Wednesday, August 4, 2021

No heat waves right now


We are all cold.  That red stuff way up north in Siberia and Alaska is just upper 20's C.

I'm quite happy that we are in for another heat oscillation.  All this cold sucks.

Sea level confirms world temperatures going up again


Everybody should be happy, we are rising again.

That's the magnification since 2016.  I find that the sea level at this point has always been right in following the world temperatures.  It's simple water expansion.  

We have Spencer and sea level so far.  Soon, we'll have noaa and rss.  This is such a strong signal, and the eastern Pacific is so intense, that I predict it will be across the board.  The warmies will gloss over the dips, and the sunspotters will ignore the rises.  Such fun.

The eastern Pacific does not generate warm air plumes, so we'll be cold until the fall, and may get a milder winter.  On other hand, we must watch the growth of the Great Heat Engine, since it could fail.  

ps.  I 'predict' that the linked vortexes of the heat engine will grow to half-way and then collapse.  This is a Halvsie El Nino, and it did a lot last time, almost as powerful as a full Pacific reversal.  Of course, the weather people will never acknowledge things like forces and energy.  

pps. the Arctic ice is still following the average, despite the headlines.  The last halvsie El Nino shoved a lot of water the ice.

Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Heat engine starts in Eastern Pacific

 This is exciting, since I can get away from the philosophers for a while.  The big physics question is:  How can the Pacific act as the heat engine for the world?  When it is on full blast, we are warm.  When it is dead, we are cold.

The answer lies in the linked vortexes along the belt.  Right now, they are starting in the east, and we have the question of whether they will continue to grow.  I am suspecting a series of oscillations, where they grow partway and then collapse.  We don't have the detail of the 70's cold, but this could be the mechanism for the 20 year cold cycles.  The 300 year cycle (Little Ice Age) could be that the ocean totally turns off.

We know all about single hurricanes because they put a lot of effort into the ones hitting the US.  It is a giant heat vent, taking the heat from the ocean, practically boiling the water with low pressure, and then venting to the upper atmosphere.  If we have a lot of Atlantic hurricanes, then it affects the northern temperature.

However, the embedded, linked vortexes must have a different mechanism, since they appear to bring in extra heat from the solar flux.  That would be fantastic physics, but we won't see it in my lifetime.  All physics must support the philosophy, and there cannot be any surprises.