Monday, June 17, 2019

The life of a major ice advance

This snow will eventually melt away.  In a major ice advance it won't, and then it will build up.

We are going into a major ice age cycle.  Lucky for us, the land is still depressed from the last one, so the ice won't build up.  But in 5000 years we won't be so lucky.  :)  Then we will just go underground.

ps.  and cbc is doing a major thing on the climate crisis.  Bet they won't go here.  Everything they mentioned is 5 years old.

Sunday, June 16, 2019

The Europe plumes are an absolute mess

It's neat that all the heat energy for Europe and the UK are in these plumes.  But what a mess!  In the old days when the Gulf Stream was a thing, the plumes would go straight to the UK, bringing lots of warmth.  But now, who knows?

The UK tabloids keep predicting a huge heat wave, and the next day they forget about it.  No heat wave coming, sorry boys.  I hope you get July, at least.  Otherwise, it is cold and rainy all time.

There were also some really good plumes coming up from Africa, making most of Europe extremely hot in the summer.  I don't see them yet.  

The plumes are also all over the Arctic in a swirly mess.  The conditions there are generally warm, and, yes, the Arctic ice is melting, along with the Greenland glaciers.  That's what all the news headlines are saying.  It's freakin SUMMER! 

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Cottage news

We have a full contingent of dragonflies now.  You can actually walk outside without a bug net.  The Mosies are still hiding in the dark corners though.  Takes a while for the eaters to enter the shadows.

Bell keeps changing the frequency for the lte here.  For a while they had 700 mhz, band 17 and then they went to 850 band 5.  I had to get a new 850 booster.  Works great, and I get 4 bars lte and about 200 kbits of data.  Yeah!

The 700 was better but I bet it takes a lot of power.

ps it is so cold and miserable here today half way through June

pps.  so now you know that if you ever run into a warmie fanatic, just smile politely and put on another sweater.

Yeah!  We the cold north, slaughtered you Americans with out Americans.  :)

final:  went home early because the weather was so yucky.  Drizzle with a million mosies.