Thursday, April 9, 2020

Bomb Cyclone

Yeah, Toronto misses this!

You can see that over the past 5 days, Pacific plumes have slashed down and brought up Gulf warmth.  But that isn't the whole story, since a storm needs cold air as well.

These warm, moist air plumes represent 'Potential Energy' which is like holding a hammer over your foot.  Destructive energy, like a storm, is only released when it meets cold air, which is releasing the hammer.  This is always a major physics error by the warmies.  The carbon hypothesis only predicts uniform warming, not storms, but they take credit for them.  In fact, they'll take credit for snow storms, since they are just 'Winter Hurricanes'.

This is the dry surface air swirling into the warmth.  All weather is driven by the warm plumes, the cold air just responds.  Here we see the bomb cyclone is going to be fed by air streaming over Greenland at 50 below.  Rather than just dropping the hammer on your toe, this is throwing it down.  The total energy released is the 'difference' between warm and cold.

All winter, our tropical plumes just floated by us, keeping us warm, and not touching the cold air mass over the Arctic.  Now it is breaking up and time to pay the piper.  I'm so glad it's not hitting Toronto, since I just put away the snowblower.  Yeah!

ps.  the virus hasn't changed our retired lifestyle, other than it nearly killed me.  The economic loss is no greater than the carbon stupidity, the freon stupidity, oil wars, etc.  If we have money we blow it on stupidities.

pps.  and we found YEAST!  A bizarre ethnic store that nobody shops at.

Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Zoom physics 8 -- the whole earth

This is the last one.  It's the physics at the very large scale. 

Only with global temperatures starting to go down, can anybody talk about this.  Before, they would be shouted down by the spurious correlation between CO2 and global temperature.

But we can't have any more El Nino's.  We need a big plunge.  :)  (Actually, I would hate a big plunge.)

Global temperatures going down again

That Halvsie El Nino was powerful, half as strong as 2016.  But it was never recorded officially as a hen, because the physics is wrong.  They only measure weather disturbances at the usual source.  A hen is a totally new beast, and as with covid they botch everything up.

The Northern mid latitudes have zoomed up, but that's because of all those plumes that crossed it, and the warming season.

The North Pole had a big drop and that will be coming down on us all April.  blah.  At the top of the hen, the warmie press was all over these charts.  Now, they will ignore it.