Saturday, May 30, 2020

Cottage report -- May 30, 2020

Very cold with continuous drizzle.  We are just doing work.  The other day was warm and dry, and we had a huge turnout of dragonflies.  They are all hiding right now.

ps. still cold.

Thursday, May 28, 2020

War on plastics gave us covid

When I had covid before they knew about it, I took my reusable covid bag into the store where the cashier loaded it.  I used a china covid cup at Timmy's, when I didn't have my refillable covid travel mug.  My stainless steel covid straw sprayed viruses all over the place.

I bought covid meat wrapped in butcher paper.  I used my covid buckets for the yard waste pickup.

All in all, I was a perfect citizen.   :)

ps. and at our large family picnics, we used covid dinnerware, instead of paper plates, etc.

pps.  this now brings the 'batting average' of the suzukis at 1000, or 100%.  On every single specific solution that they foisted on us, through face and twit.  We are in a historic era.  They are now working on banning natural gas as we hit an ice age.

more: and the philosphers killed nuclear in Germany, allowing the Russians to send the latest jets to Libya for more killing.  Smooth move.

Indian Ocean currents in full reversal

I don't think I've seen this before.  They are calling it 'Indian Ocean El Nino', but they don't define it by physics, since that is anathma to their dogma.  :)

That is why we are getting tropical plumes started in the Indian Ocean, again, something new for me.  We are also getting a small reversal in the Pacific, but these things come and go.

But it is interesting that things happening in the Indian Ocean come right over the whole world.  Wouldn't it be nice to get some physics into this?  But the minute they mention physics, the whole house of cards comes down.  I suspect we'll get some stories about hot weather.

ps.  this guy is the best for stories.  If you want to live your life by stories, then he's the guy.

Cold air fights tropical storm

This is a neat pattern for the warm, moist tropical air.  A storm is trying to hit Toronto, and the cold air is losing.  Also, the Indian ocean is the start of a large tropical plume.  The directions of the winds split at Africa.

The Atlantic plumes are going right to the Arctic and then coming down on us.  All in all, a total chaotic mess.

Monday, May 25, 2020

Cold air interlude after heat wave

The Pacific looks dead, but it is producing one tropical air plume.

I only do these articles when I actually see the cold air in the 7 day forecast. 

We still have a lot of freezing air in a big jelly blob.  That Pacific plume is going to scrape along the edge of it and come down on us.  I'm still keeping my plastic for the tomatoes.  I remember a certain June around 1982 when we had an office picnic.  Absolutely froze!

Friday, May 22, 2020

Warmie heat waves start

Yeah, I was worried we'll have a June of 82, which was horribly cold.

The Pacific Ocean has given up transporting any heat to us.  Thus, we have no action in the tropical air plumes.  This leaves us exposed to 'Continental Air' or what I call 'Default Weather'.  This means early 'Warmie Heat Waves'.  I'm reading the articles, and they are so happy!  Let's forget the charts (ice age) for now.

At the cottage, it is a blackfly nightmare.  We are going up again, and we hope our 'airforce' of dragonflies decides to scramble.

ps.  this is when I shut down on warmie bashing.  They own the summer.  I'll start when the snow starts from November to May.  Meanwhile, earthquakes seem to be picking up, my other 'love'.

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Cottage Report - May 20, 2020

We could go up on Tuesday after the long weekend.  Here is a picture with no oak buds out yet.  The blackflies are horrible!  I can't even sit on the porch in my net-jacket.  You just can't see with the bugs in front of you.  Gives you a headache, and they are all trying to worm into tiny gaps.

I'm giving this a rating of 10, which means worst in 10 years.  It's just like the 70's with the cold weather, and needing a fire at night.  That's also 10 years.

The consequence of an ice age is a very short hot season.  We should have at least one killer heat wave for the warmies to love.

This is back to 'average' weather for the cottage.  Those who bought cottages based on the last 10 years, are due for a lump in the tummy.  Sad.

Almost time to start the fire.

ps.  today, we are calling 'Total Blackfly Nightmare'.  It's so hot that you can't work in nets.

Saturday -- the first dragonfly just zoomed by my head, picking off blackflies.

Car of the future


Ok, if the world followed physics, then this is the car of the future.  There is nothing like an electric car, but the charging sucks.  This is the logical progression of my hybrid cars.  Methanol can be made from natural gas.  No windmills needed.

Of course, don't buy the first one.  And if you invest, this is venture capital odds.  It depends on the whole warmie thing collapsing in the face of general cold.  Many articles now on 'Global warming is cooling.'  Just stories and no physics-based charts.  However, in two years, I see this effort falling on its butt.  I just see the average person saying:  "Wait a second!"  Maybe not, even after covid, people will love their influencers.  :(

Monday, May 18, 2020

Pacific current shows minor reversal - May 18, 2020

The currents are from May 16, but just came out today.  In the summer we usually have no Pacific tropical plumes over us, so we get stagnant or 'locked in' weather.  That gives us our biggest heat waves.  Yeah!

We had a big reversal over the winter, and we still have a huge amount of cold air up North.  That stuff just wants to roll over us.

You can see in the East, clear cold air is trying to push away our warmth.  At least we won't get the big storm.  The Pacific plumes are still not organized into a pattern.  If that big plume hits the Yukon then we'll get the cold NW air, like all during May.  I hope not.

In general, the ocean currents are still on track for an ice age cycle, major or minor.

You can see with the sea surface temperature anomaly (today's temp subtracting the average) that our major northern currents are cold.  There is what they call 'The Blob' of warmer ocean under Alaska, but that water is still very cold.

Increase or decrease over average.

The Gulf Stream warmth has moved down south a lot.  The central Pacific belt is cold, and warmth has moved south of the equator.  If the ice age progresses, we'll see all the heat energy moving south.  Yuck!  Just like our recent warming spell, all the action of up and down temperatures is in the Northern Hemisphere.

ps.  the temp anomaly map is in warm and cool colours.  It's only like 1 or 2 deg C up or down.

Sunday, May 17, 2020

Stagnant Pacific Plumes Give Us Spring

The ocean breezes moderate our weather, and when they stop we get 'default' weather, which is just caused by the Sun overhead.  Now we can plant tomatoes.

But it is still very cold over Northern Canada.  That's why I am keeping my poly tunnel plastic cover handy.  If the plumes go back to the May pattern, yuck.

In July, the ocean breezes always stop.  Very hot and lots of stories about global warming.

Friday, May 15, 2020

Ozone replacements suck


Without physics, we descend into madness.  We are now at a state where every single replacement *, dreamed up by the leftie English Majors, is making things worse.  They join the Bible Trumpers as the biggest losers of all time.  :)

We know that nutsa jumped whole hog into this because it sounded good, and shed the shame of the shuttle.  Nutsa saves the world!  However, their own people with the atmosphere chamber told them that the famous chlorine reactions can't take place at -96degC, and near-vacuum.  Who'd a thunk it?

Now, you would think that any substitute would be checked in the atmosphere chamber.  Who knows what happens in the stratosphere?  But no, nutsa torched that thing, and replaced all the earth people with venus people.  So now we have a rain of deadly chemicals.  Good job, people!

*joins windmills, solar cells, and lithium batteries.

Monday, May 11, 2020

Linux -- Cleaning the disk with k4dirstat

Linux handles it's own fragmentation, but you get huge left-over files down a few directories, behind hidden files and directories.  I was amazed at how my main disk (solid state) was clogged up.

So, get K4dirstat from the main repositories.  You actually have to open a directory or a disk.  That stumped me for a long time, since there are no manuals.  Duh!

When it stops reading, it gives a really nice picture of the files on the disk.

It's so cute and you can click on each rectangle, and it shows you what the file is.  Then, if it something you don't want, you can delete it.  Neat!

Sunday, May 10, 2020

Marina cottage access now open

Thanks to Doug Ford, cottage access is now open for those 'who want to check the plumbing'.

Our cottage access is through a marina because the rock is too wild to have a road.  But we won't go up on the long weekend.  Since there is always something broken with my plumbing, I want quick access to the local hardware store.  This weekend looks to be warm which means a zillion blackflies and you have to work with nets on.  The poor dog can't wear a net.  :(

As well, the weather breaks on the weekend, so it is time to get in the tomatoes under poly tunnels.  The warmth is coming from a pulse from the Gulf of Mexico, and the main weather pattern looks to resume with nasty freezing temps.  blah.  Can you say 'frost in June'?

ps.  Monday morning.  A great May screensaver.

Arctic ice volume stuck in a holding pattern

All winter we've had a strong Pacific current pushing over the North Pole.  That created the big thin channel down the middle.  What's weird is that the ice volume curve has gone flat and is tearing into the old lines.  Another sign that it's cold.

The chart represents ice volume for this year (black) and the ice volume curve for previous years.  Arctic ice volume is the most reliable ice chart since satellite radar can penetrate it and get a daily volume.  It has a nice floor of saltwater to bounce back the signal.

The continental ice sheets like Greenland and Antarctica do not give such a clean signal.  So, when they say that ice is losing volume, it is the usual warmie story.

If we are starting an ice age, then that black line goes right through the other curves, and sets a new summer record.  Eventually the Arctic ice packs up all year.  Then the ice starts on land and stays all summer.  Good thing that won't really happen.  But we can easily have a cycle that feels just as cold, like the famous 'Little Ice Age'.

In a few thousand years, when all the land bounces back up from the last ice advance, we will have a new ice advance during a major ice age cycle, and then it locks in.  That's my hypothesis, easily tested with physics.

Saturday, May 9, 2020

Polar Vortex Fake News

Every report has the polar vortex coming down to freeze us.  This is complete physics garbage, but it makes a good story.

The pv is a big spin at 30 km in altitude.  This year it went down to -96C, and caused the biggest ozone hole in the modern era.  So, what's it like at 30 km?  It is Outer Space for all intents and purposes.  If the evil guys spaced you at 30 km or out by the moon, you wouldn't notice any difference.  :)

Articles love to talk about wind velocities up there, but there is virtually no air, so no energy.  The big warmie story is that it 'comes down' to affect the weather.  But no energy means no effect.  Again, it's like yelling 'You're letting the cold in."  as opposed to "You're letting our expensive heat energy out."  Only one is correct.


Now I thought all the warmies would give up on the 'Polar vortex brings us cold' crap.  Nope.

Using physics I had predicted a cold winter.  But the mini El Nino fooled me.  There was a huge ocean current reversal over the winter.  That brought us a lot of heat energy.  But that was only below the 49th parallel.  Up north, it was colder than ever and no tropical plumes touched it.

Thus, my second prediction of horrible cold, since that cold air mass had to break up.  Wouldn't it be nice if it just stayed there?  Nope.  The tropical plumes, which are the only source of heat energy for the north, had to start hitting this cold air mass.  Down it came on us.

The warmies also go on about how the jet stream holds in the polar vortex.  Blah.  The jet stream is just a boundary effect between hold and cold air masses.  It's like your shadow, very obvious, but it can't do anything.

The advantage of 'blaming' the polar vortex and jet stream is that it has nothing to do with heat energy and physics.  Thus, they can go full out with global warming in July.  They will say that physics ended in 1850.  And everybody will suck it up.

ps.  The number one cry of the warmies was that all the physics was done in 1850, when they looked at the infrared absorption of co2 in a small bottle.  This destroyed all the physicists.

Friday, May 8, 2020

Coming ice age may get rid of Cherry Trees

I sprayed the fruit trees with water tonight in a hope that it will save the blossoms.  In Toronto we are going to -5C.  So I just wanted to read a nice warmie story.  They always use stories instead of charts.  It makes me feel warm and comfy.

If only we could live on stories forever.  But tomorrow I'll have to crack the ice out of the buckets.  I don't mind not going to the cottage on the May long weekend, because I probably couldn't start the water pump, because of the risk of freezing.

Even as the ice crunched over Toronto 10,000 years ago, I'm sure somebody could have reported a story about heat somewhere in the world.  I shall dream of it tonight.

ps.  if you want a review of 'polar vortex' do a search in the box on the right.

Amazon scam

New phone scam.  A robot voice claiming that ammie overcharged, and you send them your credit card information.  La la.

Thursday, May 7, 2020

Ocean currents May 6, 2020

The Pacific Current is straight to the west.  No reversals at all.  That means cold for a long time, unless we get more Gulf air.

Normally we get more warmth when there is a reversal.  Not going to happen for a while.  We'll always have July.

ps.  snow outside right now.

do you see the snowflakes?

Zoom Physics - Nuclear -- The Chinese Finger Trap

Yeah!  I like doing these things.  Don't ever raise this issue with anybody in charge.  None of them know physics, and they have instant denials at the ready.

I always do these things so that not many people understand, and denials are easy.

Since they are duplicating everything the same, they are still at the edge of chaotic instability and huge damage.  I give it 50% chance that they will get destruction even with the 7 vane pump.  We can just wait and see for them to pump it up full blast.  It could also be completely quiet, or the same level of vibration for a short life.

ps.  I'm not doing anything on the solution because of the fact there is a reasonable chance that everything is perfect.  It can all go into the mists of time.

Sail through covid with cannabis


As you can see on utube, I make my own high-cbd stuff.  This was essential to get me through my early covid, aka horrible bronchitis.  It stopped the pain, and confined the virus to the upper lung.  My relative (who doesn't touch it) (and gave covid to me) had it deep.

My neighbour with bowel crone disease has it completely stop with this stuff.  But she ran out suddenly and it came on her hard, so she had to go to the hospital and get a hunk of steroids.  Nobody likes being on the big corticoids. 

We had another friend with big headaches and he couldn't sleep.  Poof!  But this article makes it clear that you can't use the purified oil from the store.  Buy the cbd buds and make it yourself. 

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Toronto housing drops like global temperatures

I've always predicted this since the Chinese left the fluffy market two years ago.  But, we had other speculators and airbud people, so the market hung on forever.  Now it has dived, and I don't think it will come up again for a while.  It usually takes about 5 years.

I think this will shake out those with several houses.  The luxury condos have always been mostly empty.  Can people hang on through this?  I'm always wrong, but I don't think so.

ps.  and the final kiss of death

at least the laytoncommies will be happy.  :)

Global temperatures take a post-El Nino dive

As usual, my tide gauge was correct, and temps are diving.

What's really interesting is that the main US zone (includes Toronto) is really diving.  We'll soon be down to the 70-80's freeze.  Women will go back to Big Hair and shoulder pads just to keep warm.  :)

We should really expect a seasonal increase for summer.  Nope.

ps.  Holy Crapola!  -8C on Friday!

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Big Blue Blob comes down on us again

This is price we pay for having a warmie-paradise February.  The Halvsie El Nino put all that warm air right over us and ignored the Arctic.  My kids still make fun of me when I predicted a cold winter.  "What about now?", I say.  They just shrug.

Coldest April in history, going to be Coldest May, Coldest June.  Coldest August, Coldest September, etc.   Nice hot July because that's the default default stagnant air temperature for land-locked territories.

The wormies are dying now anyway, because of the virus.  The Ghost of Present Doom beats the Ghost of Future Doom any time.  :)

Zoom Physics -- Evolution -- part 4 -- FINAL

Yeah, the end!  We'll can this for a hundred years, a few more pandemics, extreme stupidity, etc.

My compulsion to do this is over, and it might be a while before something else comes up.

ps.  I shall call this "The Hottub Origin of Life"  since I am envisioning the turbulence of my hottub.  :)

Monday, May 4, 2020

Pootinists start killing doctors

So, anybody that makes waves is always killed.  Thrown out of a window while having a meeting gives new meaning to 'Anger Management'.  I think that the security flaws of Zoom are minor in comparison.

Zoom physics -- Evolution -- Part 3 -- Dust Bunnies

The original thought came from my snowflake idea that turbulence is important for life.  So we have dust bunnies instead of noodles.

Biologists don't do math and physics, they gave up on that in high school. Also 'origin of life' just doesn't get the PR departments of the universities excited.  Everybody just accepts some grand theory like 'Life' came from space.  Yeah!

Right now, the 'war of molecules' is against the elements, soon it will get vicious.  :)

Record Cold May Coming Up


Pooey.  The polar vortex doesn't have any energy, it's way up in stratosphere, and can't affect weather.  Yet, it's still here in the news. 

Anyway, this just leaves things open for the non-physics types.  All the warmie headlines will start in May.  Fires, floods, tornados, hurricanes.

Sunday, May 3, 2020

All the garbage of the world ends up as sediment


Yeah, another day, another scare.  Except when something really big hits us, it comes out of the blue.

My articles about the savage nature of physics evolution has all the failed experiments sinking to the bottom where they are eaten.  All that oil and gas from the big Gulf of Mexico leak?  All eaten.

But this is plastic!  the wormies (pronounced warmies) will say.  Sorry, when they say in the article 'broken down', that means eaten.  And the final fuzz hits the bottom where it is eaten.

So, I can't get excited about this one. 

May 3, my birthday, and it's cold

Okay, I thought the Pacific air would break through and give us warmth for my birthday.  Now, we have nice warm days, freezing nights.  Not time to put in plants.  I'm not even putting tomatoes under the greenhouse, like I did the last few years.

The energy plumes are all coming down from the NW, fighting the warm air from the Gulf.

And quell horreur, we've got another blue bulge coming down on us.


ps.  birthday gifts to you.

Saturday, May 2, 2020

Zoom Physics -- Evolution -- Self Assembly -- Part 2

Yeah, I'm getting into the swing of things with new ideas.  The snowflake formation is my original idea, or at least comparing to my washing machine.  I don't get out much into snowflake land (academic).  I've never seen a created one.  Self-assembly of nano-particles is the next big thing after 3d printers.  But they'll never make a snowflake unless they use my washing machine.  :)

I won't have biologists  wanting me off the air.  They don't have a clue about physics.  In fact, nobody  does, so I'm safe in my lonely physics cabin.

Sea Level Goes Down, Things Get Colder

This tide gauge has tracked all our warm spells and El Nino's.  It is amazing, so I always look at it at the beginning of the month, while I wait for the other indicators.

So, it has gone down more, and that means global temperatures will be down as well.  A warm spell expands the water in the oceans.  Greenland isn't melting.  Solar power isn't worth a crap.  :)  I'd watch Moore's latest film, but I can't stand them.

All the wormies should be screaming at anybody with a different scientific opinion.  They are an endangered species.  Soon, all the universities will be putting money into cronyvirus studies because that looks good and attracts rich, rowing elites.  Bye-bye climate.  Live by the sword  ... etc.

ps.  I live in the happy zone where I am ignored.  Be a bit more famous, like Mr. Moore and look what you get.  Wow.

The Downside of Rationality

I'm big on rationality and tracking 'Grand Stupidities', but you should never get angry about stupidity.  The alternatives are questionable.

I won't mention any names because then I'll be accused of being a pedo-estrian, or whatever.  By sheer force of personality, he was able to create islands of rationality.  Just compare spaceyx to nutsa.  One follows physics, the other is bureaucratic hell.

But, there is a chance that great people are 'intellectual depressives' like myself.  With self-treatment like booze or lsd, they eventually go nuts.  Many blow their heads off, or other heads.  When you take the serotonin anti-depression drugs, your amazing brilliance goes down a notch.  Time to retire.

But if he doesn't retire and form a charity foundation, then we can see 'great' things down the road.  :)

 However, you can see the results when the nutsy people leave.  The lawyers and English Majors take over.