Thursday, May 7, 2020

Sail through covid with cannabis


As you can see on utube, I make my own high-cbd stuff.  This was essential to get me through my early covid, aka horrible bronchitis.  It stopped the pain, and confined the virus to the upper lung.  My relative (who doesn't touch it) (and gave covid to me) had it deep.

My neighbour with bowel crone disease has it completely stop with this stuff.  But she ran out suddenly and it came on her hard, so she had to go to the hospital and get a hunk of steroids.  Nobody likes being on the big corticoids. 

We had another friend with big headaches and he couldn't sleep.  Poof!  But this article makes it clear that you can't use the purified oil from the store.  Buy the cbd buds and make it yourself. 

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