Thursday, May 28, 2020

Cold air fights tropical storm

This is a neat pattern for the warm, moist tropical air.  A storm is trying to hit Toronto, and the cold air is losing.  Also, the Indian ocean is the start of a large tropical plume.  The directions of the winds split at Africa.

The Atlantic plumes are going right to the Arctic and then coming down on us.  All in all, a total chaotic mess.


Penny said...

Hey Harold
I'm glad I stopped by here to catch all the updates
which weren't showing up in my blog feed?

Did I ever tell you how I came to find you blog?
You'd be surprised to know that your blog has appeared more then once in a news feed
known as Newsnow
Yup, that's how I found your blog
and of course you were in the climate change section
oh the irony of that, eh?

Harold Asmis said...

Newsnow carries all my posts. Usually only 3 or 4, but sometimes a lot. My post on the ozone hole was huge with them.