pony Make Believe helps noaa out with their temp charts.

Tuesday, February 22, 2022

NOAA fun ended

 Who would believe it?  It really was a ridiculously long computer outage.  No recalculation or weird stuff.

The results just come out as flat.  And if you just plot January (which is weird for the world plot), then you get 6th warmest.  As a month by month plot, which is good, because the world temps are not seasonal, then you get "It's the 150th warmest month'.

I didn't actually count, that's stupid.  However, their PR department can easily take care of this.

ps.  they are back without an explanation, and now the world temps are perfectly flat when they should be diving according to other methods, that have always agreed before.  I suspect they will be flat for a while.  Oh well.

Endless storms in UK

 Nobody asks about why there are endless storms.  They don't want the usual 'jet stream' explanation.

Just like we have endless storms in Toronto, they are getting the same thing.  Plumes slashing over them.  This pattern has been identical for the last month or so, the same as the Pacific pattern.  When the plumes are slashing, it means the surrounding cold winds are overwhelming the plumes.

What they never mention with the storms is how cold it is.

Look at the London temps for the end of February.  Amazingly cold.  If you just focus on the storms, then you can say it's all clange.

Longest linear storm yet

 From sea to shining sea..

Almost, from far Texas to Quebec.

And it's broken, whatever that means.  These storms just keep increasing in power, and there's plenty of Pacific action and cold left.

And you might be saying - Enough already, give me a break!  Nope, lip flapping only works for noaa.

That 50 below stuff comes down on us again.  The Pacific plumes look to be scoopin' and slashin' like the past month or two.  The prancing ponies of the polar vortex apocalypse.  Neat.

ps -- radar

Monday, February 21, 2022

Another linear storm comes down on us


Right now, this is just a curled flower, ready to unfurl.  We all know what this means.  Why are all these identical storms coming down to hit us?  Does anybody care?  Are you happy  with an explanation of endless polar vortex fairies on the march?  Why didn't those pesky things bother us before?

Lots of rain and then snow.  We'll see how long the line gets.

ps.  now up to 16 loyal readers.  Yeah!

Ocean current report -- Feb. 19, 2022

 With noaa refusing to do any more world temperatures, we must make do with the few remaining physics sites.

The Gulf Stream continues to look the same since it died in 2016.  There is no coherence past the middle of the ocean.  The Arctic current looks weak, but it's mostly under ice.

The Pacific is a mess, but with a few central sections.  These look promising as heat generators, but we look at the mimic.

There's nothing there.  I have found that if we wish to bump up the world temps, we need a hot zone, a sectional El Nino.  Nope.

If the Argo floats aren't telling us anything, then we have the ocean temps.  The warm zone over Norway continues to collapse, and bring us more ice.  However, the plumes are hitting Siberia, and they are having a winter heat wave.  We'll hear about it soon.

All the cold is hanging on our side of the fence.  We need to push it back.

Sunday, February 20, 2022

All future temperature curves to be works of art

 I predicted this, that as the world went into an ice cycle (age), that all the physics would stop.  The people would be just left looking outside.  They would have the impression that it was getting colder, but nobody would say it on tv.

I wrote about a Fudge Danish.  When nasa started all the fuss about 'greenhouse gases' in a convective atmosphere, many universities and such said it was impossible.  They were destroyed, as tools of the oil companies.  The only way to survive, get funding, and new students was to produce fudge, and lots of it.

We had everybody producing fudge, and not a single atmospheric physics experiment.  None have been done since the 70's, the last time we had a minor ice cycle.  Over the years, we've had a few physics articles about ocean currents and such, but the last paragraph was always pure fudge.  I remember one: "Although every single warm and cold cycle before was due to chaotic ocean currents, this current cycle is entirely due to carbon."  That was sufficient to protect them.

Then I was inspired to call it a Fudge Danish, by a Danish site.  One of the last honest sites, dmi, was forced to 'recalculate' how they did ice volumes.  The current curve was going ballistic, passing all others.  They ended up only neutering the current curve, rather than any other, so it was peacefully lying between the other curves.  I see no micro-structure in the curve, due to Pacific events, so I dream that they are just hand-drawing it.

Now, another site is fudging out.  The world temperatures are plunging dramatically on the 'denier sites' such as Spencer and RSS.  But NOAA always went with those curves.  They protected themselves for a long time by never producing an official curve.  You always had to make them up yourself on their web site, no links to put on the cbc comments.  As far as the phillies were concerned, the temperatures were not going down.  If I mentioned it on cbc comments, they would come back with a pithy 'No they're not.'  

But it started to leak out (maybe by me), that the noaa temps were plunging.  This was bad for the PR department who always put a spin on it, by saying, this month is the 10th warmest, next month is the 11th warmest, etc.  All wonderfully warm.  

Now the noaa results are unavailable in any form.  They are implying a computer failure, without actually saying that.  We know that they are trying to bake a fine  Fudge Danish.  As with the Danes, there is no way to actually justify this is in physics terms, so they will produce a lot of fudge, saying 'improved algorithms' etc.  We will all dream that they are free-handing the curves with Inkscape.  Not that we can accuse anyone who hides behind the curtain.

This will the last of any physics for us.  It will all be dreams, story telling, and philosophy.  Everybody will be happy, except, why is it getting colder?

ps.  everything went down the day after national results, and the usual day that globals were released.  The top people said that we can't release this shit, and 'fix it'.  Thus began the path to dieselgate2.

Pattern for big snow storm


This has been the pattern for a big snow storm in Toronto, but the weather people seem to think it will be a dry cold.  Only rain in the forecast.  I can't see any difference, so for now I see a storm in the classic linear pattern with lots of rain and then snow.  I'll keep watch for a difference.

Interesting developments out in the North Atlantic.

The warmer water is retreating from it's little 'ice free' nook above Scandinavia, leaving just a big of warmth under Iceland.  That means the Gulf Stream is retreating again, in terms of heat transfer.  Maybe bad luck for the UK, which has had a huge number of plume storms following the GS.  

If there are signs of warmth coming back to us, then I don't see it.  noaa is still afraid to release the global temps.  As if they could have an outage of 2 computers for a week.

ps. the noaa blackout is total.  Normally we'd expect a fatuous note from the PR dept, like '15th warmest month on record', but .. nothing.  I like to think they are in a furious political fight on how to 'fix this', like danishfudge.  Maybe they are considering giving up the whole charade. .... nah.

pps.  a Fudge Danish is a delicious treat.  Baking things like ice volumes or global temps is a difficult integration.  Anything can come out of the oven.  If a bakery is accused of being a 'denier site', then nobody comes in and pays.  It results in starvation for the bakers.  So, they pile on a bunch of fudge, and make everything look nice.  They say they've looked at their methods from the start, and have re-baked everything.  However, they can only alter the fresh goods.  They get their money and everybody is happy.  

whoops - I'm getting snarky.  I might have to double-check that invisibility switch again.

more:  I suspect that all the non-denier sites will now freehand their curves to whatever gets them the money.

Saturday, February 19, 2022

Endless Clippers


The Pacific high plumes are just scooping cold air at us, and the plumes are weak, so this can go on for a long time.  

ps.  the plumes are slashing down, which will bring us up another big storm.  

Friday, February 18, 2022

Linux - sad attempt at an antenna server

 The big tv is in the basement.  I have a cheap rabbit ear antenna that I stuff in the ceiling.  Only gets a few tv OTA stations.  My dream is to put an antenna upstairs with a little streamer tuner, on wifi.  I tried a few years ago with a homerun box, but they had a weird broadcast system that you couldn't touch.

Now I tried a tablodual, which had great reviews, it was everything.  But I worked on it for hours and it could not connect to 2 separate wifi systems.  Blah.  It's all jammed in a box, back to ammie.  I tried all their support, but it tended to come down to a lot of flaky hardware.  

I would just get the news from the web, but that's all protected.  I liked the hockey highlights on utube, but by the time this works, it may not be necessary.  We only need it for the news, and special events.  blah.

So, I conclude this is not possible on the cheap.  The really expensive boxes have weird networking requirements.  I need a raspbi with a usb tv tuner, all running Linux.  Not today.

Inter-Continental Ballistic Glitter Bomb

 That is my dream, to target cities that raise my ire.  Today's target is Edmonton.  I want to get the rexxies who inflamed the truck siege.  However, they are probably all in Toronto.  

But wait!  They don't need a glitter bomb.

They are hoisted by their own petard.

So, retarget the bomb to the UK, who latched onto the climate bandwagon started by nasa (chicken and egg discussion).  

Blah, they wouldn't even notice.  The glitter would be ascribed to climate change.

There is nasa, but they are wallowing in rocket woes.  The price of ignoring physics, same for the musky 'Pigcantfly'.  Oh well, maybe next year.

ps.  or maybe all the car manufacturers for relying on single-source super-cheap chips.

or maybe not...

Physics Phil says no sign of Spring

 Physics Phil, the physics groundhog, has looked around.  

He sees a huge clipper coming down, and has gone back into the ground, where he continues his physics experiments.

He notes that Greenland has gone back to being a 60 below light bulb.  

ps.  he has also noted that Physics Phish, has a lot of shovelling to do.

Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Linear storm now twice the length of previous


Who knows what this means, but with earthquakes, the total energy is directly proportional to the length.  This goes from Texas to Lake Superior.

If it travels over Toronto like a train, we'll see something.  One mitigating factor might be the speed of the express train.  The faster a storm moves over a place, the less the snow.  Let's hope.

World temperatures continue downward


NOAA doesn't want to show this, but who cares?  We're going back 10 years.  Neat.

We had a little spike, which relates to Pacific organization in the extreme west.  That's where all the plumes were starting from.  Now it's dead.

For every one of those peaks in the temp curve, we've had some organization in the Pacific.  You can see it's all muck now.  An organized section is a thick band with micro-structure (on the map scale).  It is my hypothesis that there is something extraordinary going on.  We need somebody to fly through it, but everybody in the world hates physics.  

If we loved physics, then each Pacific organization could be measured, and a magnitude assigned, just like earthquakes.  Then we would know how the world temps would be affected.  Not this day.

Ocean current report - Feb 14, 2022

 The Gulf Stream is back, UK is saved.

Wow, I never thought it would be back, but we really don't know the heat energy rating.

It is warming the North Atlantic a little bit.

The Pacific currents are still a mess.

All we need now is nooaa's missing temperature report.  Not a speck of this in the news.

The Great Storm -- again and again

 Get your snow shovels sharpened, we are going into the second act.

We have a linear storm as the 50 below air meets the tropical air of a Gulf plume.  Where that line of white hell goes exactly, is a question.  It's exactly the same as last time.

Although my favourite philosophers always explain everything with 'hot air holds more moisture', the physics explanation is that the hot moist air must meet cold, or it will carry its load forever.

This is scary, as it shows the Pacific plume has scooped the 50 below stuff like ice cream.  Is this the last storm?  Ha.

Tuesday, February 15, 2022

Big snow coming

 This is the same pattern as the big snowstorm, but the uncertainties are boring.

The slashing Pacific plume sucked up Gulf warmth for a day.  But there is a very high hit that will scoop cold like ice cream.

We got the big snow when the two collided right at Toronto, like a big vice.  This could happen again, but the collision could be anywhere.  Anyway, lots of cold, with or without snow.  The whole Arctic seems warmer, not at 50 below, but 40 below is cold enough.  

Natgas is starting another spike

How high will it go?

ps.  noaa continues to be down.  The gretas will be happy.