Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Big Blue Blob comes down on us again

This is price we pay for having a warmie-paradise February.  The Halvsie El Nino put all that warm air right over us and ignored the Arctic.  My kids still make fun of me when I predicted a cold winter.  "What about now?", I say.  They just shrug.

Coldest April in history, going to be Coldest May, Coldest June.  Coldest August, Coldest September, etc.   Nice hot July because that's the default default stagnant air temperature for land-locked territories.

The wormies are dying now anyway, because of the virus.  The Ghost of Present Doom beats the Ghost of Future Doom any time.  :)


Penny said...

Freezing today. Cold north wind.

Harold Asmis said...

Evolution is a Russian novel where a million years is a day. And in that day, nearly everybody dies. :)