Saturday, May 2, 2020

Sea Level Goes Down, Things Get Colder

This tide gauge has tracked all our warm spells and El Nino's.  It is amazing, so I always look at it at the beginning of the month, while I wait for the other indicators.

So, it has gone down more, and that means global temperatures will be down as well.  A warm spell expands the water in the oceans.  Greenland isn't melting.  Solar power isn't worth a crap.  :)  I'd watch Moore's latest film, but I can't stand them.

All the wormies should be screaming at anybody with a different scientific opinion.  They are an endangered species.  Soon, all the universities will be putting money into cronyvirus studies because that looks good and attracts rich, rowing elites.  Bye-bye climate.  Live by the sword  ... etc.

ps.  I live in the happy zone where I am ignored.  Be a bit more famous, like Mr. Moore and look what you get.  Wow.


Penny said...

Oh don't tell me that!
It's been cooler still here on the wrong side of the lake,, but, were moving ahead with garden plans- Tomatoes transplanted and on the south facing porch
Peas. Lettuce going into pots. As well as herbs
Our garlic is doing great (planted last fall)
We've got time so let's hope it gets warmer.

Harold Asmis said...

I know that you are under Lake Ontario. One little break, and it all drains over you to bottom of the map. It's getting really warm tomorrow but freezing at night. I am in total indecision about my tomats. :(