Sunday, September 24, 2023

Toronto back to blob weather


We are back to our 'minimum ocean energy' weather.  Cold blobs coming down and meeting Gulf of Mexico heat.  This gives us lots of rain and early snow this year.

As the last cyclones leave the Atlantic belt, Europe will have cold blobs again.  The long-range forecasts are leaning to cold weather.

The British tabloids are aligning with the Almanac, As the Men in Black would say, they know what they're doing!

The regular forecasts are bouncing back between cold and warm.  They are now changing their definitions of 'El Nino Weather'.  I'm not saying anything about that, we'll just wait for things to fall out.  However, I am seeing a lot of 'Magic Jet Stream' things as 'explanations'.  It looks they'll just forget about the EN mirage, and they'll go back to Dancing Vacuum Fairies as explanations for the cold.

So, we'll see a horrendously cold winter, and lots of hand-waving about various magical reasons.  In other words, the usual...

ps.  and this is a 'cold driven' cyclone in the North Atlantic

I saw these all the time last winter in the Pacific.  Just like this one, they were driven by two Arctic spills.  You can have many types of cyclones, the most common being 'hot driven' where there is very hot water and air going into the average air.  But this is extreme cold being driven into the average.  Neat.

pps.  everybody jumping on the 'cold winter' bandwagon.  A bit late, but all are welcome!  

Saturday, September 23, 2023

Strong ocean plume action may be ending

 Still no sign of an ocean current map.  

The last week or two has been characterized by strong Pacific plumes coming over NA.  

This gives us nice dry fall weather.  A far cry from the summer pattern of Arctic cold blobs meeting Gulf hot blobs right over Toronto.  That was a lot of rain.

However, the Atlantic Ocean has shot its load like it always does, and we are relying on the Pacific, which doesn't have much left.  All our warm, wet weather comes from the Pacific (sig. degree).  With no heat energy, we are left with very cold, dry air.  I have faith we'll still have lots of snow from the Gulf which holds the heat much longer.  

We should have a big snowstorm in October, which hasn't happened for a long time.  It's horrible, because all the leaves are still on the trees.  I remember that when I was a kid.  

As always, if I am completely wrong, it's new physics, which I will eagerly investigate.

ps. large vortex consumes little vortex, like black holes colliding.  So cute.

Friday, September 22, 2023

Linux - the great AI adventure

 I am replacing my Zoneminder system with Frigate.  It does AI recognition with an attached Coral accelerator, which does something like a trillion ops per second.  Being raised on linear processing, I find it a stretch to do parallel processing, but every graphics chip does that.  

I have just now finally got Docker working on the little computer.  It only likes Debian Stable, and I run Sid on everything.  Took me a while to figure that out.  Next comes Frigate and the Coral drivers.  I love a good project and will be so down when I've accomplished everything.  Then, on to the next impossible thing before breakfast.