Friday, July 19, 2019

Cottage report July 19, 2019

This is the peak of the July heat wave.  Stagnant, Gulf air is over us.  High of 34 in the city.  Here it is wonderful.  The water is still cool, and the nights are cool, as well.  Horseflies are everywhere, but easy to kill and feed the fishies.

Not a nibble with my fishing, which is par for a heat wave.  Some people want me to work, but not going to happen....


Yeah, let's blame that rotten jet stream for everything, even though it just a boundary effect between hot and cold.  It's angry at all the carbon being released, and will bring the ice age down on us.  The more we breathe, the colder it will get.

ps.  fun watching the daughter teaching her man how to windsurf without the centre board down.  When I finally mentioned it, he said to her 'I hate you."  Then he started right away with the keel down.  :)

pps  a major change in weather on Sunday.  The fish are biting again, but I didn't catch anything worth keeping.

more:  this is the warmest June ever.  I couldn't believe it since we are well below the peak warm month, but we are on a small El Nino rise and all the other Junes were in troughs.  Thus, the warmest June ever, but a highly misleading fact.  The other El Ninos did not peak in June.

mor2 - coming home Sunday, I saw that Toronto got like 6 inches of rain.  wow.

Thursday, July 18, 2019

Pumping saltwater on Antarctic ice sheets will save us


Yeah, pumping salt on ice is the best way to keep it from melting.  We Canadians know that.  Best leave basic physics out of this.

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Fun in the press


The manuscript makes the extraordinary claim that human-made climate change does not exist in practice. But scientists who contributed to the scathing Climate Feedback analysis point out that the document cherry picks information and relies on circular reasoning.

This is hilarious to me, since that's what the warmies do constantly.  I now think we need 5 years of cold to shake this out.