Monday, January 27, 2020

Current plans to store nuclear waste are poop


I did not make this up.  Current plans call for glass, bentonite and copper to make up for a lack of good geology.  They all bake together with radioactivity and water.

It's a fun thing that you cannot have a good plan with strict physics.  Interest groups have demands that conflict with each other.  As with global warming, there's no physics here.

The only plan that works is my plan, but that is a big pipe dream.  So, they will attempt to jiggle a plan through all the defenders.  Neat.  I won't lose any sleep over it.

**my plan -- you throw all this stuff into big holes 5000 ft below Wesleyville.  Dry as a bone, and the heat makes it dryer.  All leakage is dry diffusion through solid rock.  In a million years, that travels 2 inches.  Happy-happy.  :)

Saturday, January 25, 2020

Wine, Water and Song

Wow, could be I'll be working at our local wine and water store.  We just loaded up a ton of stuff, and a job gets thrown in for free.

Anyway, stay tuned, and now I'll have to be always friendly and smile at everybody.  Making wine locally is very de-carbonizing. 

Used nuclear fuel bundles slated for Teeswater.

Yeah, Teeswater, a stones-throw from the Bruce plant and still on the hanging wall of the Grenville Front. 

Lots of news on this today.

The only way to check for long-term rock stability is to do a seismic reflection survey.  I've done (had done) lots of them.  There are 3 major fault zones crossing Ontario.  In a reflection survey, each one looks exactly the same.  There is the hanging wall, and massive rock damage above it.  But they didn't do a survey for the low level Bruce Black Hole, and they won't do one for this, because it would impact the Bruce site.

They will just drill, and they will find horrible rock.  Then they will find one little piece that looks good and narrow all the scopes on it.  Narrow scopes are fine way to do New Science, like carbon warming.  You can win any debate with that.  :)

So, now there are two:  Bruce Low Black Hole, and Bruce High Black Hole.