Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Pacific current flows like El Nino, but no heat

This is fascinating, and I'm still waiting the global temps.  Since the Arctic ice volume is up, I expect global temps (gt) to be down. 

Although the reverse current is chugging along, there is no heat pooling by Central America.  As well, the 'official' El Nino (en) index (ONI) is showing nothing.  gt is very sensitive to these things and there have been a whole bunch of minor en's buggering up the general fall.

The large El Ninos herald a new cooling or warming cycle.  1997 was huge, and started the last twenty years of nice weather at the cottage.  2017 (20 years later) brings us the crash, and 2017 had more energy.  I'm thinking that these things start and stop the North Pacific current, like a big heart zapper.  Right now, the patient is dead.  :)

I'm going to have to send those global temps guys a note to reboot their computer.

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