Thursday, July 2, 2020

We are in a stagnant heat bubble

We are in this clear, stagnant bubble.  It's so small that the warmies aren't trumpeting it.  A big cold front is trying to kill it, so we may have a cold day in July.  When the front comes through, I'll be catching fish again, maybe.

The UK is freezing and they want another heat wave.  The guardian is still on the Siberian heat wave thing.  

ps.  the heat bubble is strong.  That cold air was deflected to the east.  I now lie in a pool of sweat at the cottage every night.

Monday, June 29, 2020

Cottage Report - June 29, 2020

We had some cooler weather, then on Saturday, the bass season opened with a strong wind.  The cottage neighbour said the fish were practically jumping into the boat.  He didn't know we were coming up and tossed them all back.

Then the next couple of days, all the fish stopped biting.  Blah.  Now it is very hot and no fish.

tues- stagnant air.  Crazy younuns are windsurfing on the millpond lake.  I'm waiting for them to give up and call on me to rescue them with the boat.

Climate alarmism


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