Sunday, May 17, 2020

Stagnant Pacific Plumes Give Us Spring

The ocean breezes moderate our weather, and when they stop we get 'default' weather, which is just caused by the Sun overhead.  Now we can plant tomatoes.

But it is still very cold over Northern Canada.  That's why I am keeping my poly tunnel plastic cover handy.  If the plumes go back to the May pattern, yuck.

In July, the ocean breezes always stop.  Very hot and lots of stories about global warming.


Penny said...

that warm didn't last too long.

I mean we had some great days- got to hike at short hills, finally- twice this past week, but, it didn't last-today the temp dropped and it's been raining ever sense
no tomato planting for another couple of weeks.


Harold Asmis said...

I've put the tomatoes under the poly tunnel, but I'm holding half back.