Friday, November 16, 2018

Atlantic Current Starts the Great Bleed

The new sea currents map is out today, and there are few interesting points.  The above is the daily sea temperature map, and it shows that the Gulf Stream is continuing to die.  But it shows that hot water is spilling down South America, at where I call 'The Nose'.

We have our usual 20 year micro ice ages, and the big 300 year ones, which I call the mini ice age.  Right now we are tipping into the next micro ice age.  However, I noticed that the nose was bleeding.  That means our warm Atlantic water was going south of the nose.  I have conjectured that the 300 year cycle is when most of the water goes south instead of north.

Normally, all that nice warm water goes straight up the coast and flushes out the Caribbean.  Then it is a nice holiday destination.  However, right now the current is turbulent and there is a big seaweed problem.  Yuck!

If the current stops altogether, then the Caribbean is a big swamp.  But, last year, we had the Bleeding Nose, and it came back, so we hope for this year.

This the video of the current starting the Big Bleed.  I've never seen when the tip bucket goes the other way, and I hope I never will.

This is the 'no hope' El Nino reversal that is getting ever smaller and retreating.  Everybody will be very cold.

A Trivial Exercise


In honour of New Zealand I write this article to overuse the word 'trivial'.  I always they were a bit slow and somewhat inbred on their earthquake stuff, but this is a trivial issue.

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Stalin-Trumpy Disease Hits the Zuck


I have said there are no 'brilliant' evil conspiracies, but there are brilliant evil people.  They just can't work together.  So cut all your evil conspiracy discussions and focus on true evil when you see it.

Evil is defined as a short-term gain that requires stepping on innocents.  The Conservative long knives that got P Brown is not evil.  Same thing as Julius Caesar.  Nor is it a 'thinking' conspiracy, of super Ninjas that assassinate rich people for no money.  Never has existed, never will.

Canadians should not support this,  Get off FB and Instagram.  Somebody should make a Canadian social media thing, with Canadian values.  Sorry, I got no money.

ps.  the demise of Stalinism is that you always have to surround yourself with simpering idiots, like that Zuck PR person.

pps.  these evil guys always kill each other.

moreps.  I don't use the hilter name because of fanatic search engines.

final -- Zuck pulls out the 'Stupidity Defence'.  Nobody will believe it.