Thursday, March 30, 2023

Alternating cold and hot days for Toronto

 I'm giving up on the world weather, and just concentrating locally.  This is just weather, and has nothing to do with 'climate'.

The cold blobs and the Gulf plumes are fighting each other.  Right now, the boundary is below Toronto, but it is going up and down.  We'll be in this pattern for at least 2 weeks, because everything looks steady in the Pacific.  Our true spring starts when the Pacific breezes go straight east and blow away the cold blobs.  

Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Cold blob hits Toronto


As the sun gets stronger in the N.Hemi we see these things hitting us with a shorter duration.  However, lots of snow at the boundaries.

ps. nice storm.

Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Ocean currents -- March 28, 2023

 This is the ocean current chart, coming out every 5 days.

I am subdued, so I'll just show them, without my usual snark.  This is the cold feed to the Pacific belt.  I detect no change, whatsoever.

This is the Caribbean.  There are lots of doomer stories this week about how the sargassum is going to muck everything, but the current is clean right through the whole place.  I have found that there was trouble only when it was stagnant.

Finally, this is the current up by the Gulf Stream.  The Greenland current is getting stronger and cutting off the GS.  The GC was very weak earlier in the winter.

Finally, the Pacific belt.  Still cold.