Tuesday, November 13, 2018

California is in its 7 year drought pattern

This is the standard pattern for California in-between El Ninos.

I saw this for years before the last super-El Nino.  I was in California just before it hit.  Everything was horribly dry.  No fires because everything had been burnt before.  Then came the rains for a long time.  My son had lots of rain on his trip to California.

The vegetation loves rain and sprouts up at a tremendous rate.  Then we get this standard pattern again.  Nothing to do with any 'climate change'.  This is their standard climate.  The statements 'worst fires in my lifetime' are meaningless.  It's like 'worst earthquake in my lifetime'.

So, now that the polar bears are fine, we need a new poster-child.  So naturally, we can extrapolate that soon the whole world will burn like this.  "This is the face of climate change."

Note:  Standard boiler plate on this chart, which I write new each time.  The chart is the MIMIC product which shows warm moist air that can form rain when it hits cold air.  All our moisture comes from these coloured plumes spinning off from the equatorial bands.  No nice colours, no rain.  The California fires will just have to burn out, as they have for millennia.  Sucks for all the 'nouveau riche' in the mountains.  The old guys knew to stay away.

Monday, November 12, 2018

Polar Bears Overpopulating


Let's go with the Inuit hunters on this, shall we?  Not leftie scientists who want to prop up carbon warming.  The ice is fine, polar bears are fine, and now they are hunting humans, just for the fun of it.

But we know where this is leading......  I need a nice polar bear rug.  :)

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Legalize Physics in Ontario

In many places, like Montreal and the UK, basic physics is a Class One forbidden drug.  But in Ontario, we can legalize physics, not the Aristotle kind, but Galileo.  That means experimenting with sacred Aristotle assumptions. 

For our Made in Ontario Climate Solution, I have asked for for 1% of 1% of the trillion dollars gone down the drain in the name of carbon reduction.  Physics could be legal again, or at least talked about while we freeze.

It is sad for us in Ontario that billions have gone wasted.  Think of the Niagara Tunnel to Nowhere.  Think of all those solar cells up in Huntsville, under 10 feet of snow.  It is a fact that we are rounding over our little warm period.  At least, we if use a 10 year sliding window average, we are well below the carbon projections.

With that tiny bit of money, we'll engage Sudbury to do experiments in Moosonee.  We need crisp, cold air.  I propose a large hybrid drone attached to a balloon.  Lots of freekin' lasers!  On a calm evening, as often as possible, we launch it.  With the balloon, the drone goes up to 50,000 feet.  Lasers are measuring CO2 attenuation.  The balloon detaches, and the drone falls in a stable manner to 5,000 feet.  Lots of measurements.  Then the drone flies back to base. 

There are many simple experiments that can be done with this.  The drone can carry a big, reusable package.  This is much better than NASA balloons, which don't measure squat.

In fact, it will be fun to ask nasa advice.  They'll be in a difficult position.

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Made in Ontario Climate Plan


Please contribute your ideas to the climate plan It would be best if you were Extreme Left Wing Totalitarian about it.  Tell Doug he has to become a vegan.

I wanted to do something, but no.

ps.  little problem with the links, ha.  very weird.

pps.  I submitted this

Please assign a small amount of money to the basic physics of Climate Change.  The concept of 'carbon warming' was put out as a conjecture, and no physics was done to measure it exactly.  It was justified by the continued rise of global temperatures, and an extrapolation was made in the computer models, based on an assumed 'carbon factor'.  For some time now, global temperatures have sagged below this line, and are flat.  The Arctic ice volume is increasing.  This factor needs to be measured directly for future planning purposes, since the old projections are invalid.  Ontario is in an unique position, being a northern area, and can easily measure a greenhouse effect using lasers and balloons.

more-- full details here.

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Cold for the North

You saw how the Northern Hemisphere temps plunged.  There is no heat for us.  That hot July was just default weather, now we have our default cold weather.

ps.  Isn't that a sight for sore eyes...

ps.  My adoring fan, Penny, has asked for more explanation of the imagery.  She is also of the opinion that someone else actually reads this.  :)  The first image is a satellite compilation MIMIC of precipitable air.  You can read all the gory details, I haven't.  That means the air is carrying a lot of water vapour and it is warm.  If it hits cold air, then it will rain.  A drop of water carries 4000 times more heat energy than a drop of air.  This 'heavy' air is probably carrying a thousand times more heat than dry air.  All our weather comes from these plumes of heavy air branching out from the ocean.

If we don't get plumes, we get 'default' climate, which is a cold desert, latitude dependent.  Thus Ontario would be Mongolia, and the UK, the Gobi desert.  Super hot in July, -40 in the winter.  My son in Silicon Valley gets 25 C every day, and 15 at night.

The second image is radar, modified by temperature.  Thus, they show snow as bluish.  The radar can't really tell the difference.

pps.  I had to go out in this.  The November of my childhood - a cold sog, perfect for solar and wind power to rust.  :)

There never was any warming in Antarctica

This is the RSS plot of the southern polar regions, since 1980 up to the present.  You can look at the original below, I just zoomed it up a bit.

So, all those sob stories about the Anarctic melting are ridiculous.  The glaciers are enjoying a surge, which causes a lot of ice to break up in the ocean.  I still predict another year of intense carbonista articles until they lose their audience.  The political spectrum is a circle, with trumpies and English Majors joining at the bottom.

ps.  explanation -- This is the temperature variation from an arbitrary mean.  Thus, the zero line is really some average temperature.  Then they amplify it to fill the chart.  The temperatures are taken from satellite observations, and was fully accepted by the carbonistas when it was rising.

US natural gas recognizes coming ice age

We're talking a micro ice age, a twenty year cycle, sure as clockwork.  I would be sad if we broke through to a mini ice age, 300 year cycle.

Last year the US nearly ran out of natgas.  This year it will for sure.  But this action is too late for increased supply in the NE mountains.  They are at freeze-up, when you can't frack any more with fresh water.  As well, I get the impression that the pipelines are full, that you can't get more gas to the customer.

We're okay in Canada.  Too much natgas and pipeline capacity.  But there may be diversions to the US that might put up the price a bit.  Perhaps trimpy should put on a tarrif....

ps.  I had thought that 3.0 was the price to start up Oklahoma earthquakes again.  This is way past that, but too late for the season.

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Drat - Global temps do not plummet

Staying steady.  Here is my amplification.

Still propped by those micro El Ninos but still below their trend which is way below the carbon hypothesis trend.  Accounts for the Arctic ice volume increase, but I was hoping for so much more....

ps.  Ha!  Mid-latitude northern hemisphere has had a drop, but it is generally fuzzier, but I'll trumpy-take it!

pps.  global temps are cresting the sinusoid.  :)

Pacific current flows like El Nino, but no heat

This is fascinating, and I'm still waiting the global temps.  Since the Arctic ice volume is up, I expect global temps (gt) to be down. 

Although the reverse current is chugging along, there is no heat pooling by Central America.  As well, the 'official' El Nino (en) index (ONI) is showing nothing.  gt is very sensitive to these things and there have been a whole bunch of minor en's buggering up the general fall.

The large El Ninos herald a new cooling or warming cycle.  1997 was huge, and started the last twenty years of nice weather at the cottage.  2017 (20 years later) brings us the crash, and 2017 had more energy.  I'm thinking that these things start and stop the North Pacific current, like a big heart zapper.  Right now, the patient is dead.  :)

I'm going to have to send those global temps guys a note to reboot their computer.

Arctic Ice Volume Staying in the Pack

It's doing well.  As we know from the news, the barges couldn't get in to the Arctic communities because things stayed iced in.

It's starting to cut in again, and I'm expecting that it will really zoom up now.  We can now say that the 'Great Arctic Ice Disaster' is truly over.

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

A kinder, gentler social Internet


I'm not that optimistic.  Every social effort on the Internet has dragged people down into the gutter.  It becomes dominated by the bad actors who have an agenda, and make money from being rotten.  Nobody gets money for being postive.

Google made all it's money from the sleaziest, scammiest ads ever.  Amazon makes all its money from sleaze with their cloud service.  And we know all about Facebook.  The Internet makes the British tabloids look good.  Even Fox has had enough with Trump.  And Twitter is a bane on Civil Society.

The problem is that all the wonderful intentions of Mr. Tim need money.  I had proposed 'Canadabis Plus'  funded by the Canadian cannabis industry.  This could be great.  I would add daily draws for juice for positive people.  The extremes of left and right need not apply.

And I'm wondering about ads.  Is there an ad that is any good?  If we could rip apart ads on C+ would they pay us any money?  My experience with getting money out of Google tells me no.  

Perhaps gov't would pay, but they are severely constrained by the 'opinion of the day'.  If there is a twitter-storm about something that someone objects to, then the weaklings react.  How would Trudy react to my request for more physics on the Carbon Hypothesis?

In short, I'm asking Google, Amazon, Canadabis to give me lots of money and I'll think of something.  :)  

ps.  Ha, I am an intellectual depressive.  Doing anything like this means you have to fight stupidity.  And I can't do that.  I would need a battery of 'stupidity fighters', and I couldn't keep them together.

Toronto housing stagnant

Not much news here.  Prices 20% down from peak.  My impression is that monster houses are down 30%.  Condos flat, and prices may be down.  I think people are still holding on, but interest rates are going up, and Amazon isn't coming here.

My thoughts are that housing cannot stay flat.  It either goes up or down.  So, I am still expecting more of a drop. 

Monday, November 5, 2018

Give the horses in Montreal a break


Ever see these horses going through traffic, hauling the fat tourists?  It's the same as donkeys on the Greek islands, american tourists are getting fatter and fatter.  Two seats on the airplane!

I can't stand the thought of it!  Where is Pam?

However, I have a solution - The Geofish Phoney Electric Car Company.  We'll make modern versions of antique electric cars, put in a tesla battery, 4 wheel drive, and watch it take Montreal traffic.

There it is, 0-60 in 8.4 seconds on 'Ridiculous Mode'.  Takes any degree of fatness.  Might even show Doug Ford a good time.  :)  No unemployment with sending the horsies out to pasture.

Linux - amdgpu is quite solid with 4.20 rc1

Although 4.18 was working, it took me 3 tries to boot, and I could never just restart.  This new kernel acts like the ryzen 5 is a real processor.

ps.  playing d1x-rebirth which is a Descent clone.

pps.  the kde power saver (screen off) still mucks everything.

Nasa lets slip that the Antarctic has become extremely cold again


Still, two more days for the charts, but this is interesting.

They make a ton of inferences, but they let slip that we are back to the 70's temperature-wise and the ozone holes should be back.  However, their heroic efforts to substitute chlorine with flourine has won the day.

ps.  nasa could never have the headline 'Ozone Hole Worse than Ever', yet they have a monopoly on measuring it.  We should be happy for this little slip-up by the pr department.  :)

Sunday, November 4, 2018

Linux - games and x-box controller

Neat, I got back an old xbox controller from the kids.  You just plug it in and it works.  I'm trying freedink, which is an old 1997 game that has been completely rewritten in modern standards.  The effort was amazing.  All those old pc games are practically machine code.

However, I am rather slow on the fighting part, so I hope the controller helps me.  I could never do the 'two things at once' requirement of the ps3 and other units.  I always got killed in the first 5 minutes.

Friday, November 2, 2018

Severe Canadabis Shortage



You can't get any, come hell or high water.  This makes it technically impossible to grow your own under lights.  The plants should be ready in 2 months.

But, you can't buy seeds legally!  That's because the growers would be nuts to sell you seeds right now.  They need every one to grow more stuff.  As well, any plants grown for seeds have to isolated, and you have to waste space on male plants.

However, you can buy these great 'Souvenier Beads' from Crop King Seeds (look it up).  Hurry up before they sell out.  I buy them and put them on the wall for decoration.  :)

As I've said, I prefer 'Hash Plant' decorative seeds, feminized.  This gives a nice powerful oil as good as anything you can buy.  You can view my video.

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Linux - when updates go wild

Once a year you might do a standard update and find it wants to remove hundreds of files that make your kde run.  I've always waited a day, but today I was in a perverse mood and said yes. 

It destroys your desktop, and when you try to do a console reinstall, it can't find anything.  This is a result of your Debian mirror going nuts when it is receiving new updates.  It takes half a day to work again.  Then you just reinstall your kde.

Better still, just ignore it for a day.  :)