Saturday, February 23, 2019

Atmospheric Plume Report - Feb 23,2019

All our weather is determined by the character of our tropical atmospheric plumes.  These are set up by heat energy released from the oceans, and hot spots in the oceans are determined by ocean currents.  Carbon dioxide has no measurable effect in the real world (out of the lab) because atmospheric heat is carried up by convection (something that would good to measure).  The carbonistas just spin Rudyard Kipling-esque children stories.

This is the current state of the world.  The map shows warm, moist air, which carries perhaps 1000 times the heat energy of dry air.  Wouldn't that be nice to measure?

The beautiful Western Pacific which generates all the plumes hitting the rest of the world.  They are getting a magnificent typhoon, which sucks a lot of heat out of the oceans.  I speculate that the low pressure in the centre practically boils the water releasing heat energy at 1000 times the rate of every-day evaporation.  Another thing to measure, yet nobody does.

These typhoons really bugger up the plume generating system.

All of December we were hit with very strong plumes.  I now realize that it was the effect of a mini-El Nino, which caused a northern current reversal in the Pacific.  This kept us quite warm.  Now we are being lashed by very weak plumes, which can still raise heat from the Gulf of Mexico.  Toronto is going to have wild weather Sunday.

These strengthened plumes go off to the UK.  They are unbelievably strong and needle-thin.  They'll give alternating warm and cold blasts.  The UK deserves it, since they are the main fanatics driving carbon warming.

Friday, February 22, 2019

Just planted tomato seeds

I got the most engineered blight-resistant seed available, all hybrid, I suppose.  These seeds are expensive, each packet has about 10 seeds.  Got them from Veseys.  One of them was supposedly 'organic'.  What the heck does that mean for a seed?

These seedlings will be ready for the greenhouse on May 1.  Last year it was a miserable, cold May and June, and part of July.  Everybody had total tomato crop failure.  Not me!  My plants went to 6 feet high.  My greenhouse is specially designed to totally fall apart in gale-force winds. 

I can guarantee a cold miserable Spring.  Those darn ocean currents are back again, like the godfather of climate said -- it was cold in the 70's due to ocean currents, and then carbon dioxide dominated because the ocean currents turned off.  Now, ocean currents will take over again, and carbon dioxide sleeps for a while.  But it'll be back with a VENGEANCE next time.

Isn't that a great face-saver for the climateests?  Would Justin swallow that?  I really wouldn't all those nice warmies losing their jobs.  What are they going to do?  How would politicians say they were wrong?  They never do that.

Thursday, February 21, 2019

A Tale of Salary Caps


This never turns out good.  At OPG we had a bright vice-pres from the States.  He was being paid an enormous amount by the standards then, of the commie gov't.  There was a huge outcry, and he left, back to the States.  After that, only the local stupid people ran things.

This caused billions of dollars to be wasted, and set the final scene when the Darlington refurb finally reveals that it's a disaster. 

I'm not hopeful that things will be okay.