Sunday, May 10, 2020

Marina cottage access now open

Thanks to Doug Ford, cottage access is now open for those 'who want to check the plumbing'.

Our cottage access is through a marina because the rock is too wild to have a road.  But we won't go up on the long weekend.  Since there is always something broken with my plumbing, I want quick access to the local hardware store.  This weekend looks to be warm which means a zillion blackflies and you have to work with nets on.  The poor dog can't wear a net.  :(

As well, the weather breaks on the weekend, so it is time to get in the tomatoes under poly tunnels.  The warmth is coming from a pulse from the Gulf of Mexico, and the main weather pattern looks to resume with nasty freezing temps.  blah.  Can you say 'frost in June'?

ps.  Monday morning.  A great May screensaver.


Penny said...

I've got some snow white out from my house at the blog
I didn't post the cars covered in snow, but, they were

thought you might get a kick out of this?

Climate change may kickstart dormant El NiƱo weather system in Indian Ocean

I might think it had something to do with the ocean..
what do you think?

Harold Asmis said...

Last night of snow, hopefully. I couldn't make any sense of that article. No physics, all hand waving.