Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Cold is now climate change

 It is official in the leading climate newspaper.  The Manchester Guardian, left of the lefties, has incorporated cold weather into climate change.


Whereas every other newspaper has danced around this, by only calling 'cold' weather, we now have this statement.

French beekeepers expect their worst harvest in decades as unseasonably cold and wet weather due to climate change has prevented bees from producing honey.

Climate change is now 'all inclusive'. 

I'm still sticking to 'cold is weather' for now.  We really need all the mouthpieces on board with this.

Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Air glaciers fighting plumes

 This is quite dramatic.  The air glacier is a clear zone of very cold, dry air.  It behaves exactly as a descending continental ice sheet, except a million times faster.  The tropical plumes, our only source of heat in the winter, can counter them.

This one is a bit mucky, and I'm cheating by looking at the long-range weather forecast, which is very cold.  All the warm, moist air is being shoved away by the density of cold air.

Europe is a battlefield.  If we are lucky, everyone at cop26 will get stuck in the snow, or all their carbon-spewing flights will be cancelled.  :)  Great headline "Carbon Warming Party Frozen Out".

Cold is weather, and I'm allowed to project a little.  Read about how the Little Ice Age came in to Holland, and started ice skating.  I'm still convinced it ended the Dutch Empire of Rembrandt.  maybe

ps.  In time for the big 'Frozen' party, the poll is now 99.9%, just like an election in Bela-russia

Monday, October 18, 2021

Ontario vaccine site crashing

 It worked for my wife, and now it doesn't work for me.  It can only handle 2000 people per minute.  I had hoped they didn't use MS servers.  The rate for Ontario should be somewhere around 10-100,000 per minute.  Oh well, I suppose it will work some time.

I can't wait for Friday night hockey games, and we need 1 million per minute, or greater.  They got their 'orders of magnitude' wrong.

Now, we're going to get endless finger pointing, and the poor idiot cousin of the premier will never get mentioned.  :)

ps.  I can just imagine -- "Oh, we don't need any new hardware, we got lots of stuff from E-Health hanging around."  :)

pps. please note that it did work at 6 in the morning.