Sunday, September 22, 2019

Hello from Ethiopia

From the window of the hotel at Addis.

This is the last place where you get fantastic value for the Canadian dollar.

Saturday, September 21, 2019

US Natural Gas Storage Looks Good

A brutal winter coming up, caused by the merry, dancing jet stream.  The US natgas storage is following a good line.

Last year they hardly put any gas in storage because of the high prices.  They were saved by the El Nino having quite an effect on temperatures.

In Canada, we have enough natgas, so we won't freeze.  I'm predicting that the minimum in US storage will go below the band.  Then the prices will rise.  But I said that last year and I was wrong.  Bah to uncertainties, I'm going to put on my brown face now, or is that brown pants?

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Carbon sensitivity goes up


This is the easiest parameter to measure directly with physics, but it won't be done, since they know it will be zero.  The warmies are using 1850 absorption values, combined with curve-fitting.  The assumption is that the co2 absorbs the heat and doesn't do anything with it.

However, these guys claimed to have increased the parameter, thus bringing the end of the world closer.  I was astonished, so I assume they are curve-fitting just the 2016 El Nino which was a huge spike.  With this new value, there is no hope for anybody.  Just relax and have the 'beaujolais nouveau' cannabis from your garden.