Friday, November 2, 2018

Severe Canadabis Shortage



You can't get any, come hell or high water.  This makes it technically impossible to grow your own under lights.  The plants should be ready in 2 months.

But, you can't buy seeds legally!  That's because the growers would be nuts to sell you seeds right now.  They need every one to grow more stuff.  As well, any plants grown for seeds have to isolated, and you have to waste space on male plants.

However, you can buy these great 'Souvenier Beads' from Crop King Seeds (look it up).  Hurry up before they sell out.  I buy them and put them on the wall for decoration.  :)

As I've said, I prefer 'Hash Plant' decorative seeds, feminized.  This gives a nice powerful oil as good as anything you can buy.  You can view my video.

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