Saturday, May 9, 2020

Polar Vortex Fake News

Every report has the polar vortex coming down to freeze us.  This is complete physics garbage, but it makes a good story.

The pv is a big spin at 30 km in altitude.  This year it went down to -96C, and caused the biggest ozone hole in the modern era.  So, what's it like at 30 km?  It is Outer Space for all intents and purposes.  If the evil guys spaced you at 30 km or out by the moon, you wouldn't notice any difference.  :)

Articles love to talk about wind velocities up there, but there is virtually no air, so no energy.  The big warmie story is that it 'comes down' to affect the weather.  But no energy means no effect.  Again, it's like yelling 'You're letting the cold in."  as opposed to "You're letting our expensive heat energy out."  Only one is correct.


Now I thought all the warmies would give up on the 'Polar vortex brings us cold' crap.  Nope.

Using physics I had predicted a cold winter.  But the mini El Nino fooled me.  There was a huge ocean current reversal over the winter.  That brought us a lot of heat energy.  But that was only below the 49th parallel.  Up north, it was colder than ever and no tropical plumes touched it.

Thus, my second prediction of horrible cold, since that cold air mass had to break up.  Wouldn't it be nice if it just stayed there?  Nope.  The tropical plumes, which are the only source of heat energy for the north, had to start hitting this cold air mass.  Down it came on us.

The warmies also go on about how the jet stream holds in the polar vortex.  Blah.  The jet stream is just a boundary effect between hold and cold air masses.  It's like your shadow, very obvious, but it can't do anything.

The advantage of 'blaming' the polar vortex and jet stream is that it has nothing to do with heat energy and physics.  Thus, they can go full out with global warming in July.  They will say that physics ended in 1850.  And everybody will suck it up.

ps.  The number one cry of the warmies was that all the physics was done in 1850, when they looked at the infrared absorption of co2 in a small bottle.  This destroyed all the physicists.


Anonymous said...

Burrrrfect, Harold. Thanks

Penny said...

"when they looked at the infrared absorption of co2 in a small bottle"

Off the top of your head can you recall who did this "experiment"?
Or can you direct me towards some info on it?

Harold Asmis said...

Ha, that's funny. I knew you would ask. I wanted the picture of the yahoo who had a sign "All the physics was done in 1850", but I couldn't find it. I also looked up warmie physics, but I had to barf. Very painful. :)