Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Envcan using BC to get more money


Wow, years and years to get a river ranking system.  It's rather impossible for them, since you would have to use convection physics, and that's impossible.  If they acknowledged convection, then the whole carbon thing would go down in flames.

Best to wait years, and then things will be different.  As we get colder, soon we won't even have a BC to prop up the faithful.  Perhaps a drought in California, they always have those.

ps.  we have a continuous river over North America.  It's a very unusual formation and it might drag down more cold air for Toronto.

Another clairslide to hit Europe


Everything is chaotic right now, and the West Pacific is doing something.

The wpacific is generating a large typhoon.  That normally takes a lot of heat energy away.  The Pacific plumes are generally weak, but love to hit Vancouver straight on.  While we, in northamerica are getting the plumes, the clairslides (air glaciers, blobs) are coming down on Europe.  This gives them freezing weather, which they blame on La Nina.  That's just another story and is tomorrow's fish wrap.

Thus, all the mention of clange is on BC right now.  

Extreme cold in Europe, clange not mentioned


This is the guard, where every other word is 'clange'.  All the blame is on the poor 'La Nina', which is the scapegoat for cold this year.  What will it be next year?

ps.  the past few years, there have been a succession of scapegoats.  First, the dancing Jet Stream, and then polar vortex fairies.  I think La Nina can go on for 3 years, before it gets stale.

Monday, November 29, 2021

A tale of two plots

 nasa has everybody enthralled by only using this plot.

This plot uses the annual average, and I don't know how they calculate that.  If you are looking at a trend, it is best to average as little as possible, as it hides things.

I use this plot, which is the average on the month.  I think that's about as fine as you can go.

I love this plot, as it shows more fine detail, and I can associate each dip and peak with an oceanic event.

This is the plot you would use if you were arguing that the last few years since 2016 have been flat.  Also note that on the upper graph, the alarmists use the projection of a straight line since 1980.  These plots are from noaa.  

ps.  if you would acknowledge a short cycle of decades, and a long cycle of hundreds of years, then all fuss we have is a short cycle riding on the top of the long one.  

Friday, November 26, 2021

When rivers run dry


BC was hit by rivers or atmospheric plumes, if want to do physics.  But, this is why nobody has really paid attention to them as a warning of rain.  This one is running right over BC, but not a speck of rain.  It's going right through.

A river is only deadly if it creates a stationary storm.  That means it is running into a wall of cold air, and it continues to feed the storm.  9 times out of 10, it's nothing.

Next week, 'rivers' will be fish-wrap, and we'll be back to polar vortex fairies and the dancing jet stream.

As plumes, however, they are the main carriers of heat energy, if anybody cares about that.

ps.  this river is now 'wet' because of a huge clairslide hitting it.

Giant clairslide to try to hit UK again


Last time, the clairslide was bisected by a big plume.  Now there is another one coming right down on the UK.  They are protected by the ocean, so it won't be 20 below.  Just enough to freeze in the turnips.  

That big plume or 'river' was going straight for the UK and then swerved to hit Nfld.  These things are totally benign unless they hit cold air, and then POW!


Thursday, November 25, 2021

Ask not for whom the rivers flow


They flow right at us.  BC is getting a direct diagonal hit, just like the East Coast.  When they are hitting at one spot, they aren't hitting another, like the UK.  Their narrow focus makes it difficult for 'clange' to claim them

Suddenly all the media is full of 'rivers'.  

Where were all the rivers last week?  The rivers are massive convection plumes of warm, wet air.  They'll only dump if they hit cold air.  Since the rivers usually follow their own physics, the intensity of the storm is determined by the degree of cold.

The media is now 50/50 'rivers' vs 'storms'.  Storms can have the 'hand waving' argument that it's clange.  Rivers don't fall into that, because they are known energy channels.  A river has a source and a flow of energy.  It's going to be hard for the warmies.

ps.  and now the press is digging at the weather people for not studying rivers and just dancing with the polar vortex fairies.  Where's the jet stream?  So, the poor weather people are getting hit by the rivers, as well.

pps - Fantasy Headlines:  Weather people fail to predict BC floods, Where's the beef on rivers?  Cry me a river.  

more:  a warmie rant on the ty-me paper claimed to have predicted rivers.  I was kicked off the island for mentioning that 'rivers' was a recent thing.

Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Great Barrier Reef Happy, along with Arctic Ice Volume

 One by one, all the 'poster children' of the warmies die a horrible death from death.  They are living and happy!

A huge spawning event on the reef, and the polar bears are also happy.  

The Arctic ice volume hits a new record for the recent era.  Do you hear anybody mentioning that?  Somebody in the comments mentioned the career death of one reef expert, who said there is no climate change effect.  No university who had him could attract Gretas.  

I'm reminded of every other person who died at the hands of the Gods of Global Warming.  There's a huge list, but I didn't keep track -- too sad.  Anyway, they still have BC flooding, even though it's just your standard 100 year flood.  Now, it's all rivers caused by warming, even though these things have been around forever.  Can't wait for the new thing.

ps.  and early snows are now firmly clange, by the gaurd.

Nope, it's not about the weather getting colder.

pps.  and everybody gets a nice Christmas present under the tree - a stuffed toy croc, saying 'Clange is a Croc'.  Yeah!


New nuclear to cost 12 times old nuclear

 That's per watt of output.


Should be 1 billion, now put up to 4 billion, but I predict 10 billion.  Yeah, 24 times the cost.  I'm proud of my work on old nuclear.  The big problem is that it is all 'new engineering' like the failed Maple reactors.  Nuclear plants scale up badly, look at the water hammer at Darlington.  

And they're placing it in the middle of nowhere, that doesn't need the power.  That's so they can avoid people who glue their faces to the road.  The left is all over the map on this.

I like the part 'molten salt is safer than water'.  Ha!  

ps.  I don't mind 'new engineering', but it generally comes without physics, and costs a lot.

Atlantic hurricanes squelched by West Pacific heat engine


Weird that the Natpost lifts an article directly from the washpost, with the usual clange boilerplate still attached.  

The physics news of October is that a little pimple of heat emerged in the west Pacific.  This knocked up all the world temperature indicators.  It's dead now, but while it lived it sent huge plumes straight at BC, and raised Atlantic plumes which knocked the heat stuffing out of the hurricanes.

Both oceans now have no heat.  Cold winter ahead.

The media is now into the 'scandal of atmospheric rivers'.


And in a new insight to new clange things:

They only had BC this fall, with all the hurricanes dead.  However, going after plumes becomes dangerously close to physics, especially with some sort of 'rating' system.  

Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Everything is Atmospheric Rivers these days

 The Canadian weather people have just discovered atmospheric rivers, which I call tropical plumes.

The only way to see them is with the MIMIC-2 plot.

They are true convection plumes of warm, moist air.

If you look at them like a weather person without physics, then you just see swirls, or classic storms.

So, it is a big deal they went to 'rivers', except they don't explain them in terms of physics.  Those guys want to keep their jobs, and use obscure jargon.

The term 'river' was developed in California.  It's more for a very long storm with a lot of rain.  That's when the plume makes a direct hit, and a given area is subjected to the whole length, like it is in a river. With this pattern, BC is now just getting with a slide-slash of the plume.  It was getting hit for months of perpendicular rivers.  Nobody mentioned that.

I just had a very polite discussion with warmies, on the definition of 'climate'.  It seems that the term 'climate change' is recursive, since it is changing the meaning of climate, and they all agree.  Instead of just an average, they want to add 'extremes', such as 'The climate of UK is cool and wet, and now it is more extreme'.  This does not fit into math, but it could be the 'standard deviation'.  

Sunday, November 21, 2021

Linux - Google Stadia

 Yeah, we old farts need to play video games to sharpen the brain.  I have a Linux media machine attached to the 4K tv.  On default, you connect a really old xbox controller, and it works.  Not really, horrible lag.

You have to do 'google-chrome-stable --use-gl=desktop, and it works.  My problem is that you need to use very subtle motions on the joystick, and I have trouble with that when I'm attacked 'Oh God, I'm going to die.'.  Very light motions.

I'm getting better, but it's tough doing two things at once.  However, I recommend that all the old farts try Google Stadia, because they give out a lot of free stuff.  You don't need the heavy graphics cards.

ps.  Stadia is in the sweet spot for old farts, because they are still pouring in money, but it is declining for the super-gamers.  I always thought there was no hope for people like my son, because they have hot computers, and they like to cheat.  Stadia doesn't allow cheating.

pps.  my suspicion is that a big dose of my cannabis oil will make me play better.  I'll have to try it.  I can't wait to see the wife's reaction to seeing another useless gameaholic teenager.  Yeah!

more - went to 2.16 rc2, and it seems much smoother on the amdgpu

Yeah, let's blow everything up


This is obviously a gross misunderstanding.  He's not whipping up a crowd of fanatics, and sending them to the nearest pipeline, to kill the police, and destroy everything.  Who does that?  

Saturday, November 20, 2021

Standard plume pattern comes back for a while


A long time ago, before 2016, this was our standard plume pattern.  A plume would start from the Pacific and then hit the Yukon.  It would then come down on Toronto from the North West.  Those were the good old days when we had 'prevailing winds' creating cute trees in Algonquin.

And so, we are getting standard cold air.  No clairslides, or direct hits on BC.  Neat.  This pattern causes drought in California.  But we can't tell how long it will last.

That's the nice thing about chaotic ocean patterns.  You can't predict anything in advance, but you can note the pattern, and when it is changing.  From a physics point of view, this is what controls our weather, and climate.  The energies are 10 times anything else.

Thursday, November 18, 2021

Mechanism of the rare flood


Everyone likes to muck around with nature, and draining swamps was number one a long time ago.  When we engineers get involved, they design for what they call 'the hundred year flood'.

Unless you want to get cheap about it.  They had the design flood which happened in 1894, but they said 'Crap that's too expensive.  Let's design for the 10 year flood.'  Or better yet, let's not design at all, and just throw in a 'handyman special'.

That's what they did, and threw in a small pump system, that was good for 'most of the time'.  There was insurance, right?  And so, they got hit by a big one.

A big flood is just like a big earthquake, a lot of things have to come together.  This flood was caused by unusual ocean conditions that caused a series of tropical plumes to hit BC directly.  They could have tracked the odds of a major flood by watching soil saturation.  Maybe they did, but who's going to pull the 'run away' trigger?  Nobody.  It's the same for the early warning of earthquakes.  If you can make it 'automatic' then nobody risks their heiny.  

Away from the coast, the major flood usually comes from a stalled storm.  Normally, storms just zoom over us, and they all have enough water to flood any place.  But, once in a while they'll stop for a few days.  

Of course, the warmies are all over this.  Good for them!  They need something to keep them warm.  

Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Directivity for Oklahoma earthquakes confirmed


This was fun when Okie was having the huge amount of earthquakes, but now it's old news.  If you measure earthquake shaking by peak velocity, then it became obvious.  We'll have to wait for the Spring to see if there are more earthquakes.

UK clairslide smashed to bits


Wow, quite violent on the high seas.  A cold air blob is normally quite persistent, but this one was cut in half by a powerful plume.  I'm not predicting things any more.

ps.  and the pattern for BC has completely changed, although there is a chance for another hit.

But, I'm not predicting anything.

Tuesday, November 16, 2021

No hope for Europe on the gas front this year


It looks like Russia is tapped out, and can't live on spikes in the daily price.  They need long-term contracts and who's stupid enough to do that?  "Oh, Mr. Pootine, please honour the contract."

Europe has been warm the last little bit and the price of natgas has followed bittycoin.  However, the giant clairslide hitting UK looks to go right through and chill Europe, and then the price will spike again.

If the euries gave up their dream of a tropical winter, then they could do stuff for the long term.  They're like those ships frozen in the ice, who listened to the gretas.  

ps. if the euries could get the warmie sparkles out of their eyes, then they could make more natgas storage.  Instead, natgas is the enemy, and they think they can keep from freezing with solar cells.

Lots of ships stuck by early Arctic ice


And everybody is getting ready for an 'ice free' Arctic.

Over the past years, ice conditions in late October and early November have allowed extensive shipping along the vast Russian Arctic coast. This year, however, large parts of the remote Arctic waters were already in late October covered by sea-ice.

Poor schnookies, that's a solid!

UK to be hit by a clairslide


Europe, then China, now UK.  This is a good one.  A clairslide is a landslide of cold, clear Arctic air.  They are becoming the 'signature move' of the last couple of winters.  On land, these things are 20 below, but the UK is surrounded by ocean, and that should moderate things a bit.

Monday, November 15, 2021

Rare perfect spiral of a tropical plume


This is quite rare, because the tip of a plume is a spiral of surface air.

So, the linear plume on the top has a tremendous surface air spiral, and the perfect spiral plume on the bottom has a weak surface air spiral.  This is the fundamental difference between the weather people, and physics, and thus, we'll always have 'climate change' even when we are freezing.

NOAA world results stay low and flat


The chart shows that the recent heat event in the west Pacific is over, and wasn't high in energy.  Total energy is related to the area under the peak, 

The Haywood plot is flat as a board.  If there is another dive into the cold, it will happen at the end of the year.

This is why the warmies never, ever, show the chart again.  They used to, during the great Hockey Stick days, but now there are never any charts.  They just treat the fantastic projections as reality.  

ps. ha, I was having fun with a cbc warmie.  They always resort to name calling.  

BC gets one more straw


This combines weather and geotechnical engineering, my favourites.

All the mountain highways are generally unstable.  They are built in a rising mountain chain.  If you tour the Rockies, they are so beautiful because they are active.  A dead mountain chain is like the Appalachians, all rounded.  

Mud slides, or standard landslides take a long time to build up.  The West Pacific heat event has flung tropical plumes directly at BC for some time now.  This last one was the final straw.  If there are more, we'll get an exponential rise in slides because they are all near the tipping point.  

Obviously, I have never seen this sort of action, since the satellite availability is so recent.  The direct hits are amazing.  But it looks like we'll get a few more.

Sunday, November 14, 2021

Arctic ice to hit new records of recent times

 This is something you will never see in the warmie press.  They still go on and on about how the polar bears are melting.

The weird plumes hitting the Arctic have stopped and clairslides are hitting the populated world.  The ice extent is now charging to hit the average line.

This is now in sync with the Arctic ice volume.  Both these sites, using physics, are declared as 'evil denier sites'.  

The volume is hitting the median line, and will go to a new peak.  All the islands will be encased in ice, which is the clear sign of the return of the little ice age.

Of course, the warmies should be happy.  They get all the benefits of declaring doom, without a chance of it happening.  It's a good income.  Right now, in Toronto, the tree planters are making out like bandits.  They planted a lot of trees in the little park where I like to play frisbee with the dog.  A little physics would show that trees are no better at carbon capture than mulching the grass and allowing the carbon to build up in the soil.  But, life is weird.  

The nice thing about physics, is that everything comes together.  We've got the Pacific heat engines, the sea level, the ice, and the ozone holes.  All connected.  

ps.  we had a wonderful month after C thanksgiving, all due to that heat engine.  To quote a god of carbon warming - blah, blah, blah.

Saturday, November 13, 2021

Tropical plumes still hitting North America, but the cold is winning

 We are still getting hit hard by plumes generated in the West Pacific active heat zone, but now it is drawing in cold air, rather than the warm Gulf air.

Vancouver still gets soaked, but we aren't getting the warmth in Toronto.  The cold air is sweeping away all the warm air.  Still, we aren't getting super-cold clairslides because everything is so mucky.

The cold-air attack also takes place across the whole Pacific, so it is amazing that it can still hit us.

Perhaps the heat engine is still running at umpteen petawatts, but the total effect on us is weakening.  I wish we could measure these things, but that would require physics.  Amazingly, there wasn't a single word about that at coop26.

Friday, November 12, 2021

Johnson and Johnson split to just Johnson and Johnson


I just had to put this out.  I saw the headlines, and laughed.  Of course, Johnson isn't splitting with Johnson.  That would be ridiculous.

ps.  one company will be called Johnson and Johnson, and the second one has no name yet, but it could be just Johnson, so all together we will have Johnson and Johnson and Johnson.

Pootine takes a stab at Poland and Ukraine, because he can


This is just an early Christmas present for Europe.  He's just having fun since Old Man Winter and a lack of natural gas are going to do the work for him.  Europe will just say -'Take those two loser countries, but give us natgas'.  

Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Western Pacific heat engine starting to run out of gas

 With the RSS world temperature chart, we can see a lot of structure.

Recently, we have had the big peak at 2016, and then, smaller peaks.  The big peak had the Pacific current reversing, but I wasn't looking at heat engines then.  The subsequent bumps have been sections of the equatorial belt that have 'turned on'.  

There are many El Ninos and La Ninas.  You can't be absolute here, physics gives us many shades of grey.  The big bump after 2016 was 2019, when only half the ocean was involved.  Then we had the east Pacific going, and now, the west.

Each of these bumps had an energy rating, which we cannot calculate while its happening.  We can only look at the total effect on the temperature bumps at the end.  The greater the area under the bump, the greater the total heat energy released.  Comparing to earthquakes, we can use a magnitude scale connected to energy.  The bigger bump is M9, and the smaller ones are M7 or less.

This latest one seems to be breaking up.  The mechanism for these 'heat volcanoes' is unknown.  If we had a mechanism then we could calculate the total effect as it starts, just like an earthquake.  It's pretty tough to do the same with volcanoes.

This latest marvellous 'Big Heat Engine' was high-energy.  It created powerful tropical plumes that stayed low and fast, and then smashed into Vancouver.  Ask those guys how the weather's been lately.  Then the heat energy went right over NA and sucked up a lot of heat from the Gulf and Atlantic.  It created and maintained the 'Great Heat Pipe' up the centre of NA.  Then it went over and hit Europe.

This pattern has been consistent since the heat engine started.  You get a northern 'river', but the most important is the African river, going up into the Russian north.

Both of these 'heat pipes', central NA, and Africa, have given the Arctic circle a lot of warmth.  However, the central pole area has been cold, and the Arctic ice volume is zooming up.

This really is a case of the 'plume fairies' keeping in the cold Arctic cows.  However, this is physics and not philosophy.  The hot air contains energy, and warms the outer edges of the cold air, thus 'retaining' it.

As I said, though, this pattern is breaking up and 'clairslides' are starting to come down.  Europe had one a while ago, now it's China.  These are cold, clear, blobs of high-density air, and they act with their own physics, due to momentum.  One froze Texas.  These clairslides are getting more common as we enter a cool cycle.  

Toronto is getting one now, but the Great Lakes will save us, keep things warm while dumping a ton of snow on Huntsville.  Yeah!

ps.  I am up to 14 steady readers now.  Yeah!

Tuesday, November 9, 2021

New guy on the weather block - The cold-air landslide, or 'clairslide'

 In the past few years there has been something new seen on the satellite maps.  I used to call it a 'cold blob' or 'cold air glacier', and now I've officially named it the 'clairslide'.  I consider I have complete freedom with terminology and semantics, since I follow my heroes - The Carbon Warming Gods.  Nothing stops them from coining a meaningless phrase like 'climate change'.  and I will, too.

Basically, we've been getting real cold air at the poles.  Although, this is just weather, records are being set and the ozone holes are huge.  During the last warming spell, we had tropical air plumes sailing over the North Pole and it was warm.  Some people who only read the selective press still think the polar bears are dying.

The weather people think all this cold air is being held in by polar vortex fairies, who ride their horses, and herd the cold-air cattle.  Once in a while, the fairies go to town to get drunk, and the cattle break out.  These is an escaped cold air mass and freezes the humans.  Texas was one such event, caused by sloppy cow herding.

There is some good physics and it's all mass, forces, and movement.  

Hold it!  I need some thinking on this, to be continued, maybe.  Actually, I like their cow story better than reality, so I might stop here.

Classic air glacier hits China


The rest of the world is being hit by tropical plumes generated in the west Pacific.  But China has a classic blob of cold air.  These big blobs are a new thing on the mimic map, or I've never noticed them before, but I think they are new.  Who cares?

A blob is clear air without a speck of water vapour that can cause rain.  They slip down from the Arctic like jelly on a plate.  That's what got Texas, and they seem to be increasingly common.  If they are increasing, then that's climate change, otherwise it is just cold weather.

These blobs have a high density and considerable momentum.  They go farther than anybody expects.  Inside, it is 20 below or colder.  Europe had one a while ago, but there none other than China right now.  Perhaps only one can zoom at a time.  Neat.  When they come down on us, it is interesting to watch how the great lakes can turn them.

ps.  I think I'll call them 'cold-airslides', as in landslides, because they go so far and so fast.

Monday, November 8, 2021

Home is where the heat is


This is hilarious.  How could anybody put themselves under the thumb of pootine?  Only those who ignore physics.  All natural gas should be cut off for Europe, it would make them happy.  They think huge monster heat pumps will save them.  Guess who makes those, and with what?

We'll have a wonderful 1943 winter in Europe.  People will spit ice balls.  

ps.  this is like holding a treat in front of the baby or dog, and snatching it away, with a 'muhaha'.  Babies scream and shatter your eardrums, dogs bite, and Europe does nothing.  :)

NOAA reports a nice warm October


We've had as warm an October in history, for the continental US.  If you look at this October plot, you don't see a big drift to warmth.  However, we are having a swing, and it is consistent with all the other plots.

This plot comes out a day before the global results.  We'll see a little blip, caused by the West Pacific.  It doesn't signify anything because that would be extrapolating climate, which has proven to be useless.  It's just nice weather.  :)

Enjoy our blast of heat from the West Pacific

 We are enjoying a great 'one day wonder' of heat from the exotic West Pacific.

These tropical plumes are coming straight across the Pacific, and are 'herded' by northern winds so that the trajectory is low and flat.  Needless to say, this is rare.

It hits NA with a ton of momentum, and will cause a plume in the Atlantic that might even warm up Europe for a bit.  

Since it is a warm event, we will call this 'clange'.  When this pattern collapses, we will call it 'winter'.

Sunday, November 7, 2021

Nobody willing to freeze and starve in the basement to stop carbon warming


This is funny.  If you believed that the carbon hypothesis is undefeatable, then the loonies want you give up on everything.  They want huge power blackouts, they want no cars.  Yeah!  They want no heat.

But even in the warmiest of countries, people think they are doing enough, and want to travel to Scotland for parties.  Nobody wants to be colder as to have icicles hanging on the nose.  Please sir, another lump of coal?  

You cannot beat the Ghost of Warming Past with platitudes.  You have to freeze to death, to make room for the smart young ones.  Good thing, all this, has nothing to do with physics.

ps.  cbc wants to triple heating costs -- yeah!