Thursday, November 8, 2018

US natural gas recognizes coming ice age

We're talking a micro ice age, a twenty year cycle, sure as clockwork.  I would be sad if we broke through to a mini ice age, 300 year cycle.

Last year the US nearly ran out of natgas.  This year it will for sure.  But this action is too late for increased supply in the NE mountains.  They are at freeze-up, when you can't frack any more with fresh water.  As well, I get the impression that the pipelines are full, that you can't get more gas to the customer.

We're okay in Canada.  Too much natgas and pipeline capacity.  But there may be diversions to the US that might put up the price a bit.  Perhaps trimpy should put on a tarrif....

ps.  I had thought that 3.0 was the price to start up Oklahoma earthquakes again.  This is way past that, but too late for the season.

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